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Chiefs, Geno Smith Could Still Happen

The folks on Twitter are going to kill me for this.

In light of yesterday’s events, however, it is important to point out that the Kansas City Chiefs might still select QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

There are many reasons why I think this is still a possibility but first let us review the arguments for why Smith to KC at No. 1 won’t happen.

The Chiefs reportedly have agreed to trade their 2013 second-round pick, as well as a 2014 third-round pick that could become a second-round pick based on conditions, to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith. All reports indicate that the Chiefs are making a significant investment in Alex Smith and that he will be the team’s QB for the foreseeable future.

I admit, that is a pretty strong argument against the Chiefs taking Geno Smith. But there are also arguments to be made that selecting Smith might still be a good idea.

And I am going to make them.

1. The Chiefs still haven’t invested heavily enough in the QB position

Sorry, but they haven’t. Two second-round picks may seem like a heavy investment but when it comes to the most important position in the game, two second-rounders is nothing. Also, don’t forget that the second pick is a conditional pick that is likely based on playing time for Alex Smith or wins for the Chiefs. There is also a chance the 49ers are giving something back to the Chiefs that we haven’t heard about yet, like a later-round pick.

Regardless of the compensation, the Chiefs are barren at QB. They need three of them. I know a lot of Chiefs fans are pro-Ricky Stanzi but in two years, Ricky Stanzi hasn’t been able to unseat Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn or Tyler Palko, all three of whom were awful. On top of all that, Stanzi has looked terrible in the preseason. He simply can’t be relied upon. He may well have a good career in the NFL but we’ve seen nothing to indicate that he will.

Lastly, head coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey seem to be too smart to put all their eggs in one QB’s basket. Grabbing a proven veteran in Smith was smart but the KC brass has to know they need a young QB of the future. Smith is coming to KC on a two-year contract. There are no guarantees Smith will perform well and there are no guarantees he will stick around.

Doubling down on the most important position on the team would be a wise move, not a foolish one.

2.  Geno Smith could be very good but he may not be ready to start right away

Draft experts are fond of saying that there isn’t a QB worthy of the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft. Perhaps they are right. Perhaps Geno Smith is the best QB in this draft but that doesn’t mean he is ready to be an NFL starter.

Dorsey was part of the group that selected Aaron Rodgers in the first round of the draft and then sat him on the bench behind Brett Favre. Would Rodgers have had the same success he is currently enjoying if the Packers started him from day one? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

In the NFL of old, it used to be common practice to roll with veterans while your draft picks, even your #1 draft picks, spent a year or two or sometimes longer, learning from the sidelines. This was especially true when it came to QBs.

In today’s NFL, first-round picks are expected to come in and learn on the job. The thinking is that these players are talented enough to be selected in the first-round, they are talented enough to start.

Unfortunately, not all players are like that. Some rookies come in and set the NFL world on fire. Others, like Chiefs OLB Justin Houston, need a few games before they really start to show what they can do.

What if Reid and Dorsey really like Geno Smith but just don’t think he is ready to start yet? What if they think forcing Smith into action too early would ruin him? Does that mean they should just pass on him and let him go to a competitor?

The NFL is a win-now business. Dorsey and Reid are getting paid millions of dollars to win football games right now. They can’t afford to wait on Geno Smith to lead the Chiefs to another 2-14 season so that he can learn on the job.

But trading for Alex Smith means that they don’t have to.

I find it funny that nobody seems to be talking about the possibility that the Chiefs are employing a similar strategy to the one the 49ers and their head coach Jim Harbaugh used with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

When Harbaugh arrived in San Fran, it was a popular belief that  Alex Smith was on his way out. Instead, the 49ers kept Smith on board and selected Kaepernick in the second-round of the draft.

But Harbaugh didn’t rush Kaepernick into action. Instead, he maximized Alex Smith’s ability and coached his new team to the NFC Championship game and nearly the Super Bowl. Then, he re-signed Alex Smith.

Think about that.

Harbaugh drafted Kaepernick with a second-round and then re-signed a different QB to a three-year contract. Harbaugh could have let Alex Smith walk and continued on with Kaepernick. But he didn’t. He was patient and he ensured his team had more than one serviceable QB.

Nobody thought that Colin Kaepernick would be starting for the 49ers in 2012 season. Well, except for maybe Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh is a good coach. Not just because he was able to maximize Alex Smith’s ability but because he was able to recognize the ability of Colin Kaepernick. Harbaugh was patient enough and a good enough of a coach to win with Smith until Kaep was ready and then he had the stones to pull Smith when he felt the time was right.

Andy Reid and Dorsey could do the same thing by investing a second-round pick or two in Alex Smith while they develop Geno Smith. If Alex Smith leads the Chiefs back to a winning culture and then in a couple of years, Geno Smith leads the Chiefs to multiple Super Bowls and all it cost was a first-round pick and two second-round picks, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone claiming the Chiefs spent too much on QBs.

