The Chiefs 2013 Re-Mockable Mock Game

Alrighty Chiefs fans, it’s time to play…. “The Chiefs 2013 Re-Mockable Mock Game.”

Take the following picks I’ve made, highlight them, copy them and paste them into your comments window… then you can replace the prospects with your own choices… even if it’s just one or two.  However, you have to justify your selection in that round and say why it was better. To do that, just link a video or a review of that player or heck… just give us a sentence with your analysis: that works too.

Copy/Paste the following to play The Re-Mockable Mock Game

Round 1: QB Geno Smith West Virginia
Round 2: ILB Manti Te’o, 6-2, 255
Round 3a: C Travis Frederick, Wisconsin, 6-4, 338
Round 3b: CB, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Connecticut, 6-1, 192
Round 4: QB, E.J. Manuel, Florida State, 6-4, 237
Round 5: RB, Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State, 6-2, 227
Round 6: TE, Nick Kasa, Colorado, 6-6, 271
Round 7: DE, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame, 6-4, 300

First, read my 7 round selections, breakdown and reasoning:

Round 1: QB Geno Smith West Virginia
With the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Kansas City Chiefs select: the quarterback from West Virginia, Geno Smith. Geno at the Combine has done nothing but solidify his position as the number one QB in this draft and keep himself in the  upper half of the round one draft board. I don’t think his interview with Steve Mariucci did him any favors. However, it is interesting that it ended with Mariucci saying, “Well, you have me convinced. Well done. Good luck.”  So, after all is said and done, the Chiefs finally get their first round QB. I’ve been verbose enough about Geno so, we’ll let that speak for itself.

End The Drought, Draft Geno Now! (the first in a three part series)
Geno Smith: QBeast?

Round 2: ILB Manti Te’o, 6-2, 255
Yes, I’m quite aware that Te’o ran a slow 40 but, he has been under unusually high stress for an NFL prospect. When all is said and done, you just can’t ignore that the Notre Dame defense only gave up 10 TDs the whole season… and the primary reason for that was Te’o. Manti has been falling down the draft board and will likely continue his descent. However, Andy Reid and John Dorsey won’t let a little thing like a make believe girlfriend who turns out to be a guy stand in their way, will they?

At one time I projected that the Chiefs would consider Te’o with the first pick in the draft so if the Chiefs end up with Geno Smith and Manti Te’o, it could be a coup.

See: Manti Te’o: Chiefs Future Bust

Round 3a: C Travis Frederick, Wisconsin, 6-4, 338
I’d be ecstatic if the Chiefs could pick up Frederick here. He’s huge for a Center which is good in this day and age of monster DTs. However, most big Centers don’t know how to squat low enough to be effective or plant and flex against a bull rush but, Travis Frederick knows how. Another reason I’d be thrilled to have him join the Chiefs is the excellent Wisconsin lineman program. They’re coached so well that they can virtually come in and start on day one. Reid loves his monster linemen so it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility for Travis to be playing for Andy in the Fall.

Round 3b: CB, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Connecticut, 6-1, 192, 4.34 – 40
Blidi Wreh-Wilson (pronounced bleedy-ray-wilson) is fast, going 4.34 in the 40, shows good technique, has a strong work ethic and is very bright. His frame will need a few more pounds and he sometimes takes bad angles on running plays but, he has an excellent wingspan for knocking balls out of the air… which he does extremely well. Blidi played both sides of the ball in high school as a WR so he likely has better hands than the average CB. Personality wise, he’s the kind of player Andy Reid would love to work with and in a draft of quality CBs Wreh-Wilson is a pearl just waiting to be plucked, at the end of the 3rd round. Of course this is all dependent upon if the Chiefs are awarded a compensatory pick at the end of the 3rd, for losing Brandon Carr. It would be a bit of poetry if the Chiefs could get Blidi for Brandon.

Round 4: QB, E.J. Manuel, Florida State, 6-4, 237
I love the upside this kid has and if Andy Reid is going to go the mobile QB route with Geno Smith he may just decide to give him a rookie passing buddy to keep him comfy. Besides, we all know about how many QBs can stay healthy for the whole season and using Manuel to shadow Geno will make them both better QBs. In the past Redi has been able to take his QBs and develop them and in some cases, as with Kevin Kolb, trade them away for value. Manuel is inconsistent but, too talented to let him pass. If the Chiefs new brass can pull off the same trick Washington did last season (RGIII & Kirk Cousins), they’ll be set for the long haul.

If, in the event the Chiefs do trade for Alex Smith then I would not take anticipate the Chiefs taking a second QB in this draft.

