August 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Chase Daniel (10) throws under pressure from Houston Texans defensive end Jared Crick (93) during the second half of a preseason game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Texans 34-27. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs To Pay Chase Daniel $10 Million

The Kansas City Chiefs may not be drafting a QB in the 2013 NFL Draft after all.

The Chiefs added two new QBs Tuesday, one via trade and the other via free agency.

The new regime in Kansas City faced a totally barren QB roster upon their arrival. New GM John Dorsey moved to quickly remedy the situation by trading for former San Francisco 49ers QB, Alex Smith. The Chiefs gave up two draft picks for Smith, including its 2013 second-round pick.

Then when free agency began, KC went after former New Orleans Saints QB, Chase Daniel.

According to Adam Caplan, Daniel is getting some pretty good coin to ride the bench.


That is a very good contract for a backup QB. It is very similar to what Kyle Orton got last offseason from the Dallas Cowboys.

The Chiefs are paying Daniel so much that I can’t hep but wonder if they have some future plans for him. A lot of teams were reportedly going after Daniel and while that likely helped drive up the price, the Chiefs clearly thought Daniel was worth the investment.

What do you think, Addicts? Does Daniel’s contract, along with the Smith trade, mean the Chiefs won’t be drafting a QB at all in 2013?

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  • mattU

    Wow. Could they not have tried to restructure Matt Cassel for that type of money? I mean at least he’s proven himself a very good backup QB. Chase Daniel has done absolutely nothing to merit this kind of money. This is just reckless use of cap resources here…we’ve got way too many holes to be spending this type of money on an unproven backup QB with limited upside. I don’t see any way they take a QB in the draft now unless it’s a bargain special in the 5th or 6th round with a dirt-cheap salary.

    • Trent Taylor

      It’s pretty clear they don’t like this qb class. So why draft one just for the sake of drafting one?

      • mattU

        Hard to believe they don’t think one of the QBs in this class is better than Chase Daniel…nobody thought enough of him in the crappy 2009 draft class to take him.

        • Trent Taylor

          I hear ya. All.I can think is they’ve got some inside info on him.

    • chiefridgy

      Boo Cassel. Did you watch last season at all? Do you want to take any chances of cassel becoming the starter if Alex Smith goes down?

      • GDL40

        So YOU would rather have …… this guy, what’s his name again,? Chase ?…. you would rather have him be our starter when Alex goes down with an injury ? SERIOUSLY?! …..I mean I am nowhere near a Cassel fan, but u must really hate him if you’d rather get this guy to be the starter at one point over Cassel…..

        • ChiefsRabbitFoot

          I would!!! Cassel can’t do anything with the ball. What would be the point. SERIOUSLY!

      • mattU

        Yes, I did share in the agony watching Cassel regress. However, he has shown that he can manage the game in a backup role. He’s done a hell of a lot more than Chase Daniel has in the NFL…which includes double-digit pass attempts in his career. I just don’t understand spending so much for an unproven guy, when there are likely QB prospects with higher ceilings out there that’d come cheaper and have nearly the same resume.

        • chiefridgy

          I’m hoping John Dorsey and Andy Reid see something that we can’t see and know little bit more about player evaluation than we do.

    • ChiefsRabbitFoot

      There’s no restructuring Cassel. Can you imagine how much worse he will get without the weekly workout he use to get as the starting QB!

      • chiefridgy

        Well said

    • Bill

      Another seemingly overpriced contract. I sure hope these guys work out since they’re going to be using up KCs cap for the next few years.

    • Ron White

      Uh you don’t understand how the salaries are slotted in the draft.

      • mattU

        huh? i wasn’t implying that a 3rd round pick would be a big cap hit…It was more pointing out that since so many resources were spent on QBs (2nd rounder for Smith, cap space for Daniel), we’d have to draft for other needs like OL, ILB, and DBs in the higher rounds because we may not have the money in free agency for starter-caliber guys in those positions. Essentially, we traded Eric Winston for Chase Daniel…problem is Chase Daniel can’t play RT, as far as I know.

  • Trent Taylor

    Looks like $5 million to me. He’ll never see 10

  • ArrowFan

    I just hope Geno doesn’t bacome a HOF for the Faiders. As a MU fan I’m more excited about Danels than I ever was about Stanzey.