3. The Chiefs might want to trade back…but can’t

Now that the Chiefs have locked up LT Branden Albert, you can almost hear draft analyst’s heads exploding across the nation.

Until yesterday the draft narrative was that no QB was worth the first overall pick and that the best the Chiefs could do is select one of the top tackles, likely Luke Joeckel out of Texasn A&M.

Now what?

The Chiefs don’t need a tackle. They have Albert, Eric Winston and Donald Stephenson. The team also has Rodney Hudson, Jon Asamoah and Jeff Allen on the interior. The previous regime invested heavily in the offensive line and unless the new regime thinks some of those players are busts, they have a young offensive line with a fair amount of depth.

So what position is left? CB? DT?

Defensive line could be a possibility. The Chiefs could be losing both Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the top defensive lineman are interior players and the Chiefs just drafted NT Dontari Poe a year ago. Poe wasn’t a force in 2012 but he certainly wasn’t bad enough to warrant replacing him.

There have been plenty of experts suggesting that the Chiefs might want to trade back but who, in their right mind, would want to trade up? Most experts agree there isn’t a single player in this draft that separates himself from the pack and that there isn’t much difference between the first pick and the 15th pick.

There is some team out there that is bound to want Geno Smith. Probably one of the teams in the top ten. But if all of those teams believe the Chiefs are going to pass on a QB, they may be willing to roll the dice that Smith will fall to them.

Teams don’t typically trade up for the No. 1 pick. It just isn’t something that happens and the risk is too great.

What has happened, however, is that teams have sometimes drafted a player No. 1 only to turn around and trade him.

The Chiefs could consider selecting the draft’s best QB in Smith at No.1 and they could then dangle him to the highest bidder. Sure, the Chiefs might not get as much value as they’d like for the #1 pick but chances are the Chiefs won’t be getting good value no matter what they do. It is doubtful any team will want to trade up in this draft and if the Chiefs can get just as talented a player at No. 10 as they can at No. 1, then all they are doing by picking first is paying more money for their draft pick than the teams behind them.

Taking Smith and then offering him up for a trade would enable the Chiefs and potential trade partners to let the draft play out a bit. It would be an unexpected move that could cause some teams to panic, perhaps creating a run on QB’s in the top ten. That would increase Smith’s value, enabling the Chiefs to deal him, still get a good player and perhaps pick up a second round pick in the process.

If the other teams call the Chiefs on their bluff and KC gets stuck with Smith, well, as we discussed above, that may not be such a bad thing.

* * *

The good news is that the Chiefs are in the driver’s seat and locking up Bowe and Albert put them there. If KC can fill some other needs with some smart free agency signings, they can do pretty much whatever they want in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Including selecting a QB in the first round.

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  • Jason Seibel

    I like your argument, but as you said…it’s a gamble. We’ll see how hot the dice are come April 25th!

  • Adam Sherman

    lets hope so, I think it would be the smartest thing going forward to take a flyer on a possible 10 year franchise QB as oppose to drafting some defensive player or OT

  • ccseifert

    I can’t wait until this Geno Smith nonsense is done.

    • Patrick Allen

      Care to shed some more light on your stance?

      • ccseifert

        Sure. It’s super simple. You don’t gamble with the number one pick. If you can’t trade back when there is no standout superstar, you take the best player available, not the player you hope will become the best eventually.

        Yesterday was a great day in that the Chiefs resigned guys they needed to keep on the team in order to keep those positions strong. Similarly, trading for Alex Smith fills the hole at starting QB for now. But what seems to be ignored is that just because those problems were solved, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a team with plenty of other holes. We went 2-14 last year.

        We need a starting CB opposite Flowers. A WR across from Bowe that shows up after camp is over. Help at safety. The offensive line is dangerously thin and no one knows what’s going to happen to an already questionable defensive line.

        You don’t take a flyer with a high pick in the first round. You take a flyer with a second or third round pick. Wishful thinking that Geno Smith is good enough for the #1 pick is just that – wishful thinking. Will the kid become a superstar? No one knows. He could be the next Peyton Manning. He could also be the next Jamarcus Russell.

        It would be a massive mistake by the Chiefs to gamble on a once in a franchise opportunity.

        What they should really do is trade the pick away, even if it means getting less value than the draft pick value chart allows. Dropping down into the second half of the top 10 and picking up a second round pick would be way better than reaching for a QB whose name shouldn’t show up until the middle of the first round, at best.

        • Patrick Allen

          How big of a risk is it? What do you the odds are Geno Smith will slip out of the top ten?

          I don’t think he will. I’m almost sure of it, based on the past history of QB’s in the draft.

