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Chiefs' Eric Winston Talks Alex Smith

Kansas City Chiefs fans, on the whole, don’t appear to be too happy about the news yesterday that the team plans to trade for 49ers QB Alex Smith.

But that doesn’t mean Smith’s new teammates don’t like the idea.

Right tackle Eric Winston, who has never been shy of expressing himself to the media, weighed in on the trade yesterday via the USA Today.

“It’s about winning,” Winston said. “Alex is a guy who’s been there and has what it takes. Alex can beat you a lot of different ways. He’s a lot more athletic than people give him credit for. It’s an exciting time with all the new people coming in. It was definitely a change of direction the organization felt we needed to go in.”

Winston also touched briefly on the future of his teammate, QB Matt Cassel.

“I have a friendship with Matt Cassel. Obviously, you had the sense they were probably going to go in a different direction just because of the totality of all that’s happened. But at the same time, you realize it’s going to cost some of your friends their jobs,” Winston said. “Obviously, the organization wanted to bring in new blood. You know that going in. You know everybody is up for review and that’s just how it is. For me, it’s personally bittersweet because I believe in Matt. I think Cassel can get it done. Maybe it will be a great change for him and he can go somewhere else where he can get a fresh start as well.”

It is nice for Winston to speak up for Cassel. The fact of the matter is, Cassel hasn’t gotten it done.

Unfortunately, despite his recent success, a great number of Chiefs fans seem to think Alex Smith’s Chiefs career will end the same way as Cassel’s.

In failure.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Alex Smith is better than Matt Cassel. What he’s done the past two seasons in San Francisco leads me to believe he’s finally turned the corner. Hopefully that level of play translates here in Kansas City. For now, I’m going to reserve judgment. The front office needs to set Smith up well with plenty of offensive talent. Get Bowe re-signed, nab another WR in free agency, and hopefully they can draft a Tight End.

    • john

      Agreed. I was always a big fan of Matt Cassel, but he had his chance in KC and Winston is right, a fresh start somewhere else may be what he needs.
      Alex Smith is a perfect fit for the Chiefs right now. He’s still young, but experienced and Andy Reid is the perfect HC for him. As you said, make sure he has the talent, especially the o-line and KC will be a much, much better team, starting next year.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        He’s perfect for Reid’s WCO system. Accuracy on short and intermediate throws is key. That’s something Smith is good at. I’m not upset that they traded for him. It’s the compensation I take issue with.

        • john

          I would have preferred a third, but if he comes in and is successful nobody will care or remember that it was a second. I’m also not concerned about the conditional pick. The higher it is, the better he did.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Had they traded a third for him, I’d have nothing bad to say.
            We had two.

    • micah stephenson

      Lol. Lmao! Wow. Lol. Who isnt better than Matt Cassel? Lol. Here we go with that Cassel/now A.Smith talk. “he’s good if you surround him with 10 probowlers on offense, & hav a top 5 defense, and has a top ten special teams unit, & has all the best coaches, and all the billions of stars align, and………

  • john

    Look at this way: Alex Smith—- Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Brody Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Damon Haurd, take your pick. I’d have to go back to Trent Green to find a QB I’d take over Smith than any other one the Chiefs have put on the field.

  • Trent Taylor

    Those who are pissed about this are just flat out wrong.

    • micah stephenson

      How are we wrong for being pissed off about it looking like the Chefs gon end up using a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd on Swapping out Cassel and Albert(1 sack in 12 starts) for A.Smith(Cassel 2.0) & Luke Joke-OL(might b as good as Albert 1 day). A.Smith 59%. Career completion %. Most tds thrown in a season. 18!!! Cassel 27 tds!!! A.Smiths career yards per pass att less than 8 yards. A.Smith is Matt Cassel!!!!

      • Trent Taylor

        Tell me what other legitimate choice they had! They walked into a quarterback clusterfuck! Who says thy won’t resign Albert? Let them do their jobs and stop blaming them for Piolis shortcomings!

