Chiefs Free Agency Update: KC Could Target WRs

November 12, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) runs the ball after a catch against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the second half of the game at Heinz Field. The Steelers won the game, 16-13, in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs were busy on the first day of free agency and it doesn’t look like they are finished adding players.

According to Adam Caplan, the Chiefs are hoping to add depth at the receiver position.

The Chiefs have already locked up WR Dwayne Bowe but it makes sense that the new regime would want to add some other pieces for new QB Alex Smith.

KC has some depth at receiver in former first-round pick Jonathan Baldwin and former second-round pick Dexter McCluster but both players are unproven at the position. Baldwin, thus far, has been a huge disappointment and McCluster seems to be best suited as a role player.

The Chiefs may also want to find some receivers that fit Andy Reid’s West Coast offense. Look for KC to target speedy receivers that are very precise route runners.

What do you think, Addicts? Are there any FA wide receivers you want the Chiefs to target?

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  • Brandon g

    The guy from buffalo. Could we trade cassel for some wide receiver maybe. Also Darius heyward-bay he is a quick little receiver the type Andy likes. He could be good depth at receiver.

    • Michael Tavis

      I doubt there are gonna be any player for player trades. Heyward-Bey would be good depth if he comes cheap enough but im not interested in him starting though.

    • Trent Taylor

      6’2, 220 is quick and little? He’s a speed guy with steel for hands.

  • Tyler Alexander

    I’m not convinced our guys are that bad. I think we’ll all agree there were guys running open a lot last year. I want playmakers as much as anybody but it doesn’t feel right to say Cassels the problem and throw the receivers under the bus too. I honestly think McCluster is gonna surprise a lot of people in Rieds offense out of the backfield and in the slot.

    • Michael Tavis

      I doubt McCluster comes out of the backfield much. That being said I agree that he will surprise people in the slot. Jon Baldwin on the other hand needs to work on his route running and using his body to create separation. He has a big body he just needs to use it. Baldwin has the potential he just needs to be coached up.

      • Tyler Alexander

        From what I hear Reid liked McCluster coming out of Ol Miss and he did all of his damage as a rb. It would be awesome to see Dex and Charles running patterns out of the backfield against LB’s in the WCO!! Just dreaming…

        • Michael Tavis

          Yea I heard that too. Though in college he wasnt running against the talent and speed he is in the NFL. College makes a lot of guys look better than they are. McCluster has made a lot of progress as a slot receiver and a good slot receiver is crucial in the west coast system.

      • chiefridgy


      • Danny W

        Baldwin will be a bear when he gets under the right coach and quarterback.

      • superman_25_58

        I agree

    • micah stephenson

      Huh!!!!! Are you serious!!!! Our wrs have the worst seperation in the nfl!!!! If you think our wrs whur running around wide open you wur watching the wrong team. Dexter is the only wr that looks anything close to fast! 1 reason bowe b open is cus of his rout running and he is also so strong he out fights the DB for the ball. Baldwin… comment needed. All other wrs useless. Its rare our wrs are running wide open. Cassel was part of the problem but not the only problem. Cassel holds on to the ball long cus it takes foreva for our wrs to get open.

      • Tyler Alexander

        I disagree

      • Scott Woodruff

        Cassel was part of the problem and the other part of the problem was the old coaching staff, new coaches, new way of doing things, I am sure Reid will be able to make some of the receivers we have better. I wouldn’t give up on Baldwin yet.

        • micah stephenson

          So are u saying the coaches cudnt teach the wrs to b faster or to create seperation? I not giving up on Baldwin but he is an inside the 20s type wr to me.