          So taking him, a potential top ten pick, doesn’t see like a huge gamble to me.

          This is a QB with first round talent. If the Chiefs do their homework on him they should be able to pick him with confidence, just like the Pacers did with Rodgers.

          Also, like I said above, I am betting there is a 0% chance the Chiefs can trade out of the first pick. With a class with no clear favorite, it will be a gamble taking any player #1.

          While I don’t think the Chiefs can trade the #1 pick, I bet they can trade Geno Smith if they take him with the #1 pick. There they can find their value.

          • ccseifert

            When you don’t pick again until the third round, it’s a big gamble. Not just for gambling on who you get but also on who you don’t. Drafting Geno Smith in the first basically says, “We are so stacked at every position we can afford to not address any other spot until the third round”. That is what teams who go to the Super Bowl can say. It is not what the Chiefs can say.

            Also, I agree that Smith probably will not make it past the top 10. He SHOULD, but someone will reach.

          • njjohn

            How big is a risk of a selecting a guy number ONE in the draft that may not, hopefully not, have a chance to play for five to seven years? I’d say that’s not only a big risk, but a stupid one considering there are a number of NFL ready players that can start for the Chiefs in other spots.
            As I said above, take a young guy in the third round and see how develops, not the number one pick in the draft.
            Alex Smith is 29 years old.
            PS…Rogers was NOT the number one pick in the draft.

          • ccseifert

            Yeah, I wasn’t clear on the Rodgers reference. He was expected to go in the top of the first round and fell to 24th. How does that apply?

          • njjohn

            One, you don’t “gamble” on the number one draft pick, and two, Favre was like 75 years old and “retired” every year, until June. Alex Smith is 29 and IF he is successful can easily play five to seven years. You really want to take a risk on the number one pick in the draft and have him sit on the bench for seven years? I’m sure hoping Alex Smith pans out that way and so do the Chiefs or they wouldn’t have given up what they did for him. They’re not going to turn around and draft a project QB number one now.

          • Patrick Allen

            Rogers applies because it shows that taking a QB, even in the first round, and stashing him on the bench for development, isn’t a bad idea. In fact, when you only have one QB on your roster it is a smart investment.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            From a purely administrative standpoint, if you can’t trade down I think Milliner’s the best option.

          • Ron White

            I agree with Stacy…..CB is now our #1 need. Followed by Backup QB, DE, WR, and ISL. Some of these may get addressed in Free Agency. What will be interesting to me in this draft is how close will Dorsey stick to the BPA if a couple of these positions of need are not filled but the BPA is not the right fit for the need. Will he reach a bit or not at all….???

          • Calchiefsfan

            I wouldn’t say there is a 0% chance of trading out of that pick. If Az or Buffalo feel they absolutely have to have Geno they might be afraid of the Jags punting Gabbert and considering him. There definitely could be calls made to see what the Chiefs might want for the pick. If it is something as simple as the Cards 1st and 2nd pick it could happen. With no clear cut #1 in this draft there is not a lot of difference in the top 10. I’d love to get the 2nd round pick back with all the depth at CB in this draft.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          You gamble with EVERY pick. The idea that “can’t miss” prospects are anything more than few and far in between is crazy. Look no further than the recent list of R1 busts. There are almost never any guarantees when it comes to the NFL Draft. Geno Smith checks out in every way you can measure a QB prospect and I would say that even if I weren’t in the camp of people who clamored for him.

          • ccseifert

            That’s not the gamble I’m speaking of. Obviously every pick is a gamble, otherwise there would be no debate, we would know where everyone should go. The gamble I’m talking about is reaching for a player you hope will be great. That is a terrible draft philosophy and not one that guys who get paid millions of dollars per year are going to gamble with.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            The bottom line here, is Geno Smith isn’t simply some pie-in-the-sky prospect whose numbers and college career don’t align with the expectations people have for him. He has numbers eerily similar to prospects that were highly regarded. A team could still be wrong about Geno Smith, but to say he doesn’t warrant serious #1 consideration is crazy to me. If he doesn’t, no one does. Someone is going to go #1 regardless though. If we don’t take Smith, he’ll be gone by 10 anyway. If he can be taken Top 10, he can be taken at #1. He’s the BEST in his position group AND he plays the most important position on the field.

          • ccseifert

            And he shares a position group with a guy who you just traded your second round pick for. So you commit 3 draft picks to two QBs and don’t pick another position until the third round this year? THAT is crazy. Like it or not, it appears that Reid and Dorsey believe Alex Smith to the be the Chiefs QB of the future. You don’t give up what they did for a stopgap.

