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ESPN: 49ers Will Receive 4 Draft Picks From The Chiefs

ESPN has just reported that the Kansas City Chiefs will send four draft picks to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith. The report is attributed to Adam Schefter.

This is a new development as previous reports, including reports from ESPN, indicated that the deal would be for two draft picks, not four. We had been hearing the Chiefs would send a 2013 second-round pick, as well as a 2014 conditional pick.

I am wondering if ESPN messed up here because a report from Schefter on their own site has Schefter saying the deal is for two picks. We haven’t been able to find this report anywhere else. It is either new or ESPN screwed up. But as you can see from the video below, they definitely said it.

This trade already seems to be extremely unpopular among Chiefs fans. If ESPN is correct in saying that KC will send four picks for Smith, fans may revolt.

Chiefs fans seemed divided on what the Chiefs should do with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft but a great number of supports seemed to want the team to draft and develop their own QB.

The Chiefs are expected to cut QB Matt Cassel, who has been the starter for most of the last four seasons.

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  • family man

    it keeps getting worse 4 picks the head office is libel to be on peoples hit list. SF already wasted 4 years on this guys now its our turn i guess. Even if he pans out to be a solid guys we are going to look back at the the 34th pick and watch him walk into the hall of fame because that’s what the chiefs have done to me my whole life

  • Patrick Allen

    He said it, not me.

    • Danny W

      Why did you do this to us?

      • Katiri Taylor

        If its a 2nd and next years 3rd,im ok with that. Gonna have to wait and see the facts.

    • Katiri Taylor

      Patrick!!No!!Thats ridiculous,4 picks?Absurd,they better draft a qb 1st round still.Prob not tho….sigh..

  • KCPauly

    27+yrs. of being a loyal fan and once again my loyalty is rewarded with stupid assenine idiots in the FO good job Clark you traded Idiots for Morons…you gotta be kidding me..I guess I will never see this team do anything good in my lifetime..this guy SUCKS…and he will waste the years of the talented players we do have, I hope these FO morons are ran out of town on a rail good fucking grief this teams bullshit gets old

  • toperspective

    Keeps getting worse and worse. The guy is only under contract for one year…..unbelievably stupid. This morons have sucked all of the excitement out of the upcoming draft and 2013 season. Good gawd.

    • Dalton Meek

      He agreed to come to KC and restructure his contract-just FYI

      • toperspective

        That’s better but 4 draft picks….if true….would be ridiculous

  • Steve Blank

    thats got to be a mistake…… way

    • Patrick Allen

      I hope so.

  • Priest4Prez

    Let’s hope this is a mistake….for all their sakes

  • Ben

    WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! I guess I will sit back and watch. Cassel 2.0 better be worth it…

  • Jason Seibel

    It has to be a mistake. NOBODY else is reporting this.

  • Kyle Mangione

    I am sick of this bull shit from the chiefs . I have said it time and time again we always screw shit up when we land a good spot . I have been a chiefs fan for 25 years last year I didn’t even go to my local bar to watch games cause I hate when people talk smack about my chiefs. I really thought this year I would get revenge on those guys and get to laugh in there face but it seems I will be the mockery for years to come ….watch geno Smith blow up should a could a would a but we didn’t is this teams slogan!

  • Richard Comstock

    man you guys are OVER REACTING!!!! we dont know enough to be this upset!
    read all the reports..
    what if it was a swap of the 2nrd rounders and 3 other picks late in the draft or drafts? Right now we dont know anything excpet we are getting a pro bowl quality former first overall pick and are keeping our first overall pick. Also we are getting SEAN SMITH from the dolphins to play corner. WE ARE GOING TO BE FINE
    WAR CHEIFS!!!!!!!

    • Brody Hall

      Where u get these facts that we are going to nab Sean Smith sir???

    • ArrowFan

      Pro bowl quality right, just like MC was pro bowl quality.

