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Best Available Chief

I am pretty pumped about yesterday’s huge news with Alex Smith, and here’s why: in the debate between drafting the best available player versus the best available quarterback, I think history shows that taking the best available player is a better gamble. The Chiefs are now free to do just that.

The Chiefs did the right thing in trading for Smith. To help explain why, let’s take a closer look at past draft classes. With Luke Joeckel widely considered to be the best available player this year, we’ll compare quarterbacks and offensive tackles chosen over the past six years.

First, the quarterbacks. Here are the QB’s who have been drafted in the first three rounds since 2006, sorted by the round they were drafted. I’ve inserted my advanced personal ranking system of Superstar, Game Manager or Horrible next to each QB:

Year First Round (Overall Pick) Name Team Ranking
2012 1 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Superstar
2012 2 Robert Griffin III Washington Superstar
2012 8 Ryan Tannehill Miami Game Manager
2012 22 Brandon Weeden Cleveland Game Manager
2011 1 Cam Newton Carolina Game Manager
2011 8 Jake Locker Tennessee Horrible
2011 10 Blaine Gabbert Jacksonville Game Manager
2011 12 Christian Ponder Minnesota Game Manager
2010 1 Sam Bradford St. Louis Game Manager
2010 25 Tim Tebow Denver Horrible
2009 1 Matthew Stafford Detroit Superstar
2009 17 Josh Freeman Tampa Bay Game Manager
2008 3 Matt Ryan Atlanta Superstar
2007 1 Jamarcus Russell Oakland Horrible
2007 22 Brady Quinn Cleveland Horrible
Year Second Round (Overall Pick) Name Team Ranking
2011 35 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Superstar
2011 36 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco Superstar
2010 48 Jimmy Clausen Carolina Horrible
2009 44 Pat White Miami Horrible
2008 56 Brian Brohm Green Bay Horrible
2008 57 Chad Henne Miami Game Manager
2007 36 Kevin Kolb Philadelphia Game Manager
2007 40 John Beck Miami Horrible
2007 43 Drew Stanton Detroit Horrible
2006 49 Kellen Clemons New York Jets Horrible
2006 64 Tarvaris Jackson Minnesota Horrible
Year Third Round (Overall Pick) Name Team Ranking
2012 88 Nick Foles Philadelphia Game Manager
2011 74 Ryan Mallett New England Horrible
2012 75 Russell Wilson Seattle Superstar
2010 85 Colt McCoy Cleveland Horrible
2008 94 Kevin O’Connell New England Horrible
2007 92 Trent Edwards Buffalo Horrible
2006 81 Charlie Whitehurst San Diego Horrible
2006 85 Brodie Croyle Kansas City Horrible

If we assign a score of 1 for each Superstar, a 2 for each Game Manager and a 3 for each Horrible QB, then we have the following averages per round chosen:

Round Drafted Average Score
1 2.06: Essentially, a Game Manager
2 2.45: Midway between a Game Manager and Horrible
3 2.63: Closer to Horrible

First round quarterbacks tend to grade out a bit better than second rounders. No surprise there. What is a little surprising to me is the number of Game Managers and Horrible QB’s that came out of the first round. Some of that is the luck of the draw, but some of that has got to be teams reaching for a quarterback that they so desperately need.

Here’s another list:  left tackles chosen just in the first round since 2006, with my same ranking scale, sorted by their rank:

Year First Round Name Team Ranking
2012 3 Matt Kalil Minnesota Superstar
2010 4 Trent Williams Washington Superstar
2010 6 Russell Okung Seattle Superstar
2010 11 Anthony Davis San Francisco Superstar
2010 23 Bryan Bulaga Green Bay Superstar
2009 8 Eugene Monroe Jacksonville Superstar
2009 23 Michael Oher Baltimore Superstar
2008 1 Jake Long Miami Superstar
2008 12 Ryan Clady Denver Superstar
2008 15 Branden Albert Kansas City Superstar
2008 26 Duane Brown Houston Superstar
2007 3 Joe Thomas Cleveland Superstar
2007 28 Joe Staley San Francisco Superstar
2012 23 Riley Reiff Detroit Game Manager
2011 9 Tyrone Smith Dallas Game Manager
2011 17 Nate Solder New England Game Manager
2011 22 Anthony Castonzo Indianapolis Game Manager
2011 25 James Carpenter Seattle Game Manager
2011 32 Derek Sherrod Green Bay Game Manager
2009 6 Andre Smith Cincinnati Game Manager
2008 17 Gosder Cherilus Detroit Game Manager
2008 21 Sam Baker Atlanta Game Manager
2007 5 Levi Brown Arizona Game Manager
2011 29 Gabe Carimi Chicago Horrible
2009 2 Jason Smith St. Louis Horrible
2008 14 Chris Williams Chicago Horrible
2008 19 Jeff Otah Carolina Horrible

