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Eric Winston: I Put My Resume Out On The Field Every Sunday

Now former Kansas City Chiefs RT Eric Winston joined the Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports Radio today to talk about his recent release from the team.

Winston’s release came as a bit of a surprise and caused quite a stir on Twitter last night. The news prompted some fans to tweet at Chiefs’ LT Branden Albert, who was recently the recipient of the franchise tag, if he would move to RT to take Winston’s place. Albert, as he has done before, explained that he was not interested in playing any position other than LT and then promptly deleted his Twitter account.

While Albert doesn’t appear to be taking Winston’s departure to well, Winston himself was professional and courteous when talking about the situation with Parkins.

“I think they looked at all their options and decided this was the best one,” said Winston, after pointing out that the Chiefs have a lot of options available because they have the No. 1 draft pick.

I’ve got no beef with them,” Winston continued. “Look, they called me up the right way. I had a good talk with John Dorsey here recently and that’s that.”

Winston also reported that he was healthy, despite a recent report from Jason la Canfora of CBS Sports that there were “serious injury concerns.”

“I got a minor scope of my elbow out, after the season and that was it. I’ve already been cleared for that. I’ve been lifting and running now for a month.”

“I’ve started 103 consecutive games in my career. I haven’t missed a start, I haven’t missed a play in I can’t remember. I feel like anybody playing football has some serious injury concerns but other than that, I don’t have anything that’s holding me back.”

Winston was then asked about being cut twice in two years. The hosts asked how much Winston though he had left.

“You know, I’m going to let my play speak for that,” Winston said. “I’ll let other teams speak for that. I feel like, in a way, if the old regime was still here I’m probably still here. I think it’s more of a philosophical thing coming in and probably a little bit, some bad luck. In Houston, I had a long talk with Kubiak and was assured it didn’t have anything to do with my play there. They had some cap situation and they felt like this was a position that they could cut and still get by and they were right. They won 13 games this year and they put in a young RT that did a good job for them and that’s that. I think it’s just, I think sometimes you have some bad luck in a way. I’m going to land on my feet. I’m not going to sit here and explain to everybody why I’m good. I put my resume out on the field every Sunday. That’s the way I look at it. If you like what you see, great. If you don’t then you don’t.”

Winston was professional throughout the interview. He said there was no ill will between himself in the new regime. He was also very complimentary of the current players in the locker room, in particular he named Jon Asamoah, Branden Albert, Justin Houston and Ryan Lilja as players he grew close to.

Now that you’ve had some time to think on it, how do you Addicts feel about Winston being released?

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  • Richard Comstock

    Barry Richardson put his Resume out there every sunday also..

    Yes this is the second article that got this comment from me..however I feel like this is the place for it.

    …BARRY RICHARDSON GAVE UP 5 sacks in 2011 and was only flagged 8 times!!!

    in 2012 Winston gave up 6 sacks and was flagged 10 times(only 7 were accepted)

    we can dig even deeper…

    over the last 2 seasons Barry Richardson gave up 13 sacks and had 13 flags

    Winston had 13.5 sacks and was flagged 14 times!

    2010 Winston gave up 9.5 sacks to Richardsons 5!!!

    how would you spin that?

    Barry Richardson was the worst RT ever but Winston was a stud who should have never been cut. What Gives?

    Good riddance mister Winston..

    Good article as always though.

    • Spencer

      difference, Winston could run block, Richardson cold not, Winston ranked top 10 ypc to his side over the last 3 years, Richardson was ranked around 25th in ypc to his side….just saying, Richardson was WORSE….RTs arn’t known for pass blocking, they are known to be usually decent at it and good run blockers, Richardson was a decent pass blocker and CRAP as a run blocker….that is why Richardson (justifly) is considered a crap RT, Winston is at least a decent RT…

      i’m scratching my head because you don’t give up decent starting players who have basically no cap hit (700k this year) although his pay was large, friendly contract for a decent starting rt…

      not saying this is a bad deal/cut…but i don’t like it when people seem to love Richardson when he is and was FAR worse…u completely forgot to add in run blocking….probably because it goes against your argument…