        • micah stephenson

          The other and best choice is draft Geno # 1

          • Gene Yuknis

            wake up numb nuts

        • big chief

          They could have traded for Flacco and Micah would be pissed. I tried to tell everyone that Geno wasn’t going to happen. He’s in the “Geno Smith is Joe Montana” club.

          • micah stephenson

            Id b happy if they traded for Flacco. I am in the Geno has a higher ceiling than A.Smith Club. Im in the Chiefs need to quit being scared of drafting a 1st rd QB club. Last yr it was dont worry bout a QB we can get Matt Barkley next yr. Then this yr, dont worry about a QB, we can get 1 next yr. Then next yr, dont worry about a QB, A.Smith won 7 games last yr, give him another chance and worry about drafting QB next yr. After 3 or 4 seasons of failing with Smith, they will find another 30 yr old back up bum QB to trade picks on instead of drafting 1. The Chiefs are a Joke!

      • TAZMOSIS

        How could any fan in their right mind compare Alex Smith to Matt Cassel? Smith is far and away the better QB. Look at Smith’s most recent body of work. In 2011, if not for an idiot special teamer, the Niners were in the Super Bowl. Last year, they were 6 and 2 with Smith until he was concussed. In a season and a half, the Niners were 21 and 5 with Smith as the QB. So, don’t even start up with this nonsense of Smith v. Cassel as being anything other than something to bitch and moan about.

  • chiefridgy

    I too like the move. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • drake

    just to recap about eric winston: he is sickened and disgusted by kansas city cheifs fans, all 70,000 of them. he himself states he is not a gladiator (something that if said to ray lewis might get you stabbed). and now he says he believes in matt cassel as a qb. WHY IS HE STILL A CHIEF? this man says he doesnt have the mentality it takes to win, he doesnt like the fans, and he thinks the worst qb in the league is one of the best. get this neanderthal off the kansas city chiefs and replace him with a real gladiator of the gridiron. god i miss willie roaf and will shields.

    • P Heitman

      C’mon, man. Like Winston, neither Roaf or Shields would have thrown their QB under the bus and you know it. I share Winston’s disgust of some of you fans. So sick of the negativity. It’s really friggin’ depressing, actually. Close your laptops, and go live your lives. Christ Almighty.

      • big chief

        Agreed. Sick of all the bitching.

      • twistingandawhinin

        take your own advice if what you are reading is causing such a panty twist

        • P Heitman

          Look, I rarely post. But I do read this site all of the time, and I read everyone’s comments on a regular basis. Some people are just angry and post negative crap every three minutes, no matter what.

          Let me spell this out for you now: This place is NOT just a forum for miserable fans to bitch about every minute detail of the team, even though it definitely comes across that way. I’m allowed to be upset and disappointed with my fellow fans, just as any of you are allowed to be upset and disappointed with this team. However, when you call for a guy’s head for being a good teammate, that’s going too far. Sorry. This week I’ve been embarrassed.

          All of this anger is understandable. Last year was miserable, and we as fans have been promised the world over and over again. It’s hard to continue to trust a team when you repeatedly get burned. I totally get that. But we don’t have a real choice, and we have to trust the guys that we have brought in. It sucks to not have control, but let’s face it, it’s a reality.

          Now, the above post by Drake is calling for Winston’s head, when all he did was have a teammate’s back. If I could have a whole team of guys that stick up for their teammates like Winston has done (on the reg), I would take it, every time.

          I thought we were better than this. Sorry that I’m not screaming about the sky falling, or calling for the heads of a brand new group before a game has even been played. Sorry that I don’t believe Winston said anything other than what any good teammate would say – and above all, I’m sorry that the losing and the bad luck, and the blown expectations have gotten to everyone like this. It’s sad, really. What’s the point of being a fan if you can’t have hope?