Once again, let’s assign a score of 1 for each Superstar, a 2 for each Game Manager and a 3 for each Horrible offensive tackle. These first round tackles average a 1.67, which is quite a bit better than the 2.06 that the first round quarterbacks fared.

With my admittedly rudimentary ranking system, the data suggests that teams often reach when they draft a QB in the first round. Of the fifteen first round quarterbacks taken in the last seven years, only four became superstars. That’s just 26%. The exact same percentage turned out horrible. But with left tackles, thirteen of the past twenty-seven left tackles drafted in the first round turned out to be superstars.

That’s why I prefer the “take the best available player” approach. Football is a game of big plays – a quarterback throws a perfect pass, a defensive end sacks the QB or a running back bursts through the line for a long gain. In the hand-to-hand combat that is the NFL, you need superstar players who can make that special play. For those of us who were lucky enough to watch Willie Roaf open gaping holes in the line of scrimmage play after play, we know well that a superstar left tackle can change a game. The same was true of other positions as well, like with Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith. The point is, a true superstar doesn’t have to be a quarterback to be a gamechanger. And bottom line – the allure of a quarterback often leads teams to reach for a first rounder, only to have it end up as a wasted pick.

With Alex Smith now, we have a proven starter who will be an immediate improvement, and who can also help groom a young quarterback that we will most certainly pick up in the draft this year. We don’t yet know if Luke Joeckel will be the best available player. We’ve got eight more weeks of research and learning to do. But whoever it ends up being, I think the Chiefs are better off with Alex Smith and drafting the best available talent with the first pick, then if we would have reached for Geno Smith or another quarterback with the first selection.

Addicts, where do you fall on this debate? Are we better off with Alex Smith and the number one pick, or should we have used our pick on the best available quarterback?!

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’ll do you one better.
    26 of the 47 Super Bowls were won by a quarterback taken in the first round.
    13 have been won by the top overall pick.

    There’s something to be said about drafting your own quarterback in the opening round of the NFL Draft.

    • Richard Comstock

      There we GO BRO!!! lets look at the bright side of things man… We were all so happy to get a new coach and GM now we all wanna bash his first move! Id also like to add once again that it could have been 14 first rounders if the rest of his team would have played at his level in the 2011 playoffs. That is somthing people need to take a step back and honestly look at. HE WAS GOOD ENOUGH TO GET IT DONE!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/TyLewis721 Ty Lewis

      Wasn’t Alex Smith taken in the first round? Maybe even the first overall pick?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Indeed he was. Interesting thing to note about acquiring another team’s quarterback though. Since 1993, only 5 quarterbacks have won Super Bowls with teams they weren’t drafted by.

    • Doug McD

      I for one am tired of talking and ready to watch what unfolds next season. Curious on who we get in the draft and if we get Albert and Bowe back. Here’s a thought Tom Brady was a compensatory 6th (7th) pick.

  • Richard Comstock

    Im also pretty excited. I think everyone else will be excited too when they get over what we payed to get Smith. Everyone needs to remeber that we have no clue what other teams where offering. People who think Alex smith and MC are the same are simply ignorant. I wish people would watch the film instead of being sheep. Alex Smith does NOT get flusterd when the pressure is coming. He has GREAT presnap reads and makes good decisions with the ball. How could anyone ever expect a player to shine when EVERYTHING around them ALWAYS changed? MC was a back up even at the college level. I belive 100% that Alex Smith played well enough to win a superbowl but we all know the story(against the Giants). He has VERY good legs also. I will say this again….ANYONE who is in a bad mood today about Alex Smith just go watch ANY OF HIS PLAYOFF GAMES. If you really want to get happy go REWATCH the NO game. He put the team on his back in that game. The way I see it, we got a former first overall pick AFTER he went through all the growing pains. With the Rumuors of Sean Smith coming to KC I am starting to get really really happy. Lets just use Flacco as an example. If we didnt look at his last two seasons would anyone want him really? Players grow and get better and Alex Smith is a great example of that!

