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Report: Raiders Interested In Geno Smith

Kansas City Chiefs fans that wanted the team to select QB Geno Smith with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft may still get to see him play football at Arrowhead Stadium.

As a member of the Oakland Raiders.

From Pro Football Talk:

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that there are rumors of the team’s interest in Smith, who by virtue of the fact that he was the fastest quarterback in Indy makes him an obvious candidate to play for the Raiders.

If the Raiders take him, Carson Palmer likely would be cut. And if Terrelle Pryor remains as the backup, the Raiders would become the first team to go two deep with mobile quarterbacks — which would allow them to run the same offense with either guy. Unlike the Redskins or the 49ers or the Panthers or any other team with a mobile starter.

Smith going to Oakland would be yet another low blow to a number of Chiefs fans.

For months now, Geno Smith has been the heart’s desire of a great many of Kansas City faithful. After suffering through years of mediocre QB play, many in Chiefs Nation thought the QB drought would end after the team secured the top pick in the draft.

And most of those fans wanted the draught to end with Geno Smith.

Instead, the only Smith KC will be getting is named Alex.

The news earlier today, that the Chiefs have traded for 49ers QB Alex Smith, is wildly unpopular. As far as we can tell, the fans in KC are angry.

Now just imagine what will happen if the QB they all coveted, ends up going to the team’s most hated (debatable) division rival?

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  • Arrowhead Magic

    I say we draft Geno just so the Raiders can’t have him.

    • steve james

      How about we draft him to draft and delvelop him.

      • Arrowhead Magic

        That’s what I’m hoping for. Wasn’t the original line of thinking when people were saying we should get Alex Smith? So we could get a young guy to learn from him. Well Geno is still the best qb in the draft, and I’d like to think Alex smith is just a stopgap qb for one year not a long term solution. Geno can still be the long term solution just not start right away.

        • Michael Tavis

          Yes that was the original plan but nobody expect to give up one maybe two second rounds picks. You dont give that up for a one year starter then back up.

          • KCMikeG

            And I just don’t see us using our #1 AND #2 for QB’s – although as bad as we have been at the position maybe it would help.

          • Michael Tavis

            Look at the redskins. They gave up all the picks to move up and draft RG3 then also drafted Cousins. Its not as far fetched as some may think.

          • KCMikeG

            I would support this move. We have been terrible not just at our starting QB but even worse at back up. The Skins move, while proclaimed stupid by many at 1st was what allowed them to make the playoffs even after RGIII got hurt. If they had played Cousins in the playoffs they might have advanced.

          • Michael Tavis

            That is exactly my thinking. I think Cousins was one of the better steals in the draft.

          • KCMikeG

            Steal for sure & people said the Skins were crazy. The best position on your team doesn’t deserve two starters? Why not? We have been one play from disaster for far too long.
            They say Geno is the only QB worthy of a #1. Who knows with the way they are being so fantastically aggressive in FA maybe they will still take Geno with our #1? Think about it. If they sign Canty or Avril with the resigning of Jackson then DL is off the list. We have already signed our starting WR & LT. Even if Geno is a “reach” at #1 certainly not any more of one than a G (Wormack) or a back up OT (Joeckel/Fisher) or a SS (Vaccaro). Can you image how happy Chief’s Kingdom would be if they did take Geno? Smith & Smith – Stanzi & Tanney. Wow! Some real depth at the most important position on the team. Let the competition begin!

        • dominicscarlatti

          I think it’s highly unlikely with today’s trade, but wouldn’t it be a hoot, especially for all the folks here, if the Chiefs now sign Albert and draft Geno…?!

    • Tony Deatz

      Good idea

      • Tony Deatz

        I dont like giving up a lt and then drafting another

        • Michael Tavis

          Yeah doesn’t exactly spell progress does it? Its like walking on a treadmill. You’re not going anywhere.

    • KCMikeG

      How about we draft him and make them give us a couple, three or four picks for him?

  • Doug McD

    Geno doesn’t want to be a running QB and they know it. He told his college coach and he will tell his NFL coach the same thing.

    • Michael Tavis

      No he doesn’t but they are not going to ask him to. Think of him as a faster Aaron Rodgers. Scary isn’t it?