      • Richard Comstock

        Alex Smith put SF on his back 2 years ago in the playoffs. If Kyle Williams could catch a damn punt there is a GREAT chance that he has a superbowl under his belt. 19-5 as a starter the last 2 seasons. Last year over 70% compeltion rate and barely over 1% interception rate. Maybe you should go watch some games over the last two seasons and dont just by what other people tell you. Alex Smith is very good at pre snap adjusments and is very good under pressure. He has played lights out the last two seasons. Alex Smith was great in college and was the first overall pick. We are getting a mature seasoned Alex Smith. Do you remeber anyone on the team when he was drafted?(run to google). Do you think MC would have out gunned drew brees in the playoffs? take your negitive attitude to someone elses posts. The same poeple who are bashing this trade are the same guys who were SO EXCITED to get a new coach and GM. Now you want to bash his choice..what gives?

    • Trent Taylor

      Who said we are getting Sean Smith? That would be tampering up until March 12. I have to agree, some of you need to chill out. What’s done is done. Be happy you don’t have to watch Cassel and Quinn ever again.

  • soonerfan glenn

    this is the only article on the web i have red that says 4 picks everything and everyone else says its 2 picks

  • BLR

    I am going to spend my day off tomorrow picketing the chiefs at arrowhead. the more the merrier

  • Spencer

    I give up, is this is true its ten times worse, this franchise can;t get a break, we can;t win because the damn management we keep on getting is pathetic, idiots…why the hell did we get an ex NFL player??? this dude most have had 20 some concussions, how the hell did he pass a mental test to be able to take this test???? how the hell does he have a job???

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I tweeted Adam Schefter to inquire about whether two or four picks were traded for Smith. Here’s his response:

    @emceereach @AdamSchefter ESPN has yet to retract the statement they made on Sports Center, as far as I can see.

    • Patrick Allen

      That wasn’t Schefter who responded to you, it was me. ;)

      • Stacy D. Smith

        You’ll have to excuse me. My brain’s been fried since I got word of my beloved football team making a God awful trade with San Francisco.

        • Priest4Prez

          Preach it

  • Stacy D. Smith

    It just dawned on me…Kansas City is going to pay for that blown call in the 1985 World Series forever.

  • Joe Myers

    Every one on ESPN are dogn the chiefs Alex smith . Wow they really just I dont know I feel betrayed I feel disgusted and let down really . Really let me down Clark !! I was hope Ing to take my son to a chiefs game in about three years . But but but ….. Maybe its not the end other world chiefs fans . You see next year if Alex smith does good and gets us in the playoffs then maybe they can use him and get in the top five of the draft . TAHJ BOYD will be a tope five over all QB !!! . Just a thought

  • Young_september

    We finally get a qb and chiefs fans start crying have so some pride its bad enough were loser now r fans are sore losers? Who would u rather have romo or sanchez?! Or matt crapple? You cant polish a turd! This our year welcome to the squad smith. if we suck for the 720 years ima still be a fan

    • ArrowFan

      Got that right and we just over paid for a turd now it will be Reids job to polish it up. But in the end what do you have after you have polished a turd?

      • Dalton Meek

        May I remind you he went 18-19 with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions last season on MNF. He’s proven he can be consistent with the right coaching staff surrounding him. As for me, it’s too early to say. I think Smith is gonna be awesome in KC, but I’m still set as G.Smith being the QB of the future. With Andy Reid though, who knows A.Smith could turn into a dominant QB, it’s just something we’ll have to wait and see. Whether we payed too much for Smith now is impossible to say, but he thinks he’s worth it, why not give him a chance to prove himself? FOR THE SECOND TIME?

      • Priest4Prez

        A turd

    • Timothy Dittemore

      No one is leaving the Chiefs for another team as fans. We are all just pissed cuz this seems like a Poli move. The reason we get mad and really mad at that its cuz we love this team regardless what management does and have to live with it.

    • Dalton Meek

      Like that last sentence man here here, true Chiefs fans Bleed Red and Yellow until we die!

    • John W Jackson Jr

      Yes, I’d rather have Romo QBing my team than Alex Smith. Romo’s #’s are far superior. All the Romo haters out there will change their tune when/if Dallas ever gets an offensive line to block for him.