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I’m confident that no other team would’ve forked over the top pick in the second round plus future considerations. Remember, he was available to every team in the league just last offseason (for no compensation). No one wanted him.

      • Richard Comstock

        I see that a lot of people on this Board ASSUME they know more then they actually do.I am just as confident as you are…only my confidince is in the fact that our GM and head coach no more then you and I. How do we know that NOBODY wanted him? Maybe they knew he was going to stay in SF and didnt feel like the wasted effort.Maybe last years draft was loaded with QB talent which equated to a soft market? If we ASSUME we know whats going on then maybe you have a valid point.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Scott Pioli has forgotten more about the NFL than I’ll ever know, but he’s currently sitting somewhere in a television studio. John Dorsey and Andy Reid are still perfectly capable of making bad decisions. Having more knowledge about a given subject hardly makes you infallible.

          There was no market for Smith last season when he was available for no compensation. He had just one free agent visit last year and Miami decided to draft Tannehill instead. Smith went back to San Francisco even after he knew they were actively pursuing a replacement. I wonder why he would do that? Because he had few options in free agency.

          We overpaid for a player who would’ve spent the 2013 season on the Niners’ sideline. While, I’ll never KNOW (in the strictest sense) that he could’ve been had for a third, I feel fairly confident in that. Given what we know about the position they were in and the history of Alex Smith in the NFL.

          You’re extending trust to a staff that hasn’t proven anything yet in Kansas City. I’m not sure why.

          • Richard Comstock

            sorry see reply to your other post below

          • Stacy D. Smith

            You really put Kyle Orton’s name on this list? He’s a backup in Dallas. He wasn’t an option for any team because he’s not a starter in this league anymore.

            Few teams either had the draft firepower or cap-favorable situation to bring in Luck, Griffin, or Manning. Who does that leave? Tannehill and Foles? Come on.

            One? How about two?

            Skip Bayless,
            AlexSmith deal bad for both teams. More valuable as 49er backup than w/ AReid. Will struggle under pressure to save that franchise.

            Will Brinson,
            Reid just tied his career in Kansas City to Alex Smith, and he did so by giving up two second-round picks in exchange for a quarterback who’s struggled during long portions of his career. Smith might fit what Reid wants to do, but if they give the guy an extension suddenly they close the door on developing a younger guy.

          • Richard Comstock

            So are you failing to even realize how damn good last years QB class was?Let me remind you…LUCK,RG3,Tanehill,Wilson, PEYTON MANNING,Foles. Cusins,Orton Camble (last 2 are reachs but you get my point) When you have THAT many good guys out there you are dealing with a SOFT market. Not to mention that in 2012 he just showed that 2011 wasnt a fluke and could be a sign of him maturing as a player.
            Also…lets not forget that MC played on a team that went 16-0 in the regular season the year before so im not sure how that is a fair comparision.
            Also last time I checked Dorsey built a powerhouse in GB and Reid has been to a superbowl and what 5 NFC championships? What else are you looking for them to prove to you.
            As far as The pioli thing…If they didnt hit the Lotto with Brady he would never ever ever have the rep he has now! Blind pure luck if he knew he was that good he wouldnt have waited so damn long to draft him.
            Since we are talking about people who no a lot about football…HOW about this?…Find me ONE expert who thinks we made a bad trade. Every expert I have seen says this was a GREAT move. Who are we to say otherwise?

          • Priest4Prez

            I feel like we just traded a second round pick for Kyle Orton….at least HE got to a Superbowl sheesh

          • http://www.facebook.com/jymon.tyson Jymon Tyson

            Remember we had another 49ers QB who was on the sideline by the name of Joe Montana!

          • Scott Mahurin

            I couldn’t have said it better Stacy. I am sorely pissed if this trade is for a second and future picks. We were just robbed. We gave up a starting DB with pick 34…something we sorely needed. I HATE this move.

