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Alex Smith To Become A Chief Today

Not to be lost amid all the NFL free agency madness is that once the new league year starts today at 4 pm eastern time, trades will be able to be officially executed.

That means today could well be the day that Alex Smith officially becomes a Kansas City Chief.

As of now, the reported details of the trade are that the Chiefs gave up a 2013 second-round pick and a 2014 third-round pick that could become a second-rounder based on conditions.

We don’t really know for sure if these details are accurate and we also don’t know what the conditions are.

If the trade is sent to the league office today, then there is a pretty good chance the details will leak out shortly thereafter.

Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli indicated a couple of weeks ago that he thought there might be some compensation coming back to the Chiefs in the form of a late-round pick. While that isn’t likely to change the minds of folks who think the Chiefs game up too much for Smith, having more draft picks will only help the Chiefs.

We also have news that the Chiefs are in heavy pursuit of New Orleans Saints QB Chase Daniel. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Daniel is a  hot commodity on the QB market and there are reports of up to six teams pursuing him.

Daniel has basically no experience starting and went undrafted a few years back. Still, teams seem to like him more than any of the other QBs on the market.

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  • Richard Comstock

    after learning more about GENO..I am glad we made this move. He will put us in a better position to win right away then Geno would!!!
    not one expert thinks Geno is a top 10 QB..As much as it sucks that it happend in the year we had the first pick. Im glad they made the choice they did.

  • Spencer

    who cares what “experts” think that don’t have NFL jobs??? seriously…I wouldn’t take half of what these “experts” say as anything close to reality….if the old GMs (that were proven, or had multiple good years) say the same thing then sure….but these ESPN “experts” prove themselves to be far from correct year in and year out….

    Anyway….who is to say we are away from Geno??? with the recent events and possible incoming free agents (Canty, maybe Sean Smith) we can literally do anything on draft day, trade down to maybe 5 (so the Lions can bypass the Eagles for a Millner if neither get a good CB in FA), we could stay and “reach” on Geno so that we have GREAT depth and future at the QB position (Reid and Dorsey maybe don’t like the limitations of Alex, but weren’t prepared to say draft Genoas the sure thing started from day 1), or we may just go with LT….who knows???

    I H8 the numbers they payed for Alex….2 2nd rounders possible (depending on apparently the team or Alex’s performance) or at least a 2nd and 3rd….if we could just knock it down to a 3rd and 3rd i would love it, but that is old news….either way, i wouldn’t count Geno Smith out of anything with the Chiefs…, we don’t exactly have any major holes to fill and thus we have tons of options…

    Also side note on the “experts” last year according to them Barkley would have been a top 5, or at least a top 10 pick, this year he is considered a 2nd round pick, Mel Kiper also for example thought that Jimmy Clausen was a “superstar” QB in the making and that the Panthers “stole” him in the 2nd round…turned out to be complete crap…the “experts” are always wrong and rarely correct, (same thing on draft day with NFL teams) but my point is i wouldn’t look at these mock drafts and say, oh since they don’t like Geno i shouldn’t like Geno….there is a reason why their mock drafts often turn out far different then what they believe will happen

    Not saying I know better but still, anyway….last year these “experts” also all had Tannehill going 9th overall when he was considered by all of them as a mid 2nd round talent….at least Geno is considered by them as a mid 1st to later 1st round talent….why do they predict that the Dolhpins (or chiefs) would reach on a 2nd round talent in the 9-11 range if not trading up to 7th overall to get him, and yet a 1st rnd talent shouldn’t be able to do the same??? These “experts” make no sense….last yr rank a QB in the mid 2nd round for talent, and predict and say they believe it would be a good pick to get him in the 1st early, and yet with what they call a 1st rnd talent they do the opposite????

    Sorry, bout the “essay” just don’t see why people have so much faith in these “experts”…and i wouldn’t count Geno out of out #1 spot…Dorsey has surprised us all more then once in his limited time here

    oh and if you read so far, the main reason for this post(essay) was in response to Richards post on Geno and “experts”…^^, good for you if you read this for….pat on the back for yea

    • chiefridgy

      Good rant….I’m still holding out hope for Geno.

    • Richard Comstock

      where to start..

      First of all i don’t listen to experts. I didn’t point to any experts did I? I haven’t even looked at a mock draft in months!I hate mel kiper hes a fool in my book.

      Mike mayok, Jaws, chris mortanson, Gruden,Kurt Warner, Steve Young These are the types of people who i find to be insightful. ALL of them say the same thing about Geno. Among Many Many Many other scouts and GMs, former Gms and bloggers!!!

      When everyone is pointing at the same thing there is a reason. I also went back and watched almost every throw Geno made. Sometimes he made great throws, lots of times not so much. He really cant read defenses too good and doesn’t really go past his first read often. I know he CAN do these things but can he do them on a regular basis? I don’t think he can at this point.