  • Dalton Meek

    Oh man, this better not be true. I’m a fan of Smith and I’m all for him being a Chief, but giving up two 2nd round picks is already too much. Under Andy Reid though Smith is gonna be electric, but maaan, G.Smith is the man if we don’t draft him I’m gonna lose it

    • Don417

      There isnt a single report anywhere saying it’s “two” 2nd round picks. The only one’s saying that are idiot clueless fans.

  • ArrowFan

    The off season just took a big dive. Next we will here how Bowe, ALbert, and Dustin couldn’t be resigned. Guess who gets tagged.

  • Young_september

    I dont understand how alex smith was considered great in sf and now he comes to kc and its a bad mood. Cassel threw 18picks 6fumbles and 6 td smith is huge upgrade or has no one been watching cassel for the past seasons? Alex is a diamond in the rough if that cassel is a turd. New front office new qb new season 1st round pick ill take it no questions asked

  • big chief

    Way to welcome him to KC guys! Leave to Chiefs fans to throw a guy under the bus before he even gets here.

    • Danny W

      I cry for Alex Smith too. His feelings must be so hurt right now. Poor poor millionaire Alex Smith. Plays a kids game at a kings ransom. I don’t know how he get’s through days like this.

      • big chief

        You totally missed my point. They finally bring in someone who has proven he’s capable of winning an NFL football game and these whiny ass fans bitch about it. What makes anybody think he’s automatically the starter or that this is the only qb move they’ll make? They don’t know that they’re all butt hurt because now they’re afraid that their golden boy Geno won’t be a Chief. I used to pride myself on the behavior of Chiefs fans. Now most are just whiny classless assholes who are so used to whining and bitching that they do it from habit without even having a reason. It makes me sick really. I don’t give a shit about Alex Smith’s feelings but I do fear our fan base dropping to the level of Oakland or Cleveland in class.

        • Guest

          Frankly, I don’t get the obsession with Geno Smith. Square peg, round hole if you ask me. Not sure if you guys are Blues fans or not – or even follow hockey for that matter – but the Chiefs’ situation right now reminds me of when the Blues had the first pick. Just a bad year. The two years prior the #1 pick was Alex Ovechkin, the next year it was Sydney Crosby, and the Blues ended up with Erik Johnson. Luck of the draw, I guess.

          • big chief

            Lol, I don’t follow hockey and have no idea what you’re talking about but your point was illustrated nicely and I agree.

    • Dalton Meek

      Really man I feel ya, not to mention instantly criticizing our new GM and Head Coach. We’re known as the most loyal fans in the NFL for a reason, and although I may not entirely agree with this call just yet, I’ve put my faith back into the Chiefs. I believe in Reid and Dorsey, and for the first time I’m starting to believe in Clark Hunt. If these guys say he’s the answer, I’m gonna go against my instincts and trust them. Still though, I prey we draft Geno, we need a long term/backup answer should A.Smith fail. Boy I could go all day I better quit while I’m ahead, but let it be known the Kansas City Chiefs are back baby!

  • Danny W

    Four picks!? It better be the next four years worth of 7th fucking rounders.

    • oldchiefsfan

      I hear ya!!! 4 Picks just can’t be right. Can it?

  • ArrowFan

    When a team is desperate for a QB or any position then the likely hood of two scenarios is very high. One, over pay for a FA (or trade), or reach on a draft pick. I can tell you at this point I would rather reach on a draft pick, because we have just failed miserably at the over paid FA trade scenario. I guess we could still do both.

  • BLR

    I’m picketing at arrowhead stadium tomorrow. we have to make some noise for them to hear how mad we are as fans.

    • Trent Taylor

      Gimme a break! There may be ten of you there. People like you are sucking the hope, energy and excitement Out of this off-season. All you ppl know how to do is Bitch !!!

      • KCMikeG

        Time to fire up the “Save Our Chiefs” black shirts and start the season off right booing them in camp. How sad have we become as a fan base?

  • Nick

    Smith (not the answer)
    59.3% completion
    81 TDS
    63 int
    6.6 Y/A
    78 starts
    14,280 yds

    Cassel (not the answer either)
    58.9% completion
    82 TDS
    57 int
    6.6 Y/A
    62 starts
    13,495 yds

    They are the same guy and we gave up 2 picks to get him. I would have rather had Cassel for another year and rolled the dice on Geno or Barkley and if they busted, we are picking first again in 2-3 years. Instead, we will be mired in mediocrity for the foreseeable future. FML as a Chefs(sic) fan. Clark’s decisions make it hard to root for this team some time.

