Jan 4, 2013; Fort Lauderdale FL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Dee Milliner (28) during a press conference for the 2013 BCS National Championship game at Harbor Beach Marriott Resort

The Chiefs’ First Round Pick is…

What a week at Arrowhead Lane!

Addicts wanted change, and the Chiefs provided just that. Andy Reid. John Dorsey. Alex Smith. Locking up Dwayne Bowe, Branden Albert and Dustin Colquitt and restructuring Tyson Jackson’s contract. And yesterday’s shocking release of Eric Winston. Not a bad offseason, and we’re not even at free agency and the draft yet.

Reid and Dorsey are sending signals that there’s a new sheriff in town. These sheriffs know their football and want to win now. We can disagree on some of the components of their plan, but you gotta love their plan! For starters, they have a plan. And I’m pretty excited about it.

With the signing of Alex Smith, Bowe, Albert and Colquitt, I think most everyone thought our number one pick would be someone other than Luke Joeckel, even though with Joeckel, we’d be getting the best player in this draft and a dominant force for the next decade, perhaps even on the level of Anthony Muñoz, Willie Roaf and Jonathan Ogden. With yesterday’s release of Winston, Joeckel (or Eric Fisher) is very much back in play.

To add more intrigue to the mix, as many have noted recently, our best bet may be to trade down and pick up additional draft choices. Reid and Dorsey want to win now. We already have superstars Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston, Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Bowe, Albert and Colquitt. We have a few players who may be great – Jon Asamoah, Rodney Hudson and Tony Moeaki.  Alex Smith provides us a top ten quarterback. A few extra picks this year and one or two free agency pickups could just about complete this team. We could also pick up the second rounder we gave up in the Smith deal.

A trade for the first pick has happened several times, with the AFC West featured often. In 2001, the Chargers had the first pick in the draft. The Falcons traded their fifth overall pick to San Diego along with a third-round pick that same year, a second rounder in 2002 and kick returner Tim Dwight. In 2005, the Chargers once again had the first overall pick. This time, the New York Giants went for the trade in order to land Eli Manning, and giving San Diego their fourth overall pick (Phillip Rivers), their third-round pick and their first- and fifth-round picks in in 2005.

Let’s assume that Reid and Dorsey already have a plan in place to fill Winston’s slot, either with Donald Stephenson or a free agent. They could be making the calculation that Joeckel will be so wanted that some team will step up to trade with us. A few weeks ago, I offered Chicago or Green Bay as potential trade partners for Joeckel. But there may be another trade-down scenario, because something interesting is happening at the top of the draft board. Jacksonville, picking after the Chiefs, needs a quarterback, defensive end and cornerback. The Raiders, who pick third, need a defensive end and cornerback.  And the Eagles, with the fourth pick, need a cornerback.

Unbelievably, Joeckel may not be a priority for the first four teams in the draft. If Chicago, Green Bay or any other team really wants him, they could get him for cheaper by trading with several teams picking after the Chiefs.

But what about a deal for cornerback Dee Milliner? Already, people are talking about Milliner as a potential pick for the Chiefs. But he’s also a great pick up for Jacksonville, Oakland and the Eagles. Could the Chiefs engineer a trade with one of these teams and drop out of the top pick?

If we drop down one, two or three spots, we can still get one of the many superb defensive ends in the draft, like Ezekiel Ansah from BYU, Bjoern Werner from Florida State, Damontre Moore from Texas A&M, Barkevious Mingo from LSU or Dion Jordan from Oregon. Or we could land Joeckel or Fisher and pick up another draft choice to boot.

To fill our cornerback spot, we probably no longer have the cap space or draft choices to pursue Darrelle Revis, but we can then use the pick we gain in a trade to land someone like Zavier Rhodes from Florida State, Desmond Trufant from Washington or Johnthan Banks from Mississippi State. On the free agent side, there’s also still Sean Smith from the Dolphins, now that it looks like Brent Grimes with the Falcons is no longer available after Atlanta released Dunta Robinson.

