Dec. 11, 2011; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide defensive back Steve Breaston (15) attempts to intercept a pass intended for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) during the first half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis & The Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs are doing business differently under John Dorsey and Andy Reid and if the last couple of days have taught us anything, it is that we can’t rule anything out when it comes to the new regime in KC.

But would the Chiefs consider targeting New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis?

It sounds like a dream scenario, right? The Chiefs trade for Alex Smith, retain Branden Albert and Dwayne Bowe and then get to work on putting together the most dominant defense in the NFL.

Adding Revis to the Chiefs could certainly give the Chiefs a chance at forming the NFL’s top defensive unity. KC sent Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali to the Pro Bowl last year. Adding Revis opposite of CB Brandon Flowers could give Hali and Houston an eternity to get to opposing QBs.

Lastly, the Chiefs have a connection to Revis in the form of new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Sutton coaches Revis and knows exactly how to use the All-Pro.

The Chiefs are reportedly interested in testing the free agent CB market, according to an interview’s Albert Breer gave on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City about a week ago, so we know they want help at the position.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Revis won’t be a free agent.

The shutdown corner is still under contract with the Jets and New York is reportedly trying to trade him. Despite coming off a serious knee injury, Revis is likely to command a king’s ransom in the trade market and if the reports of the Alex Smith trade are indeed true, the Chiefs just don’t have the firepower to get the job done.

Without a second round pick, the Chiefs would have to use the first overall pick on Revis.

Involving the top pick int he draft for Revis is an interesting theory but a risky one. If Revis were in this draft he would be the hands down top pick but the Chiefs would be trading for a 27 year old CB coming off surgery. There is no guarantee that Revis will be the same player when he returns.

Landing Revis would be nice but it probably isn’t the best move for the Chiefs. KC would have to give up quite a bit to get him and the club desperately needs depth after coming off a 2-14 season.

The Chiefs would be better off selecting CB Dee Milliner out of Alabama with the top pick. Millner may not turn out to be as good as Revis but since the Chiefs already have a very good corner in Brandon Flowers, he wouldn’t need to be.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs inquire about Revis?

Note: Check out the provided caption for the picture above (hover your mouse over the photo) with Revis and Steve Breaston. Our image partner provides captions to all photos. Normally we just leave in the mandatory credit for the photographer but this error was too funny. Breaston is referred to as a “wide defensive back” and it says the pass was intended for Revis. If you watched the game the last time the Chiefs played the Jets, then you know this caption is actually more accurate than you might think.

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  • chiefridgy

    I like Revis if we could get him for cheaper than a 1st considering his recent injury….having said that I know someone will pay handsomely for him I just hope it’s not the chiefs with their 1st pick

    • Spencer

      what about our 1st and fourth for their 1st and Revis???, or next years first and something this year could work…

      • Patrick Allen

        I bet they’d want a lot more than that.

        • Michael Shaw

          We could always throw Cassel in with the draft picks………….wait that might make them throw up in THEIR mouths!!!

        • Adam Sherman

          Not so fast Patrick, with all the different factors in play like contract, his knee surgery, and us having the number 1 pick as the currency here the jets are not in a position of leverage and need out from under the island. I hope Rex is in love with Geno Smith!

      • Michael Shaw

        I would rather draft Milliner. Revis island commands too much salary for this team to take the chance. Plus there is a high risk he won’t be 100%. JC and AP are beasts that did something last year that normally doesn’t happen as fast with the types of injuries they had, which is the same injury Revis suffered.

        • Ryan A James

          Having had 2 ACL reconstructions myself I understand the process. My first one was in high school and I came back and became a 2 time all state player. With the medical advancement in this injury now, he will be ready and back in Revis form.

          • Michael Shaw

            I honestly hope that he does come back like JC, Moeaki, Berry and AP did last year!! I wish him the best as he IS the best CB in the league.I just don’t think we have enough ammo to get him or if we did, we couldn’t afford his salary requirements.

        • Adam Sherman

          youd rather draft Milliner than get Revis and have the 9th overall pick? lol……. that’s the only scenario in which KC makes this move and if they can pull that off FUCK YEA!