            Did I think it was a possibility that the Chiefs would draft Geno Smith at #1 before the 49ers trade? Absolutely. Do I think it is now? Not even a remote chance. So no, he no longer warrants serious consideration at #1 the same way the Chiefs aren’t going to consider an OLB for #1 this year. Best bet is he goes at 8 to Buffalo.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I don’t think it’s likely, I’m just saying I won’t be upset by it.
            They have two R3 picks and they did just secure LT and WR. That would leave us with maybe four positions to address with 6-7 picks AND free agency. If you told me that QB WASN’T one of them, I’m not sure I’d have an issue with that.

          • ccseifert

            I understand your point but I think four positions of need is being extremely generous.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            What are Kansas City’s problem areas in your estimation?
            This team could use depth all over and should always strive to upgrage the overall talent pool, but I think there are only a handful of positions that MUST be addressed this offseason.

          • ccseifert

            1. WR
            2. CB
            3. ILB
            4. FS
            5. DE

            And those are just starters. FS is a little loose because Lewis is back there, but the guy a) doesn’t stay healthy and b) when he did play last year, he wasn’t good. All of this ignores a severe lack of depth all over the place. As we’ve seen the past couple of years, you can’t just hope that no one gets hurt because they do. And when that happens, the dropoff in talent on this team is precipitous.

          • armychiefj

            Why is WR your number 1 need? Everyone is hating on Baldwin but lets be realistic, bows just got paid based on the concept that his abysmal performance the last two years is a reflection of the poor qbs throwing to him. Why doesn’t Baldwin get the same benefit?

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Of those, only two of them require new starters today. That number could jump to three depending on what happens with Dorsey/Jackson.

            I think it’s important to note that the draft is merely one tool. We can and will utilize free agency as well. We’re still seven weeks out. It’s very possible that the Chiefs have ILB and CB sewn up before we go on the clock in April’s draft.

            This is not a team with a bunch of holes. Depth is important, but I think its importance can be overstated.

            I don’t like the idea of replacing players simply because it’s possible to upgrade the position. That’s a luxury. Kendrick Lewis can be upgraded, but we have bigger fish to fry. Abdullah’s a pretty solid insurance policy by the way.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Actually Geno doesn’t check out in every way a quarterback can, if he did then he would be the consensus #1 pick on every “experts” mock and not being referred to as a reach in the top 10.
            I’m not saying I’m against the pick but there are question marks about him besides footwork. He’s not a lock to be a franchise quarterback.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            If you would…Kindly tell me which indicators he doesn’t have that typically ascribe to NFL success? He checks out with all of the metrics most often used to gauge NFL success.

            The biggest knock on Smith’s game is not BAD footwork, it’s inconsistent footwork (something he’s working on at IMG). But EVERY QB has areas that need improvement.

            There are almost never any franchise locks.

            He’s not the consensus pick because the bar has been set too high by one of the best quarterback classes in the history of the NFL in 2012. People have FAR too many expectations for a prospect in his position. Any other year and he’d be the consensus #1 with a bullet.

            Ryan Tannehill went 8th overall last year (in the same class as Luck and Griffin) and people pretend Geno’s not an elite enough prospect to go #1 this year? Give me a break.

    • Derek

      Nonsense? He is our Aaron Rodgers. Quit kidding yourself. Read the scouring reports. His only knock is inconsistent footwork. Correctable!

    • Michael Shaw

      Right there with you sir!!!

  • Norman Gunn

    Hey sweet would it be if we drafted Geno then used him to trade bang the Raiders for their 1st and 2nd pick

    • Patrick Allen


    • Don417

      Raiders dont have a 2nd round pick

    • Chiefs1964

      Best idea yet! Love it!

    • Danny W

      trade bang, is what san fran did to us so it would be kinda passing it on. funny

      • Derek


  • Michael Shaw

    Paddy, Paddy, Paddy, PADDY!!! My friend, I thought we talked about this already. With Dorsey not being re-signed yet and Tyson’s contract not re-negotiated yet, we have a gaping hole on our Defensive line, plus we desperately need a CB opposite Flowers that is miles above better than Elam. Javier Arenas would be a good choice if he could stay healthy and we didn’t need him at the safety position with Eric Berry. So I am contending that we either use our #1 on the DL or on Dee Milliner. To use BOTH our #2 AND our #1 on the QB position would be a mistake in my opinion. We either use the #1 on a DL or a CB or we trade down. There really are no other options now that we have given up our #2 pick for Alex Smith. Not saying it is a bad move, but I still think we paid more than we should have.

    • Patrick Allen

      But Milliner is a CB and the draft is deep in conners. There also some good corners set to hit FA. And Star has a heart condition and is a NT. So won’t the Chiefs be reaching a bit on either of those positions? I say fill them in FA. We still need a QB, Smith or not.

