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Bernard Pollard Released, Chiefs Fans Want Him Back

Former Kansas City Chiefs Safety Bernard Pollard has been cut by the Baltimore Ravens.

This isn’t the first time “Bone Crusher” Pollard has been a surprise cut. When former GM Scott Pioli and former head coach Todd Haley arrived in KC in 2009, they made Pollard one of their last roster cuts before the season began. There was some indication that Pollard and Haley clashed and that Pollard was being made an example of.

Well, now Pollard has a Super Bowl ring and is back on the market. As soon as the former Chief announced his release, Chiefs fans took to Twitter to announce that they wanted Pollard to come back home.

What do you think, Addicts? Would you want Pollard to return to Kansas City?

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  • tm1946

    It will all be about the bucks. At the right price, Dorsey will consider him. I believe he was less than 5 mil with the Ravens, The price will have to be right kind of guy.

    Team might have bigger needs with money left. Deep snapper, WR, OL, DB who is both CB/S.

    • njjohn

      I tend to agree. I think it’s more of an emotional response. He was a great player but not sure he fits into what they’re doing, and have already done. Save the money and get a top CB. Also, looks like they’ll take Joeckle or Fischer and move them to RT and if Albert doesn’t sign long term, slide them over to the left side.

    • Troy Utt

      Pollard was slated to make $3.25m this yr with a $500.000 signing bonus… As money/contracts are going this really is not out there. He had just finished his first yr under new contract!

  • Brandon g

    Hell yeah no doubt about. Should have never left. The way he hits people and put them out of the game and Johnson there won’t be anyone left on there offense

  • Brandon g

    Also this will take out DB to a whole different level beret than we all thought it would be

  • John Cunningham

    How would Pollard work if the Chiefs move Dunta Robinson to Safety, like everyone is expecting?

    • thabear04

      Unless Robinson behind Berry cause we have Hartmen,Abdullah,Thorpe,Menzie

      • Michael Tavis

        Robinson didnt get backup money.

  • thabear04

    Bring him back always love him and Page

  • Trent Taylor

    Pass. Doesn’t cover well. Makes the occassional big hit, but not a good tackler overall.

    • thabear04

      he was great blocking punts

      • Priest4Prez

        Jared Page and Pollard were an underrated Saftey/Special Teams duo

        • Michael Shaw


    • Robert Johnson

      Not a good tackler? He led the Ravens in tackles in 2012!

  • chiefridgy

    I always liked Pollard

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Meh, I’ll pass.

    • Patrick Allen

      I don’t man, I think his attitude would really help the D. I also kind of want Berry to move to free safety. I think he’ll make more of an impact there.

      • Richard Comstock

        I just thought about berry at ilb… Could that ever happen. He could play very good there and pollard at ss. Our d would be mean!

        • Darkwolf1414

          Berry only weighs 211 lbs! He’d need to put on at least 20 lbs to be on the cusp of the right weight. And the extra weight would probably slow him down. Ideally, we should have a guy about 240-245 lbs to be a thumper next to DJ in the middle.

      • Killerdoctor27

        I kind of like the idea of moving Berry to FS and finding a good SS in the draft. Pollard is a big hitter, but you can find guys who are like that in the draft and who are better in pass coverage than Pollard. I would love it if Berry could learn from the greatest FS in NFL history in Ed Reed. Reed and Berry could be the best safety combo in the NFL for the next few years.

      • Doug McD

        Patrick – Check this story out. Very interesting to say the least. Not sure we need this in our locker room.

    • Chris Tarrants

      What? The dude was a hard hitting beast and will bring a fear factor to whatever defense he signs with

    • Richard Comstock

      What about this… Sign pollard and let berry bulk and and play ilb… I wonder if that could ever happen

  • Tom Sparks

    I think we can do better. Wasn’t he kind of a “ME” player sand whiner! Maybe I’m thinking of someone else that wanted to be released. For SE reason, I thought it was him.
    I want Albert Lewis back! LOL!

    • Chris Tarrants

      Your thinking about Page, he was the cry baby that year. Pollard was just flat out cut because he wouldn’t let hailey get in his face and stick his tooth pick chest out

      • Tom Sparks

        Chris…. I stand corrected. As I remember they were both good!
        I just heard we signed Avery from Dolphins! That is an even better move, IMHO.
        Fits into The Reid mold of West Coast reciever! They are pushing all the right buttons at the moment and it has me pumped!

  • Carlos Nevarez

    Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes!

  • micah stephenson

    Hell yea we want him back! Pollard at SS and Berry at FS!!! Whew WE!!!!

  • Priest4Prez

    Bring Pollard back!! We need some attitude in our secondary; make people afraid to go back over the midle again. I’ve watched this guy put hits on people in Houston and Baltimore for far too long. Come back home Pollard

  • Jim Harper

    Really don’t like Pollard. I think he is a dirty player who will take cheap shots and a malcontent. Definitely a “ME” player.

    • Quinn McCollom

      Sorry but he isn’t dirty, he plays the game the way its supposed to be played. Im kinda biased since i play linebacker but everyone jumps on defensive players for being “dirty players” when offensive players are worse and they’re Divas

      • Jim Harper

        You’re absolutely wrong. Catch the replay of his hit on the Gronk a couple of years ago. It was obvious that he twisted his ankle after he was already down not to mention the hit on Brady’s knee. While he was in KC he was a prima donna and a malcontent. Never happy

        • Nico Marquez

          Hold on Jim his hit on brady wasnt his fault. It was bradys blockers fault he pushed him down into bradys knee. Pollard was just trying to finish the play. I like pollard bring him back to KC

    • David Fritch

      I would much rather us make a play for Reed. He’s a stand up guy.

  • GDL40

    YEEES !!! always been a Pollard fan…… but depends on what he would be paid.

  • Ron Gotti


  • Da Menace

    I remember them letting him go and wondering why he was a solid safety hell yeah I want him back!

    • Michael Shaw

      That was Pioli’s punishment for hurting his beloved Brady!!!

  • sidibeke

    My memory is that Pollard was a bit of a loudmouth a$$. Don’t think I want him in the locker room and doesn’t make sense after signing Dunta.

  • Michael Shaw

    He won’t come back to us because of Pioli and company did to him anyway. We have Dunta now so i doubt they even try. Not sure why the Ravens let him go????? He did VERY well for them. I guess they really screwed themselves by giving Flaco that huge deal???!!!!! So much for them repeating next year. Too many holes to fill now.

  • Danny W

    Pollard would make excellent excellent depth. He would also get you probably two or three punt blocks a year.

  • Joeschmoeee

    Only retards don’t want him back smh

    • Jim Harper

      No only retards say things like that.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Only retards say that retards say things. LOL

  • Quinn McCollom

    DO IT NOW!!!

  • mg2098

    He defiantly is the attitude the Chiefs D so desperately needs. He’s a hard hitter, and his coverage skills have improved since being drafted by the Chiefs. Would love if the Chiefs picked him up

  • Guest

    please!!!!john and andy make this happen!!!!!

  • chiefs727

    does anybody remember who put tom brady on the shelf in 2008 and put wes welker out in 2009 and rob gronkowski in 2011 in the afc title game and ridley in this years afc title game…fact is we would love to have him in our back field this year when we play new england in the afc title game because the patriots cant stand playing against him GO CHIEFS!!!!!