      The fact is NOBODY is saying hes worth a high pick. That’s what you should be paying attention to. NOBODY!!!! ill say it again NOBODY!!!!

      I am paying attention to the fact that all of the experts have the same opinion on a guy. Can you give me another situation when EVERYONE said the same thing…..and if so were they all wrong? Geno had help from one of the best WR cores in the nation.

      WHO CARES if we gave up two second round picks. How do you even know what the conditions are of the second pick. Hell all he needs to do is win ONE PLAYOFF game and he will go where very few chiefs QBs before him have ever gone.

      No holes? what about ILB and CB2? RT?

      taking in account dropped passes Alex smith was the most accurate passer in the NFL last year. He is a proven winner in the playoffs. He is a super smart guy who does an excellent job protecting the football. Maybe you should stop ranting and go watch ALL of Genos throws and not just a highlight real created by someone else. When you are starving anything will taste good. However after your full you may regret what you just ate…

      I too wanted a KC born and bread star at QB. The fact is..there is not a QB worth taking number one overall. Simple and plain, as much as it hurts its just the way it is! If there was one…then MAYBE just MAYBE there would be ONE EXPERT who agreed with you.

      • Spencer

        ILB (we are likely to play a lot of 4-3 and this style of 3-4 of which we are playing (and with the emergence of Nickle and dime packages coming into play) doesn’t make it that large of a need, and Thumpers are relatively cheap and should be found in FA if not late in the draft….don’t look at 3-4 as our base defense and think we are just going to play that so much (an assumption on my part that, that is why you are referring to ILB) Basically to sum it up, we are likely to play more of a hybrid defense, getting Houston and Hali on the dirt in pass rush situations, a lot of dime and nickle oriented defense is taking over the conventional 3-4 defense (Further ridding the importance of a thumping ILB) either way…I don’t see it as a major issue that requires any 1st overall pick, the topic of this conversation

        Cb2- If we don’t get Sean Smith, DRC or someone else we will get Millner, no problem (main point was to say don’t take Geno smith off your list just because we have other needs, even if we don’t get a pure breed #2 cb that doesn’t mean we will go after Millner @1 just because we don’t have one as of yet (this new Brass is quite the surprise as of yet)

        RT (assumption that the brass believes Stephenson can move to RT and start), he is young and CAN start, doesn’t mean he will be great this year, but he has the ability and they could easily go in favor of him…(giving us the option that we won’t have to draft a tackle 1st overall)

        The Expert equation…wasn’t purely based towards your comment, but rather towards everyone….always see people referring to “expert” opinion and I don’t see so called experts always being there….especially since the majority of fan bases seem to refer to ESPN far more then they should

        Main issue with Geno is consistent footwork, (one thing that takes time but can be improved greatly relatively fast-look at Aaron Rodgers, he even states his 1st year wasn’t even about him throwing of reading defenses it was all him working on footwork everyday)…He has the “intangibles” of just said work ethic (at least as far as coaches have stated of which they can exaggerat for obvious reasons)….reading defenses…no comment^^, once again i’m not saying he is the best QB ever, i’m saying with this brass anything is possible….he may go #1 simply because the brass doesn’t see any issues with the team as constructed and thus go for a guy that they can develop into a Hall of Famer while keeping him out of the live fire for a year or 2 so he can work on his main issues of which come with repetition and just practice (Footwork, reading defenses)

        you seem to misinterpreted my post completely….good for you, it was simply don’t count out Geno, and don’t count on experts opinions as much (more based towards the entire fan base as a whole)….either way…good for you for taking it personal

        (trying to find Rodgers interview….a bit old so will post back later)

        • Richard Comstock

          Probably guilty for thinking your “rant” was based at me. Something I still am working on. There are a lot of crazy people on these boards lol! sorry about that.

          Honestly it seems we have the same general feel about the club. I think Richardson would be a fine RT as he grows into the position. We will need a tackle somewhere tho either starter or for depth. I also wouldn’t mind drafting Geno but I think it would be an even better pick up BECAUSE of Alex smith. Allow geno to develop under Reid before taking the lead.I think if we would have just drafted GENO it would have been a bad move.

          I want Smith bad followed by DRC just like you. I think we do nail one of them too.

          One thing we don’t agree on is need for an ILB. I really think we need one badly. If we had a really good one we could do a lot with our scheme. Someone like Ogleetree or Goodwin..They can run with TEs and thump the run. I think that only CB2 is a greater need(because of our division) than ILB.

          I also agree on the experts. If you put your faith into just one of them you can be mislead easily. Its just not very often that every expert says the same thing. However like you said…we could very well be in a position to reach for a QB if we can fill some of these needs in FA.

          • Spencer

            NP, anytime now we should start seeing the release of the details on Smiths trade, may alter it to i Love it or just, think we could have done better, with Alex it isn’t the quality of the player we got i have an issue with, it is just the price of which we got him for…but whatever (SOCKS) or it is what it is in spanish^^

            well FA has started, time to see what happens