NFL Free Agency 2013: Today Could Be Busy

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While NFL free agency doesn’t start until Monday, we’ve already told you that today is the last day teams will be able to exclusively negotiate with their own free agents.

As such, any last minute business teams want to take care of before other teams can start medaling with their players.

For instance, if the Chiefs want to re-sign DE Glenn Dorsey, they would be wise to do so before midnight tonight. Otherwise, teams looking for a DT or DE could begin calling Dorsey’s agent, thus driving up the price for the Chiefs.

Current free agents, meaning players released during the 2012 league year, like Eric Winston, may want to sign as quickly as possible. The market won’t be flooded with all the 2013 free agents until Monday but right now, Winston has the tackle market pretty much to himself. At midnight tonight, that will change as other tackles and their agents start negotiating with tackle-needy teams.

It will be interesting to what happens to free agent DE Chris Canty. Canty has been on the market for a while and has already visited the Chiefs and Titans. He also reportedly made a last-minute visit to Green Bay.

Canty’s stock may never be higher than it is today. Could he make his decision this afternoon?

We could also see some veterans being cut as we get close to the new league year.

Keep it here all day and we will keep you updated.

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  • GDL40

    I just want to know WHEN will Cassel be released ???….. I sure hope they dont try to keep him, it would be nice to have that $$$ available for FA

    • big chief

      If they could get him to stay cheap he would be an ok backup. i do expect him to go though. They will need somebody though whether through the draft or whatever. If they let quinn and Cassel both go they’ll be in bad shape if anything happens to smith.

      • GDL40

        3rd round maybe …… hope they take care of CB and DE in FA, cause it sure seems like we’re going O-line with #1 overall….. we also have ILB though ….. (scratching head)

        • big chief

          I’m not sure what their plan is. They’ll probably take Te’o and shock us all.

    • micah stephenson

      WTF you mean “RELEASED”????? If Jason Cambell is the best free agent QB, wouldnt you want to trade Cassel for a pick? Surely the Chiefs cant b the ONLY team stupid enough to trade a 2nd rd pick for a A.Smith/M.Cassel type of QB!

      • GDL40

        Reality check !!!!! —– The Chiefs ARE the only team STUPID ENOUGH to give up not only one but TWO 2nd round picks for a Matt Cassel/Alex Smith type of player ….. SAD AS IT IS …. I think that’s what they gave up for Cassel, and COULD be what they give up for alex….. so as much as I wish you were right and get some team to give us even a 4th for him, I dont think that will happen….and I’ll say it again, as a Chiefs fan, I hope A Smith shuts us up and tears Sh*t up ……….. Doubt that too though

        • micah stephenson

          We are also stupid enough NOT to trade Winston instead of cuting him. Us trading for Alex Smith is like a team calling us saying will u take a 3rd rd pick for Cassel? Uh…let me think about it…..we know we cant win with him, he is costing us too much, the fans hate him & we was gone cut him anyway, hell yea! Cough cough i mean i guess we will let you hav him for a 3rd but you owe us! Thanks Suckas cough cough I mean gentlemen! Real pleasure doing bizness with you. Before you go did you want Mike Vrable?

          • GDL40

            FUNNY ! LOL…….. and sad because it’s true : (

          • cyberry

            They tried..

      • cyberry

        Cassel comes with a 7.5 million salary this year and 9 million next year..Nobody gonna touch that..

        • cyberry

          After having 12 inceptions and 7 lost fumbles in 9 games before being benched..Was the leader of the 32nd ranked passing offense..

      • cyberry

        Dorsey tried to trade takers. This was his big money year..4.9 million…It’s easy to forget that when you trade a player the contract comes with him..That contract is usually why players are gettin cut in the first place..


      Cassel and his agent will have to come to realize that the Chiefs are not paying 14 million for two QBs. He will have to re-sign for somewhere in the 2-3 mil area. I would rather he go, but who knows? I don’t see Cassel bringing a draft pick.

    • cyberry

      I’m sure they’re just waiting for the Alex Smith trade to go through..If he would drop his salary to 1m they might keep him for a year..but then at a million he becomes able to trade..

  • Mike Arnold

    can someone please write a post about the current salary cap situationwith our beloved chiefs. so many release, trades, cuts, and signings it is hard to keep track. I would like to play ‘somfa” (sit on my fat ass) general manager ant try to think what the chiefs will do next regardin releases, trades, or signings but too hard when i do not know our cap siuation. Pls use up to date transactions (winston release and D. Bowe contract and Albert tag) along with actions we are almost 100% positive will happen, Alex Smith trade and releasing of Matt Cashole, i meant Cassel. I am going blind so it is hard for me to read a lot, anyone’s help in this matter wil help me pass the time.

    • GDL40

      Wondering about that too ….. I just know Cassel, (I actually like “Casshole” better too ), is worse than Alex (dsnt mean Alex is good) and we would save a good amnt of mpney by releasing him, so hopefully that happens soon so we can use that money on another FA signing, or have te cap or the draft !

  • KCMikeG

    What are we going to do at QB? Most say we won’t draft Geno so that leaves us with Alex Smith, a 3rd or 4th round rookie, Stanzi a 5th rounder & an UDRFA in Tanney. There is NO way we can go into the season like that. The FA market for QB’s offers nothing better than Cassel. I’ll let the rest of you do the math so I don’t get any more death threats.

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