Chiefs Want Branden Albert To Be Their Left Tackle Of The Future

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

According to an report, the Kansas City Chiefs have absolutely no plan to move LT Branden Albert to right tackle.

Or to move him via trade.

From’s Ian Rapoport reported Thursday that the Chiefs are continuing to work out a long-term deal with the franchise-tagged Albert on the assumption he will be their left tackle of the future. The Chiefs are still interested in drafting a tackle to fill the right side of the line.

Andy Reid values right and left tackle similarly, so the line of thinking follows that the Chiefs could draft either Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher — the two highest-rated offensive tackles, according to NFl Network draft expert Mike Mayock — and slide either of them in at right tackle. With the rookie wage scale, the Chiefs could be replacing Winston with a younger, less-expensive player.

Finally, some sanity is introduced to this situation.

While the cutting of Winston was certainly a surprise, the Chiefs placing the franchise tag on Albert should have told us all we needed to know about the team’s plans for Albert’s future.

It just wouldn’t make sense to take a veteran LT like Albert and pay him $9 million dollars to play RT. Or worse, guard.

The Chiefs could certainly still select a tackle at No. 1. As the article points out, they would be replacing Winston with a younger player. A move like that would keep the Chiefs set at the tackle positions for a while.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs be able to reach a long-term deal with Albert?

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  • kirk

    I got excited when we franchised Albert, because that lowered the chances of drafting Joeckel but now we cut Winston so now we more than likely will draft him :( saaaad faaaace lol. I was really hoping to get milliner

    • Richard Comstock

      I feel you on that but look at it this way. If we would have replaced albert that would have been a downgrade. If we do it this way that is an upgrade and it might even be a huge one at that. It will save us nearly 4 million in cap space and we will use that to get us a proven corner in FA. No worries we will get a good CB. Look at our starting line up on Off. Winstion was our weak link. If we get someone who can pass protect on the right side Alex Smith WILL light it up! He is a damn good QB and Reid is putting him in a good position to win. Im with you on Milliner but hopefully we land Sean smith who i feel is a budding star in in this league and then we can forget all about Dee.

      • berttheclock

        Left guard has been and is the biggest weakness on the O-line. When, Lilja was there, he was too small (PM wanted him out of Indy for that reason) and Allen has been very slow to adapt to the NFL to the point he has been recently rated as one of the most lowest rated guards in the NFL. Slow feet, takes bad angles, can be turned and over powered. Winston’s only problem was he was a great run blocker, but, he was weaker against the pass. It is significant that the Texans only cut him to gain money to keep their center. They tried two different RTs and, now, want him back. The biggest problem Sean Smith had in Miami was taking off both plays and games. Now, Al Harris, his former coach is the new Asst secondary coach with the Chiefs and his word to Reid may tell the tale. Which Sean Smith would show up? The one who can really be physical or the one who spaces out?

        • njjohn

          Totally agree. To say Winston was the weak link is silly. Most of Charles 1500 yards went right behind Winston. As you say, it says something that they now want him back.

          • Richard Comstock

            what stats do you have that say MOST of JC 1500 yards came right behind Winston? what you say sounds good but is there any facts to back that statement up?

          • Steve Blank

            that is totally wrong…according to profootball reference…which has all the runs from every game broken down as to where the yards were gained…LE,LT,LG,C,RG,RT,RE…….only 236 yards were gained behind right tackle specifically….there were more yards gained on the right side than the left…slightly…but a big chunk was behind the center…AND his longest runs came on the left side…so lets try to do a little, just a little research, before you go spoutin off a bunch of nonsense…okay? JC had his most success around the left end….almost 1/3 of his yards there in fact…with the second most coming right up the middle…the fact of the matter is that we will get younger at RT—and we will save money…if either of those tackles are as good as predicted we will have a day one starter at RT…and will have used the extra money to get the best CB in FA

          • Richard Comstock

            Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t!