          • Richard Comstock

            Well first let me start off by telling you that your not doing yourself ANY favors by mentioning SKIP BAYLESS. WOW..this is the same guy who just last season put his reputation in the trash by proclaiming JOE Flacco was over rated and not a franchise QB. Yeah he knows a lot. neither of thoes guys are real experts. What about ACTUAL RESPECTED EXPERTS.People with good reputations around the league. Not Idiot TV show hosts. Im sure you are still looking.
            I also forgot about Weeden..How can you discount Luck and RG3? the fact is they where there to be had. Also dont you rember how many KC fans wanted Orton over MC? I know I sure did, and almost every other smart KC fan. so…
            Lets recap..
            Manning, Luck, Wilson, Tanehill,Wilson,Foles,Cusins, (i will leave the other two off the list just to prove a point.)
            That makes 7 guys out there that people really liked, couple that with the fact that Smith was never going to leave SF anyway.(aside from landing peyton)The whole time JH said Smith was his guy, it was common knowladge really. Comparing last years QB situation to this years make you look like you have no clue at all what your talking about.

            Do you understand now how that could creat a soft market? Smith also did EVEN more to prove him self last year!
            IM STILL LAUGHING THAT YOU POINTED AT SKIP BAYLESS AS YOUR EXPERT. How about this…give me an expert that works on and NFL show(NFL network,nfl32,nfl live, ect ect.) or for the NFL. What do thoes guys think about the trade?

          • Stacy D. Smith

            To take a page out of your playbook, he knows more about the NFL than you do. Skip Bayless has been covering the NFL for 35+ years.

            Two can play this game.

            You can’t be the arbiter of which experts are reliable and which ones aren’t. Especially when you’re cherry-picking the ones that don’t support your position.

          • Richard Comstock

            Working in Media does not make you an expert. I said..find me someone respected by everyone. EVERYBODY KNOWS skip bayless is an idiot. FIND ME SOMEONE THAT HAS AN NFL RELATED JOB!. ONLY NFL.
            To your point skip bayless is wrong more often then he is right. THIS GUY IS THE BIGGEST TEBOW SUPPORTER IN THE WORLD and said Flacco is not a franchise QB!!! wtf are you talking about..
            FInd me someone RESPECTED IN THE League.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jymon.tyson Jymon Tyson

        No one wanted him because everyone was after this guy name Peyton Manning!!!!

        • Stacy D. Smith

          Including the San Francisco 49ers.

  • GDL40

    I think our #2 pick was too much for A. Smith ! not to mention there’ s another conditional pick next year : ( just for a slight upgrade at QB …if we let Albert walk and draft a LT, that’s a waste of the first overall pick, because it wouldnt even be an upgrade! We have a proven guy there, yes u would save some money, but you’e basically tossing out the first overall just to save some $$$$…. therefore that would be #1 and #34 overall that to me are stupidly wasted …

    • Chris Tarrants

      Exactly! I say just to screw with everyone we still take Geno at 1 and hand him a clip board while he learns the pro game and Reid irons out his wrinkles

      • GDL40

        yeeahh ……. I wish !

      • ArrowFan

        Even if we don’t retain Albert, I think I didn’t notice a drop off at LT when Stephenson was covering for Albert last year. So Stephenson could get the start or we can get another FA LT that is on the market.

        • d-block

          I like that idea. I too noticed no difference (that I remember) with Stephenson at LT.

        • jimfromkcj

          It is hard to notice difference between mediocre and mediocre. Our off line was horrible when it cane to getting a yard for a 1st down. That is mediocre in any football game.

    • Mike Arnold

      and money we can save by getting a better left tackle in Joeckel can be used to get a FA cornerback, or #2 wide receiver, upgrading the team as a whole. I would love to keep Albert, but salary cap is the salary cap. I do not believe we can sign Bowe, sign Albert, get a wideout and having onnly one of those spots possible being filled with a rookie draftee. especially on defensive lines which takes years to develop. Bowe is going to demand top dollar. Albert is going to demand high dollar. I have even mentioned resigning Colquit and the aded need of area in the linbacker corp and team depth. Some time we have to make decision on who we are going to pay and how is best to replace players are good as we can through the draft. I thin Joeckel is a easier fill to Albert than a replacement for Bowe…but we all disagree cuz we all love out Chiefs…I just want us to win again. damn i miss the days of the running coke machine…Nigerian Nighmare..Chistian Okoye

      • GDL40

        How do you know Joeckel will be a better tackle than Albert ???? HOW do you know that ? even if he turns out to be as good as Albert, then what? he asks to be paid like a top player and then use another top pick to see if we can land a 3rd top LT in a row ??! we should have used both those picks to get top players, starters at positions we didnt have top talent at….. we already have top talent at LT,so like I said that would be wasting a #1 pick to savw a bit of money….. yet also waste good money and the #34pick to slightly upgrade our QB position…… DSNT MAKE SENSE TO ME