      • Michael Shaw

        Oh I agree we need a QB from this draft……..or free agency. I think next year might be a better year to get a QB in the second round or maybe next year with our #1. I would rather move down in this year’s draft and collect some extra picks this year or for next year and not pick Geno with the #1 overall. I have said time and again I don’t believe that any team in the top 15 will take Geno, maybe not even the top 20. I know everyone thinks AZ will take him at #7, but I think they need OL help more than they need QB help. Not even Tom Brady, Peyton or Eli Manning or Joe Flacco could survive behind that line for more than a game or two. I still think Kevin Kolb is a good QB, he just needs an OL to block WAY better than they did last year or the year prior. I think if we don’t take Milliner, the BEST CB in this draft and I don’t care how deep the position is, he can be as good or maybe even better than Flowers, or one of the D-linemen that everyone is raving about, or we could trade down in the 10-25 range and STILL get Geno with that pick. The extra picks we get could help us with depth at the OL, DL, S and TE positions. I guess my main contention with taking Geno #1 is that I don’t necessarily believe he is the clear cut best in this draft class. He was just as unimpressive as the rest of the QB’s at the combine. He did ok, but “not good enough that I would want to go back and see what I missed on tape”, as former Ravens coach Brian Billick said. Milliner showed that he is as speedy on tape as he is in person. We have a couple of guys in our division that can absolutely kill us with their speed, Heyward-Bey and Demaryous Thomas, however that is spelled. Eric Decker is no slouch either. We need a speedy CB that can lock those faster WR’s down and give Hali, Houston and DJ time to sack the QB. I know I am likely the only one that feels this way, but………..that is my gut feeling about the team as of now before FA begins.

        • Scott Mahurin

          You lost me at “next year.” I’ve heard that every year when talking about drafting a quarterback for KC. THIS is our year. I’m already pissed we gave up #34 for Alex Smith…but, I will forgive the FO if they do exactly as Patrick just suggested. Trade down to recoup the pick and take Milliner or just say screw it and take Geno Smith. I just don’t get how people can say Geno isn’t worth a number one pick when it’s highly unlikely he won’t make it past the 4th pick. Jax, Oak, or someone will trade up to take him. No way he makes it past 8th…none.

    • Calchiefsfan

      Anybody like Shariff Floyd if we don’t go for Milner? I like what they are saying about him, “refuses to stay blocked, motor that never stops, always where the ball is at the end of the play”, good pass rusher. I like this guy.

      • Scott Mahurin

        No. Floyd = Glenn Dorsey. Not a fit in our 3-4.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Can’t see it happening at this point, but that would be a hell of an answer for the quarterback question. I still want the Chiefs to draft a QB, but with no R2 pick and a few other holes to fill, I hope it’s not at #1.

    • Doug McD

      Given yesterday, Dorsey and Reid have shown us that they can deal a good deck of cards. I think we will see much more from them. Don’t forget about Foles. We might have a chance with him. We still need a backup that is game ready in case of an injury.

      The QB position also holds value if you can show they can play. I would trust that Reid could do this with Geno. I like the idea of drafting him and trading him for later picks on draft day. If nobody is a taker then we are just fine, this keeps him out of the Raiders hands as well.

      I also believe that Alex Smith understands he will have competition for playing time. The way he carries himself is a positive, total team player! I have never heard him complain harshly like some do.

      We still could get a pick from the 49ers in the trade. They have a ton.

    • Danny W

      In a dream scenario we could trade down get a second and still draft Geno Smith. The rams need a left tackle and have the 16 and 22. Think G Smith is still around then?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Not a chance. He won’t slide out of the Top 10.

      • Rily M

        We could trade Albert and a 5th rounder for their first 1st and get Geno #1 and Lane Johnson #16

  • njjohn

    Not going to happen. You don’t take a QB in the number one spot after you’ve just traded for a guy who’s 29 years old.
    Plus, the one thing you don’t want to do to Alex Smith is put a guy behind him that he thinks is going to take his job at anytime. He just spent seven years doing that.
    Lastly, there are no doubt going to be good QB selections in the third where the Chiefs have two selections. That would be the place to look for a rookie to groom.

  • Don Quijote

    Chiefs Nation. We do not have to draft Geno with our pick. None of the called “experts” see Geno or Barkley as top 10 material. We need to rally around Alex now. He is the QB now. You remember the movie Hoosiers? “the part when he said “this is your team”. I remember the days of taking SF QB. At least we won. Pick a DT or CB with the # 1 pick and find a QB in the third round. Let Dorsey build the team. He already said he will pick the best player available and its not Geno Smith.

    • Joe Myers

      if the chiefs get another d linemen with their first pick im going to make a shiv and freak out jk . But no if their going to get a QB at some point in history please let it be Geno he has a great deep ball

    • Danny W

      Rah Rah Rally!

  • njjohn

    There may very well be a QB prospect in the third round with as much potential as Smith.

