Chiefs Interested In QB Chase Daniel, According To Report

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The Kansas City Chiefs may well complete their trade for 49ers QB Alex Smith today, but it appears Smith is not the only QB the Chiefs are interested in.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Chiefs are “very interested” in QB Chase Daniel.

From La Canfora:

This is not a very deep group, but there will be action. Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer and Ryan Fitzpatrick could still be added to this group pending the resolution of their contractual issues, but for now, Chase Daniel has been very hot and league sources anticipate he will sign a deal worth in excess of $3 million a year, with Kansas City being very interested.

Daniel played his college ball at Missouri and was picked up as an undrafted free agent by the football team in Washington. He is currently a backup for the New Orleans Saints.

Daniel was waived by the Redskins and then landed in New Orleans. He was on and off the roster for a while before spending last season as Drew Brees’ primary backup.

Daniel threw one regular season pass last year that went for ten yards. In his career, Daniels is 7 of 9 passing for 55 yards.

What do you think, Addicts? Do you want the Chiefs to bring in Daniel as a backup?

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  • berttheclock

    As diehard Jayhawk, may I write a long and deep response to this?

    • njjohn

      Well, that means they will cut Cassel the minute it happens. Personally, I’d rather have Cassel if the price is around the same. No matter how fans feel about Cassel, he’s probably the best back-up out there right now.

      • chiefridgy

        Cassel has shown a lot of potential the last few years. :-/

        • njjohn

          Tell me who would be a better back-up than the QB’s that are out there right now. Let’s hear who you think are better BACK-UPS than Cassel.

          • chiefridgy

            Me. Honestly though, I just don’t want Cassel to end up being the starter again next year

          • Ron White

            All of them would be better than the 2012 Version with 19 TO

      • berttheclock

        In that same paragraph by LaCanfora about Chase Daniels, he mentions the Vikings are interested in Matt Cassell becoming Ponders’ backup.

        • njjohn

          When Cassel is cut, and you look at the available back-ups, he’ll have no shortage of offers. Hell, Gerrard just got a two year deal from the Jets, but that is the Jets after all.

  • chiefridgy

    Chase looked pretty good in preseason games last year.

  • Doug McD

    I’m about to puke! I hope this is just smoke. Sorry guy’s, not a fan of Daniels. Maybe as a 3rd QB, but make it cheep, cheep.

  • GDL40

    Garbage pick up !not much of a saving over Cassel is t ????

    • Joe Myers

      hahahahahaha do you watch sports ?????

      • GDL40

        No I’m just commenting on different sites for fun …… of COURSE I do, are u gonna telll me this guy is the s#!t now ? I mean, I dont like Cassel or Quinn, (or A Smith ), but I dont understand how u get so butthurt when I dont think its a good option when the guy has thrown 9 passes in the NFL? I am far from an expert at this, ver far, but when Alex Smith goes down with an injury, this guy is who you would want ar QB ? I would rather take Campbell not someone who has practically no experience….. unless it was Geno

  • Patrick Allen

    I am not saying Daniel is good, I don’t know much about him at all. But there are reportedly 6 teams after him. There must be a reason for that.

    • Joshua Jay Clarke

      Daniels is way more accurate and mobile then most of the qbs out there id get him,preseason he had looked sharp and even watched his games at mu, he is gonna be better then cassel.

    • Kurt Rauch

      Agreed. I’m all for them bringing in guys for competition and depth, as long as they don’t get themselves too financially committed. I don’t want the depth chart to read like a ledger–I want the best talent. I guess what I’m saying is I want Tanney to have his shot also.

    • berttheclock

      Spread QB out of college, too short by many NFL “pundit” standards and was not supposed to make it in the NFL. Kept by the brass of the Redskins for far longer than expected and has turned into an accurate backup to Brees, while, quietly, learning the pocket game. This shortness has caused several NFL coaches to keep their small QBs out of the pocket. Look how the Seahawks coaching staff kept rolling Wilson out, until, they finally relented and called pocket plays for him. He ended being like Pat Haden who said he threw between people, not over them.

    • Joe Myers

      he has pretty good arm strength and if you ever watched the borderwars at arrowhead he’s pretty accurate. I’ll take a brees 2.0

    • Adam Sherman

      because his mentor, life coach, role model, and professor of foozball for the last however many years has been future HOF Drew Brees. Thats like the marines having an opportunity to sign a bunch of troops up who have hung out with Gangas Khan or Crazy Horse for 3 years.

    • Danny W

      He’s pretty accurate on the short routes.