            So not only did Winston surrender more sacks and get more flags in 2012 then Barry Richardson did in 2011…His run blocking numbers didn’t pan out that great either! As the dust settles and everyone starts to see the whole picture I have a hard time even trying to see this as anything remotely close to a bad cut!

            Thanks for saving me the time of compiling the stats… I was going to take a look at Barry Richardson’s run stats from 2011 but I don’t even think that its necessary!

            Is there any logical or statistical arguments against this cut now?

            Even for those who say we could have traded him..We would have still had to pay his roster bonus. By the team placing more value on the cap space then a potential pick it shows me they plan to spend that money on something…only a few more days!!!

            WAR CHIEFS!!!

          • KCMikeG

            PB – 14th, RB – 9th, PEN – 15th

            Stud: By his own admission, Eric Winston (+15.9) and the Chiefs fans didn’t exactly hit it off. While he wasn’t exactly perfect this year, he was the most balanced player they had on their line.

            Dud: The hope is that Jeff Allen (-19.6) improves after a disastrous rookie year. Given that there were signs of improvement in the second half of the 2012, we’d bet on it.

            I totally agree that Winston didn’t perform up to the expectations we had based on his FA ranking/status. He had too many penalties and sacks/hits/hurries/pressures for “one of the best RT’s in the NFL”. I agree that we can do better with a younger, less expensive player. I think the Winston cut was made because Reid is going to emphasize the pass, his weakness which contributed to our being very average at that.

            Jeff Allen was a huge disappointment. He whiffed so many times I thought BRich had snuck back into the line. His performance was no where near Stephenson. I still have hope for him because he was drafted to develop and was forced into duty by injury, he was playing next to another rookie and a undersized vet playing out of position and because the injuries caused us to shift players out of position ruining any hope for continuity which is one of the keys to the development of a good OL.

            I think that with no passing game, defenses stacking the box, all of the injuries, 2 rookies starting, an undersized aging vet playing out of position, a developing RG and a FA RT who hadn’t played with any of them before – for us to be the 9th ranked run blocking line is AMAZING!! And bodes well for the future success of our offense.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            He had pretty good numbers running wide right too though. There’s only about 130 yards that separate wide left and wide right runs. He averaged 6.2 yards on wide left runs. He averaged 5.0 on wide right runs.

            He amassed more yardage on runs right/wide right than on runs left/wide left. Some of that credit has to go to Asamoah though. He’s a good run blocker.

          • Steve Blank

            he had 150 yards going around the right end, and 422 yards going around the left end…according to profootball reference…unless the guard pulls, he has little to do with runs to the outside of the TE.

          • Steve Blank

            i guess the guard could let his man go and look upfield for a block on whatever side the run outside went to…but do you really think that the OG is going to be upfield of where JC is by then? Highly doubtful with JCs burst and open field speed. If the guard beats the RB to the outside that means the run got blown up somehow and the RB stopped or changed direction a couple times.

          • Richard Comstock

            That is another think that helps the argument for stephenson. He was the one doing a lot of the blocking off the left side. He will fit in just fine on the right side IF they were to give him a shot. Yeah our pulling guards where crushing people on wide runs.

            To Steves point he was using stats to prove that not “MOST” of JC’s yards were behind Winstion, more like an average amount of yards.

        • Steve Blank

          way too soon to rate Jeff Allen. It takes awhile to come in and learn proper technique…especially on the O-line.

          • Richard Comstock

            exactly…people want to compare young players to seasoned vets…

            Not talking about only you Berth… Someone else was comparing Winstion to other RT’s the other day and most of them had less then 3 years in the league.

            People have to remember when we picked him up we expected to get the best right tackle in the league..What we actually got was nearly a lateral move from Barry Richardson. Barry couldn’t run block and Winstion couldn’t pass block. With that 3.5 Mill we are saving we can lock up another piece somewhere else! (CB, DE, ILB). While at the same time not losing much if anything at the RT spot. that’s not even thinking about the fact that we may even get an upgrade at RT.