    • mattU

      Daniel was a good college QB, but as a KU fan (honestly nothing to do with my displeasure of this signing): a little taller, fatter version of Todd Reesing isn’t all that exciting.

  • Don Quijote

    Lets trust Dorsey. Buffulo might seek our num 1 pic. They need a QB and Geno may be that man. AZ wants Geno too.

    • Trent Taylor

      That would be sweet to fleece them for high picks this year and next. They camp in the top ten of the draft.

  • Ron Gotti

    I’m lovin wat our chiefs are doing… now we need to trade #1 picks wit bills and try and get their 3rd also

    • Trent Taylor

      That’s not enough to move to number one overall.

  • Danny W

    They’re spending some serious coin. Definitely not the last regime.

  • GDL40

    WOW! For someone who hasnt done crap to prove he’s worth ONE million in the NFL ! I was really looking forward to this off-season,especially all new names at the QB position, but this is almost as bad as a nightmare I once had for the team. (The nightmare was the new regime just kept what we had at QB)

    • jesse

      i honestly dont think you have a clue….. Chase Daniel was one of Mizzous best quarterbacks, hes just not gigantic. Made Maclin a first rounder right? and now he has had nfl experience without any pressure. Hes even been to the playoffs so he knows what that mentality takes. plus the front office has kept our big name guys, signed quality players: Devito who is a productive run stopper which we need because we were like 27th against the run, Fasano who can block, catch and is durable, and Daniel who at least started in college unlike Cassel. Plus Dunta to help pass and run defense and restructured Jackson. they have a plan that is so far looking good. Now our only holes are inside linebacker, figuring out who our right tackle will be, Fs or cb depending on how they use Robinson, and then just overall depth. Everyone has their opinion, some just dont look at the whole picture.

      • GDL40

        You’re right, I have no idea about who this guy is. My only argument is that I, personally, would not want a guy with his resume become the Chiefs starter once Alex goes down with injury. And think we’re overpaying him, actually espn, nfl network and other sites also believe he’s getting too much. As far as Alex, I hope he proves me wrong, I hope they both shut me up with great play, but Alex is overrated, only looked good the past two years, and I’ll bet Cassel would’ve looked good in that team too just like he did in NE. And we also overpayed for Alex

  • jmason21

    I think people are missing the most important thing of all. He’s sat behind a heck of a QB in New Orleans. He has talent. Aaron Rodgers was unproven before he got his chance…

  • jesse

    perhaps they wanna “groom” him behind smith instead of one of these rookies and dont wanna sign.him to a huuuge contract till hes proven himself fully.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I believe he COULD be. Being a backup from Drew, which is 1 of the best. So, all that $ on Daniels probably puts CB Sean Smith out of the picture

  • Carlos Nevarez


  • Billie Cabral

    Behind a hell of a QB and Head Coach. I watched this guy help beat the Jayhawks in the border showdown @ Arrowhead when both teams were undefeated a few years back. I didn’t see anything great back then (besides Aldon Smith destroy Todd Reesing.) But this kid did win games and may have improved. Now he is backing Alex Smith another good mentor. I think he is a wild card and I like it!

    • Billie Cabral

      Note Jeremy Maclin as well.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    This move doesn’t bother me. His contract numbers are a bit higher than I’d expect them to be, but the kid has talent. He’s played very well during the past few preseasons in New Orleans. He’s also had the chance to learn under Brees. I’m baffled at all the clamoring for Cassel to stay on. That guy has regressed so much over the past two seasons.

    • Jim Harper

      All true Stacy!

  • Troy Utt

    It’s a good signing IMO…As when you look at what the average #2 QB is making that is in the $2m range… Hell even Tyler Thigpen signed a 3yr/$9m contract when he left KC with Buffalo… Chase Daniel at least has been under the tutelage of a good QB & Coach! This should pan out well for us if he is forced into action! Obviously the $$ were driven up slightly due to the demand for his services…

  • bill

    Only took me 15to minutes to read half this article cause commercials kept popping up on the mobile app. Whoever runs it needs to change that shit