    • Danny W

      It’s possible but the chances aren’t likely.

  • Larry Vandesande

    Sign Alex Smith and draft Geno Smith? Heaven forbid such a magnificent thing could happen for Chiefs! They need three quarterbacks on the roster — a starter, someone that can start in 2-3 years, and a backup that can play now. Geno certainly fits. He’s not worth the No. 1 overall pick though and correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t San Francisco draft in Chiefs spot in the second round? The Chiefs still need four new starters at defensive end, cornerback, inside linebacker and receiver. The best bets at top of the draft are D-end and cornerback. If Chiefs keep the first pick, they need to draft Dee Millner of Alabama, a 6-1, 200 lb. flyboy that played against top competition his whole career and showed his wares in the national championship game, effectively blanketing the opponents’ best receivers.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Get Geno and Alex! I’ve said it about 15 times already!

    • Derek

      Ditto! Every chief’s fan wants this so why not just make us happy…for once, clark. PLEASE??? lol

  • Chad Griffeth

    I too have been surprised by people not considering going with the San Francisco strategy. Use Alex Smith just as SF did, and set the franchise up for the long term by allowing Geno to develop under Smith’s and Reid’s tutelage. With the flexibility they now have, I would first vote for the trade down scenario (hoping St Louis bites due to their glaring need at LT), but otherwise would love to see them take Smith if they think he’s a franchise QB.

    • ocrachel

      Great idea..

    • Derek

      and it goes out the window now with the whole firing a tackle and franchising another for a trade….face it chiefs we’re let down again. Every day I’m more and more disappointed with the blown opportunities of this team. I may not be an “expert” as I find it difficult to believe half the ppl are that run arrowhead can even be considered that…All they’ve done is alienate their fan-base. I guess we won’t know anything til draft day…but holy hell fouling up consistently each and every passing year….it’s getting to be too much. I am still bitter that peyton freaking manning wouldn’t give us a shot that’s how badly we have it here….if alex tanney turns out to be a future pro-bowler maybe some good will come of this new regime but seriously have my doubts. I’ll wait to draft day and if they blow the first round on a tackle I will probably throw my bottle at the tv–I doubt I’ll be able to watch the draft without being half in the bag just like anything else the chiefs fuck-up which includes EVERY sunday for the past decade

  • Don417

    I hope not. Who drafts a qb #1 that isn’t ready to start immediately? That’s just a waste of a pick. It’s basically throwing the pick away. It’s not as if this team is set at every other position. DE, CB, ILB, WR and a FS are critical needs.

    • Danny W

      How much different would it be than drafting a d lineman that has to develop over three years?

  • ladner morse

    Great read Patrick. I have been on the CB Milliner bandwagon a bit but… do you know how many CBs have been taken #1 in the draft or how many CBs have been taken in the top five….. in the past ten years. Patrick Peterson was taken #5 a couple years back and he has been the highest CB taken in a long time. I love Milliner but I don’t think he’s in Peterson’s class.

    So… that leaves DL and LTs. I’m not a fan of taking a 4th first round DL in the past 6 years but…. it could happen.
    I’m also not a fan of taking a LT when you have a good one.

    I am a fan of having a backlog of talented QBs — because you can never have enough of them. That’s also the premise Andy Reid has coached with forever — I suspect your on to something here and that there’s a greater possibility the Chiefs will take QB Geno Smith than anyone else wants to admit.

    • Danny W

      I’ve heard New York and Oakland want him very badly. If we trade down he may not be there.

  • Chief Hokie

    If we don’t take Geno we better use that first pick on either DL or CB. Personally, I would like to see Ezekiel Ansah in Chief’s red. It might take a couple of years, but that guy is going to be the next Jason Pierre Paul.

  • Mike Ross

    Won’t happen… when drafting you go 1 of 2 routes… drafting for need or best player available…. Geno smith doesn’t fall into either of those categories.

    • Danny W

      If they’re true to their word this will be the case. We could possibly trade back get a second and still get him though.

  • KCPauly

    I say if Reid is such a QB Guru then let him work with Tanney and Stanzi and see what they got, if nothing pick one up later, in 3rd or 4th or FA, as much as I want Geno I think it would be awesome to trade down with AZ, or Buf. so they could take him instead of the faiders, that’s my only worry that we don’t take him and the faiders get him and he does become a star and torches us for years to come

    • Danny W

      Yeah but what if that quarterback guru just happens to think a fifth round pick and youtube sensation just really don’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL? I think Geno Smith sitting behind A Smith for while could be very very good.