        • Richard Comstock

          No man that’s crazy..I will give you the Lilja comment because that is true. However to say Jeff Allen is a weak link is kinda crazy. We are talking about a rookie vs someone who started 103 games. Not to mention Jeff Allen showed flashes of greatness.(Balt game). I seem to recall Jeff Allen doing most of the over powering he just lacked technique at times..As Steve Blank pointed out…that will only get better. At this stage in his NFL career Winstion is not getting any better. I know people will tend to grasp for straws in the Winston situation but lets just stick to THE FACTS here.. He was cut from Houston, didn’t live up to the exceptions in KC and was then CUT here too.Most of the people who are against the cut were also against the cut of Routt…I wasn’t ..then 31 other teams passed him up on the waiver wire. Its safe to say that our GM knows what he is doing. to say MOST of JC’s carries came behind Winston without any stats backing it up is not a good look. I know off the top of my head that his Two best runs of the season went to the left side and Ill do more research to find out the FACTS. The runs im talking about are the NO run and the cut back TD run vs San Diego were the right side of the line got BLOWN the F up and he cut all the way back to the left side. none of that really matters anyway. Jamal Charles didn’t seem to have to much trouble in the years prior to Winston getting here and he will do just fine without him..the same can be said for Arian Foster.

          EDIT…I just saw it wasn’t you that said most of his yards came behind Winstion.. I addressed it in a different reply sorry!

  • dominicscarlatti

    Great news, especially for Branden Albert. He no longer needs to throw hissy fits at the organization.

    • Patrick Allen

      He has never thrown a hissy fit. He actually hasn’t said a word about the Chiefs. He simply answered questions as to whether or not he wanted to move.

      • dominicscarlatti

        Yup, and with all due respect, it’s in how he answered those questions. You don’t sense a strong annoyance with the uncertainty surrounding his position? I do, and I think some of that is directed as those who posed questions to him via social media and some that is directed at the new regime, just in case they were considering a position change for him.

        • KCMikeG

          Completely justified response with the appropriate amount of emotion in relation to the disrespect being dished out in ignorance of his achievements.

      • Richard Comstock

        Thanks for pointing that out Patrick!!

        Most of the people just read his tweets and don’t realize he was just answering questions. He wasn’t going on a Rant or anything. Not to mention..its stressful seeing a good friend fired and have EVERYONE and there momma suggest your not good enough to play left tackle when the stats clearly show other wise. He was just emotional about it. He has always been a professorial and a hard worker. Just look at how much he has improved. Lots of people had no hope that Bowe would get the long term deal and look at him now. I feel BA will get his deal and continue to be a happy productive chief!

    • Michael Shaw

      Yeah, but his attitude is starting to remind me of Brian Waters. We don’t need the distraction on the line or in the locker room!!!!

      • Steve Blank

        yeah, Im glad he deleted the account…hopefully him or his agent will make a statement in some sort of apologetic or regretful tone…if not, just keeping quiet about it will suffice

    • KCMikeG

      Think about how you would feel. You have been working at your position for years, improving under chaotic circumstances while your industry “experts” and some customers keep saying you should really be working in another capacity where you can make less money. Now today is the day you are going to negotiate a long term salary increase after years of hard work and still you are being told by outside “experts” that you should be demoted and make less money in the prime of your career.
      I for one am just fine with Albert speaking out – finally.

  • berttheclock

    One thing you really must admit, Patrick, with all of the swirling news out of One Arrowhead recently, your job is very far from boring.

  • GDL40

    I’m just starting to worry about Albert even WANTING to be a Chief long term …… I get the feeling he’s not very into it anymore, even though I know he said he does…..

    • njjohn

      Sign him long term to about 9 mil a year and he’ll be VERY into being a Chief.

      • Michael Shaw

        Yup. Money talks and Bullshit walks!!!! Ask Brandon Carr!!