      • Derek Smidl

        Exactly! He does what Aaron does here at GB. Pathetic excuse for a team is saved by their white-knight 9/10 of the time. Geno did just that at all through college. He’ll turn-out to be a black Aaron Rodgers and wins a play-off game in his rookie season–something Aaron never did–and all this debate about him being good enough to be an nfl starter will be over and the “experts” can apologize to us who as patently don’t know what’s right for this team….idiots….I’m gonna pull for him. And I hope he proves everyone wrong and single-handedlu gets Reid and dorsey run out of town within 3 years….besides of gf turned out to be a bust there was always next years class with aaron Murray, Johnny football, and AJ mccarron to have gone for…and they gave up one of them too for Alex smith…ugh. I couldnt be more angry by this. The only thing I will EVER be proud of with this team was being the only team to beat the packers in their 16-1 season which by the way didn’t Orton have a broken thumb or something at the time? Awesome. Aside from that early Christmas present I’m done with this mediocre team

        • dominicscarlatti

          Maybe Geno will turn out to be the “next Aaron Rodgers” instead of the “black Aaron Rodgers…” By the way, which rock did you crawl out from under? It’s 2013, so try looking at things from a non-racial perspective.

          • Derek Smidl

            oh come now it had no racist tones. I wasn’t being a jerk here. I could’ve said the next Rodgers yes, but I was quoting my roommate who is more into fantasy football and qb talk while my knowledge is more about defenses. Anyway your attempt to call me out here makes you sound just as bad. Don’t be such a woman and take an Internet comment personally. Oh and for the record I roomed with 4 “black” men in the military, one in college, and my dad had a “black version of me” as his “other son” while I was in high school. So I really get along with African-Americans and face it they’re just better football players because they’re genetically the better athletic specimens lol.

  • gjrchief

    I think this should end the debate… reid didn’t want the kid and the crew that drafted Jamarcus Russel, terrel pryor, and traded two 1st rd draft picks for carson palmer love him. Let’s let them play football and stop crying about it. Reid with a track history of getting great QB play wanted nothing to do with Geno, but was dying to get alex smith. The oakland raiders who wouldnt know goood QB play if it bit them in the ass is swooning over Geno… let the have him, if they like him, chances are he will be trash.

    • armychiefj

      its not the crew that did that. It is the raiders, but Al is dead. Things are different there now. Doesn’t guarantee Geno will be any better than those guys, but it isn’t a fair comparison

    • KCMikeG

      Lord I hope you are right. I think the only thing that could flush the sick to my stomach feeling would be watching Geno fail twice a year while we crush the faiders.

  • Justin

    The chiefs are stupid for giving up a second round for smith who is nt even close to worth that he’s only worth a 4 th maybe terrible decision by the chiefs I’m gettin prepared for another 2-14 season

  • chiefridgy


  • Jacob Treat

    I’m happy with the Alex Smith trade in the fact that we now have a consistent, accurate, game manager that is coming into his prime. First, i highly doubt that Alex’s elite abilities will for some reason regress after 2 successful stable years. With Reid’s Qb driven offensive staff there should be no problem finding the formula for Alex’s methodical short throw drives, mixed with Jamaal Charles gashes the chiefs offense could be highly competitive for the first time in 3 years. The only downside to Alex Smith is his price but if he proves he was worth it no one will be complaining.

    • Ron White

      Finally some clear headed thinking. Funny how everyone thinks he throws all these short passes and they are a bad thing. The WCO is based on that style. This is a good thing. And another misnomer is that those short passes make him way worse than many other options for us at QB. Funny thing is his Yards per Attempt and as good or better than all of the Franchise QB’s. 2012

      Alex Smith 8.0
      Payton Manning 8.0
      Arron Rogers 7.8
      Matt Ryan 7.7
      Tom Brady 7.6
      Roethlisburger 7.3

      Matt Cassel 6.5

      This means that for every attempt he gets 8 yards. I don’t get all the hate….

      • Jim Harper

        Right on Ron!

  • Jacob Treat

    I think we get Joekle and have him anchor our line for the next 15 years.

    • Michael Tavis

      You mean like Albert would do for the next 10-12? Doesn’t make sense.

      • dominicscarlatti

        So, you believe that Branden Albert, with his injury history, would be a top-flight left tackle at the age of 38-40? Sorry, but you’re the one that doesn’t make sense. And how do you know what the condition of Albert’s back is?