        • jimfromkcj

          Most of the new draftees are signing 4 year contracts, I would venture to say that drafting Joeckel would save between 20 and 25 million dollars over the 4 years of the rookie contract. Could go a long way towards signing Cromartie for CB. So with Alex at QB, Joeckel at LT and Flowers and Cromartie at the corners we aren’t in too bad of shape after 2 rds of the draft. We have improved the QB, LT and CB’s positions. If you watch Big 12 football and SEC football like I do you would see that Joeckel has went up against the best defensive players in the 2 best conferences in the country and has dominated. I usually stay from MU players for the Chiefs, mainly because I am prejudiced towards home state players, but if W. Moore is available in the FA. I would like to see him as a chief.

  • chiefridgy

    I think it was a good move. Has anyone noticed how bad the quarterbacks we had on roster have been. Huge upgrade.

  • http://www.facebook.com/claude.grant Claude Grant

    Good analysis Miles. The future is unpredictable. My hope is the Chiefs get back to respectability this year. With a good draft and letting our big stars go crazy (Bowe and Charles) who knows??…playoffs?

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    Alex smith is an upgrade but he isn’t a super star qb. The only way the chiefs win a Super Bowl with Alex is if we have a top 5 defense and major talent around him on offense. Not totally out of the question but definitely the harder way to go about things rather than finding your franchise qb and build around him

    • dominicscarlatti

      I think one can reasonably make the argument that it’s pretty darn hard to find a franchise QB. Maybe harder than the alternative approach you mentioned.

      • Pessimisticchiefsfan

        It’s especially hard when you don’t even try to get a franchise qb. I will say its easier to get better faster getting a game managing veteran but not to win a Super Bowl. The last 10 Super Bowl winners have been won by absolute franchise qbs. The worst of the bunch would be flacco and he may turn into one.

  • Peter Saunders

    no one is saying Cassel and Alex smith have the same strengths and weaknesses, Smith is better in the pocket, Cassel has the better arm (although still not good). The end result of these players abilities are very similar. Compare Cassel’s numbers in New England (a super bowl caliber team) to Smith’s numbers 2 years ago (a super bowl caliber team). I can’t see Smith doing much better than Cassel with the chiefs.

  • Billie Cabral

    You must not like the Panthers. Cam Newton isn’t a superstar? Jeff Otah is horrible? Maybe I’m misinformed. How is Ryan Mallett horrible when he never plays as Tom Brady’s backup?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jymon.tyson Jymon Tyson

      There you go. Someone finally hit it!!! I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • kirk

    1st off just because they were drafted at LT doesn’t mean they played it in the pros. Brian bulaga and Michael oher for example,they play RT. so you are basically giving them credit for a position they don’t even play. how many LT’s have won player of the game, MVP? how many LEAD their teams to a super bowl? And as of the modern era there are 17 tackles (LT & RT) in the hall of fame and 23 qb’s in. Joe Thomas is by far the best LT in the league but still hasn’t been to the playoffs. having the best LT don’t mean JACK

    • dominicscarlatti

      I’ve always considered OLT to be the most important position on a roster after QB. Good luck surviving in a pass-happy league without one. Good luck developing a young stud QB without one…Albert has done very very well as a pass blocker, but none of us has any REAL info on his back’s condition.

      • kirk

        Ok I get that they block the blindside but who’s to say joeckle can block the elite pass rushers in the NFL? he struggled against sharrif Floyd so imagine what would happen to him in the league! he’s got short arms and he’s not that strong. the key to Albert is that he passed his physical. he’s proven and Luke joeckle isn’t and who’s to say he can’t get hurt? everyone gets hurt and Alberts back is fine so let’s resign him we have to $ so why not

        • dominicscarlatti

          Sorry, Kirk, but there has not been any news as to the condition of Albert’s back, other than Branden himself saying that it is okay (would he tell the truth as an unrestricted FA if he has a chronic back problem that will hinder him for the rest of his career?).

          • Darkwolf1414

            That’s not true. The Chiefs announced that he passed his physical. If his back was not in good shape then he wouldn’t have passed the physical. Now, passing the physical doesn’t mean that his back spasms won’t come back but as of right now the Chiefs say his back is good.