    • cyberry

      Every starter (I’m sure we are the only team that can say this..Alex Smith isn’t legal yet) was drafted by the Chiefs..these guys are closer than you think..The coaches never asked or told Albert to move positions. It’s was fans on forums, TV analysis,media..all the people who really are clueless to what is going on..But think they can run it That’s who i think he was pissed off at..

      • KCMikeG

        I understand how he feels. He has gotten better each year. Charles has been one of the top RB’s. We have had NO passing game so defenses have loaded the box on us. Yet EVERY single year at draft/camp, even midseason, there is some “expert” or blogger suggesting that he should be moved even pronouncing it is going to happen. I would be sick of it by now too. Brandon Albert is our LT. Albert will get his long term contract and will be our LT for years to come. Why don’t we put a fork in this topic and show him the respect he has earned and deserves.

  • njjohn

    Feed the big man, make him happy then draft another big man and slide him to RT. Rookies don’t get to say where they play, veterans can cause a problem. Then, go sign the gaurd that’s a FA out of Buffalo and with the second year talent that o-line is solid in talent and depth.

    • Steve Blank

      yep…exactly…I dont think there was ever any intention of moving Albert to the other side…either one of the top three OTs in this draft can start at RT

      • Stacy D. Smith

        The question though is, why would you pay left tackle money for right tackle responsibility?

        • Steve Blank

          why do you think this…the new CBA has a cap for rookie money, and the signing bonus wont count against us till next year

    • Michael Shaw

      sounds like a great idea, but I am worried they won’t be as big in FA as we the fans want them to. It happens that way almost EVERY year.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    At this point it seems likely Joeckel is our pick but I still hope we trade down, to maybe Buffalo or the Cards spot and then take Milliner.

    • Michael Shaw

      Sorry Mr. Grier, I think we are taking the best tackle in the draft at #1. The possibility of trading down went away as soon as they released Winston in my opinion.

      • Richard Comstock

        WE could trade back into the top ten somewhere and still land an elite tackle while gaining some more picks in the process. Jockel, Fisher, and Johnson are all going to be solid in the NFL. That’s what Im hoping for anyways..there was rumbles yesterday on the local air waives that there are some offers on the table for the top spot! We all know that could just be a smoke screen though.

      • KCMikeG

        The release of Winston actually enhances our possibility and the value of someone trading up to get Joeckel or Fisher as the teams that would want him now have to consider that we could take him which the tagging of Albert had initially eliminated. There are still 3-4 teams that may make a trade to get Geno before the faiders too. I believe that Dorsey is masterfully manipulating the draft board and will get the trade down partner we need to replace the #2 we used for AS.

    • Steve Blank

      I agree…I hope that happens too

  • scastagnoli

    Brandon is a fine football player, and hopefully he is healthy and fills the LT role for a number of years. I’d rather see us sign a veteran as either starter at RT or a backup to DS and then draft a defensive stud at number 1.

  • Kyle Hershberger

    It makes since now after I read that report, winston didn’t play as good as expected, we could have the best line in the league

    • berttheclock

      So, you really follow the Forty Niners O-line, eh?

      • Richard Comstock

        “So, you really follow the Forty Niners O-line, eh?”

        what does that even mean man?

        He was talking about what we COULD have if we draft or sign another great Tackle in the league. Our line can and will be better then the Niners line. Our line has had the privilege of protecting the worst QB group in the NFL(by far). When we replace Winston even if its with Stephenson and Casshole you will see what our line can do. Casshole doesn’t know how to do anything pre-snap besides yell “Omaha Omaha” which everyone in the world knows is JC up the middle. Smith will pick up the blitzes with pre-snap reads and make the proper adjustments, and wont get flustered under pressure.He wont hold the ball while staring down one guy, only to leave his guys to get crushed or just throw it right to the defender.

        since you want to nit pick everyone’s posts how about you go back and address the points that Steve blank and I have presented?