          • Michael Tavis

            The coaches teach the WR body positioning and route running. Its not like Jon Baldwin is terribly slow. He just needs coached. The WR position isn’t just about speed. Look at Roddy White, Calvin John, Larry Fitzgerald, Jordy Nelson, etc… They aren’t speed guys like Mike Wallace, Desean Jackson, Heyward-Bey. Yet they are still pro bowl caliber players

    • Chris Foosman

      I agree. It seemed like there was a definite lack of coaching going on too as the receivers ran routes that were either lazy or not in sync with the QB. I think if they can get a veteran who knows the basics of Reid’s system to come in and be kind of a demonstrator/tutor, I think that’s good. I think they’ve got a lot of talent, they just need more things around the WRs to make them successful.

  • Joe

    I would really like to see us get Jennings if not we need to let Baldwin know that this is his last year to prove something to the chiefs or we need to get rid of him

    • Michael Tavis

      I think Baldwin is gonna need two years. You gotta remember who the offensive coordinator was last year. Yes his route running is terrible but that can be coached. He has potential.

      • Joe

        Yea he has a good upside but we have been saying this for 2 years already kc hasn’t won in a long time we are in it right now to win we have waited long enough so how much long do we give Baldwin I think this up coming year should be his last to prove himself or move on

        • Michael Tavis

          He has two years left on his contract. The guy deserves the four years to develop. Its not like he has been a total bust. He has shown he has the talent. In his defense the coaching has been sporadic for him. I think Andy Reid and company will coach him up and two years from now we wont be wanting the Chiefs to resign him. Time will tell.

          • Joe

            I understand he has 2 years left but wouldn’t you rather see Jennings with kc now? Say we did get Jennings could Bowe Jennings and balwine all play together I just don’t see that playing well. What would we do with balwin if we picked up Jennings

          • superman_25_58

            Why not it would be just like any other 1, 2, & 3 WR’s, when it’s your turn to shine get your arse out there and get the job done. Got to remember Jennings is 30 yrs old and Baldwin is still young and could learn A LOT from Bowe and Jennings IMO.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    David Nelson. Darrius Heyward-Bay, Austin Collie. Someone along those lines. I can get with that.

    • Michael Tavis

      I dont like Heyward-Beys hands. Among the worst in the league. We need a WR to play opposite Bowe. I would love Greg Jennings.

    • micah stephenson

      I like Heyward Bay too. We need a true speed wr and he is prolly gon b affordable. I like fielding a track team wit fast wrs and geting huge chunks of yardage between the 20s. When I get inside the 20 and there is nowhere to run to, then I bring in my slower Bowe and Baldwins to out jump/out muscle or run block they lil DBs.

      • Michael Tavis

        So did Al Davis.

  • chiefridgy


    • Michael Tavis

      I like this. Amendola played well last year despite the lack of talent on his team and despite his injury. Wouldnt be a far move for him.

  • Bill

    I would rather see the money spent on a CB or Brad Jones (ILB). Anyone know the cap situation? I like how aggressive the new regime has been, but they’re dishing out a lot of $$. Signing bonuses with back loaded contracts can hurt in the long run.

    • Michael Tavis

      No way to track the cap situation right now. Rumor is that they are asking Alex Smith to restructure his contract to free up a little space. We also have to wait and see what happens with Cassel. I would love to see either Sean Smith or Rodgers-Cromartie in a Chiefs uniform next year. Also I think Brad Jones would come in and start and play well and I think in time he will be a very good ILB. Playing next to Derrick Johnson helps.

      • Da Menace

        Yeah I think our Chiefs need to solidify that d by grabbing another solid cb and ilb I mean we need to compete in our division and that means stopping Manning and Rivers

  • mattU

    How much cap room do the Chiefs have to play with now? They just blew another $3mil/year on Chase Daniel…not sure what’s left in the coffers after today’s spending spree.

    • Michael Tavis

      Dont be surprised to see some cuts and restructuring. Tamba Hali most likely is going to have to restructure.

      • mattU

        considering he just came off a pro-bowl year, why would Hali agree to restructure? He knows he’d probably be able to get $10-12mil on the open market if the Chiefs cut him. Looking at his contract on spotrac, it appears they’d have $9 mil in dead money tied up in him so cutting him isn’t going to happen. I can’t imagine anything being done with Hali’s contract if these factors are accurate.