    • Derek

      yup…it’s aaron rodgers playing with oakland in our division if we pass….I would be content if we traded the pick for a stock-pile in return and could still draft a rhodes or trufant in the second with one of them….I really wanna believe that next year would have been the draft for us to complete a dynasty…but alex smith getting us an 8-8 season maybe even 9-7 with our easy schedule will ensure that we aren’t drafting well next year when it matters with johnny football–which that name just rings KC–or an aarron murray or an aj mccarron….bottom-line is they’ll all be gone before we get a shot at them. so THIS is our only shot at finding that star QB of the future. I believe in Geno 100% and think with a year or maybe even less if alex suffers more concussions, that he will be the chiefs starter and never look back. I pray for this scenario but in all likelihood I have cheered for my last chief’s franchise if they pass on Geno. Again I’ll except it if we get a butt-load in return but that doesn’t sound like a realistic scenario either. We’re damned either way. It is a curse to be a Chief’s fan that’s for sure. Just get Geno and make the fans happy for ONCE! IF he is a bust in a year after he fixes his footwork, then I’ll eat my words and NEVER comment on this site again lol BUT if we pass and I’m right…well…I’ll never comment again as I won’t give a damn about this team. We’re a joke so much so that even Peyton Manning wouldn’t give us a simple phone call when we’re supposedly “a QB away from superbowl victory”

  • Matt Dickson

    Matt Scott in the 4th round would be a better idea.

    • Derek

      I would be content with scott or dysert in the fourth or fifth but they’ll both be taken mid to late 3rd and i don’t want to burn a 3rd pick on any other QB than Geno unless we somehow get manuel in the 3rd he’ll be gone to the eagles probably in the second though….the result is Geno or I cannot stand to back this laughing-stock team anymore.

  • Danny W

    From what I’ve heard, the Raiders, Jets, Eagles, and Arizona all want Geno Smith. I think there could be a bidding war between the team we could stack up the picks like pancakes and they will pass on Geno Smith if thats the case. If no one wants to jump to number one the Rams really need a left tackle, so they have a 16 and a 22. If they wanted to give us their 16 for Albert we probably wouldn’t get him. Or we could get their 16 and 22 for the number one so they can draft Joeckel. All of these scenarios I could see happening before we draft Geno number one overall. If it were my team though I would draft Geno Smith unless the bidding war occurred.

    • Derek

      IS there a real bidding-war on Geno? I feel like I would’ve heard about it by now if there had been. I want Geno I’m telling you I believe in him BUT as a team and with a tired of waiting on the future mentality if we beef up the team with a lot of picks that we get as compensation I’ll be happy. We all know what Alex Smith CAN and WILL do with a true All-star team like SF had. That said, he is never going to be elite but may just win us a super-bowl and that is what the fans really want. Personally I would rather not win a super-bowl RIGHT now and worry about being a consistently competitive football team with a rookie QB that wins us one in due-time (say 3 seasons) but gets a play-off win EVERY season. I’m young at 26…but I cannot think of a single play-off victory even with a dream-team in the past…Trent Green I loved as he was in my eyes the most-improved QB in the history of the franchise and we had preist holmes and larry johnson not too mention Tony Gonzales….we were once a dream team as it were and never won a play-off game against the Colts which my dad calls the omen team due to peyton…who is now in our neighborhood and we REALLY don’t have a prayer now….Peyton will be gone in two-three years so our rookie would be all developed and ready to go by then and step-in to win it all….is this a fantasy? Yes…we’re chiefs…we’re doomed. LOL. I haven’t entirely lost faith yet even though I ramble on here in frustration. I just want some good news. I want Geno. If not I hope he goes somewhere and wins a play-off game in the first season as a starter; then he justify all that nonsense of how he wasn’t worthy and the Chiefs will continue derailment and alienate the fanbase even more so.

  • Gene Yuknis

    i’m i reading the post on all these message boards correct? almost everyone seems to be quite happy the way things are turning out.? let the bosses do their job…and we go back to being the waterboys that we are….

    • Derek

      They’re doing OKAY because they kept our key players…it all depends on how well they handle FA and draft Geno…even if they trade him…there is no other option that the fans as a whole want to accept. I am trying hard to reserve my judgement but so far the alex smith thing infuriates me UNLESS it it is to mentor Geno…I say this because I wanted KC to double-down on QBs this draft like the Redskins did. If this turns out like Seatle did with paying Flynn an absurd amount of money and then still drafting the QB of the future then I will be VERY pleased. I in no way think Alex was a waste of money if they utilize this properly as only a stop-gap. Just don’t understand though why it cost all that much when just a year ago smith wouldn’t have costed hardly anything. Besides, was there ever really that great of a market for alex smith? I didn’t see other teams trading absurdly high round picks or smith. I only hope this plays out and that smith starts the season 3-0 with Geno in-towe and Tanney/Stanzi whichever one is the better in competition in Preseason. I do know one thing…Arrowhead will sell-out if Geno is in a chief’s jersey for that first preseason game. Living in Green Bay, I opted not to go to the preseason game at Lambaugh BUT if we had had a new rookie QB to believe-in then you can bet I would’ve.

