John Dorsey’s FA Plan: Decisive & Frugal

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So far, so good.

We’re still six hours from the start of the NFL’s free agency period and general manager John Dorsey has already done most of the heavy lifting. He agreed, in principle, to send the 34th overall pick and a conditional 3rd round pick in 2014 to San Francisco for quarterback Alex Smith. The reported compensation was a bit too high for my liking, but he wasted no time in answering the quarterback question. Dorsey went on to franchise left tackle Branden Albert and re-sign wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (5 years, $56 million) and punter Dustin Colquitt (5 years, $18.75 million). Those three transactions actually all took place on the same day (Monday, March 4th).

The Chiefs’ new GM also re-structured defensive end Tyson Jackson’s contract, cutting his 2013 compensation by more than $10 million. That’s quite a haul within a span of just six days, but he still wasn’t finished. Dorsey added former Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson to the Kansas City secondary for a modest three-year $15 million contract. I thought this team had five problem areas heading into the offseason (QB, DE, WR, ILB, and CB). Four of those positions have at least been partially addressed and the new-look Chiefs are well on their way to digging themselves out of the AFC West’s cellar.

More reports about John Dorsey’s free agency plan surfaced over the weekend. Jason La Canfora (of CBS Sports) was told by league sources that the Chiefs are working on a new deal to retain right defensive end Glenn Dorsey. If he’s not signed by 3pm this afternoon, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent. Kansas City believes there’s a place for him in Bob Sutton’s 1-gap scheme. He’s expected to use both 3-man and 4-man fronts. That’s good news for Glenn Dorsey, as he’s probably better suited for the 4-3.

The league’s unofficial start to free agency began at Midnight on Saturday, March 9th. The Chiefs quickly took advantage of the 87-hour contact period by getting in touch with the certified agent of cornerback Sean Smith. Just nine hours later, it appeared that the team was no longer interested in Smith. Smith’s contract expectations appear to be the reason why the Chiefs lost interest so soon. Reports suggest that he’s looking for a deal that will pay him $7-8 million per year. It’s now apparent that the Chiefs don’t intend for Dunta Robinson to start opposite of Brandon Flowers, but Sean Smith seems to be off their radar.

Thus far, there’s been a sense of urgency at One Arrowhead Drive, but John Dorsey seems to be unwilling to overspend to reshape this team. That’s a refreshing change and a great way to start a new regime. If I had to guess, I’d say that the Chiefs have a few more tricks up their free agent sleeves. This football team could go into April’s draft with only a few major needs. Unfortunately, one of them is likely to be along the offensive line. Right tackle Eric Winston was unexpectedly cut last week. Chiefs Kingdom won’t like this, but that re-opens door to Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel as an option for Kansas City’s #1 pick.

If we’ve learned anything over the past week, it’s that this administration is unpredictable. I have no idea what to expect from Reid and Dorsey as the NFL offseason ramps up, but here’s a shortlist of free agents I think the Chiefs should consider:


  1. Danny Woodhead, Patriots
  2. La’Rod Stephens-Howling, Cardinals


Wide Receiver:

  1. David Nelson, Bills
  2. Danny Amendola, Rams


Tight End:

  1. Martellus Bennett, Giants
  2. Brandon Myers, Raiders
  3. Jared Cook, Titans


Right Tackle:

  1. Phil Loadholt, Vikings
  2. Gosder Cherilus, Lions


Inside Linebacker:

  1. Brad Jones, Packers



  1. Chris Houston, Lions
  2. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Eagles
  3. Cary Williams, Ravens



  1. LaRon Landry, Jets
  2. Patrick Chung, Patriots


The next six weeks should be very interesting. The speculation about what the Chiefs have planned for their top draft choice is at a fever pitch and only figures to continue with each new signing. More answers are forthcoming for the organization though. In a few short hours, we should know a bit more about what Dorsey and the Chiefs have in mind. Let’s reconvene next week to talk about what the Chiefs got done.

Until next time, Addicts!

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  • Richard Comstock

    I don’t think we need a running back in FA.
    I think Cyrus Gray will be a monster in this league and Draughn is not bad either.

    Lets not forget about the TE Walker from SF. He can block, catch and even play some FB.

    I really hope we can land Smith or DRC. 6’3″ and 6’2″, this league is changing and it would be nice to have at least one guy who matches up well with the bigger WR’s.

