Oct 9, 2011; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) is congratulated by offensive tackle Branden Albert (76) after scoring a toucdown against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Kansas City defeated Indianapolis 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs' Draft Situation Just Got Simpler

Hope has been restored in Chiefs Kingdom, my friends! When reports began surfacing about the trade agreement between Kansas City and San Francisco (for Alex Smith’s services), there were some thoughts that the Chiefs offseason campaign was already headed down the drain. Luckily for fans, Kansas City’s new GM was only getting started.

With moments to spare late Monday afternoon, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey re-signed punter Dustin Colquitt and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Dorsey completed the hat trick by designating left tackle Branden Albert as the team’s 2013 franchise player. This is cause for celebration because these transactions have simplified Kansas City’s path to the NFL Draft. In locking up the three biggest names on their list of pending free agents, the Chiefs now have options.

In light of yesterday’s developments, who will the Chiefs draft 1st overall? There are still no clear answers, but it appears as though Luke Joeckel is no longer a foregone conclusion. Things could change once free agency begins on March 12th, but as it stands there are about four positions the team still needs to address (inside linebacker, cornerback, defensive end, and wide receiver). It’s reasonable to think Dorsey and the Chiefs will be players in the free agency sweepstakes, so that list could grow even shorter over the next seven weeks.

I won’t re-hash the help likely to be available in free agency. I began circulating those names on this website back in late-January when I wrote two articles that laid out options for this football team (part one & part two). There are a few notable salary cap casualties that could be added to those two lists, but we can revisit that conversation when free agency opens next week. For the moment, I’d like to turn my attention to draft possibilities.

1. Trade Down

According to reports, the Chiefs have already used the 34th overall pick in the NFL Draft to acquire Alex Smith. That trade effectively dashed my hopes of John Dorsey taking Geno Smith with the top overall pick. I suppose that’s still possible, but it seems highly improbable at this point. It also doesn’t seem likely that they’ll find a trade partner willing to give them a king’s ransom for their top draft choice, but I’d be shocked if Dorsey didn’t at least inquire. Recovering their R2 pick in a draft with so much talent crammed into opening two rounds would be a coup for Chiefs brass. There are at least two positions where the Chiefs need new starters (cornerback and inside linebacker). The better the talent, the greater the chance of a prospect making an immediate impact on this football team.

2. DeMarcus “Dee” Milliner, CB, Alabama

The starting cornerback spot opposite of Brandon Flowers is arguably the biggest hole on Kansas City’s roster. Now that the quarterback and left tackle positions have appropriately been addressed, Javier Arenas’ former Alabama teammate becomes a candidate for the #1 pick. Milliner had quite a showing at the NFL combine and his stock is quickly rising thanks to two sub-4.4 times in the 40-yard dash. Dee’s combination of size and athleticism would be an excellent addition to a talented young Chiefs secondary. Milliner’s footwork is a bit concerning though because he wasn’t often required to backpedal in Nick Saban’s coverage schemes. Fortunately for Kansas City, Andy Reid retained secondary coach Emmitt Thomas.

3. Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

The Chiefs owe defensive end Tyson Jackson $14.7 million in 2013. He’s in no danger of coming back to Kansas City at that number. There’s been some talk that the Chiefs are working to re-structure his contract, but nothing is imminent. On the other side of the defensive line, the Chiefs have a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent in Glenn Dorsey. As much as it will pain some of you to read this, the former University of Florida standout makes sense for this franchise.  Floyd would become the fourth defensive lineman since 2008 to have been drafted by the Chiefs in the Top 15, but if Dorsey’s allowed to walk the Chiefs will need a new starter at defensive end. Ropati Pitoitua will also be unrestricted come March 12th. Floyd has scheme versatility, one-gap/two-gap familiarity, a quick first step, and a great motor. He figures to be a longshot for the top pick though as he wasn’t exactly a dominant college football player.

If the NFL Draft were to be held tomorrow, these are Kansas City’s three best options (in my humble opinion). Here’s your chance to weigh in on the issue though. Use the comment section below to make your case. Things change quickly in the NFL this time of the year, so this could be a different conversation in another week when free agency starts. Let’s reconvene to discuss next Tuesday morning.

Until then, Addicts!

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  • Scott Mahurin

    Sharrif Floyd = Glenn Dorsey. Not a true NT. Not a DE in the 3-4. That one isn’t happening.

  • nathan82

    I really think Dorsey is working hard to trade back and I am keeping my fingers crossed. One thing to consider, a week ago the consensus seemed to be that Luke Joekel was the pick for the Chiefs. Is he still the BPA? If so, it seems at least possible the could still take him. I hope not and I am going to jump on the Milliner bandwagon if it is not Geno, which seems unlikely. I think Dorsey is counting on trading back and shopping LT to needy teams. It all comes down to who they feel is the BPA and of course we have no idea.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I really don’t see any way that they still take Joeckel at this point. Where do you put him? Do you concede the possibility of getting Albert re-signed to a long-term deal? I can’t see that happening now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.j.clarke.5 Joshua Jay Clarke

    Get milliner!!

