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Glenn Dorsey Likely To Stay With Chiefs, According To Report

We told you a few days ago that the Kansas City Chiefs were trying to re-sign DE Glenn Dorsey and new report from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports indicates that the Chiefs are likely to succeed in retaining the former LSU Tiger.

From La Canfora:

The Kansas City Chiefs are still working hard to retain their own players and are making progress on a new deal for defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey, according to league sources.

Dorsey is one of several talented high picks who had yet to reach their potential under the prior regime in Kansas City, and it appeared he would be departing.

At the time Dorsey was placed on IR late in the season, he and the team were bracing for a departure. But with Andy Reid and John Dorsey now running the club, an emphasis has been placed on keeping young talent and trying to better utilize it within a scheme and personnel fit.

La Canfora added the following on Twitter:

This is more excellent news for Chiefs fans. Dorsey is a very solid player and if KC can retain him, the team will have one less hole to fill in fee agency and the draft.

While some feel Dorsey is better suited to the 4-3 defense, there is some buzz that the Chiefs, under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, may run some hybrid sets that include 4-3 alignments.

While Dorsey’s agent is now free to negotiate with other teams, free agency doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday. That gives the Chiefs a little more time to get the deal done.

What do you think, Addicts? Are you excited that the Chiefs might bring Dorsey back?

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  • Adrian Morales

    Koo i like that we are keepibg our players in KC i honestly think our players would shine if utilized right with some actual coaching

  • Heilios

    As much as G Dorsey isnt a flashy show stopper he is an excellent man in the trenches! I hope they retain him and insert some hybrid schemes like we’ve been hearing about.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I also think he’ll fare better in a 1-gapping scheme. For the right amount, I wouldn’t mind keeping Dorsey.

    • Danny W

      That’s just it with one gap and different amount, lets see what the guy can do.

    • toperspective

      Agreed. Not sure how anyone could be excited about Dorsey but the price is right then it’s ok.

    • dominicscarlatti

      It would be nice to see him stay for a reduced number and possibly get a chance to play in some 4-3 sets.

  • Billie Cabral

    I’d like to see him next to Poe in the middle of an attacking 4-3 on passing downs to see if he can do the things he did that made him a top pickup from Lsu. He was a machine out of college, now lets try and utilize his strengths and not throw him in where we have needs!

  • sidibeke

    I particularly like this given Albert’s reaction to cutting Winston. Keep the locker room happy, and we need d line depth. I’d still like us add Canty if we can without overextending financially.

  • Griz

    Very excited about both Dorsey and Jackson staying! Those DL guys need to keep playing together under better coaching and scheme. All young and can improve together. Dorsey, Poe, and Jackson! Pumped for what’s next. Go Chiefs!!!

  • Donkeyhater

    I like Dorsey and this will stabilize our DL situation but I’m not sure he’s ever going to be the kind of playmaker on the line that would really put our defense over the top. I was kind’ve hoping they’d opt to draft Lotulelei as I think he can be the dominant disruptive force we haven’t had on the line in years. Signing Dorsey would indicate they will probably not draft a DL. Maybe they aren’t sold on Star’s heart condition being ok. In any case this increases the likelihood of drafting Joeckel, especially if they sign another CB, as I see Milliner being the only other option now.

  • scastagnoli

    Dorsey is a good football player who has been put in a scheme not ideally suited to his skills. In his Chief’s career, he hasn’t appeared to have the same explosive burst he showed at LSU, but perhaps it’s because he put on a bit more weight to play in the 3/4. Hopefully he’ll have more opportunities to be used as a 4/3 tackle this year in obvious passing situations.

    I have a suspicion a lot of our players will perform better under this improved coaching staff.

    • KCMikeG

      And with Poe’s development Dorsey and Jackson will benefit. I like Pitoitua Powe and Bailey as our depth.

      • Steve Blank

        agree completely…we have good depth and talent along our d-line, I especially like the play of Pitoitua…a pleasant surprise if you ask me

  • chiefridgy

    Good news!

  • Tyler Alexander

    I’m sorry but I’m not impressed. I was expecting more than fielding the exact same team plus A Smith and Dunta Robinson minus Winston. I know Reid is a better coach but we need some new blood in here that knows how to win. Even the best rookies don’t come in and lead right away. I’ve been wrong before but these guys have gotten us nowhere…

    • sidibeke

      I think it depends on how much we pay him and if we make any other DE additions. We shouldn’t shed players unless we know we can fill their spots, but I get what you’re saying.

      • Tyler Alexander

        Thanks. I don’t intend to be negative but I see guys on this site and others screaming Superbowl when I can’t tell that anythings changed other than coaching.

    • toperspective

      Agree. At this point it’s essentially the same 2-14 roster with an upgrade at QB. Here’s to hoping a new coach & qb is worth an extra 8 wins.