      • chiefridgy

        Doesn’t he come with a much needed attitude adjustment too?

        • njjohn

          Revis has never been any problem on the Jets, and that’s no easy task on that circus.

  • Tyler Eckstein

    Even if we found a way to get him it would be near impossible to sign him and stay under cap.. good thought but we would be best drafting a solid CB and pay him a rookie salary than Revis for a farm in Texas

  • Jason Seibel

    I think the Chiefs’ front office has made it clear that they want to win now! I don’t think we could rule out anything at this point.

    • Jim Harper

      But win smart! Revis would not be the smart move.

  • John Woodley

    Living in new york area it is a joke how every little thing with the jets front office is leaked, I love the fact that dorsey/reid keep things quite and media thinks nothing will happen and then.. evrything happens great work! I hear all jets are looking for is a 2nd maybe flipping 1st round picks would be enough? I believe he is only due6.5 million this year see how he comes back andget a long term deal with him mid season with a friendly 1st year cap hit until there is more space following year

    • njjohn

      I live in NJ as well and I’ve heard no such thing. Injury or not, if Alex Smith, Tony Gonzalez, etc, etc, are traded for second round picks, you really think that’s all they would take for Revis?

      • John Woodley

        On radio this am

  • berttheclock

    Are you really sure Breaston was not punting?
    The Niners are the ones with excess picks and the Falcons are interested. As a commentator on ESPN said this morning, “Of course, all 32 teams, including the Jets, would want him, but, who can afford him?”

  • Ryan A James

    Here is the deal. I have been discussing this in depth over the past week with numerous people. There has been a rumor posted by Bill Williamson on this subject and before I heard it there, I heard it from another friend of mine saying they were hearing this trade. The trade I am hearing is swapping the number 1 and number 9 pick with the Chiefs getting Revis in return. At first I thought that it was ridiculous but you start digging into it and it becomes clear. After this year, Revis walks from the Jets. They must trade to get something for him. However the Jets are have their hands tied because he is almost untradable. The reason for this is he only has one more year on contract, so whoever signs him is going to have to plan a large portion of cap space to send his way. The advocate against going with Milliner here instead of executing the trade is that with the trade, you would be receiving the number 1 CB in the league and still have a high 1st round pick to get DT, ILB, OG, SS or WR……in short…..YES PLEASE!

    • Chief Hokie

      Regardless of whatever draft pucks we’d have to give up, I don’t think we can afford him now that we resigned Bowe and colquitt and tagged Albert.

      • Adam Sherman

        your an idiot.

        • Chief Hokie

          Somebody having a bad day?

          • Adam Sherman

            No but if i was you just made it better. Thinking you have an accurate grasp on the chiefs finance department is hilarious. They might not “want” to afford him but to say they “cant” afford him is quite humorous.

          • Chief Hokie

            I’m talking about cap space. And I said I don’t “think” we can, not that I know for a fact.

    • Outback Chief

      I have thought for some time that the Jets are a viable trading partner with the Chiefs mainly because playing in NY they are always under pressure to play at a certain level or make any changes necessary to please the Ticket Holders.Their fans are ruthless so I think the Jets will put forth any workable deals at draft time.

  • Steve Blank

    I think we should trade back to 9 or so, maybe wherever Detroit, NYJ, or Buffalo is, and THEN trade that pick for Revis. At least we would have gotten a 2nd or a couple of thirds…would that work?

    • Ryan A James

      The Jets have the number 9 pick

  • Altarium

    I wouldn’t rule out a trade if the Chiefs are seriously interested… but I would think it’s much more likely we select a top CB in the draft, or some other solid CB in FA who won’t come with such a high price tag. Then again, the past couple days has shown that after 4 years of predicting what Pioli would do, we don’t have much of a clue about what Reid and Dorsey might do.

  • Ron White

    I think it would cost too much and I am not talking about his salary…..too much turmoil with this guy….