    • Richard Comstock

      YES! I’m glad our real fans are starting to see the light!… he was not playing well and had a big mouth..I didn’t like how he acted like he was loved in KC..Dude…you were never a huge part of this team. You were a FA signing by a horrible GM who under preformed, was over paid and is now Cut..Someone else will sign and cut him again this year..Book it!

      • Joe Myers

        So chiefs fans and the franchise didn’t roll out the red carpet as they say?

        • Richard Comstock

          I never said that.. Hell yeah they did, because they thought they were getting the best RT in the NFL. I was on the bandwagon too!

          However after watching what he actually brought to the table a lot of us where underwhelmed.It looks like Dorsey and Reid where too! I was talking about how he treated the fans. Like he had been here forever and we should all just love him. He was part of the WORST chiefs team I have even been a live to watch. That is clearly not all his fault I know, I’m just saying. He had an attitude which i couldn’t stand. Couple that with his sub par performance this season and there you have it. Gonzo!

          It wasn’t just him, Pioli just missed big last year and yes a lot of us thought he actually hit big.

          Routt-Cut very quicky
          Hillis-soon to be gone
          breston(2 years ago)-Cut

          Im sure i am missing some people on this list too but that’s a totally different argument.

          but just because people roll out the red carpet for you doesn’t mean you can be a douche to the fans under ANY circumstances. He gets paid to play not criticize the best fan base in the NFL!

    • chiefridgy

      So you really follow golf,eh?

  • freshmeat62

    It seems every day the Chiefs make a move that was unexpected, and then after every move we all (me too) get on these boards, and comment like “Well that’s it the Chiefs have made their moves and won’t be doing anything else.” making our assumptions of how we think things are, but then almost every day the Chiefs do something else unexpected, then once again we all get on these boards, and comment like “Well that’s it the Chiefs
    have made their moves and won’t be doing anything else.” making our
    assumptions of how we think things are. It is entertaining.

    • Michael Shaw

      I won’t think they are done doing anything until the draft is completely over. Then I think they are done. Not as much cap space as last year.

      • Steve Blank

        with that being said, has anyone heard any more on the league bumping up the cap this year? I heard or read somewhere that they were going to add like 3 mill

    • dominicscarlatti

      Thank you for taking a step back and catching a glimpse of the bigger picture. Dorsey indicated that they are following a plan, which clearly has many moving parts.

      • Steve Blank

        yep…I cant wait to see what happens next week….we might be blown away…at least we can almost be guaranteed that it wont be like last year where we, the fans, sat around waiting while most of the good FA’s got taken

      • KCMikeG

        Critical that we don’t over analyze a single move without seeing the entire plan.

  • Michael Shaw

    So then this makes my next question an obvious one……………..What the hell are they going to do to replace retired LG and part time Center, Ryan Lilja?????

    • Richard Comstock

      Jeff Allen man!! he showed signs last year that he is going to be a beast. He just needed to grow technically a little bit. Go watch the Baltimore game again if you want to see what he can do when he is on. Our running game didn’t really take off until he hit the starting line up. That is a fact not an opinion. If I’m not mistaken Hudson went down in the first half of the saints game and that is when Allen came in. We know what JC did in the second half of that game and from then on. We have all the pieces we need as far as starters go on the line. We could use some depth again..I think that they will get an upgrade at RT over Stephenson and that will also give us the depth we need and tackle. We just need to sign or draft an inside guy for depth.

      • KCMikeG

        Boy you sure have a lot of confidence in Allen after one good game? I would take DS at RT and draft Warmack every day all day over Allen starting at LG, DS a backup and a rookie at RT. I hope they fill the RT in FA with Andre Smith or Phil Loadholt.

        • Richard Comstock

          Wow bro. Two very well thought out, easy to read, logical and statistical replys!!! What a breath of freah air. I couldnt agree more with everything you said! I may have a little more faith in allen(blindly maybe) then you do. That may be because im to heistant to honestly make the smart pick! I would prefer to trade back(as im sure you would too) if we had to get warmack, to gain a few picks maybe. All of the options you mention give me much hope for 2013! War kc!!