    • berttheclock

      In addition, Andre Smith was drafted to play LT, went through a series of both injuries and being out of shape, but, has worked very hard to become a quality RT for Cincy. However, I must disagree with your comment about LTs. Seatlle improved dramatically, twice, first with the HOFer Walter Jones and now Okung. The Rams with Orlando Pace on the field made the work of Warner and even Green far better. Ogden protected Dilfer. Munoz moved the Bengals into the SB. The Number One rated LT in the NFL is in Houston, Duane Brown and helped Schaub immensely. Yes, Joe Thomas is fine, but, after he was drafted, Savage took Brady Quinn and did not address the right side of their offensive line. Finally, Heckert stepped in and stared drafting quality defensive players and made a coup by taking the speedy WR from Baylor for a 2nd in the Supplemental Draft. In addition, the Niners became a fa better team after Joe Staley was drafted. BTW, Michael Oher was not a Superstar at LT and has been moved to RT. The pickup of a travelled LT helped protect Flacco the last four games of the year for the Ravens and he was flawless in the SB.

      • kirk

        All I’m saying is I don’t think a LT should be #1 overall. look how long it took okung to come into his own. who knows how long it will take joeckle to develop? we already developed Albert why not resign him. we have more than enough money

        • berttheclock

          Okung had a High Ankle Sprain which really set him back more than a year.

          • kirk

            My point! when Albert is healthy why would we want someone else. he’s only missed 4 games prior to this year

        • Chiefs1964

          That’s where many of us differ. Albert was a guard in college and moved to LT and learned the position. Now he is an average LT in the league but wants a substantial increase in pay, I don’t blame him for that. But we can have an elite college prospect for half the money with the potential to follow in Roaf & Alt’s footsteps. A lost tradition that KC used to be known for when we set down our most competitive teams. LT is not a sexy position but it is imperitive for the success of a QB. We will not have enough money to sign the rest of the sexy picks (Bowe, elite rookie QB) if we overpay in these other positions.

  • John Frisbee

    I agree with this commentary.

  • John Frisbee

    The stats on #1 QB’s are always presented in the aggregate, not as a comparison to the talent available on any given year. Therefore they are essentially meaningless. The only thing that matters this year is whether Geno Smith (the consensus #1) is going to be better than Alex Smith. If Geno ends up significantly better, this was a bad deal. If he ends up worse, this was a great trade.

  • nathan82

    Again, I do not love this trade. I think we gave too much and I wanted to see Geno as the future qb. That said, a little context. I live in Pennsylvania and yesterday when the trade happened, all of my PA friends were emailing and texting me congratulations on getting such a great qb. They couldn’t understand why I wasn’t more excited. That was from multiple people. It made me wonder if maybe my Cassel glasses have made me blind to the actual abilities of Alex Smith. I am still holding out that there is more dealings to come that make this look better, whether it be trading down from pick one or whatever. But for now I am going to be excited that we should have good qb play next year and compete for the division.

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    You Writers need to pick a side, First you are pissed about the Trade and now its all good. I have to agree that Alex hasnt even thrown a pass for the team yet so dont hang him until Reid and Smith show what they can bring to the field. I have been on the Geno bandwagon since day 1. I will be very frustrated if he gets picked up by the Raiders and blows us off the map. That being said, we need to trust in Reid as he just left a very hostile environment in Philly, wants a good start and believes Alex is his guy. As for our first pick, if it is NOT Geno and it is Joeckel, we shouldnt just let Albert go. Either resign him or farm him out to other teams and possibly get our #2 pick back/possible a #1 as he is a proven Tackle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.michael.thompson Shannon Thompson

    Passion, Passion, Passion! While I understand everyones point of view, we are all just hurt that the likelyhood that we FINALLY take a swing at a qb in the first round is alot smaller now, also given the fact that if they don’t either reach with no.1 overall for Geno or trade back, then the top qb talent will be gone. I think its a good move, I honestly would rather have a proven qb that knows the game for a few years while they look for someone to hold down the fort long term. Honestly I am/was a Geno Bandwagon fan, however without a trade back to get him or waiting till second round it seemed extremely foolish. Face it, this is a love hate game. Either we hated the fact that they possibly reach for Geno, or we hate the fact that they got him and he busts, or we love the fact that we got him. At least with Alex there is a sense of security that comes along with him. Not the best qb, but an upgrade and for now thats all I need to see. It can’t be any worse than Cassel, Quinn, Palco or Orton.