    What i see happening is….A few teams will fall in love with Geno and hopefully we can get one of them to trade with us. Then we can get Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson(Jockel played in a two point stance all year and I don’t think he translates AS well to RT.) With the pick we gain we can land our ILB of the future. Pick up a QB in round 3(Tyler Bray) and use the rest of the draft for depth. I am having trouble seeing holes on our team if things plays out this way.

    Im just a fan but that would be my plan!

    • Patrick Allen

      I thought Draughn did a nice job last year. Showed some nice burst.

      • Danny W

        Me too. I thought he did really well, better than Hillis anyway.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Shaun Draughn played well at times. I’m excited about Cyrus Gray’s future. Neither of them played well enough for me not to bring another guy in to spell Charles.

      • Richard Comstock

        I love your and appreciate your view on guys but you sure do seem quick to give up on young talent. You don’t seem to high on Stephenson and Allen, Now Gray, and Draughn. How can you say Gray didn’t play well enough? He was hurt most of the time.

        7 carries for 44 yards and 6.4 per carry. How is that not well enough? He has a lot of promise.

        Draughn runs hard and looked to improve as the year went on. Writing off our young guys is a mistake IMHO

        • Stacy D. Smith

          You have a bad habit of twisting my words. I never said anything about giving up on either of them. I merely said they didn’t play well enough for me not to bring someone else in.

          I haven’t disparaged Stephenson or Allen either, except to say that they aren’t there yet. Hoping a young guy gets it isn’t the right way to run a football team. Competition helps young players flourish more than wishful thinking does.

          • Richard Comstock

            I don’t twist your words man. When you talk about bringing in OTHER guys to do their jobs that means you don’t have faith in them to get it done.
            Why would we WASTE money on two undersized guys who haven’t really done much in the league.

            You were thinking I was wrong for assuming they would CONSIDER stephenson at RT. You pointed out the Allen was bad last year..

            You were not referencing a competition clearly said bring them in to spell Charles You didn’t say anything about compete you just said play. Im only pointing out things you said.

            I didn’t TWIST anything. I just have good faith in the guys we much so I don’t think we need to sign FA’s to play for them.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Hillis, in all likelihood, isn’t coming back. We need to backfill his spot anyway. Any RB not named Jamaal Charles is going to contribute as a backup. Whether they’re the RB2, RB3, or RB4. We’ll probably carry four so there’s no need to give up on either of them. Incidentally, I also never suggested that.

            You assumed that Stephenson was being considered at RT. Thing is, you had nothing to substantiate that claim. That’s all I said. One start, in-season due to injury, doesn’t qualify.

            Allen didn’t play well last year, but I also never said the Chiefs should give up on him. I’m just willing to call a spade a spade and hedge my bet as an armchair GM. You seem to want to be overly optimistic about every player the Chiefs draft.

          • Richard Comstock

            Wow man here we go again.. how about you just me a few questions.

            1.)Are you saying to me that you believe that Stephenson was not considered at all for the RT spot?Are you saying they just declined to even evaluate the possibility? I’m pretty sure that Dorsey evaluated ALL options which means I’m fairly confidant he was at least considered.I Didn’t know we needed evidence that our GM would consider the tackles already on our team as potential starters.

            2.) How can you post that Cyrus Gray didn’t play well enough? I would have been understanding if you would have said that we don’t know enough about him yet.You didn’t, you said he didn’t play well enough.The way you worded your first post lead us all to believe that the FA running backs would BACK up Jamal(Jumping over all the backs on our team.) Im not the only person who commented on the RBS.

            3.) I know Jeff Allen had some trouble last season but he had a quite a few bright spots last season too. JC had 90 yards in the first two games and was well on his way to another sub par game vs NO. Allen came in around half time and almost instantly JC started going off. Maybe just a coincidence,maybe not..It is something I noticed right away, not just looking back.

            4.) Can you explain to me how I am overly optimistic about every player the chiefs draft?I am optimistic about the guys who have showing signs of playing well. NOT every pick.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            1. I have absolutely no idea what conversations took place about Stephenson and how fit he is to be the Chiefs next right tackle. That’s what my argument was built around. The fact that he started one game there in 2012, due to injury, for a previous regime…says nothing about whether or not he’ll get a look this season. I can say this though, he’s not particularly strong at the point. Not sure that’s what you want from your right tackle. As it stands, I don’t think he’s ready for a starting role on the right or left side of the line.

