Chiefs’ Branden Albert Talks Contract

Kansas City Chiefs LT Branden Albert appeared on the Sports Syndicate show with Kevin Sparks and Mook Washington Monday night. He was asked about a number of topics, the most interesting of which was his current contract situation with the Chiefs.

Albert is fairly active on Twitter and I noticed yesterday that a fan was trolling him pretty hard. This is the kind of crap Albert is dealing with.


To be fair, there are plenty more normal people tweeting to Albert that they really hope the Chiefs re-sign him. Unfortunately, Twitter can become a platform for people like Tyler Snider here (@tzsnider) to act completely ridiculous.

Anyway, on to Albert’s interview. I think because he often receives tweets like people from Tyler about being greedy and so forth, Albert wanted to clear a few things up.

To be honest with you, being completely honest with you, I really don’t know. I really, I mean … things are in motion, but things are slow right now. There’s a lot of things have to come to the forefront. I’m being patient like the rest of the world.

I go on Twitter and I like messing with people because I want people to lighten up. I don’t want to be uptight about the situation and I don’t want others to be uptight about the situation.

There’s a lot I can’t control. It’s not me. I keep saying that. I’m not putting the onus on the organization because those guys just got there and they have to figure out other stuff, too. I’m understanding that and me and my agents, and everybody who works with me, we understand that. It’s a process. Decisions have to be made and we have to just be patient. That’s all I can say and that’s the God’s honest truth.

Albert also talked about how he feels about the suggestions of moving him to guard, which seem to have been hounding him every offseason since entering the league.

For someone to say move him to guard, that shit is disrespectful. It’s not all because I want the best contract, it’s the truth. All these same people at the midseason of the year they had me a top 100 player. I don’t look at that stuff but I remember that they had me as a top 100 player in the eighth game of the season and then I got hurt in the 10th game. So why are you trying to say now I need to be replaced? It just doesn’t make sense to me. That’s my argument.

You can listen to Albert’s entire interview here.

Arrowhead Pride also has a pretty thorough transcript of most of Albert’s interview.


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  • Justin

    I dt want u to be replaced ur one of our best players on the team u block ur ass of nd uve proven urself to be a top 10 lt I want u to stay at lt nd us draft a qb ( geno smith) nd nt a lt when we gt an all-pro one

    • Michael Shaw

      Um, English please? LOL!!!

      • Jim Harper

        For real! Man if you are too lazy to post whole words then don’t post!

        • Chelsii.

          Yh i gree gree.

    • Jason Seibel

      This is probably the single dumbest post I’ve ever seen on this site.

    • Danny W

      Did you do this on your phone?

  • Michael Shaw

    I am not sure who the idiot on his twitter account is, but he needs to just shut up. As for Branden, I am not sure why people EVERY off-season want to move him to guard in favor of the next flash in the pants rookie coming into the NFL???? I will admit openly that his second year in the league i wanted us to get Eugene Monroe so that we could put Branden at LG and Monroe at LT, which is how they were set at LSU to set our line up for years to come and I think we drafted some dude named Tyson Jackson or Glenn Dorsey, I am not sure which. Branden is a great LT, but he does have what seems to be chronic back problems, so I am not surprised the new powers that be are being really slow to re-sign him to a new and long-term deal. So now I am posing a question that I would like one of you fine gents here on arrowheadaddict to maybe do a piece on………What would be the possibility of the Chiefs taking the anointed best player in this draft by the pundits, Chance Warmack, Guard out of Alabama? With the retirement of Ryan Lilja and the hopeful re-signing of Branden Albert, we could REALLY use him if we actually are getting Alex Smith via trade! An offensive line of Albert LT, Warmack LG, Hudson C, Asamoah RG and Winston RT would be fantastic and last for quite a few years. Add in Stephenson and Allen, whom I think did an awesome job in relief last year, I think we would have one of the most solid OL’s in the league. Grant it we would need to get another G/T rotation guy and a solid back up C for Hudson, but we could do that in the later rounds this year as deep as this draft is in OL! What do you think my fellow addicts about drafting Warmack #1 overall??????? This is assuming of course they aren’t set on Geno for #1, which I am personally hoping they aren’t.

    • KCMikeG

      If we don’t take Geno #1 I like your idea but IMO CB Milliner would have a bigger immediate impact. The reality is OL, CB and SS are all very deep this year while QB isn’t so act accordingly.

    • Ron White

      Virginia not LSU….

    • Ron White

      Good idea and I could live with that but I would prefer Milner to fill our 2nd biggest hole. We can add depth to the line later without as much drop off.

  • ArrowFan

    It sounds like the Chiefs are waiting for the combine to finish before they even offer Albert a contract.

  • PunjabiPete

    I hope Albert knows 99.9999% of Chiefs fans love him and just want him back here. Here’s what someone needs to remind him though: Who knows who Branden Albert is, show of hands? OK, now who knows Tyler Snider? Exactly.

  • Jim Harper

    I agree that Albert has not got much respect since coming here. I met him at the first camp in St Joe and came away super impressed with him. He is soft spoken, but totally dedicated to being a Chief. Nobody works harder at his craft and that was never more evident than last year. Only 1 sack allowed? Who would not want him at LT? And that happened with Matt (holds the ball too long) Cassel under center. Add to that that defenses were pinning their ears back and rushing the passer because we were constantly playing from behind, and it is even more amazing that he only allowed 1 sack. I don’t care how good Joeckel is, he would be a downgrade from Albert.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent post Jim. Ad to the scenario the fact that our opponents loaded the box because we couldn’t pass and that the interior OL was musical chairs. Tag him to give us a year to make sure his back is good for the long term and keep developing Stephenson. Joeckel may end up being elite or he could bust. He is the unknown – Albert is known. Can we say that about our QB situation? NO, not even if we get Alex Smith.

  • AAASportsMemorabilia

    Tyler is right. Cops make much less and they save lives. However, he is comparing apples to oranges. There is no way you can compare the two. Would be the same if he putt medics or military personnel in that sentence. This is a professional sport and they will obviously make more money then the general population. Albert has every right to ask for more money. If he plays his position well and makes plays, then why shouldn’t he ask for more money. It would be nice if the Kansas City Chiefs keep him and give him a bone.

  • Priest4Prez

    I got Albert’s back all day…his huge back that crushes opposing defenders!!

  • tm1946

    The internet has allowed worms who would not open their mouths in public but they can hide and voice nasty stupid comments hoping someone will comment. Al Gore should have thought of that when he invented the internet.

    Hopefully Albert’s manager is keeping everything on an even keel so positive things get accomplished. Keeping Albert home goes a long way to getting Reid to start his time in KC.

  • Danny W

    I like Albert but he get’s handled in the run game.

  • phil

    whole interview can be heard on