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Chiefs’ Draft Plan Is To Select A Hall Of Fame Player No. 1

The Kansas City Chiefs won’t just looking for the best player available when they make the first selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.

They’ll be looking for a Hall of Famer.

Ian Rapopot of, citing a team source, said the Chiefs are hoping to get an all-time great with the first pick.


New general manager John Dorsey has been adamant about taking the best player available. The goal,’s Ian Rapoport said Tuesday on “NFL Total Access,” is to draft a Hall of Famer at No. 1, regardless of position, according to a team source.

When you think about it, the goal should always be to try to find a future Hall of Famer with any draft pick. Still, this report shows just how seriously the Chiefs are taking the evaluation process.

The article is right. The recent moves being made by the Chiefs certainly lay the groundwork for the team being able to select any player they want.

Dorsey has said he doesn’t intent do draft for need and it looks as though he plans on plugging every need the Chiefs have in free agency. He’s already locked up his best WR and his starting LT. Yesterday the Chiefs reportedly redid Tyson Jackson’s contract so he can remain with the Chiefs. KC even made Dustin Colquitt the NFL’s highest-paid punter.

With the team expected to be active in the CB and DE markets once free agency begins, the Chiefs could be pretty well set as far as starters go. That would enable Dorsey to not only add depth during the draft, but quality depth, by selecting the best player available, regardless of what position they play.

So, who is the best player available?

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  • Chief Hokie

    I know he’s raw, but ezekiel ansah should be given a long hard look.

    • Jim Harper

      I am with you there! Right now he is expected to go 6th or 8th. Another Jason Pierre-Paul with tons of upside.

      • Chief Hokie

        That’s what I’m thinking. He’s a bit raw but In a couple of years this guy will be a star.

  • reddog39

    Dee Miliner has hall of fame written all over him. Mark my words he is the most talented player in the draft.

    • kirk


    • berttheclock

      However, funny thing about CBs. If you don’t have a pass rush, then, you really need the best DBs in the league. But, QBs ending up flat on their backs holding the ball or having it rolling away from them make any DB far more comfortable.
      Same with excellent offensive linemen making the life of the QB they are protecting far more comfortable. Rick Mirer and David Carr were taken very high in the first round and ended up with their respective careers shot because of very poor protection.

    • Richard Comstock

      I agree..He is a beast. i love milliner..Once he picked Denard Robinson then absolutely crushed him and hurt him on the same play I was sold. Nasty hard nose defender. Great press, great ball skills(watch the games) great speed. Hard hitter. What else could you ask for in a DB..Maybe a few more inches in height but that is it.

  • berttheclock

    Lofty ambition. I would be happy should “only a pro bowler” be taken. HOFers are few and far between. In 2005, Mr Dorsey and the Packers were very lucky when Aaron Rodgers fell into their laps at 24. DJ had been taken at 15 by the Chiefs and picks 16 through 23 were less than stellar. The worst move possible was by the Raiders who thought so little of the draft, they traded down from 7 to 23 and took Fabian Washington, never noticing who had been playing just to their north in Aaron Rodgers. Mr Dorsey has been involved in various trade up and downs with various results. He was part of a team which traded up to take Vonnie Holliday and left Randy Moss on the board. They traded with Seattle to take Jamal Reynolds and left Steve Hutchinson to the Seahawks. But, in another trade, they ended up with Javon Walker, so, over time they have done better than most.
    Now, back to Tank Carradine or Eric Fisher.

  • ArrowFan

    The problem or blessing of this year is that a number of players curently qualify as the BPA with the #1 pick. So the 5 pick is just as likely as the 1 st be become a great or out right bust. I still think Geno will have the bigest possible celing of any player, mainly becouse I think he is the best QB, and QB’s have the bigest impact. If we pick anyone else I just pray that it is not a lineman with the #1 over all pick.

    • Justin

      I’m with you on that why, we don’t need another linemen, that’s so stupid to draft another one when our oline isn’t even that bad and milliner would help our secondary greatly! Flowers+Millner DYNAMIC DUO!!

      • Don417

        Our Oline isnt very good. Why wouldn’t you want Smith to have a great Oline?

        • Justin

          Out online is good, the only reason they looked bad lat year as because the defense almost blitzed evey play because of qbs we had they sucked they held the ball to long. I’ve been wanting to draft geno but now that we are gettin Alex smith( I dnt think he’s good), and we kept Albert we need to go on te defense and dee milliner would be perfect on the other side of flowers. There are a lot of de in this draft, they’ve said it about a thousand times and there are only so many good or ok db in this draft and milliner could be another revis( just my opionion)

  • berttheclock

    For those who believe HOFers only come from the 1st Round, as of 1996, there were 100 former 1st rounders, 101 from Rounds 2 to 27, 3 special selection and 15 undrafted free agents, including, the Chiefs secondary coach, Emmitt Thomas.

    • Danny W

      I think they’re really just putting it out there that they’re drafting who they think is best not a position of need.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Hof’er? They really are going to draft Leon sandcastle

  • Tyler Eckstein

    That leaves Millner and Warmack left in my opinion.

    • Danny W

      How many career picks did Milner have?

  • njjohn

    Isn’t is the goal of every team, with every draft pick to select a Hall of Famer?

  • njjohn

    If he checks out health wise…Star L from Utah WILL be the Chiefs top pick.

    • Danny W

      He doesn’t has a serious heart condition.

  • Danny W

    I’d say they’re thinking it’s Joeckel. I wish it were G Smith though.

  • Doug McD

    We’re in another stagnate time period where nobody is showing their poker hand. We’ll need to wait until free agency starts for another piece or two of the puzzle. You just never know what’s up. All we really know is what has happened looks very positive. Let’s hope we end up with a couple more positive moves before the draft. I think the main goal is to fill all perceived needs before the draft and then we would have more leverage to trade picks up or down. I still think we might get a lower pick back from the 49er’s in the Alex trade.

    I like Milliner, but I’m not Reid or Dorsey. Wish I could be for just a day or two.

  • Don417

    Finally, a GM that “gets it”. Always take the talent.