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Chiefs' Eric Winston On Albert Moving To Guard: Easier Said Than Done

Kansas City Chiefs RT Eric Winston talked with Arrowhead Addict contributor Jason Seibel recently. The two discussed a number of moves the team has made recently, including the re-signing of Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt.

But when you are talking to a guy that many in the NFL believe is one of the game’s best right tackles, you have to ask him about the Chiefs’ young offensive line.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding lineman and and the Chiefs this offseason. With LT Branden Albert nearly hitting free agency and LT Luke Joeckel being frequently being named a popular replacement candidate for Albert in mock drafts, Chiefs fans got a little more clarity on the situation when the team used the franchise tag on Albert this week.

Despite the fact that Albert received the tag, there is still talk among media experts that the Chiefs could still draft Joeckel and move Albert to guard. According to Winston, that idea might not work out so well.

“I think that’s easier said than done,” Winston said. “It all looks good on paper, but some of us don’t play well at those positions.”

Winston has a point. All the talk about Albert moving to guard seems to stem from the fact that Albert played the position in college. Still, Albert was drafted to play tackle in the NFL and has played the position quite well, particularly last season when he was credited with only giving up one sack.

Winston touched on a couple of other interesting topics, including guard Jon Asamoah, a player he feels is underrated.

“Jon Asamoah is a guy who is very underrated in this league, said Winston. “He’s going to be a heck of a right guard for a long time. He’s got everything you want from toughness to smarts and he can strike. He’s going to get better and that’s saying something, because I already think he’s pretty damn good.”

Winston talked a lot more about the offensive line, including Jeff Allen, Rodney Hudson and Donald Stephenson. Be sure to stick around later today to catch the entire interview.

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  • Ron White

    I would not consider anyone in the media an “expert” if they are even speculating on Albert moving to guard. No offense Patrick….

    • Michael Shaw

      Whoa!!! Easy! No bashing AA greats like Paddy!!!! Them there is fighin words!! LOL!!

    • Patrick Allen

      They are “media experts” not football experts.

  • Jason

    I like Winston, feel very comfertable with Albert Allen Hudson asamoah Winston as our starting line. Saying that please draft warmack or cooper ( after trading down of course ).

    • Patrick Allen

      Me too. I think this line is pretty solid, if not unexperienced in the interior. Why not bring in a couple of vets just in case.

      • berttheclock

        The FA OG from the Bolts would be fine for run blocking, but, his pass protection is not the best.

  • Michael Shaw

    I honestly don’t see why people say we need to trade down in order to draft Chance??? He is THE BEST player in this draft regardless of position. I say draft either him or Dee Milliner #1 and be done with it!!

    • berttheclock

      I see you like D-9 Caterpillars for run blocking, eh?

  • Jason Seibel

    From start to finish, Eric was top notch in this process. I can’t wait for you all to see the interview!

  • berttheclock

    Many posters, especially at the Star, have wanted to see Winston leave KC, largely, because Winston had the guts to call out those who booed Matt C after he was injured. Bleacher Reports has rated him for 2013 as the 3rd best RT in the NFL. As they write, he does move the pile on running plays. I have knocked Asamoah due to his weakness at times in trying to pass block larger and stronger defenders, but, Asamoah has been moved up to the 20th best OG in the NFL, largely due to his run blocking when he combines with Winston. The majority of the yardage gained by Charles came from running to his right, not his left. Albert is a fine pass blocker, but, drops off on run blocking. Jeff Allen and Stephenson are the two weak spots on the -line. Allen is rated at 69 for OGs, while, Stephenson is rated at 26 for LTs. BTW, Winston was only cut on orders from McNair in Houston because he needed the money to re-sign his center. The two RTs who tried to replace Winston are rated 26th and 35th.

    • chiefridgy

      IMO players shouldn’t be calling out fans….that’s why we hated on him. Fans didn’t boo…they cheered….and it was because another QB was going to be under center….not because cassel was hurt.

      • Patrick Allen

        Yeah, Winston went a little too far but I think we can all understand where he is coming from. That doesn’t change the fact that he is a pretty good player that can help the Chiefs. Fans need to let bygones be bygones, I say.

        • chiefridgy


  • dominicscarlatti

    I wonder if Winston has considered the possibility that if the Chiefs move someone from tackle to guard, it might be himself, not Albert…?

    • Leon Ritz

      Yeah 3rd best RT in the NFL so your right he may be the one moving to Guard. Do you even have a clue or do you just spout this crap without thinking

  • aaron davison

    I don’t understand the comfort level with the current makeup of the Chiefs offensive line by the posters on this site. The run offense was good last year, (except for TDS – the Chiefs were 28th in TDs / rush attempt), but the pass offense was terrible. All feelings about QB play aside, at least part of the blame lies at the feet of the offensive line. in 2012 the Chiefs Oline averaged:

    More than 8 sacks per 100 pass attempts – 9th worst in the league.
    Almost 19 hits on the QB per 100 pass attempts – 2nd worst in the league.

    • Patrick Allen

      The QB’s were terrible last year and the Chiefs were always playing behind. Also keep in mind their guard was playing center and the other guard was a rookie. Later in the season, another rookie started at LT for five games.

      I am more than happy with a healthy line of Albert, Asamoah, Hudson, Allen and Winston. The young interior has some learning to do but thankfully, Allen got some and Asamoah has another year under his belt.

      I think with better QB and WR, the line will be stellar.

      • aaron davison

        I’m not ready to believe this team will be anything better than 4-12 without some changes on the O-line. I think Alex Smith is a better overall QB than Matt C., but both QBs have the same completion percentage when throwing from the prone position, 0%. I don’t think Alex is so much better that he can make up for the pass protection deficiencies of this line.

        Maybe you’re right and the starting offensive line is OK. but if last year’s results were any indication, we have serious depth issues.

  • [email protected]

    It should make and will make us better,were talking about more wins and pro bowls behind this move,let this new organization make these moves to make the impact weve lost,hit’em in the mouth on every drive! #56/#58…charlie b-game,fan for life!This is our time!

  • Jamie Denton

    Well with Winston now being released according to a source, everyone will now think the Chiefs will go joekel (sp) with the number 1 pick but lets not forget about free agency! The thing that puzzles me the most is this move only saved us $700,000 on cap space. There has to be more to the story!!! Maybe it was the fact that he was outspoken, but is it a bad thing to stand up for your team mates? I remember the good ol days when someone from another team looked at your QB the wrong way and the O-line was on them like stink on #$&!. I guess I will be on my toes like the rest of the Chiefs Fans waiting for the next big move! If we want to really get some cap space let’s see cassels release! Or atleast trade him for something of value I mean anything!