          • KCMikeG

            Thanks! I am very fact based for being a total Chiefs Homer! GO CHIEFS!

    • Steve Blank

      jeff allen is the man for that spot…and with the depth at OL in this years draft I think we should go for more than just the one tackle everyone is talking about…how many picks do we have left? 10? I hope we get more than onel lineman (OL) and at least one QB. What is the name of that QB from Miami of Ohio? It slips my mind, but he looked really good in the two games I watched.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    The Chiefs want a right tackle? Okay, fine. Why do we need to take one with the #1 overall pick and pay that player like a left tackle? That’s dumb. Find one in free agency or pick a middle round guy. A player taken #1 at the tackle position won’t come cheaper than Winston’s 2013 contract number. That doesn’t make sense either.

    I really thought there was fire to this injury smoke. If there isn’t, I REALLY don’t like the decision to let Winston go. He won’t be 30 until well into the season, he’s one of the best at his position in the league, and he was signed to a very cap-friendly deal. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Richard Comstock

      he wasn’t playing good..look at the facts that Steve blank and myself have pointed out in the comments!

      Young or old the dude wasn’t performing up to his expectations.

      We also have NO clue what will happen. You may be very correct that we get one in FA or maybe we just start Stephenson. We could also very well trade the top pick move into the top 15 somewhere and still get a great RT. Then we can get some extra picks to fill the holes. He was cut with a cap friendly deal tells you everything you need to know right there. It was a performance issue.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Just the other day you were trying to make the case that he was horrible in pass protection. You’ve been wrong about this before. Let’s just agree to disagree because the numbers don’t bear you out.

        I never pretended to know how this will all play out. I’m merely addressing the philosophy behind what’s been reported. If I can’t know the plan, neither can you. You have nothing to substantiate the claim that Stephenson’s being considered for the right tackle position. Neither can you make an argument that this was a performance-based cut.

        • Richard Comstock

          Dude every time you post you make your self look like you don’t even pay attention to the facts man.

          Firs of all when did I EVER back off from the fact that he cant pass block. I still stand behind that to this day. His numbers ARE WORST THEN BARRY RICHARDSON’S NUMBERS. WTF more evidence do you need then that?

          DO you realize that HE (STEPHENSON) STARTED AT RIGHT TACKLE in a game last year? Probably not because you post before you do your home work. So your telling me that someone who started at right tackle last year and had some success at left tackle and was A high pick wouldn’t even be considered to play right tackle this year? Are you that narrow minded to think he wouldn’t even be given a look? Really Come on bro!

          “We also have NO clue what will happen.” that is a direct quote from my other post. So WTF are you talking about?

          I never claimed to know any plan. I just know Winstion was an over rated under preforming loud mouth who is now out of a job. He was cut for a reason.TWICE! now make excuses for each of his cuts or why he gave up more sacks then Barry Richardson did. OR..say he was a good run blocker then go find out that less then 300 yards was behind the RT(according to PFF).

          What numbers don’t bare me out? Is that because you say they don’t? lets see some numbers that prove other wise. Agree to disagree? How about we agree that you are wrong.

          Everything you post is based on opinions. How about you bring some FACTS to the table.

          Go ahead and post the numbers of players who are much younger and gave up LESS sacks them him. Dorsey canned his ass because he was a liability and he wasn’t willing to put his reputation on the line for him. Winston said he was perfectly healthy and he had a cap friendly deal..what do you think he got cut for?

          • Stacy D. Smith

            He surrendered 1 more sack than Richardson did in 2011. How does that substantiate your claim that he’s a sieve in pass pro? A. It doesn’t. If anything, that only proves that Richardson wasn’t either.

            Duane Brown surrendered six sacks from the left tackle spot last year. Was he a turnstile at a position where pass protection is MORE scrutinized?

            Stephenson started a game at right tackle in-season because he had to. Why does that suggest that he’s being considered as the long-term option at right tackle in the offseason? A. It doesn’t.