  • Jarad

    $3+ million for that kid? There aren’t many options out there, but i hope they find somebody else!

    • njjohn

      First they wouldn’t pay him that, and second, Cassel would take less.

      • Jarad

        Just referring to what “league sources” thought he would get. But if you know more than them, that’s cool too. You sure are high on Cassel being the #2.

  • Matt Finucane

    I like Chase Daniel, always have. I was never of the opinion that his height, or Missouri’s spread system he played under, should disqualify him from a chance in the NFL. I’d be happy to see him as a Chief.

    However, 3 mil and a #2 job? Both of those seem a bit high to me.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah high for a guy with no really starting experience. Now if we were talking about getting Jason “Cam” Campbell, that’d be a different story.

      • Matt Finucane

        I’m going to tweet the Chiefs my thoughts on Cam Campbell.

  • kirk

    I like this idea he’s always had good pre seasons and he spent the last 3yrs learnipng behind drew brees. look at how cassell played when Brady Quinn got hurt. and that’s the same guy yall want as a back up!

  • berttheclock

    A quick story about height and arm strength in the NFL. In the late seventies, the Rams had the short Pat Haden ( I was stretching to remain at five eleven and I stood next to him and he was shorter than I was by more than an inch) Very accurate passer. But, fans wanted to see the six three Vince Ferragamo who had a lethal cannon of a deep out arm. Haden hit 13 straight passes against the Seahawks, but, broke his pinky. Ferragamo came in and the Rams went to the SB against the Steelers. The following year, Ferragamo was “The Man” until the Cowboys learned how stop his deep outs. They found out when he couldn’t throw deep, he would try to change up and throw shorter passes which could be intercepted and run back for Pick Sixes. When, they did that the career of Ferragamo in the NFL ceased.

  • bluenotebacker

    Cassell & Quinn are both garbage, can’t hurt KC to go a different direction. I’m not sold on A. Smith as a top-tier starter, but that looks like what the Chiefs are banking on. Daniel would be pricey @ $3mil but an upgrade as backup over what they have now

    • Doug McD

      I hope this is just smoke to make the eagles trade idea move quicker. I want to see Foles come to us with a trade of our first round picks. We could then pick up Milliner with the 4th pick of the draft from the eagles.

  • Toadmush

    Nooooo!!!! Watched him play at Mizzou head is in the clouds most of the time.

    • Joe Myers

      ?????????? .

  • Tyler Alexander

    He’s twice the qb gabbert was at mizzou and almost won the Heisman as a passer. Been held back because of his height. He reminds me a lot of Gannon while A Smith reminds me a lot of Grbac. Hmmm…

  • Carlos Nevarez

    Didn’t they say Doug flutie was too short too?

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I wouldn’t mind Daniel as a 3rd QB. I think we need a guy with more experience to be the backup though.

    • Tyler Eckstein

      I agree

  • Jarad

    Its widely thought that the chiefs will cut Cassel. But im surprised it hasn’t happened. Any chance that a team needing a 2nd QB would prefer that he didnt hit FA? Avoid any competition from other teams and get him for a late round pick. Just a thought, since I find it a little odd that he’s still a Chief

    • Trent Taylor

      They can’t really cut him until.the.Smith trade is official. That would.leave the.cupboard bare if something went wrong.

      • Jarad

        Yea, that’s understandable. Valid point. But that being said, it was as close to empty as it could be with Cassel on board. It just wouldn’t surprise me if they Reid/Dorsey had something up their sleeve.,

  • Tyler Eckstein

    There’s a reason he wasnt drafted… and he’s not that short. At the Combine they had him at 6’1. Last time we got an undrafted QB from the Saints his name was Tyler Palko.. please don’t get Daniels!

  • Danny W

    The guy in my opinion personally is a douche bag. That said he’s a great west coast intermediate quarterback when it comes to Reid’s offense.

  • Jamie Denton

    I think daniels is a good choice considering what is out there for choices this year as backups! I believe Reid/Dorsey know what they are doing and alot of the Chiefs fans aren’t even ginging them a chance to prove themselves! I know we’ve been through alot as fans, but lets see what these guys have up their sleeves, before we waste the season and franchise before it even gets started! As for Daniels I thought he was a good QB at Mizzou, and him being able to spend time behind Drew Brees is a plus to me as well! And as for him being short if my memory serves me correctly, so is Brees, and he isn’t doing to bad, and remember last years draft, and that poor QB Wilson that no one wanted because of his height? Seems to me he did rather well in Seattle this past year!! But each to his own I guess!!

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