  • KCMikeG

    GREAT POST PADDY!! Nice using SF as an example – certainly one worth following. How about another example of smart management of the QB position?The Skins giving up THREE #1′s and a #2 AND then a #3 on Cousins who saved their season and got them into the playoffs. Would the usual “never was” career back up QB sitting on most benches in the NFL been able to salvage their season?

    Locking up TJax today makes Geno even more of a possibility. I agree that Geno is the only QB worthy of a #1. Who knows with the way they are being so fantastically aggressive in FA maybe they will still take Geno with our #1? Think about it. If they sign Canty or Avril with the resigning of Jackson then DL is off the list of needs. We have already signed our starting WR & LT.
    I would propose adding argument #4 to your post. Even if Geno is a “reach” at #1 certainly not any more of a reach than a G (Wormack) or a back up OT (Joeckel/Fisher) or a SS (Vaccaro – although I am really starting to like him). Milliner at CB would be an alternative but the difference in talent at CB from our #1 pick to our #3 is no where near the difference in talent from QB #1 to a 3rd rounder. Can you even begin to imagine how happy Chief’s Kingdom would be if they did take Geno? Smith & Smith – Stanzi & Tanney. Wow! Some real depth at the most important position on the team. Let the competition begin!

    • Derek

      If I could have, I would “liked” this on facebook x1,000,000 lol. Wow, if Geno came in during an injured alex game where we were down 17 points of something late in the 3rd quarter and won…Chief’s kingdom would be the happiest franchise. Almost as much as if Cousins had come in earlier during the washington v seatle play-off game. I love Seatle, still do….but washington should have had a real shot at winning that game. I think Cousins should have come-in at the half and that game would have been way more interesting.

      • KCMikeG

        Still don’t get why they kept putting RGIII out there when it was obvious that he couldn’t get it done.

  • Outback Chief

    Matt Scott,Ryan Nassib or EJ Manual are still in my thoughts with two picks in 3rd rd but for the first pick I’d take Chance Warmack, ,Sharrif Floyd,Star Lotulelei if he’s healthy enough, or my outside picks Dee Millner or Dion Jordan that’s right he might be our next Derrick Thomas he has that freakish speed and I think you could put Houston as ILB for a year or so until Tamba is gone or traded.I compared this year’s crop of ILB’s in the draft and Houston compares in size and blows them away with combine numbers and they already said they’re going to blitz more and scheme more than we have so who could stop Hali,Houston,and Jordan on a blitz probably nobody…

    • Derek

      manue will not be there but I would be pretty happy if that worked out as well. No mention of dysert he supposed to be gone before the 4th? A “Big Ben” style project QB that extends plays would be an interesting project at Qb. I would love tyler wilson to be there in one of our 3rd’s just because of his “IT” factor but I can’t seen Jerry Jones passing on him with all the Romo heat in Texas. Finally, someone I never hear about…what about Klein in the 7th or better yet undrafted? Would any chief be against having a Tim Tebow prospect…one that “Jake the Snake” even believes in? Kid is a winner that can run the damn ball which would be interesting with mccluster and charles all sorts of sneaky 2nd and 3rd down plays maybe some wild-cat even.

      • Outback Chief

        I’m in your camp about Klein because I just want to witness for myself what he’d do at that level but most opinions and reports are that he just doesn’t throw well enough to merit a chance. As far as Manuel goes he will be project and I think he could still be around by the 3rd round. And now that Winston is gone the first round pick will be a O-lineman unless they sign a FA but damn are new GM really keeps people guessing I love it.

  • Andy

    All thinjgs being equal, you have some points. Today, as you pointed out, first rounders play, not sit. I think our first rounder has to play now, not sit. Today, there is a salary limit on picks, which changes things. No one wanted to trade for a first rounder because of the cost. Now a first rounder’s cost are resonable. Historically, no one has chosen a CB first. Again, probably because in the past a first rounder’s cost. I agree that we are not done with the QB position. My point is this, G Smith is not the same type of QB Smith is. I’m not sure we fill the QB positions with different types of QB’s. I still think Foles is in play. Bottom line, we will pick a player of need (because we can) who can play now.

  • Don Pena

    I actually had this same thought at least about KC pulling a 49ers part 2. Its more like wishful thinking, but i think it is the smartest move. Take Geno #1 and let him learn under Alex Smith for a few years and Alex gets to squeeze a few more years as a starter and contender for a winning team. There is more potential for upside then down. I agree they should invest more money in the position that they basically ignored and is the most important. I havnt lost all hope of us getting Geno but its close so i will wait for draft day and if they dont get him then ill morn the 2013 season