            I’ve already given you the numbers. 6 sacks in 2016. That’s one sack surrendered every 2.5 games. I’ll wait for you to explain what the standard ought to be though.

            It’s a classic fallacy to think that NFL cuts are always performance based. Hell, who knows why he was cut? May have been because they simply didn’t like the guy. Could’ve been a philosophical thing. I don’t know. The idea that he just stinks as a right tackle is baseless though. He’ll quickly find another job and that won’t be because he teams around the NFL think he’s a bum.

          • Richard Comstock

            my point had really not much to do with barry richardson. The reason i bring him up is because everyone wanted him gone. Then they wanted to raise hell about winston getting cut. I was simply pointing out that he wasn’t much better then Richardson. It was to provide some perspective on the cut.

            Cuts are not always performance based i understand that. I look at the situation as a whole. He got cut last year, had a bad year by the the standards that a top RT is held to. Then got cut again, thoes three things point to a problem with the player. Sacks are only part of the picture my friend. He was flagged often and gave up a lot of pressures and hurries and QB hits too.

            Why would we think that they wouldn’t at least consider Stephenson? He was a mauler last year in the run game, nearly all of JC’s long runs went right by him. It would be crazy for us to think he wouldn’t even be considered for the job.

            I agree that we don’t have any clue what is next. I just don’t think this was a bad cut AT ALL!

          • Steve Blank

            he didnt stink..he just didnt live up to expectations. he was an average or just better than average RT and we expected much more. We can do better for less money, and have a younger, faster, RT….part of the cut was that he was slow and Reid likes to run screens and swing passes where the lineman pull and lead the way on the outside…we need more speed for that type of stuff…

    • Steve Blank

      the number one overall pick will be very inexpensive compared to the past…check this out
      “Slough noted that rookies receive “minimum salaries under the CBA.” This season, the minimum salary is $390,000.00. In 2013, this year’s rookies can expect to earn $480,000.00 in salary. In 2014, they’ll earn $570,000.00 in salary.”
      this is from an article about the new CBA…of course, there are signing bonuses to be considered, which can vary…but I guarantee that the bonus for the first overall pick…if he is a tackle…will not be even remotely close to equaling the money given to Albert
      further…I believe that the player, a tackle, WILL be cheaper than Winston was going to be AND better..why? because signing bonuses dont go against the cap until the next year and his base salary will be limited by the CBA…are there any more statements you want to make WITHOUT doing some research first?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Cheaper how? Cap wise or are we talking salary?
        Matt Kalil was taken 4th overall and while you’re right about the salary, he was a $3.5m cap hit for the Vikes in 2012. I can’t recall what Winston’s number was for 2013, but I think it was fairly close.

  • Joe Myers

    the only move I dont like is giving up two possible first founders for Alex smith why ? . because Alex smith could vary well be the weak link on this team . I dont think he will but he could be . I call smoke screen hear m some one ask me why ? .

    • KCMikeG

      We didn’t give up any first rounders. We gave a 2nd round pick this year and a conditional 3rd next year. Our weak link has been QB and AS makes us better.

  • Calchiefsfan

    I hope that this finally puts to rest the crazy notion that Albert should play anywhere other than left tackle. It has to be incredibly annoying to him to hear all the talk from the fans and media regarding this,especially in light of the fact that no one in the organization ever said or implied that he would play any other position. He is playing exactly where he belongs and where the Chiefs get the best value for him.

    Anyone starting to get curious about the rumors of Oakland and Geno Smith? if they’re true then Arizona might want to trade up to jump Oakland for Geno. Just a thought.

    I would be surprised to see the Chiefs choose a tackle with the first pick to play RT. I guess we’ll get to see the bpa strategy for real. It will be interesting to see how the mock drafts play out over the next 6 weeks. i would think Milliner and Floyd would be in play for the Chiefs.

  • Ryan Langsford

    Bang up job in the image above BA! lol

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