Finally, we need one more wide receiver. I wonder if Justin Hunter from Tennessee might still be available at the top of the third round? I also watched a few Texas A&M games last year, and really liked Ryan Swope, who was Johnny Manziel’s favorite target last year. He’d almost certainly be available. Swope ran a 4.34 forty, by the way.

We’ll have many more conversations about whom the Chiefs should pick first if they aren’t able to create a trade. But if we do land a trade and give up the rights to Milliner, I think we go:

1. Defensive end

2. Cornerback

3. Wide receiver

What do you think, Addicts?!

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  • Ethan Weeks

    Alex Smith “Provides us a Top Ten Quarterback”?

    • Jarad

      Yea, that was a wicked curveball. Theres being realistic, being optimistic, and ………. well, THAT statement. Crazy off-season already.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      I knew you guys were going to tear him apart for that. lol.

      I don’t know if he is a top ten QB but Smith did help get his team to the NFC Championship game. That is nothing to sneeze at.

      • Michael Shaw

        I just hope the guys busting on Alex are man/woman enough to come out and apologize to us AND Alex when/if he does a good job this year.

        • TAZMOSIS

          Not much chance that will happen. But, they will know they were wrong. Considering what QBs are available in the draft, Smith was a great move by the Chiefs.

        • micah stephenson

          I just hope the guys busting on Geno are man/woman enough to come out and apologize to us if Geno ends up lookin like in the long run we shuda drafted him.

      • Killerdoctor27

        Yeah well Mark Sanchez led his team to 2 AFC championship games…. A subpar QB can be very successful with a great defense(aka Trent Dilfer). When Alex Smith HAS been successful he had an amazing D to lean on. Alex Smith has NEVER thrown for more than 18 Tds in a season!!! This has game manger written all over it…. Plus now he does not have Vernon Davis one of the NFL’s best Tight Ends to help him out over the middle. We all know a great TE can be a Quarterbacks best friend. Alex Smith is an average at best QB and can never be the type of QB that puts his team on his back to lead them to a Super Bowl.

    • Miles Yi

      I hear what you’re saying but hey, the numbers don’t lie. ESPN ranked Smith 7th and CBS Sports ranked him 9th among all QB’s. And Pro Football Focus tweeted about an hour ago: Chiefs fans: Alex Smith led NFL in accuracy % last season accounting for drops looking only at aimed passes. 81.3%

      • micah stephenson

        And Matt Cassel had good stats in 2008 & 2010, that dont mean he is any good.

      • micah stephenson

        YOU BETTER BE ACURATE WEN YOU HAVE A 8 YRD PER PASS ATTEMPT AVG FOR YO 8 YR CAREER!!!! 81.3% is low considering he only throws 5-10 yard passes all game like Cassel did.

    • Joe Myers

      Alex smith provides us with a dame headache just watch Cassel from the sb winning ne and smith from the sb appearing 49rs . This is a joke and hear comes the punch line “game manager”

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m okay with a trade back and a DE as our R1 pick. All depends on where we land though.

    • micah stephenson

      Wat do you think about Geno Smith as the #1 pick?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I won’t complain if they take him, but I just don’t see that happening.

      • Michael Shaw

        I know you might not like the Alex Smith trade or what we gave up for him (I personally think our 2nd rounder was too high, but whatever!), but since it is more or less a done deal, do you REALLY see the team basically using our first TWO picks in this draft on 2 QB’s???? Doesn’t make since to me, no matter how I feel about the trade.

        • micah stephenson

          Using the 1st 2 picks on a QB and having a future franchise QB is a better option than wasting a 2nd and still only having a Matt Cassel like QB in Alex and Stanzi as yo QBs. The redskins gave up a bunch of 1st for RG3 wen every was saying RG3 wasnt all that.

  • Chris Tarrants

    My honest take is that I still want Geno and will be riding that wagon to the bitter end, but has anyone actually looked at Joeckel/ Fisher? Joeckel looks like a timid schoolboy and Fisher looks like a real man! If we play a lineman card I would prefer a man to play for us, give us a lineman with facial hair for gods sake

    • Michael Shaw

      HA! He played the man card angle!!!