        • Justin R Groth

          Injury history man this is the first year he has had any issue with staying healthy

      • Jarad

        Im not pulling for Joek to be the pick, but there is logic to letting Albert walk and drafting Joek. We as fans dont know how the back issues will play out with Albert. And Joek wont cost near as much either. That extra money could go towards FAs this year and locking up some of our own soon to be FAs. Its not my choice for #1, but there is logic behind that way of thinking

  • Danny W

    Well that just makes sense. Why in the world wouldn’t they be interested in Geno. Rich Gannon is the name that’s coming to my mind right now for some reason.

    • Derek Smidl

      I loved gannon back in the gruden days…2000-2001 I believe?

      • Danny W

        He would have led this team to the super bowl had Marty left him in.

        • Derek Smidl

          100% agree on the things that could’ve been…just been saying that for way too many years to care anymore. I believe the Alex smith deal will get us close to the play-offs but we’re never going to be a contender and there is no way we can even compete with Denver it’s like we’re the Minnesota to green bay attempting to win the NFC north. Close but never the cigar lol. Anyway when schotenheimer benched rich back then my grandfather turned on him and when he took Donnie Edwards to San Diego with him he signed his death sentence in my family lol

  • BLR

    I am picketing the chiefs at arrowhead tomorrow. please come to show how fed up kansas city is with this crap.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Wouldn’t it be easier to simply stop being a Chiefs fan, stop buying tickets and apparel and stop posting on Chiefs boards?

      • Derek Smidl

        As a loyal chiefs fan since I was a kid…THIS! I can’t stand waiting I’m 40 to win a play-off game. Idiot moves like this forces us to be disappointed. I hope geno smokes us and the failure continues. Passing on qb last year and then not even attempting a Peyton deal were so inexcusable that pioli was out of here just like that. Now I live in green bay surrounded by the ignorance that is the packer fan-base. So I get tortured all year long. An this move if they don’t bring in geno still–unlikely from what I’m gathering–then be prepared for another season of mediocrity and another decade of disappointments. Even if not geno why aren’t we still interested in drafting ANY qb in the draft?! Alex smith was never the answer. He’ll do what Matt cassel did but in 2010 when he was above average. So we got an above average qb for about four years while giving up the African version of Aaron Rodgers…,yay…the first time geno as a raider comes in and whoops kc by 21 or better I’m through with this team. End of my rant. Sorry everyone but so fed-up with the bs that is the chiefs organization.

        • dominicscarlatti

          First off, Geno Smith is not “African” so stop embarassing yourself. Furthermore, if you really mean “I hope geno smokes us and the failure continues.” then you have little or no credibility as a Chiefs fan. I was fortunate enough to become a serious Chiefs fan back in 1969, so I’m well into my fifth decade as a diehard, and I’ve seen us win it all, endure the Stedman years, the Peterson era, the Pioli fiasco and now a new management team. It is possible to endure the vicissitudes of being a fan of ONE NFL team, but if you’re not up for it, please feel free to leave, but as they say, “hurry through so the door don’t hit ya where the Good Lord split ya…”

          • Joe Myers

            “African” American . And their is one thing you have yo look at hear we have done the before . Many times and still no matter what nothing they know they have to draft a QB if their waiting till next year ok . But that’s it one year !!!

          • Derek Smidl

            lmao did you not once but twice in this blog, call me out for not being politically correct about using the term African-American? Which I’m 99% sure is hyphenated anyway so you were no more credivle than I was. I was born in KC as my dad was. Chiefs have been in my blood and I bleed-out for the yellow and gold but I appreciate the game as a whole and the term love-hate applies best to this team. Frustration from the blown potential year after year after year. Everyone who comments on this site would agree with me 100%. I’m very much aware that the chiefs were actually essentially the cowboys before we went AFC. I’m not some ignorant small-town fan. I have a real appreciation for the game but name one thing Clark hunt has done with this organization that has moved the chiefs ever so closer to bring a team to be proud in. Aside from beating the undefeated packers granted it was in arrowhead so not as exciting for me but still living in green bay Wisconsin that was the ONLY thing I can say was awesome about this team which irony is our best players were hurt during this time with so many ACL-tears lol. Oh I take that back kc brought tong Gonzales into the game and he is a lock for the hall of fame due to kc. Anyway how can you stick up for this team??? You make me sound like I’m a bad fan because I’m frustrated with settling for mediocrity. Inexcusable with how much money they’re all making. Their only job is to win and until that happens every fan should be skeptical and on the offensive. Everyone hear agrees with me and are just fed-up with it all.