Round 5: RB, Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State, 6-2, 227
Le’Veon Bell is a big powerful running back with moves and the ability to break tackles. He averaged 138 yards per game in 2012, reminds me a bit of Terrell Davis of Broncos fame and if he ends up in Denver it would not be good for the Chiefs. He lacks the speed of a back like Jamaal Charles with his 4.50 40 time but, he’s quick and knows how to take on defenders at the point of contact which often results in his breaking free. I am not one who is in favor of selecting a RB in this draft but, if Bell is still on the board at the beginning of the 5th round, the Chiefs must bolt to the podium… and ring that bell.

Round 6: TE, Nick Kasa, Colorado, 6-6, 271
Nick Kasa would be a developmental TE although he apparently has upside. Kasa had 25 catches for 391 yards last year. While covering the Senior Bowl in January Dan Brugler of wrote of Kasa:

“Colorado tight end Nick Kasa has stood out on the North team. A former defensive end, he didn’t make the move to offense until late last season (his junior year), entering the 2012 campaign with just one career catch on his resume. Kasa plays a bit tight and bulky, but he is an intriguing athlete and has really impressed as a blocker this week. He obviously needs some more seasoning, but the tools are there for Kasa to be an interesting developmental draft choice early on the third day.”

Round 7: DE, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame, 6-4, 300
Lewis-Moore suffered a serious ACL tear in the National Championship game but, at 6-4 300 lbs. was a mighty force for the Irish this past season and if he is able to come back from this injury would provide serious competition at the DE position for the Chiefs. In 2012 Kapron had 8.5 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 9 quarterback hurries and 2 forced fumbles and was in on 40 total tackles for the season. In his four year career at Notre Dame he had 180 total tackles and 12 sacks. I sure wish the Chiefs could get that kind of production from their DEs.

Kapron Lewis-Moore will most likely be available as an UDFA but, his positive attitude during his recovery should make his upside too high to ignore. Here was his twitter following his MRI:

“Haha well it’s official! But seriously I can’t stop thanking everyone for their support! Can’t let this injury stop me from moving forward!”


Remember to Copy/Paste the following rounds into a comment box to play The Re-Mockable Mock Game:

Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3a:
Round 3b:
Round 4:
Round 5:
Round 6:
Round 7:

If you think the Chiefs will be trading a particular pick for a QB from another city, say, a west coast city… then simply slide the name of that player next to that round number.

Please use the up and down arrows to vote each others mocks up or down… and if you really like someone elses mock but want to tweak it… just copy and paste it into your own comment box and make the changes necessary to suit yourself.

Go Chiefs!!!!

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  • Chad Griffeth

    Round 1: QB Geno Smith West Virginia
    Round 2: CB Desmond Trufant, Washington
    Round 3a: TE Jordan Reed,
    Round 3b: ILB Kevin Minter, LSU
    Round 4: QB, E.J. Manuel, Florida State, 6-4, 237
    Round 5: RB, Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State, 6-2, 227
    Round 7: DE, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame, 6-4, 300

    • ladner morse

      Whoa.. adding Trufant and Minter to this mock makes it a much better draft… just not sure that’s possible.

    • gjrchief

      Geno and Kapron are reaches. Trufant and Minter will not be there when we select. Hell,I feel like I saw a mock that had minter going in the 1st round to Denver.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Geno Smith will be drafted in the Top 10 whether we take him or not. That’s not a reach.

    • Canad-Ian

      Round 6?

    • Chad Griffeth

      Post-trade Version:

      Round 1: TRADE: St Louis trades their #16 & #22 to KC for the #1 pick.

      Pick 1.16: ILB Alec Ogletree, Georgia
      Pick 1.22: CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson UConn
      Round 3a: TE Jordan Reed,
      Round 3b:DE Cornellius Washington, Georgia
      Round 4: QB, E.J. Manuel, Florida State, 6-4, 237
      Round 5: RB, Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State, 6-2, 227
      Round 7: DE, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame, 6-4, 300

  • Troy Adam

    Round 1: TRADE KC gets Revis from Jets, swap 1st round picks and 2nd round picks. Then selects LT Eric Fisher from Eastern Michigan with the 9th pick. KC doesn’t resign LT Albert but get Revis who is arguably the best cover corner in NFL to team with Flowers, and Fisher who is inching closer to Joeckel as the top LT in draft.

    Round 2: DE Datone Jones, UCLA, we need DE’s and we get a steal in Jones, he is the real deal and should make our DL better. I think we resign Jackson and maybe even get Cullen Jenkins from Philly.

    Round 3a:TRADED to PHILLY for Nick Foles, Reid gets his man he drafted last year, I know it has been reported that Alex Smith is headed here but REMEMBER it is SMOKESCREEN SEASON people, Foles was picked in the 3rd last year plus has a year of NFL experience under his belt with Reid as his head coach.

    Round 3b: IL Kevin Reddick, North Carolina, need someone to replace Belcher who better than Reddick, hopefully he is still around with this pick.

    Round 4: QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse, I highly doubt he is still here in the 4th round but in my opinion he should be, KC gets a QB that gets to learn under Reid and hopefully develops into the next Tom Brady!