  • micah stephenson

    Its Draft Geno Smith or BUST!


      Micah, If Geno is such a hot commodity as a starting QB in the NFL, why isn’t there more talk about teams trying to trade up to get him? I have not seen one article calling for any team to make that move. NOT ONE! There are at least half of the teams that could use an upgrade at the position. Yet, no one is talking about moving up for him. When they do, then you are certainly welcome to your opinion as to Geno’s viability as the first pick for the Chiefs.

      • micah stephenson

        Thats becuase they want Geno. Why would teams start saying. “Yea he is really really good” so they have to trade a bunch of picks to move up to get him when it looks like the chiefs are actually stupid enough to pass him up? Like last yr wen we needed RG3, the Chiefs aint gona start saying we wud give up anything to move up to get him. No team is going to drive up the price by saying “O yea he is really good and we gon draft him” cus then another team trades in front of them and steals him.

      • micah stephenson

        If Geno isnt drafted in the 1st rd and after a few yrs he is a bust. I will admit i was wrong. I was wrong about Cassel, I cud b wrong about Geno. But if Geno is drafted 10-15 he is good enough to go #1 overall.

  • dominicscarlatti

    Are there any DE’s other than Star who actually fit our base scheme???

    • Ron White

      Shariff Floyd is the Top DL in Walter Football’s big board

  • Troy Utt

    What about the hole on the o-line? We are going to have to fill it somewhere… The way we stand now it would appear that Albert is taking a hardline approach, and DS is not starter material! Back-up or spot play…but not ready for prime time! So assuming there is a plan as we are surely running low on cap options after making our FA signings, and what we must have for the rookie pool!

    • Michael Shaw

      Why do I keep hearing people say that Stephenson is so bad?? I must have watched different games than everyone else out there, because I thought the guy did a GREAT job in Branden’s absence and would be a great starting RT if we needed him to be! Can someone provide me a clear idea of why across Chiefs nation there is such a bad taste in most peoples mouths about DS??

      • Troy Utt

        I watched the games as well… being a former lineman, & coach myself I pay attention to the play on the line! As I said IMO, he could back-up or spot play as it is obvious he lacks upper body strength! He would start out strong, but quickly slide into letting the defenders into his body, which then leads to them controlling his direction and force! You don’t have to search hard to find articles supporting my statement! ( such rankings on B/R ) Not saying he can’t play…eventually or at RT with some work / instruction!

  • Joe Myers

    this offseason is stupid and sucks for me . This entire “new sheriff in town” notion (if where true) would be the wrong approach . This is going to blow up in all our faces . F FA F the draft F the chiefs (for now) because I dont think they give a shit about us they just want to fill the stadium is the vibe im getting .

    • micah stephenson

      Dog. Its been like that for yrs. They gon do just enough to make you think just mayby they hav a chance to win so they can keep stealing yo money. But they aint gone do enuff to win the suprebowl. Signing A.Smith is a trick you out yo money move. Drafting Geno is we trying to win the superbowl type move.

      • Jim Harper

        Come on Micah! That is total bull shit even for you!

        • micah stephenson

          Its a tuff pill for me to swallow too! Every yr they gon sign jus enough players to make you think mayby they have a chance so they can sell tickets. They gon do just enough to say if just wait till next yr we are gona b good. Every yr its rebuilding or reloading or wat eva it takes to give a lil hope so they can get yo money. Lets keep it real! They never go after the big time free agents. They never draft the A.Lucks or RG3s. They go for medoracracy all the time. They get nobody that is really bad but nobody really good ether.

  • Tyler Alexander

    I was laying in bed last night trying to make sense of this and started to think of possibilities and came up with one that seems plausable… our #1 and BA for the Jets #1 and #2 plus Revis. It would seem to match normal compensation for them to move up, and the money saved on cutting Winston plus the money we save by drafting a rookie left tackle instead of paying Albert the franchise tag would go along way towards extending Revis. I think Stephenson and Allen could then compete for the rat spot and get a guard in fa if we need to. Thoughts?