    • Joe Myers

      Right that’s why im mad we are go into be out of reach for a top projected QB . So we will have to give up even more to get a chance . Wow this is just a bad move all around !!!

    • Killerdoctor27

      You are sooooo right!

    • Don417

      Another stupid post.
      In eight starts last year,Cassuck had 19 turnovers and a rating of 66.7
      In nine starts last year, Smith had 6 turnovers and a rating of 104.1
      So, you tell me, genius…how is that even remotely “the same guy”?

      • P Heitman

        Two huge thumbs up on this comment. This should be engraved and framed somewhere.

    • Nick

      Ok Dick, I mean Don417, I am sure that I could take a snap shot of Matt Cassel’s career where he put up good numbers. In case you failed to look it up the numbers I posted were career numbers. You ask me how the numbers were the same last year, but explain to me how the 2 situations were similar? They weren’t even close. 1 had a Super Bowl caliber defense, competent coaches, and consistency. The other had a lame duck head coach, no defensive coordinator, and a front office who didn’t work with anyone. Both QBs have had 2 good years when they had coordinators to work with. Cassel had good years with McDaniel and Weis; Smith has had 2 good years with Harbaugh. The CAREER numbers are virtually the same, in fact, Cassel’s are slightly better-do the math. This is my opinion and and they are like assholes; we all have one. Again my opinion, WE GAVE UP ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FOR MATT CASSEL v2.0. I don’t like the pick next year and don’t like giving up a second this year. If the trade was for a forth this year and a sixth or seventh next then I would say good trade and send Cassel packing. Just too much to give up for the same guy and take a look at Cassel’s season as a stater for the Pats and his Pro Bowl season here for proof that he was capable of being average just like Alex Smith.

      • Don417

        Dick? Grow up. I couldn’t care less about what player X did 3-5 yrs ago. It’s meaningless. Just as meaningless as the one decent year Cassuck had because he had the #1 rushing offense. What smith did years ago means nothing. Players, believe it or not, actually progress over time. That’s what Smith has done. Old history dont mean jack, kid. Get over it.

      • Rick Garcia

        I have been a fan of the Chiefs since they moved to KC in the mid 1960′s but their reluctance to spend 1st round draft picks on the most important position on the field is really wearing on me. CLARK, tell your managemet to Quit taking other teams hand-me-downs and take a few chances on the QB position early in the draft. DO NOT listen to smart guys like some of the guys here who believe that there is such an animal as a proven college football player that is no risk in the draft. The Chiefs have 1st round draft picks playing DT, 2xDE, 2xLB, Safety, OT, and 2xWR. Most of those were “proven” talent and what did that get us…. 2-14. As the Great Todd would say……street.%$#^&*^…. . There is always risk BUT a hall of fame player at any other position will not carry a team thru the playoffs like a QB thats a difference maker!!!! i agree with the guys here who saw the reasonable price for AS to be a 4th round draft choice….. He is a backup QB from a playoff team coming off an injury with a large salary commitment.

    • Larry Devore

      rather have Cassell, you have just invalidated your argument.

  • Barrie Neal Parkes Jr.

    the compensation is ridiculous a second round pick for s player who would have been released april first idc what smoke screen the niners were trying to pull i was hoping they would use their sencond round pick on the eastern block now that goes up in smoke hopefully he will be there in the 3rd no extra wide reciever i hate free agents thats not how good teams stay in contention u have to keep almost every pick you have

  • Joe Myers

    Alex smith I hope he lose every game !!!!

  • Joe Myers

    this is going to get really bad chiefs fans . I want to walk so bad im so so so soooooo disgusted . I expect a playoff win no joke nothing less a second round pick possibly another for a 8 yr average QB vet medium arm strength. possibly dont know if the chiefs Kingdom can make threw the coming storm if Alex smith does bad and Geno does really good especially with the raiders . Do you know how bad that will make us look (chiefs fans) after the loyalty we have displayed threw the ages . Their is only one thing that would change that tahj Boyd next year chiefs fans should know Alex smiths success will shape the future of our franchise. The better he does the further it puts us away from a franchise QB . Either way next year our fist pick HAS TO BE A QB no matter what happens !!!! .