  • Scott Mahurin

    If you are pumped about this trade you are a fool.

  • berttheclock

    Miles, before you continue to smear Gabe Carimi, would you consider the following. Yes, he was a beast at Wisconsin and Chicago wanted him to play LT. However, he was moved to RT to start the season. In his second game, his knee was severely injured by a Saints’ defensive player. “Bounty Gate?” He was placed on IR and had a tough time trying to come back in 2012. He,finally, came back to play late in the season after several injuries happened to Bears’ lineman. He came back to play guard. So, just putting the “Horrible” label on him is really rough, eh?

    • Miles Yi

      Yeah, you’re right – the “horrible” label is a little rough for Carimi, as it is for Patriots QB Mallet. I could create another category for “Unproven” or something like that – probably a bit more accurate.

  • berttheclock

    I was just checking a very old bible to find the quote, “Ye Must Draft a QB at Number One In Order to Win”.
    The Forty Niners have been to a few SBs. First round draft choices of success go far back into the dusty days of Y A Tittle. After the next two busts of 1st round draft choices, the Niners did develop Alex Smith to become a fine QB. However, their most recent SB wins came under Joe Montana, who was taken in the 3rd Round and Steve Young, a former Number One in the Supplemental draft by the Bucs. However, he was forced to play with a terrible O-line and a poor defense at Tampa Bay and ended up being traded to the Niners for a 2nd and a 4th. He, then, sat behind Montana. Perhaps, that is why I never found the biblical quote. The Niners won the SB with a 3rd round pick and one who they had picked up in a trade by giving away a 2nd and a 4th.

    Yes, Virginia, you can win SBs without a 1st round draft choice.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Yes, Bert, and they won how many Super Bowls with those non-first rounders? Five, isn’t it? There is no formula for constructing a Super Bowl roster, as you have so correctly noted.

  • micah stephenson

    Geno Smith!!! Its the only way to save they jobs….Already!!! Dorsey and Reid are already on the hot seat after potentially passing up our chance at a good rookie QB for our franchise QB.

    • Derek

      Yeah and what really sucks is now we lose any chance of finding our CB, safety, and or 3-4 pass rusher at number 34 because we burned them both at QB’s that said if geno and Alex are competing for the starting job next this off-season I will still give kc a shot but if Oakland takes geno and we pass I kiss the red and yellow goodbye

      • ArrowFan

        There is still FA

  • ArrowFan

    I love this one but there is one thing you are overlooking. The impact of a superstar QB vs the impact of a superstar LT.

  • ArrowFan

    I will love the trade if we end up with one of the top three QB’s in the draft. However if we are putting all our eggs in the Alex Smith basket then we need to get ready to learn the MC lesson all over again.

  • Adam Sherman

    Colin Kaepernick is already a Superstar and Cam Newton is a Game Manager??! LOL you’re an idiot man. Colin Kaepernick very well may be a superstar one day but he would not have Cam Newton’s numbers playing for the panthers. However, the 49ers team was able to make CK look like an instant SUPERSTAR while they could never, ever help Alex Smith look better than a game manager. Meanwhile, people who cannot think for themselves and just go by who makes it to the playoffs think Colin Kaepernick is better than Cam Newton simply because he had the good fortune of going to the freaking 49ers instead of the panthers.

    Unfortunately we WILL see first hand how good AS is when you take the 49er out of him. I would LOVE to see how good CK, and CamNewton would be if they swapped places next season. Who is the game manger and who is the SUPERSTAR now?

  • superman_25_58

    How is Cam Newton a game manager? Superstar is what that should say. Blaine Gabbert a game manager? Horrible is what that should say.

  • sidibeke

    I see your point, but I’m tired of game managers. I’d rather whiff on a superstar at this point than settle for a proven game manager.

  • mnelson52

    I would like to have picked up a qb in tbe 1st round and kept our two picks we gave for Alex. If it didn’t look like it was working out, we would still have all of our picks next year to try for another qb. I wasn’t against getting Alex, but we paid more than twice what he’s worth. I think he was worth a 4th at best, not a 2nd this year and a 2nd or 3rd next year. Please let me be wrong. I will be supporting him all the way though because he is now a Chief.

  • d-block

    I think you need another ranking on that list for Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel. They are beyond horrible. Funerals are pretty awful.

  • David Fritch

    So a good way for me to look at it is that there is only a 26% chance of Geno being a superstar…..