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NFL Franchise Tag Deadline 2013: Bowe Or Albert?

The NFL franchise tag deadline is today at 4 PM eastern time and that means the Kansas City Chiefs are running out of time to lock up WR Dwayne Bowe and LT Branden Albert.

The Chiefs have had two weeks to use the tag but time runs out this afternoon. Some teams have already use the tag, including the Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Bills and Colts.

Unless the Chiefs have a pile of contracts already complete, they will be using the tag on someone today. The whispers around NFL circles indicate that WR Dwayne Bowe will be tagged for the second straight year.

But Bowe isn’t the only candidate. LT Branden Albert, P Dustin Colquitt and DE Glenn Dorsey are all scheduled to hit free agency this offseason. To date, the Chiefs have not yet announced that they have re-signed any of those players.

Here is what to expect:

1. A player gets franchised

One of the above players is almost certain to get franchised. But that isn’t the end of contract discussions. The Chiefs and still negotiate with the player until July 15th. If the two sides are able to work out a long-term deal after the tag is applied and before the July 15th deadline, the tag will be tossed aside and the player will play under the new deal.

If the two sides are not able to come to a long-term agreement, the franchised player has to play under the one-year franchise deal or not at all.

2. A player doesn’t get tagged

If the Chiefs tag Dwayne Bowe and not Branden Albert, they can still sign Albert to a long-term deal. But they will be under the gun. Free agency doesn’t start until March 12th but other NFL teams will be able to start talking contracts with impending free agents at midnight this Friday/first thing Saturday morning.

There is a new rule that basically allows a legalized tampering period of three days. So Albert would be able to negotiate with suitors Saturday, Sunday and Monday until free agency starts at 4 PM eastern time, at which point he would be free to sign with any team.

Chances are, the players that don’t receive the tag will want to test the open market, unless the Chiefs offer them a deal that blows them away.

Think about it. Say the Chiefs are currently offering Branden Albert $7 million a year for 5 years. Then let’s say the Chiefs franchise Bowe. Now Albert knows he is going to hit free agency if he wants. Why shouldn’t he wait until Friday night/Saturday morning to see what the market has to offer. Even if he wants to stay in Kansas City, it would be wise for Albert to find out what he is worth. If say, the Raiders call him and offer him $9 million a year, Albert can come back to the Chiefs and see if the home team will match the offer.

Essentially, once the Chiefs place a tag on a player, they lose their leverage with the other guys.

3. The Chiefs could use the non-exclusive franchise tag

The Chiefs have two versions of the franchise tag they can use. If they place the “exclusive franchise tag” on a player, that player cannot negotiate with any other teams. The player must either sign the franchise tag or work out a long-term deal with the Chiefs before July 15th.

If the Chiefs place the “non-exlusive franchise tag” on a player, that player is free to negotiate a contact with other teams. The Chiefs would them be given the opportunity to match the offer the player receives. If the Chiefs match the offer, the player stays in KC. If the Chiefs refuse to match the offer, the team that submitted the offer must surrender two first-round draft picks to the Chiefs.


We will be monitoring the transactions throughout the day. News will begin to leak out as teams notify the league of which players they are tagging.

Stay tuned.

Last chance to place your bets? Who gets it? Bowe, Albert, Colquitt or Dorsey?

I’m going with Bowe.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonfseibel Jason Seibel

    It has to be Bowe. It’s really the only move that makes sense, especially when you take the Luke Joeckel draft pick into consideration. This is all very deja vu-ish if you ask me.

    • Michael Shaw

      And not a very fun or exciting deju-vu either, if you ask me!!

  • Chris Tarrants

    I say tag Albert, sign Wallace and let bowe test the market before he comes back to reality and signs back with us for what he is worth

    • chiefridgy

      If they let Bowe test the market he will be gone. Someone is going to pay him top 5 money.

    • Michael Shaw

      That would be nice, but I think someone will overpay him. Miami, Pittsburgh or the Jets, maybe??

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    I hope for Albert just so I know we won’t take a lineman with the first pick. I know people don’t like when I say it but pay WR big money is a mistake. Receivers are a product of good qb play. Obviously some receivers are better than others but haven’t we sucked the past 4 years with bowe? Time to move on without strapping ourselves with a big contract.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jasonfseibel Jason Seibel

      How can a WR be only a product of good QB play when we’ve had horrible QB play since Bowe came to KC and he still puts up decent numbers?

      • Pessimisticchiefsfan

        He was the only person to throw it too. Take out the Weis year when Matt cassel was a pro bowl qb has he done anything that would want you to give him top 5 WR money? I want bowe but no player should get top nfl contracts when they just contributed to a 2 win season.

        As for wr being a product of good qb play look at Rodgers Brady manning breese. There is a reason those teams never have a bad WR core.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jasonfseibel Jason Seibel

          I’m not disagreeing with you there. But I think the fact that Bowe is probably Top 10 with the QB’s he’s had throwing at him is a good reason to maybe spend a bit more on him than we’d like. Imagine what he could do with a QB that completes 70% of his passes.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    This is looking an awful lot like last year with the Bowe and Carr situation. Keep them both it opens up the draft even more for us.

  • ArrowFan

    Bowe, because we currently have a serviceable backup to Albert but not Bowe. Of course we don’t have one for Dustin or Dorsey. However if we tag either our punter or our un impressive DE my head will explode on the spot.

    • Michael Shaw

      LOL! If it does just make sure you have someone u-tube it!!!

  • Michael Shaw

    I am hoping none of them! Here is why. I think the new regime already knows whether they really want these guys on the team or not and if they are serious about signing them, then they will likely have a deal done today or they will let them walk. I will say that if they DO tag anyone, it will likely be Bowe, again.

  • ArrowFan

    Even if Albert goes some where else it doesn’t guarantee a LT with our first pick. For one Stephenson was very good last year filling in so why can’t he just become the starter? Two we could still pick up a LT with our third pick. Third we need more than just A Smith at QB, we still need a second fall back guy in case of injury and with A Smith we need to have a plan B. Therefore I think we still draft a QB with our first pick. Now it may not be the #1 overall pick if we trade out but non the less we still need another QB.

  • chiefridgy

    No matter what they don’t let Bowe walk. That would b just plain dumb.

  • Chris Tarrants

    On a brighter note if you scroll back to the top of the page and look at the picture that was chosen for this artical you will find out what the correct form is for a football enema! Seriously who picked that pic out?