            2. You keep simplifying my statements for the sake of your arguments. I said he didn’t play well enough to warrant me not bringing someone else in to round out the runningback group. That’s not a 1:1 with what you keep arguing against. For the record, I do think we need a more qualified RB2. Gray wasn’t the RB2 anyway so I’m not sure why we’re even arguing about him.

            3. Allen did have some bright spots last season, but he’s not quite there yet. I’m not sure why that’s so difficult for you to accept. He’s coming off his rookie season. That’s not an indictment of him. Just means that I think he needs more time to adjust. That said, I still expect him to start at Left Guard this season.

            4. Perhaps it isn’t every pick, but you seem to be really optimistic about guys, who for all intents and purposes, haven’t proven anything yet in this league.

          • Danny W

            I’ve got to back you up on this. Over at AA guys will argue with you for mile about the new O linemen in town and the proof isn’t there yet. Only time will tell. There is no sense in not having other guys who could contribute in a solid way on your line.

          • dominicscarlatti

            Stacy, I think your characterization of the gist of your own comments is accurate and makes perfect sense to me. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to assert that players like Gray, Draughn and Stephenson may well make significant contributions this season, but we haven’t seen enough from them to pass on bringing in free-agent vets and/or draft choices for them to compete with and to provide badly needed depth.

          • Steve Blank

            I would like to bring in the guy from AZ…Larrod Stephens-Howling…dude is a blazer and will fit perfectly into Reids scheme…another play maker…he has big play threat written all over him…one or two good blocks on a screen and that dude is gone..just like JC

    • Troy Utt

      I’m really afraid Smith is going to turn into a bidding war we can’t afford to fight in, & with our other needs it takes Milliner out of the question. I have been surprised that Reid has not reached out for DRC already. I like Tyler Bray with our 3rd rd pick as I believe he has tremendeous upside! Obviously not a Brady, then again, it won’t take much to be better than Croyle or any other QB we have drafted! I’m not so much worried about the “D” as I believe the solid core will be fine and fill in what we might need via draft without missing a beat. I am a bit worried about WR… granted we need a solid replacememt for Breaston, but depth leaves me a little jumpy! Don’t get me wrong…I’m excited about all the moves we have made and ready for the season… Just worried about injuries biting us in the hind quarters again!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        The good thing is, there are probably three or four cornerbacks available who’d seriously upgrade the CB2 spot AND be cheaper than Sean Smith. Worst-case scenario, we could always use the #1 on Milliner.

      • Steve Blank

        Danny Amendola in our slot would be awesome…we should be able to land one of the CBs that will be there…if it isnt smith, then any of the others will be better than Arenas or Brown…

        • Troy Utt

          As comical as this may sound when speaking of depth at wide receiver…In a moment of madness in the middle of the night while looking thru the cuts, I come across “Randy Moss!” Never having been a big fan of his due to his attitude & work ethic, I see he has been cut by the 49′rs and that he desired to play a couple more seasons. Normally I would not have paid this any attn. but this was just prior to Bowes contract extention & I found several articles about what a good team-mate & mentor he had been the last couple in SF… Then I see he is only dragging down $2.5m yr! For a big body, that is going to be your #2or3 at best, which is usually all you would ever get from a FA plus the fact he has been catching passes from Alex for the last 2seasons already!

  • Troy Utt

    Stacy…I must admit the brass @ 1 Arrowhead are keeping us guessing! What is your take on the salary cap situation at this point? With what we need for the rookie wage pool, are we not about close to being flush for funds this year without further moves such as cutting Cassel, etc…?

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I think they’ll either re-structure Cassel or cut him. His 2013 number is currently too high to be a backup. Either will create a bit more room.

      • berttheclock

        Jason LaCanfora of CBS sports has written the Vikings are interested in MC as a backup to Ponders.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Wonderful. Give us an R5 and you can have him!

          • Steve Blank

            round 5 pick would be above and beyond what I expect for him..that would be great.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            If you need a nickel, don’t ask for three cents, ask for a dime. I’ll settle for a 6th.

      • Steve Blank

        I wish the word of him getting cut hadnt hit the airwaves…I really think we could have gotten a late pick for him….a 6th or 7th….anything would have been better than just cutting him….now the teams that might have been interested are just going to wait it out and get him for nothing

  • Patrick Allen

    Man I really like Amendola but the guy can’t stay on the field. If the Chiefs could get him for a really terrific deal I’d go for it.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      He’s one of those high-risk/high-reward guys. If he can stay healthy, he’ll help your football team. If not, he’s Kevin Boss at a different position.