    • Michael Shaw

      I don’t think we are in the market for Revis. I might be wrong, but I think we go after Nhamdi if he is released or Sean Smith, maybe??

    • Johnny Ubben

      Rumor has it the Jets are interested in Brady Quinn. Maybe we could trade Quinn and a pick for Revis?

  • Ryan Enderle

    Really curious to see what the rational was for cutting Winston. Makes me think Dorsey and Reid have some move planned that will require as much cap space as possible, since his burden on the cap wasn’t that large. Thinking we pick up Joeckel or Eric Fisher in the 1st and pick up some higher-profile player in free agency

    • micah stephenson

      Cuting winston only cleared up 700,000 in cap space this yr.

      • Michael Shaw

        No sir Mr. Stephenson, it cleared 3.5 million of cap space.

      • Michael Shaw

        At least that is the last report I read earlier today on NFL.com.

  • Jason

    A lot of different websites say trading out of the first pick will prove to be impossible this year. Honestly though I don’t see us not trading out of it. I just hope we are handsomely rewarded, would a 2nd 3rd and of course swapping 1sts be to much? Or too little?

    • Don417

      way too little. Better include a first in 2014 as well.

    • Michael Shaw

      Point wise, swapping first’s, getting a 2nd and 3rd rounder only works if the other teams 1st rounder is pretty low. The higher the other teams 1st rounder is, the less likely we get a 2nd and a 3rd. We would likely only get their 2nd or two 3rds or a 3rd and 4th. It is all based on a point system that still confuses the hell out of me personally speaking!!

  • Thomas-John Hartney

    I am a Geno Smith fan and kind wish we could still draft him but I kind of laugh at some of you and preconceived notions that Geno Smith is some QB god who is just going to walk in and just be a great and take us straight to the Super Bowl.Nobody here has a clue and really for some of you you are never going to be happy with and move they make.I can’t wait to see what we end up doing and hope we never have the first pick ever again

  • Don417

    The Genobust fanboy obsession is creepy.

  • calciomoti

    So wait…we restructured Tjax and are in negotiations with Dorsey…and we still are going DE in the 1st round?

    Based on the previous weeks information from KC Big Dogs…I gotta say that we have no F’n clue what they plan on doing! I would like to trade down a few, and get our 2nd back, but who would be willing to do that? Dorsey would have to sell the shit outta some prospect (Atlanta?/Julio Jones). I don’t know if anyone would bite that hard.

    But DE? wtf would we do that for? I’m sure FA would provide more answers…or maybe more questions for the Chiefs, and hopefully, when this roller coaster offseason ends, after alls it’s twists and loops, we end up with a winning season! I care about nothing else for the Chiefs!

  • http://twitter.com/ChiefWildcatFan Eric Hammes

    I think MLB is greater need than wr. LBs are awesome, especially the extra value on special teams!

  • Outback Chief

    The Chiefs 1st rd pick will one of 7 in highest probability first order
    Luke Joekel
    Shariff Floyd
    Eric Fisher
    Ezekiel Ansah
    Geno Smith
    Chance Warmack
    Dee Milliner

  • Quinn McCollom

    Draft Matt Scott out of Arizona he is Russel Wilson 2.0 look at the stats and he won his team 7 straight got benched because of nick foles and they lost the last 5 games thats not a coincidence. He wins games like Tim Tebow no one knows how he does it he just wins games! thats all that matters and you have amazing coach’s and a fantastic mentor in alex smith plus he wont go until 4th round or latter which would be a steal and in order of draft value if we do make a trade i think if we got a trade from St. Louis for their first round picks
    1. Offensive Line (Chance Warmack or DJ Fluker) they are Maulers
    2. Middle Linebacker (Aurthur Brown) Hes exactly like DJ
    3. Defensive Back (Desmond Trufant or Matt Elam) Ball Hawks