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John Dorsey Talks Chiefs’ Recent Moves, Draft

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey joined the hosts of Between The Lines on 810 Sorts Radio this evening.

Dorsey did his best to avoid a number of the questions tossed his way but in my opinion, the Chiefs GM revealed quite a bit.

This isn’t a transcript but we were able to jot down some of what Dorsey said.

On the moves the team made yesterday:

We had a plan and were going to execute this plan.

Part of that plan was to take care of those players we thought could help us.

By doing the moves that we did it gives us great flexibility.

On Dwayne Bowe. Dorsey said he justhad Bowe in his office for about 20 minutes before the interview.

I find him (Bowe) a very engaging kid. He is ready to take that position of being one of the top receivers in professional football.

This is a new chapter and a new start. I just look forward to having him (Bowe) in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform for a very long time.

On Branden Albert:

I think as we go along now as these weeks to come, we’re going to do what’s best for this organization and what’s best for he. (Albert)

I look forward to talking to him because he’s a really good player. (Albert)

Right now, as we said, he’s (Albert) the starting left tackle.

Dorsey was asked about Alex Smith but he wouldn’t comment. He pointed to March 12th, when the new league year starts, as a time when more might be revealed. He made it clear that Alex Smith is currently a 49ers.

The league year doesn’t start here until March 12th. When that comes around we’ll begging to weigh different options.

On the draft:

You never rule anything out when it comes to drafting and you certainly don’t show your whole card when you’re sitting at No. 1.

I’ll never say never. You’ll never know until draft day. (on drafting a QB)

On if they have talked to some teams about trading the top pick:

There’s been some discussions with some teams. Usually those things do not solidify themselves until draft day.

On some of the team’s remaining holes:

Both of those spots could use an extra player or two. (On DL and CB)

More quotes:

Whatever I do, I’m going to be very selective in what I do. (in free agency)

I think yesterday we did a good job in terms of helping this organization better themselves.

Andy and I are gonna go out and see some prospects.

Dorsey also said that he has identified a group of about 6-8 players that are in consideration for the top pick.

I’ve identified a core group of let’s say 6-8 that I feel are in that grouping and have to be talked about.

On Clark Hunt’s attitude yesterday:

He was so positive and so engaging. I hope the fans understand what a great owner this dude is.

Strangely, the hosts did not ask Dorsey about the news that Tyson Jackson has restructured his contract. They may not have known, as the news broke shortly before the interview.

Dorsey basically said that the evaluation of the Chiefs’ current roster is complete and that they are currently in the process of executing a plan based on that evaluation.

Dorsey also added that he feels the team has done a good enough job managing the salary cap that they will have some room to be involved when free agency begins. The goal, he said, was to lock up some of the players that are already on the team to give the team maximum flexibility in free agency and the draft.

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  • Michael Tavis

    The more I hear from Dorsey the more I like the guy. He seems honest and confident. Such a breath of fresh air after having to deal with the arrogant Pioli.

    • chiefridgy

      I have to agree. Makes me hate Scotty all the more.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah, as soon as he implemented his plan he was much more open about talking about the players on the roster. I liked this interview a lot.

    • Jacob Treat

      it’s true. I think it comes down to Dorsey’s professionalism and commitment to making the chiefs better. All of the moves the chiefs had done this off season give the chiefs a positive outlook for next year. Of course, we won’t know how well it all works till game 1 but keeping and adding the best possible players on the roster is the way to go. Can’t wait till next season.

    • steve james

      I don’t think he is really that different than Scott. They both are hedging things. The difference is degree. Dorsey gives just a little bit more and he obviously is a little more inclined to open with the company’s wallet to retain proven in house talent.

      • TAZMOSIS

        No different than Pioli!!! You are delusional. When was the last time in the Peeoili regime that we Chiefs fans had any idea what the team was thinking? Answer….never, until it was done. Dorsey and Reid, at least now, seem like guys that you can believe in. Just look at how much this team has done in a very short period of time. And they have done it by action and by being open with the fans. Dorsey and Reid aren’t close to Pioli and Crennel.

        • steve james

          I did not mention Crennel or Reid. Every GM is cagey about what they are going to do, Dorsey is just a little less evasive. And it seems to me every move that has happened has been a shock that has surprised everyone. Is that not what people have been so stunned about around here? I also seem to remember a lot of moaning just last week about how it was Pioli all over again and how could the Chiefs be so stupid we were all doomed to mediocrity.

          • TAZMOSIS

            I think that overwhelmingly Chiefs fans are on board with every move that Dorsey has made.

          • steve james

            If there is one thing I have learned about the folks that post on here a lot anyway it is “for the moment”

          • steve james

            I reference the Winston cut in support of my position, fans are going all over the place from mad to good riddance. Personally I think we just made out team a little worse but lets see who gets his job.

          • Michael Tavis

            Pioli never would of signed Bowe and Colquitt and franchised albert. He would of let Albert and Colquitt walk and franchised Bowe again. He is all about himself over anything else. He was arrogant. There are reasons there were lawsuits against him. Also he was just awkward to talk to. I also dont see Dorsey yelling at people and crying over candy wrappers on the floor.

          • TAZMOSIS

            Similar to the Jerry Glanville quote years ago. The NFL stands for
            NOT FOR LONG.

  • Jarad

    It’s just nice hearing from the General Manager. Especially when the great news keeps piling on. Keep it coming!!!

    • Patrick Allen