          I think it’s time to hit the reset button, guys. What are we, Eagles fans? Take a deep breath and realize that the cup is half full, not half empty. The Chiefs are going to be a great team soon, just watch. Have some hope. Wear some red.

          GO CHIEFS!

          • KCMikeG

            I second the motion. Well said and thank you for a fresh dose of reality. I am going to believe that our new GM/HC now what they are doing. Every single media expert – even Mayock has said the QB class is severely lacking and none of the QB’s are NFL ready. Maybe AS was the best possible choice. Who knows – maybe we draft EJ Manuel and he blows up and takes poor ole AS’s job in 2014. I will remain cautiously optimistic. Wearing my RED and flying my CHIEFS flag out front! Can’t wait to be loud & proud.

  • Kyle Hershberger

    Those comments he made are “sickening”

  • Toby Gaines

    I must say I am disappointed in some of my fellow CHIEFS fans, can we atleast give Alex Smith a chance to play before we give up hope already. I usually just read the posts and don’t post myself but enough is enough, Give him a chance and I belive he will be good for our beloved CHIEFS.

  • Toby Gaines

    just my opinion.

  • Cha-iefs

    lol bunch of haters. Amazes me how people “love” this team “SO MUCH” but all they do is hate on everything about them and everything they do. Nothing is ever good enough. These haters will never be happy about anything. They’ll find a reason to complain about anything. Some people just can’t EVER see the glass as “half-full”.
    I’ll let you know if I like Alex Smith and how he’s doing after he’s played some football in KC, lol. Looks like KC is getting Alex…….I’m not going to slam the Chiefs and a newly signed player before the guy even takes a snap for them.

    • micah stephenson

      Is the glass half empty or half full if your a arz Cardinals fan and your tean jus traded a 2nd and a 3rd for M.Cassel instead of drafting Geno or Wilson?

    • micah stephenson

      When my KC glass is sitting next to the Denver Broncos glass, I cant help but notice my glass is half empty compared to they glass.

  • Andy

    I have read a couple of takes on the pro’s and con’s of acquiring Smith as our QB. Pro
    Both were informative, but I am leaning toward the “Pro” for Three reasons. One Reid is a good coach who has had great success with the QB position. The type of offense that Reid runs is tailored for Smith’s skill set. Also, let’s not confuse Mike Singletary as an offensive genius. Two. The “con” compared Cassel and Smith’s statistics, and they were shockingly similar. On the surface this looks bad for us. A little digging, I found a couple things. If my information is correct, Smith had a different offensive coordinator in his first five years. His first coordinator was ex Chief offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Although Raye did okay stat wise, I remember many a game, frustrated by the play calling. Three. Smith, I believe has matured since those first few years and has the confidence to come in a lead. Confidence is a huge part of being a NFL QB. It is what separates the men from the boys.
    Look Pioli is not pulling the strings here. We have, what looks like a good coach and GM. Let’s give them a chance.

  • PunjabiPete

    Eric Winston again shows he has too much class to be a Chief. If he could block a little better I’d vote him for MVP every year. As for Alex Smith….

    Look, he’s coming here. Piss and moan and period it up all you want, he’s coming to Kansas City. Hopefully some people give him a full game before shitting on him unlike the response Andy Reid has gotten. What quarterback have we gotten that’s gone to the NFC FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP in the last 3 years? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  • michael mckee

    look at the numbers,smith and cassel are the same qb….so says the morons who are wrapped up in fantasy football.chiefs nation embarrases me now.I no longer get to talk shit to raider fans because chief nation is not the fanbase I grew up as one of.joe montana was 20 yrs ago!Elvis was 15yrs ago!!move on,quit living in the past people DAMN!welcome alex smith with the hospitality and love that those parts are known for and quit bitching…

  • Ray Cosyn

    Its the compensation that bothers me. We look stupid giving up a second and possiibly another next year. I am going to keep my Chief’s gear in the closet until we see how this comes out.