    • Jim Harper

      Exactly right Ron. I believe it was 2 years ago that he wanted his contract redone so he would be the highest paid Corner in the league. And ever since he has had injury concerns. Combine that with having to give him a fat new contract and I vote NO. Milliner makes a lot more sense to me,

  • njjohn

    I’ll say one thing, if Revis were on the Chiefs, they would have one of, if not the best defense in the NFL…period.
    Major pressure would be off the offense, which will obviously be vastly improved. I doubt they can get him, then they have to pay him a boat load of money, but it’s fun to think about.
    You could make the argument that the Chiefs could theoretically go from 2-14 to tough to beat.

  • Adrian Morales

    Give them cassell a 3rd and 2nd next year boom done deal or trade up to about 3 4 5 give it to jets plus a 3rd next year

    • Adrian Morales

      They want a qb so maybe even give up the 1st

  • Adrian Morales

    Chiefs are not far off just need sum people that know what to do with the talent we have

  • Bisonbulls25

    Trade that #1 for Revis! We all know knee injuries aren’t what they used to be. How many of our players came back to form? And oh yeah this guy Adrian Peterson, he was pretty good last yr!

  • oldchiefsfan

    Although I would love to have Revis on the team Milliner would make more sense in my opinion. I think Revis goes to the 49ers because they have a wheelbarrow full of picks to trade for him.

  • Mike Sluhocki

    What about Nnamdi Asomugha? I know his last couple of years weren’t so good but he would be familiar with Andy Reid because he was playing for him the last couple of years and he knows the division playing for the Raiders all those years. I think that Nnamdi was just in a bad situation in Philly and I think that he can perform at the level he did just a couple years ago for the Raiders. Plus its believed that the Eagles are about to cut him so he could be cheaper than normal coming off a couple subpar years. What do you guys think? Do you like the possible pairing of Flowers and Asomugha at CB next year?

    • Danny W

      I think Namdi is more likely at this point.

    • Chief Hokie

      I’d be down with that. How old is he now?

  • dominicscarlatti

    Great player, but he would command far too much salary cap space given our current situation.

  • Danny W

    He’s gonna go to San Fran or Atlanta.

  • Don Quijote

    I would go after Asomugha in FA. Eagles may let him go and he would be cheaper that Revis.

  • Denver Grant

    If Revis did become a Chief, who would be # 24? Revis is probably the better player but Flowers had that number since he was drafted. I don’t want to buy another Flowers jersey!

  • Larry Vandesande

    Flipping first picks for Revis (No. 1 for No. 9) would be worthwhile assuming Chiefs can afford him. They renegotiated Tyson Jackson down to less than $5 million a year and will cut Cassell so Revis’s $6.5 million salary may fit. That seems like a small price to pay for a top cover cornerback, however, even if coming off surgery. The Washington-Denver trade that netted Broncos Champ Bailey cost them a top runing back (at the time.) They seems like more than improving 8 slots in a draft without a superstar. Wouldn’t it also mean Jets were trading Revis for Dee Milliner, whom they would probably have to draft? The logistics don’t seem to make sense to me.

  • GDL40

    NNOOOO…… too expensive, would have to give up A LOT, and risky considering his age and health……. DRAFT MILLINER OR GENO ! if u go d-line I would prefer Floyd over Lotulelei …… but please dont go O-line !

  • mszymko

    I’d prefer DRC, Aqib or Asomugha via FA so we don’t loose a draft pick and we end up paying less.

    …But Hellz’yeah I want Revis! especially for what you guys have been discussing, swapping to 9th with Jets and they give us Revis??? Not sure why they would ever do that but of course I’d do it! That’d be awesome!

    We could use the 9th on Warmack and our OL would be solid or we could use it on Sheldon Richardson and our DL would be solid!

    But I dont think that is a realistic trade scenario

  • 50yearfan

    Who wrote the caption on that photo? There is so much wrong with it, it makes my head hurt!

  • Outback Chief

    It’s a guarantee that Revis will be looking for a substantial contract next year but if we rent him for a year I think it’d pay off and he’d look better in red anyway. We could only lose money on a deal like that and it’s not my money so I say yes, but only if we switch 1st round picks and not give one up. That number 9 pick has many options this year especially if there’s a run on QB’s early.