    • kirk

      We’d be dumb to pass him up. the kid has mad talent

    • Stacy D. Smith

      If we have to stand pat and make a pick, he’s the player I want them to take.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.eckstein.31 Tyler Eckstein

      Probably the best option for KC at numer 1 but its a lot like a Geno scenario he’s the best CB in the draft but he’s not worth the top pick.

      • KCMikeG

        I don’t know if it is so much that he isn’t worth the #1 but more that there is similar talent in the 3rd round. I would be happy with either.

  • berttheclock

    Al Harris is the new secondary assistant, Many years in GB as a player and recently, a coach with the Fins. So, I wonder what pearls of wisdom he is telling about Sean Smith, the large CB who has been criticized for taking off plays and even games at times. Plus, his agent is floating an $8 M multi out there.
    I agree wth you about the need for a solid CB to pair with Flowers and a tough ILB. But, I still beleve a huge need is to get a quality receiver who can separate, catch passes and take double teams off Bowe. Then, at some point the Chiefs can address the OG problems of being overwhelmed by bigger tougher defensive linemen.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I would cut Jackson, or lower his contract to a pretty low amount until he shows he deserves it, and let Dorsey walk. Make a move for Freeney since he’s wanting to join another team. Then get the 3rd DE from the draft, or another good 1 from FA. But Jackson isn’t worth $14.7mil in 1 season. I don’t think you can find any DE worth that much.

    • Spencer

      when is Freeney a 3-4 defensive end??? he would come in to get a rare shot at giving Hali and Houston (we have a problem) a breather…Jackson has that big contract this year because he restructured it to get less money last year…i’m fairly confident Dorsey can work out a deal if they try, imo it would be easier to just extend Jackson’s contract for 2 or 3 years and basically spread that 14.7 mill throughout the year

      As berttheclock said a lot are looking at Sean Smith of miami to come in (remember he can also move to safety at least in my opinion and that re-opens the possibility of Dee Millner coming in again) Defensive ends i really don’t like any of them, Star just looks like a hyped up Tyson Jackson to me, he can’t rush the passer (against weaker competition then Jackson played against) and he wasn’t considered a big time athlete and i doubt he is (he is no Poe with the athleticism of a….monster??? I don’t even know)….then add in the possible heart condition, no thank you…maybe in the 2nd round if the 49ers deal turns into a 3rd rather then a 2nd (i am hoping for this….a dreamer can dream)

      Trade back is possible, or Geno is there, we could get Warmack a guard (extremly rare and unlikely, let Jeff Allen develop)…if Sean Smith comes here, i assume we get Geno Smith…Alex Smith being the 1 or 2 year gap guy to allow Geno Smith to develop more (maybe Reid loves Geno, but thinks he needs another year or two to develop???)

      • Daniel Mayfield

        Freeney has the talent to make OL players go after him as much as they do Hali and Houston. With Jackson, they don’t worry so much about him. But ok, keep Jackson but work on that contract. Let Dorsey walk and go for Freeney. We never hear about Jackson or Dorsey, they are pretty much there to make a wall for the LBs to get around. They hardly ever rush the QBs and don’t get many tackles on the RBs. With Freeney, it’s different. I think he would be a good spot for a 3-4 DE. (IMO anyway) I don’t like DEs positions either but you gotta fill in what’s needed. So, get the best that you can. Which isn’t Dorsey or Jackson.

        I won’t say much about Poe with him being a rookie. He does need to develop more skills though

  • freshmeat62

    First of all lets remember Dorsey/Reid draft best player available, not by need. If rumors are true that the Bears are interested in trading for Albert, I say go for it. The Bears have the 19th pick. The Bears will surely want Albert under a long term contract before trading for him. All the Chiefs have to do to get Albert to sign a contract is threaten to draft Joeckel and move Albert to G, which would diminish Albert’s bargaining power as a LT in later years. They can even threaten him of tagging him again next year as a G. Or he can hold out a year. That would be dumb.

    I saw some “experts” yesterday that think the Chiefs will now draft a DT w/ their 1st pick. I thought Poe came on later in the season last year, and looked pretty good. Since Jackson and Dorsey both will probably be gone, maybe they can move Poe to a 3-4 DE. I think w/ his mobility and strength he would be great there, and (I’m sure everyone will think I’m nuts for saying this) I’m thinking Reggie White great.

    • berttheclock

      The Emory factor, eh?

    • Stacy D. Smith

      They’re paying him a left tackle for 2013. He won’t play guard.