      • dominicscarlatti

        Stacy, how high will we draft a TE this year? I know that the dust of free-agency hasn’t begun to settle yet, but I would imagine that another TE might be a high priority for this regime…

  • berttheclock

    Excuse me, but, why is Howling-Smith on the list? He is five seven, weighs about 187, His best year as a returner was 2 years ago and his yardage was cut in half last season. He was used a bit at RB by the Cardinals, last season, but, gained just over 300 yards. His production as a receiver is not that great. What would he add? Why would you bring in a smaller back than Charles to spell him. Yes, Reid has been known to run RBs less than most and uses them more in bubble screens. Of course, last season, his offensive line became terrible with so many injuries he had little choice in schemes.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Stephens-Howling would be perfect for Reid’s system. He’d also be useful to Kansas City as a returnman. He’s a little guy, but he’s got great speed. When asked to catch the ball, he’s done good things with it.

      • Steve Blank

        I agree totally. I like this guy. In addition to fitting perfectly, he is a great special teams addition…we havent had a decent return guy since Dante

      • Danny W

        I think your getting a Dexter clone though. Would like to see us go power instead.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Not at all. He’s much faster than McCluster.

  • berttheclock

    OK, I know he is getting long in the tooth, but, for a one year plug in for smarts at ILB, a very positive influence in both the locker room and setting up defensive plays on the field, would Takeo Spikes be worth a year pickup?

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Not for my money. I’d prefer to wait and see how that Green Bay situation is going to shake out. I think either Jones or Hawk is going to be available.

    • Richard Comstock

      I really really really want to land one of the young guys in this draft..there are quite a few studs..this is one position I hope we draft over picking up a FA.

      I don’t agree with Smith about his price. This year has been going good for teams as far as contracts go. I don’t think he will sign for very much money. I do agree with him about Jones or Hawk if we don’t think we can draft one though.

  • berttheclock

    One reason I really like John Dorsey being here is his ability to evaluate talent in both the league, the CFL and from the college ranks. Patrick Allen put up a photo, yesterday, of Jones playing with the Seahawks. Look back at that photo and you will see Urbik, the RG of the Bills wearing Number 60, blocking. Why do I mention Urbik? Pioli missed him in his first draft in ’09. Urbik was taken by the Steelers in the 3rd round. Hey, easily missed by Pioli. But, what displays Scott “Asleep at the switch” Pioli is he failed to nab him the following year when he was cut by the Steelers and hit the waiver wires. KC needed OGs and the Chiefs were ahead of the Bills for claiming rights. Urbik has been given a long term extension and is currently rated ahead of Asamoah at RG. He would have been a cheap pickup. I feel John Dorsey will pay far more attention to those waiver wires, especially, since the Chiefs will be in the Number One seat for the coming year to claim.

  • Richard Comstock

    the packers just put a second round tender on Sam shields!!!

    can we use 2014 picks for that?

    He is a BEAST and would be an excellent addition to the team. This is something to really look into!!!

    • Steve Blank

      I think that means if we make an offer we and they dont match, we have to give up a second this year….sadly, we dont have one…

    • berttheclock

      No, should the Chiefs offer Shields more than the $2,023,000 GB has placed on him and the Packers do not match the offer, the 2nd round pick has to be this year’s pick, of which Steve Blank notes the Chiefs do not possess at the moment. However, one thing about the placing of this 2nd round tender on Shields and the lower one placed on Dietrich-Smith shows how good GB managment has been in evaluating talent. Both of these players were UFAs. In fact, Dietrich-Smith slipped through waivers and the Chiefs could have had another center.

  • Steve Blank

    Jared Cook is a BEAST. We should def look at him as our starting TE…because we know Moeaki will be injured soon.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      He’ll come pretty cheap and would definitely upgrade the position. He sustained an injury toward the end of the season though, right?

  • Danny W

    Woodhead would be a good west coast dump off guy, but then again I would think Dexter McCluster would be okay at that position as well. I want more of a power guy to complement Jay-mal though. Would really like to see any of those two TE’s but would really like to see Bennett come in. I’d like to pick up one more corner and some good safety depth. As aggressive as we’ve been thus far it wouldn’t surprise me to see us pick up another couple of guys. If they’re worried about cap room they could always cut Matt Cassel.

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