      • Richard Comstock

        No No my friend..
        I HATE HATE HATE Barry Richardson..I hate him more then any KC player ever,espically after wanting to cut block some of our guys after he left the team. I do think Winston was much better than him. I was super excited about picking him up last year. I dont in any way shape or form think Richardson is good AT ALL!
        My point was…they are both pretty bad. When you got JC and Foster running the ball you are probbly going to have good YPC to your side thats to be expected. I left running out becuase it has a lot more to do with scheme, TE’s and FBS too. There is a lot that goes into the running game. Pass blocking is scheme too but more of an indivdual job.
        Lets also not forget that JC’s YPC fell off this year compared to years prior. Yes yes i understand the ACL and Injured players and all that had a lot to do with it. Thats another reason why I left running out..thres a lot more variables. MOST of JCS long runs where to the left side though if i recall corectly.
        Andy Reid likes to pass…the fact that Winston is a bad pass blocker made him a bad fit and he had to go..
        Did I mention that I hate Richardson and only used his numbers to show that Winston is over rated. Didnt we have the number 1 rushing game in the NFL with Richardson on the line? Not sure our running game is an issue, which is why i left it alone.

        • Spencer

          alright thanks for the clarification…

          side note, Albert was ranked # 1ypc behind hhim and #6 overall to the outside of him in 2011 (WITHOUT CHARLES) in 2010 (with Charles) he was 5th to the outside, and 6th up his ally

          in 2012 he dropped off, 12th best YPC to his outside and 31st up his ally…reason i’m saying this, last year running to the outside, or off the tackles with Charles was our ONLY offensive threat…i would say just about everyone that watched Chiefs games last year would see this as true…Albert is a DAMN GOOD run blocking tackle in this league….scheme and lack of an offensive coordinator / qbs that can throw the ball killed him (and Winston really) both of their stats running was deflated

          This was mainly just a random post about Albert^^, everyone seems to think he is a bad run blocking tackle but very good at pass blocking…if anything he is a complete dominate tackle that is underrated if anything IMO….

          Winston is Reids scheme is likely a bad fit and Richard did sway me a bit more to liking the release…basically me just being random^^

          • Richard Comstock

            Im with you bro… Albert is a beast and was acting out of frustration last night. His buddy got cut and everyone downgrades how good he is. Im glad you were able to see it a little the way i do. I may have been overly critical of winston but what was my only way to show people it wasnt a crazy cut. We wont be missing much if it is stephenson who takes his place. They didny try to trade him because they valued the cap space(bonus would have hit before a trade can happen) more then the late round pick they could have got for him. I belive whole heartldy kc will bring in a few key free agents. Just imagine the vibe in kc if we can nab sean smith and ellerbe!

    • Michael Shaw

      Good riddance? How many yards off the right side do you think our RB’s got with Richardson? I am not sure where to get that honestly, but I am almost sure that Charles got more rushing yards with Winston blocking for him than he did with Mr. I-70 himself blocking for him! You really need to lay off Winston. I am not sure what he did to burn you up like this, but the guy is a proven starter with 103 non-stop starts. Richardson can’t say that. Not a lot of RT or even LT’s can say that. He will land somewhere and do as good of a job as he did here and in Houston. Geez there are so many haters on this site nowadays!!!

      • Richard Comstock

        The haters are people who want to doubt our gm any time they make a move that they dont like. My problem was not so much with winston. It is more so with the outrage over the cut.

        • Joe Myers

          I expected them to sign bowe , Colquitt and tag Brandon . Look at the last few QB drafted (you already know I don’t need to say) but ifwe would of drafted smith with the same career we would called for his job after the first four years and he would (this is a rant keep up) he would of been gone his fith year . Their ya go . So quit playing im fine with Alex smith he is a good QB but what does that two years from now . Chiefs need to groom a QB I think their going to wait till next year and build around Alex now . I put my bid in for tahj Boyd .

          • Richard Comstock

            Are you drunk typing or just plain dumb? Normally i would be offended when someone is tossing insults, however you managed to insult your self more then me lol!

            There is so many flaws in not only your grammar but also your logic.

            Lets break this down a little bit for sippy siperson.

            Actually forget it. If you post something i actually understand I might actually respond.

          • Joe Myers

            what dont ou understand . You associate me with the word dumb pretty much tell me im stupid . When i post im either going to work or just got off and i use my phone ass its annoying . i don’t want to take the time to have to go over every thing . Second look at Alex smith stats his first five years if his stats where with he chiefs he would have been fired how do you not get that are you dumb ? Also i really dont care about grammer online you also sound like a female when you do so (.) if it makes you happy smh . Third read my last sentence , how does that confuse you ??? Simple minded are we ??? Nice try you know trying to tare me down in all but you proved nothing that says my statement is dumb just yourself .

  • Doug McD

    I still need more information than we have now to give judgment on this move. It may come down to how Reid wants his players to play. Or are we still looking at the cap space issue? Or both? We don’t know any of this. It does sound like there are plenty of players that could perform at an acceptable level for this position.