    • Kurt Rauch

      A healthy dose of skepticism is not unwarranted, but technically free agency hasn’t even begun yet. The messages sent from the front office thus far: retaining our quality players and initial attempts to fill gaping holes (qb and cb) are very encouraging to say the least!

      • Tyler Alexander

        If Dorsey and Jackson are quality players then who isn’t on this team? I need an update on our cap #’s.

  • Erik Hild

    I guess it is ok I liked the idea of getting a DE in free agency but if we do sign him we could address ILB or possibly sign another corner in free agency

  • Jason

    I hope they do keep him. We know what we are getting with him, now just imagine him playing with some coaching.

  • Jim Harper

    The think I have always admired Glen Dorsey for the way he goes about his business, never whines or complains and does not take plays off. Always strong against the run.

    • Doug McD

      For some reason I can’t tolerate it when players openly whine. It just gives me a bad vibe. That stuff should be kept within the locker room. Confrontation is good until you alienate a team member or a coach. At that point it turns into a sickness that divides the team. Being honest and learning how to accept criticism is difficult for anyone, especially young rich talented men/boys. I like GDorsey and think the one gap play will fit him, especially as he ages.

  • Outback Chief

    this is good news for the Chiefs as they have quickly shed the reputation as being cheap and Dorsey is a good player. My first thoughts when Chiefs hired Sutton was they were going to play the 4-3 or play a Hybrid so this goes into that sort of thinking. You can’t be a winning team if you can’t hold onto your key players or you will always be rebuilding your core instead of adding pieces to compliment that core to make it better.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Hopefully he don’t ask for much and he should build up to where he can do more next season. I’d like to see more rushes, tackles, and maybe a few sacks.

  • berttheclock

    Should he resign, his contract amount will be interesting. Cullen Jenkins, of whom I thought the new regime might bring in for a chat, has just signed a 3 year $8 M deal with the Giants and Wallace Gilberry has reupped with the Bengals for a 3 year $6.5 M. Gilberry had his best year, last season, being a backup in the 4-3.
    Now, the Chiefs must find a new ILB.

  • berttheclock

    BTW, that photo of Dorsey shown above was from the 2011 season, which shows a healthy Kevin Boss (#87) standing behind him.

  • Bruce Collins

    Glenn Dorsey needs to be in the right position & he would get 7-10 sacks

  • Balasa Elena-Violeta

    If the Chiefs were going to go out and sign or draft someone like Glenn then it pretty much would have been a lateral move like dumping Albert and drafting Joeckel would have been for the OL.

    While I have been hoping for more of an upgrade to the DL than just adding coaching this off season I often thought that the addition of a good QB could have made all the difference in the world last year.

    So… the answer for the DL could be as simple as getting a great ILB for run stuffing help and adding a great CB to give the DL a few more fractions of seconds to get to opposing QBs. The CB could be as accessible as the first pick in the draft but, the great ILB looks like it will be much harder to come by.

    If this means the Chiefs might go to CB milliner at #1 it would leave the OL behind the 8 ball with no pool cue.

    Choices… choices. It will be very interesting to see what, or who, comes next.

  • berttheclock

    It is now 8:28 EDST, so, when, do we ask Missing Persons to find Patrick Allen for a new thread?
    This is the beginning of the two day “Gotta a minute?” events over at One Arrowhead. I trust there were no Blue Laws in effect, yesterday, within that building.

  • Larry Vandesande

    I agree Dorsey is a keeper at the right price. Chiefs overpaid him drastically on his first contract. He should give some of that back now. Let’s not forget teams were offering the Chiefs two No. 1 draft picks for the No. 5 slot Chiefs had where they drafted Dorsey. In no way has he played to this level in the pros. He has been a good run stuffing 3-4 end with no pass rush capability and little of the upfield charge he showed at LSU. Let’s not forget that, the year Chiefs drafted him, they played a 4-3 defense. He did not excel there either. He has shown himself to be a college star whose stardom didn’t translate to the NFL. He is getting better but not so much better he’s worth a big contract. A $3 million a year deal should be the maximum for him to stay in K.C.

    • berttheclock

      The Chiefs did not drastically over pay him on that first contract. That contract was dictated by being a top pick in the first round, However, for that first year, remember, he held out, reported late and was not in the best of shape. There was an article about him spending his summer driving around his local neighborhood with his car radio blaring while he was laughing about the upset Grandmas he was scaring. He has matured and sanity has returned concerning his actual pay level.

  • Steve Blank

    I like the idea of keeping him around. He has made strides in the 3-4, especially against the run. He isnt doing too bad for a guy drafted out of position. Too bad he was taken so high though…if not for this, the heat on his performance would be much less

  • Matt Finucane

    AFC West QBs: You are on notice!