    Round 5: DB Tyrann Mathieu, LSU KC takes a chance on a talented DB. I am horrible with picks past round 4, BUT I need to say that Chiefs fans like myself should trust Mr. JOHN DORSEY with these late round selections, he is and has been known for his scouting and grading players who should produce in the NFL.

    Round 6: TE, Nick Kasa, Colorado…same as above

    Round 7: DE, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame…same as above

    I really do believe the Chiefs will get Alex Smith but wanted to throw out the possibility of us getting Nick Foles due to SMOKESCREEN SEASON.

    I just get really frustrated with the fact that we may not re-sign Albert and then draft Joeckel, to me all that does is save space in the salary cap and does not make this team any better talent wise. That is why I suggest we trade for Revis and then utilize the 9th pick on Fisher.

    What a year to have the 1st pick, no Luck or RG3, BUT HOPEFULLY there is a RUSSEL WILSON out there!!! GO CHIEFS!!

    • gjrchief

      No to Revis… great player, but that would be way too much money in our secondary. We have too many other needs. We need a great rookie CB that would be paid on the rookie wage scale. Keep talent high, and price tags low!

  • gjrchief

    Round 1: CB Dee Milner Alabama
    Round 2: ILB Manti Te’o, 6-2, 255
    Round 3a: RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina
    Round 3b: QB, EJ Manuel, FSU
    Round 4: QB, Alex Smith TRADE
    Round 5: WR, Marquise Goowin Texas
    Round 7: SS Zeke Motta, Notre Dame
    UDFA DE Kapron Lewis Moore, Notre Dame
    UDFA QB Brad Sorensen Southern Utah

    • Ron White

      EJ will not be there at the end of Rd3. Not sure if he will even be there at the begining for for the 3a

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I love this mock. Don’t think Manuel will be around in Round 3 though.

  • family man

    Before anyone barks at this think of the bite the KC chiefs would have
    on DEFENSE with this line up. Ive been on the GENO bandwagon the whole
    time and if they pick him so be it but I decided to take a different
    approach and play out the Alex Smith and Nick Foles Trade rumors and
    pick the biggest impact players available keeping the teams needs as the
    highest priority. Just look at these play makers combined with the
    talent we already have. This will force us to restructure some contacts
    and bring in FA on the DL. If the chiefs could pull this off I would
    forget about the QB situation and next year maybe we give up our 1st,
    3,and 5th to jump up and snag the best QB available. No since in
    grabbing a QB in the 3 or 4 round and watching them site I say 1st round
    QB or none at all.

    Round 1: CB Dee Milliner Alabama

    Round 2: SS Matt Elam Florida

    Round 3a:C Travis Frederick Wisconsin

    Round 3b:OT Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluf or Trade for Nick Foles*

    Round 4: ILB A.J. Klein Iowa State

    Round 5: RB Giovani Bernard North Carolina or best available RB

    Round 6: K Dustin Hopkins Florida St.

    Round 7: ANY QB works with this defensive line up so whoever is left

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I love that mock, but I’d prefer they went WR with the 3a pick. I also don’t think there’s any chance that EJ Manuel lasts until Round 4.

    Round 1: QB, Geno Smith, West Virginia
    Round 2: CB, Darius Slay, Mississippi State
    Round 3a: WR, Markus Wheaton, Oregon State
    Round 3b: S, Baccari Rambo, Georgia
    Round 4: ILB, John Bostic, Florida
    Round 5: TE, Joseph Fauria, UCLA
    Round 6: DE, Malliciah Goodman, Clemson
    Round 7: RB, Zac Stacy, Vanderbilt

  • Ron White

    Jay Glazier reporting Alex Smith to Chiefs is done deal.

  • emanuelvioleta

    Here’s my RISKY Business Draft

    Round 1: DL Star “oh my 8-kin back” Lotulelei

    Round 2: ILB Manti “gfe” Teo

    Round 3a: QB Tyler “little hands” Wilson

    Round 3b: OT Chris “inured but available” Faulk, LSU

    Round 4: QB Ryan “one-bowl-game-wonder” Nassib, Syracuse

    Round 5: DB Tyrann “MISTER risky business to you” Mathieu

    Round 6: TE, Nick “the pooh in pooh-tential” Kasa, Colorado, same

    Round 7: DE, Kapron “until the12th of never” Lewis-Moore, Notre Dame, same

  • james

    I want Margus hunt.

  • emanuelvioleta

    Here’s my Legacy Draft:

    Round 1: Joe Montana
    Round 2: Alex Smith
    Round 3a: Matt Cassel
    Round 3b: Steve Bono
    Round 4: Elvis Grbac
    Round 5: Steve DeBerg
    Round 6: Steve Pelleur
    Round 7: Rich Gannon