    If I had to guess, my thoughts would be that Reid just wanted a little different skill set and could get it at a lower cost with someone else.

    • Richard Comstock

      I really think it comes down to his pass protection. As much as i have been for this cut i will admit that Winston at times was a crushing run blocker. I just couldn’t get past the fast that speed rushers leave him in his stance to often. Especially when the champs in our division have the best speed rushing tandem in the NFL. There are whispers of dummerville being replaced by Freeney. He would literary be a huge problem all game long in those games if that was the case.

  • cyberry

    Good luck..and be careful what you say when there is a mic in your face..It might come back to haunt you..

  • kcchiefinlv

    Winston can join Barry Richardson in the dumpster in back of One Arrowhead Drive. Both needed to be cut. To Richardson’s credit, he only made himself look bad; Winston embarrassed the entire Chief’s Nation in front of the entire country. So don’t let the door hit you in your sack-allowing, penalty drawing, loud mouth lips Mr. Winston.

  • Jonathon Thomson

    At first I was devasted by the move, but now logic has sunk in that clearly Dorsey and Reid aren’t releasing players for no reason.
    But one thing that this situation has shown is how little of a team player I’m finding Branden Albert to be. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a phenomenal LT and I love the guy, but I picture him as a grump when being asked to do something else that ultimately BENEFITS THE TEAM when it involves switching positions on the line. I mean he might be less effective on the right side than the left, but shouldn’t he have an attitude that he will do whatever the coaches feel benefits the Chiefs? In addition, Winston’s interview did bring up a good point that tackles are tackles and so forth, but I mean if my boss told me to do something, you don’t just say no (especially if you’re getting paid millions to do so) and appear as a grump. I mean I hope that you guys don’t misinterpret my words and think I’m an Albert-hater (because I’m not), but rather I just feel that through his Twitter account, Albert has shown that he has a more selffish attitude compared to I don’t know…Tin-Man…

    • Justin R Groth

      Idk man I’m a welder and I’m certified to do my craft not to brag but I’m one of the better welders in the area I live in. I will put together metal buildings if my companies in a pinch but I’m still the welder not the metal building guy. I’m good at what I do and I work hard to improve every day. I would be angry if everyone said I should be demoted despite me being good at what I do. Your saying he isn’t a team player because people harp on him EVERY YEAR about how he should be replaced and demoted and he finally got sick of it? I disagree the man has pride in his profession.

      • Jonathon Thomson

        You do make a good point. I agree that it’s frustrating on Albert’s part that idiots on Twitter and the media keep bringing it up every year, and I do think that the best thing for the Chiefs is that he stays at LT. But I mean, the decision in the end will come down to Andy where he wants him. But I mean for all we know we might have a HOF RT in Albert (hypothetically of course), but with this selffish attitude, I fear that he won’t give it a shot and end up as a distraction and get himself traded and be replaced with a rookie or Stephenson (does the thought of Charles running off two rookie tackles also give you the heebie jeebies lol)… *sigh* if only the Chiefs were like my Madden Chiefs haha

        • Justin R Groth

          lol if they were like my madden team they would draft the best qb this year.

    • Jamie Denton

      I totally agree! I like Albert and think he is a very good tackle! But it should be WHAT IS BEST FOR THE TEAM!!! Especially when you are being paid that amount of money to do something you love doing anyways!! I really get the impression that he thought the Chiefs would let him test the free agency market, and that he would get the chance to leave KC for the “bigger better deal”. and the Chiefs would go tackle with the number 1 pick which they still may do now! But I really see them using Albert if his attitude doesn’t change before the draft being traded to someone to compensate draft picks! As for Winston to many penalties, good run blocker, not the best pass blocker, I ejoyed his passion to stand up for his fellow players to a certain extent, but he took things to far!!

    • Jim Harper

      I have to disagree. I have met the man and he is as dedicated as they come, but he gets asked the same stupid questions every year and I think it just was a bit much. He will be fine.

  • chiefridgy

    Buh bye

  • Jason

    I still don’t like the move, but in sure they had good reason too.

  • sidibeke

    It’s occurred to me that all of the big FAs to be signed by Pioli have been cut or not re-signed: Breaston, Winston, Boss, Hillis. Perhaps coincidence, but Dorsey and Reid are making their mark on this team.

  • Joe Myers

    I expect a playoff win Alex smith !!! And if you do that you should just go on ahead and win the Superbowl