  • tyler sims

    The only one that’s mad about this trade is the guy that wrote this article ….. Dude do you have posters in your room of Geno Smith or what You said Alex is a not popular trade …. Every where I have looked KC Star,Bleacher Report,ESPN insider “the professionals praise this pick.. Get off Genos nuts

    • Brody Hall

      They all say is good because they moved on from cassel…nine out of ten “experts” know jack shit about the chiefs because they are small market. Fact is if it where not for luck and rg3 last season Geno would have been the clear favorite. All this bs about his “progressions” is fucking weak. If he was in the draft before luck ad RG3 he would be no question. I watched Geno plenty so even though i am glad the at least addressed the qb issue in kc… It makes me sick to think of Geno in an oakland jersey. And if that happens and oaklad smokes KC twice in a season and its because of him… Consider the “new regime” already all but dead to all of arrowhead nation. And if u think im wrong ur crazy. Like 85% of kc was telling these people to grab Geno and if they pass and he kicks ass while we fail… They dont have an excuse in the world

      • dominicscarlatti

        Right, the “experts” know nothing. Neither do Reid nor Dorsey. But Joe Sixpacks like you are the ones we should be listening to? Heck, after Pioli and then Haley were hired, anyone posting anything negative on Chiefs boards was targeted and harassed constantly. Then, when Crennel was hired, it was manna from Heaven. Chiefs fans are just as gullible and arrogant as fans of any pro sports franchise – that is the one constant in all this. And for the record, I really like Geno, and would have been quite happy to see him picked #1 by the Chiefs…

        • Joe Myers

          How dare you insult fellow chiefs fans . Arrogant you say taking the same path and expecting different results is insane if we suck and Geno is good witch very well might happen their will be a uprising in chiefs kingdom a revolution!!!! ….. Civil war!!!

  • Kyle Mangione

    I was mad and didn’t want him and said I hated Andy Reid and even wanted to protest against buying jerseys but after a long day of thinking and excepting we will not get one of my favorite quarterback out of a draft in a while. With that being said chiefs fans I am buying my smith jersey when we make it official let’s support Alex Smith and be thankful we have Alex to mold the quarterback we do get in the draft and we automatically become a contender and don’t have to watch geno smith evolve from day one cause I guarantee we would go 5-11 at best so support Alex plus he has a chip on his shoulder and maybe thats a good thing for us he has something to prove !

    • Kyle Mangione

      5-11 would be his rookie record if he was a starter !

  • ArrowFan

    I’m going to hate wishing Geno was on our side.

  • KCMikeG

    And to think I had to wait all the way until April 25th to be disappointed last year. Couldn’t even get to March this year. Oh well why put off until tomorrow what you can screw up today. I will never recover if Geno is a star for the faiders…..never.

  • Pealvin

    Going to Oakland would be bad for Geno. He better hope they don’t draft him

  • Brody Hall

    I find it freakin halarious that now that kc is out of the geno picture all this crap of like the rest of the top ten drafts interested in Geno and now he seems perfectly worthy of going that high. Are the nfl gods like saying… Hey… Lets f with the chiefs as much as possible. This is totally retarded!

    • Joe Myers

      i think it has something to do with the AFL NFL days they got some type of hatred for Lamars chiefs . Yea he is worthy of the #3 but not the #1 (haters)

  • Chiefnmohekin

    Geno is a bust, that’s why faiders will take him.

  • berttheclock

    Should Reggie McKenzie make this mistake, then, GS and Pryor better run for a whole bunch of TDs, as the defensive line of the Raiders is crumbling fast. Look for both Seymour and Tommy Kelly to be gone. The Raiders need fresh blood on the defensive line and at LB.

    • dominicscarlatti

      I agree Bert. The Raiders are in love with Pryor and it’s hard to see how they would pass on a top-flight DL prospect. Heck, they need warm bodies there.

  • Chiefswatch

    He will go to the Raiders and the Raiders will steal the wildcard spot from the Chiefs. We are not getting past Denver with Alex Smith and this recieving group. We are destined to get forever punched in the groin as fans so seeing him go the Raiders is not really a surprise. Chances are we got duped into taking Alex Smith just like we got duped into taking Matt the horrible Cassel. I am not as pissed as I was when first learning of the trade but I cannot let go of this feeling that we are just back on the train to crap… hope I am wrong.

  • Derek

    Can’t wait to see this happen…somebody has to give Denver a run for the title and it was never going to be KC clearly