  • Richard Comstock

    ROFL i predicited this offseason so far(except the payment for smith). I watched Milliner play this season and the kid is a beast. Just think flowers with 4.3 speed. Very physical, good run support. Sean Smith WILL be in KC next year. Vonte Davis maybe dumb as rocks but he wouldnt just make some shit up for no reason. That is a win win.(Milliner or Smith).
    Tyler Bray is a BEAST..I cant say this enough. If we can land him in round 3 then KC fans should be super happy. Hell we may end up drafting GENO still. There is not a big contract to worry about so its very much still a posibilty.
    If we can trade back i would love to try to pick up One or Two of these Guys:
    Hunt 34 DE-SMU(JJ watt 2.0)
    Ogeltree ILB UGA(superstar at the next level)
    Goodwin ILB MISSU (dude is a beast also)
    these are 3 guys that are not worth our first pick but wont bet there in round 3.Im SO EXCITED now its not even funny.
    WAR CHEIFS!!!!!!!!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I keep hearing about this situation with Sean Smith. I hope it’s true, but I don’t know what to think after the Davis debacle. Smith was on my FA shortlist more than a month ago.

      • Justin Miller

        Smith is going to get paid this summer because of his age and versatility. Should we be the ones to pay him? I would not hesitate to bring him in but at what price? I think he will want Carr money and some.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          I’m hearing that he wants a deal around $8m per with a $24m guarantee. Not sure I want him at that number.

  • John Woodley

    Trade down if we can maybe w/ arizona, going from college to pro is a big change for the corner position takes time to get used to the rule changes

  • berttheclock

    Much will depend on the anticipated April workouts of Tank Carradine, the explosive to the QB DE of Florida State. Out with a season ending ACL tear, he has said he will be ready for those April workouts. If he shows well, he could move up the charts rapidly. However, he might better fit a trade up in the middle of the first for those teams who believe if only they had one or two more players, they could purchase hotel space for the next SB. But, he might excite those higher in the draft. He has really caught the attention of many bloggers. My comment about the middle of the 1st came from Curt Popejoy of Rant Sports.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.eckstein.31 Tyler Eckstein

    What if we traded say our first pick and our third round pick for another teams 1st 2nd and fifth? Just a thought we don’t really need the top pick so if we were able to trade to mid first round would could grab a Cb then in 2nd either a WR or ISLB ( I like Auther Brown from KSU in the NFL and I’m a KU fan so Im not biased haha) and in 5th a Fs to give us a safty net for Kendrick Lewis. Just a thought what you guys think?

  • jesse

    I hope they trade down. We have Bowe and Albert, plus a competent quarterback. Maybe strike a deal with st.louis for one of their 2 first round picks so they can grab joekel or fisher who wont be there at 16. Maybe get a 2nd round pick out of it. If they trade back to 16, the should think about grabbing maybe Elam from Florida to be paired with Berry, Banks if he is still avaiable, or maybe richardson from mizzou to play DE. Then in round 2 they should address one of those 3 positions or ILB, though i personally want them to nab Gooden from mizzou at some point. Dude is a decent linebacker that can cover tightends, which seems to be rare. He ran a 4.45!

  • jesse

    Also I think itd be siiiiick if they drafted Eifert or Ertz if they can snag a 2nd round pick or if they trade down. Right there our offense would be Bowe Baldwin McCluster Wylie at receiver, 2 big guys and 2 speedy slots, Moeaki and Ertz/Eifert, Albert Asamoah Hudson Allen Winston, Charles with Gray or Draughn backing him up, and Alex Smith. Ohboyohboyohboy!

  • Kyle ferguson

    Trade down get a late one and pick up a second round pick, I would like to see us pick up a tight end early, I think it could improve us a lot offensively, then grab a cb with the second pick

  • Jamie Denton

    Trade down accumulate more picks! Pick up some talent in free agency, there are some good solid players out there that are not quite (BIG NAMES) just yet at some of the positions we need to fill that would come at a fair price! Then Dorsey could actually put his draft system into play and draft the best “player” available not by need but the actual “Best Player Available”. And if we could pick up a 2nd rounder by trading down in the 1st that would be awesome, and actually give us a chance at a QB to groom!

  • Outback Chief

    The Chiefs will try to trade down , and maybe it’s with the 49ers getting that rd two back, but if they don’t you can be sure that the number one pick will be a lineman or Geno. Even though they have Albert back for a season They’d be crazy not to draft O-line but the great thing is they can draft the best player on their board and give him time to adjust. That’s a magical thought really because that’s what winning teams do , they make decisions from a position of strength.

  • Danny W

    A lot of people are wanting defense now. I think you keep a game manager with the neck above water for a bit then you throw in Geno Smith if the team is mine. I think we will have a trade partner to go down and grab a second though passing on Geno Dee, and Floyd.

  • Jim Harper

    What I would like to see is for the Chiefs to take Ziggy Ansah in the first. He has been flying up draft boards and is now a consensus top 10 pick going anywhere from 6 to 8. Tremendous upside and many compare to Jason Pierre-Paul. Nice replacement for Dorsey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tristan.gee.9 Tristan Gee

    If the chiefs could pick up sinkfield in a later round and develop him they could have a great pair of receivers when paired with bowe