  • BLR

    I am picketing the chiefs at arrowhead tomorrow. please come to show how fed up kansas city is with this crap

    • Don417


  • Jim Harper

    4 picks is an obvious mistake. If it were true it would be everybodies lead story. Since I am retired I have nothing better to do than check EVERY internet story and ESPN and NFL network. Nothing about 4 picks. Every analyst I read or watched and I mean ALL of them thought this was an excellent deal for the Chiefs and Niner’s too. I agree that I think this is an exceptional deal. Smith is perfect for Reid’s system and I am super excited about the Chiefs this year. I still believe they will draft a QB in the 3R that can learn at a slower pace.

  • KCMikeG

    FYI “He started off very slow during his first year in the NFL, throwing only one touchdown pass and 11 interceptions. He was steadily improving until his shoulder injury in 2007. He was placed on IR at the end of the 2007 season. The nagging injury turned into a horrible 2008 season for the young quarterback as well. He had surgery following the 2007 season and Dr. James Andrews believed there was a wire left in his shoulder during that surgery. In 2008, he was diagnosed with a broken bone in the same shoulder that many thought was due to the wire rubbing against the bone.”

    Definitely NOT worth TWO #2′s. Reid will either be the greatest coach next to Hank Stram or be out the door faster than Haley.

  • Leon Ritz

    Just a quick question for all of you bitching and crying about this trade before the guy even gets a chance. How come your so in love with Geno Smith yet he has proven nothing. At least Smith has proven he can win in this league with good coaching. Why don’t you give it a chance and see what happens during the season before you condemn the guy.

  • Carlos Nevarez

    This better be a fucking mistake….I’m just getting over two for Alex.

    Were really going all in with the over-the-hill coach and the over-the-hill quarterback. They’re either gonna look like geniuses or fuckin tools.

    I think the 49er’s are laughing all the way to the Superbowl.

    • Don417

      He’s 28, fool. How is that over-the-hill? What would you do with a brain if you had one?

  • john

    This bullshit. It has not been reported by anyone, anywhere except this one clip.

  • Muskogee9

    Would you guys please chill and look at the big picture. Alex Smith may not be Manning or Brady but he’s much better then anything that’s touch the field for the Chiefs, in several years. Now, we will also draft a rookie QB this year but it won’t be freaking Geno Smith(who couldn’t win in college), it will be another guy Reid and Dorsey spotted at the combine and feel comfortable about.

    We now have next seasons starter at QB with Alex Smith and the Chiefs will take other players to compliment Smith, Charles, maybe Bowe and some new WR’s……..get ready, that’s what you’ll see on draft day.
    I applaude the move as long as it’s not for 4 draft picks but either way, we have a upgrade at QB in KC!!!!!

  • Don417

    I’d just like to laugh at all the morons who actually thought Geno Smith is/was the answer for the Chiefs, And for you Alex haters, feel free to find another team. Your negativity and lack of intelligence is a bad stain on those of us with an IQ over 70. Get lost, losers.

  • Dawgs Of’war

    get excited KC FANS!!! andy reid WILL turn your team around (and not 360 like other coaches). its the coach’s ability to teach players that makes for a great team! look what happened to seattle with their coaches (holmgren and carroll). the best KC had (after stram) was, marty schottenheimer -reid is gonna much better for the chiefs! you guys have a great owner (don’t know who KC’s GM is though), who lets football people take care of football matters.its NOT far fetched that the chiefs can turn it around in 2013 or 2014! so get EXCITED chief fans!

    …, oh and by the way, GO HAWKS! hope to see the chiefs or raiders play us in superbowl 2013 or ’14!!!

  • disqus_8uTkp82LAz

    Smith was a game manager and looked good because he was on very strong team. He was surrounded by a lot of talent. He isn’t worth a ton of picks…maybe a 3rd round pick. I don’t know if he’ll be better than Cassel. Chiefs need upgrades in many areas and if they get those then Smith might look decent.