        • Danny W

          He could do what Tom Brady did and take more cash or something that restructures a way for him to make the same but affecting the cap less.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Cassel has yet to be released.

  • Shawn Patterson

    Someone from the Chiefs needs to contact Gregg Jennings and take him to Oklahoma Joe’s so he will want to play in KC for whatever price they offer!

    • Michael Tavis

      Agreed. I think this would be a huge signing. I dont think its too far fetched either. There is the John Dorsey connection and Jennings fits perfectly in Andy Reids system. Jennings will also make Alex Smith look even better.

  • Danny W

    Wes Welker? As agressive as this bunch is if they want the guy they’ll probably get him. I’m hoping they’re not done at corner back just yet.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Teams are releasing a lot of good FA CBs for cap reasons.

  • KCtitleist11

    They were talking about julian edelman today on 610 sports

  • Javier Arenas

    Yo. Wr’s take a few years to develop. duhhh. Baldwin and McCluster will be fine. This article is a joke.

  • Outback Chief

    Amendola ,Moss,Julian Edelman or Jennings are some decent choices for WR

  • Billie Cabral

    I’m thinking it’s maybay, Hey-bey going to the Chiefs for some revenge. Fingers X

  • Johnny Ubben

    One guy that I like that I haven’t seen mentioned is Danario Alexander. His knees give me a little pause, but surely he’d come and a reasonable price

    • Trent Taylor

      I think he’s a RFA.

  • big chief

    Well I was hoping for Wallace but that was a pipe dream.

  • berttheclock

    Lots of nonsense posted about Jon Baldwin. He is a bust! The scouts were correct about him when they wrote about his lack of gaining separation and using his hands to fend off aggressive DBs in college. His one strength was his leaping ability in end zones against lesser defensive backs in the Big East. He could make the spectacular play, but little else. Same in KC. His highlight replay on ESPN in his first year. Oh, and getting open at St Joe. But, look at his first two years. 41 catches for 579 yards and 2 TDs while being paid well over a mill. One poster said it takes a long time for wide outs to make it in the NFL. Well, consider the first two years of Bowe trying to catch passes from Huard and Croyle. 156 catches for 2011 yards and 12 TDs. Chris Carter in his 2nd year had 39 for 761 and 6 TDs, Jerry Rice in his 2nd had 86 for 1570 and 15 TDs, Victor Cruz, in his 2nd had82 for 1536 and 9 TDs. Torrey Smith, of whom Pioli should have taken, ended up being far less paid than Jon Baldwin an in his 1st year caught 50 for 841, 7 TDs, and in his 2nd season, he grabbed 49 for 855 and 8 TDs.
    Other than his one Hi-Lite catch and one behind the DB catch which was negated on a hold, what has Baldwin done except run poor routes while having any DB strapped to him, yelling at the QB after the QB yells at him about a poor route, not being aggressive on crossing patterns and trying to hit Thomas Jones with an open fist? He is a BUST! of epic dimensions. People write of some the poor QB picks by the Chiefs. I would add Baldwin to the Anthony Hancock waste of the eighties and Sylvester Morris, as well, for the receiving corps. All of those three are more in the receiving corpse category. Now, get out there, Mr Dorsey and bring to KC wideouts who can get open and pull double teams off Bowe.

    • toperspective

      And Pioli reached for this guy. Had to have him now. Could have traded back and still got him. Same with Poe.

  • disqus_Mwtx38yVFA

    Baldwin has a lot of talent, he could be a deep threat to any defense, dont you remember his spectacular catches in his rookie season? Our QBs dont target him that much and he does not get a lot of chances be realistic, but he is great, throw the damn ball to him

  • Charlie Scott

    Jeremy Maclin. He was an Andy Reid guy, and played at Mizzou with Chase. GET HIM!!!!

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