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And So We Wait ...

It has been several years since so much was at stake for the Kansas City Chiefs in a single offseason.

For now, we are the worst team in the league.

We have no credible starting quarterback.

Three of our best players are not under contract.

And we have no idea what our front office is thinking right now.

Like most rabid Chiefs fans, I think that both new Head Coach Andy Read and General Manager John Dorsey were good hires and I want to believe they will make the best possible decisions in this pivotal offseason.

However, the Pioli regime left my heart and soul battered and, like a chronically abused spouse, I’m a basket case struggling to trust. Add to this that we are at the height of the NFL misinformation season, where GM’s go out of their way to confuse and manipulate the agents and other teams to lower contract offers and juke out opponents. Unfortunately for us shell-shocked fans, the tactics work on us too.

We don’t know what to think.

By the end of the day, if reports are to be believed, it may be announced that the Chiefs have secured a deal to trade for San Francisco QB Alex Smith. Then again, we may end up trading for Eagles QB Nick Foles once the league years starts on March 12, and apparently talks are already running for that.

Meanwhile, we have been told both that the team is working to re-sign LT Brandon Albert and that is also is high on LT draft prospect Luke Joeckel. Dorsey has come out poo-pooing the QB class, while it appears to be a consensus that Geno Smith solidified his status as a top 10 pick with his performance at the Combine.

We have yet to use the franchise tag, which will allow us to lock up Albert, WR Dwayne Bowe or P Dustin Colquitt.

I wish I had some insight into what is going to happen with this team, but the truth is that no one outside of a very small club within the Chiefs’ front office has any idea.

Here’s what I think I think:

I will be disappointed if Alex Smith becomes our “answer” at quarterback. He’s been productive in his last two seasons under Jim Harbaugh, but was a disaster for the franchise for years before that. While he was ranked 7th in overall QBR for his 10 games in 2012, the three years before that he was rated thusly, 2011: 45.8, 2010: 40.1, 2009: 40.2. By comparison, Blaine Gabbert’s QBR in 2012 was 40.9. Christian Ponder’s was 53.8.

Still, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m not necessarily against acquiring Alex Smith if the compensation is reasonable. I am whole-heartedly against trading for him and thinking we’re set at the position. The fact is that we need three quarterbacks. Cassel could possibly restructure for a less egregious cap number this year, but I feel like a clean break would be best for both player and team. Brady Quinn is a free agent and good riddance. Ricky Stanzi and Alex Tanney haven’t shown us anything and probably only have the upside to become backups even if they develop.

In a perfect world, we could acquire either Smith or Foles and still draft Geno. Alex can hold down the fort for a season or two while Geno works on the “inconsistencies” all the scouts have been talking about and Foles could also compete with Geno long-term as an option with upside.

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However, if what we end up with is San Fran’s average-to-above-average castaway and a replacement for Brandon Albert who’s unproven in the NFL for the 1st overall pick and, say, a 3rd of 4th this year, it will be hard to deem this offseason a success.

Alex Smith is just 28 and maybe his best football is ahead of him. Then again, maybe he is nothing more than a system quarterback who benefited from great coaching and a strong team around him that plays both solid defense and hosts a running game that averaged 155.7 yards per game (4th in the league in 2012).

Maybe his best football is behind him. Cassel’s 2008 QBR rating with the New England Patriots was 63.1 – 11th in the league and comparable to Smith’s 70.1 rating this year.

On either side of Smith in the QBR rankings this year are rookies RGIII (71.4) and Russell Wilson (69.6).

It was pretty clear that RGIII was going to be a superstar this year, but that didn’t stop the Redskins from hedging their bets and picking up Kirk Cousins as well to develop along side him.

As we all know, Wilson was believed to have limitations in his game and the Seahawks got him for a song in the 3rd round. Even then he was considered to be a reach. They also gave a big contract to Matt Flynn and had Tavaris Jackson on their roster when the training camp began last year and I don’t think they are kicking themselves.

Like I said, I am only going to be upset with Alex Smith if the Chiefs bring him in on a chariot as the sole answer to our QB woes. We need multiple options for the future. How we go about getting them will define this team for years. There are several cards to play and we can’t see Dorsey’s hand.

So, as much as it’s killing us, all we can do is wait.

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  • VenTorPraisE

    I’m suppose to get excited about this?? Only the Chiefs, would turn down a
    quarterback with Eli Manning Passing Skills AND Cam Newton Speed, for
    someone’s cast off. And then I hear we want to draft LT Joeckel? If You
    watched the combine AND Film, Fisher AND Lane Johnson were more
    impressive. John Dorsey tried hard as ever to trade off the Aaron Rogers
    pick. 2 second round picks and he could have been anyones pick. Heck
    they even took the timer down to 10 seconds. All that I’m gonna say is
    we all better hope and pray Oakland doesn’t select Geno Smith. The
    majority around here would’t recognize a good QB when he is sittin on
    their lap.

    • Spencer

      agree, i’ma say i was happy with Reid’s hire, expecting him to make a lot of the “play calling” as to who he will draft…Dorsey i don’t care for, he also wasted a top 5 pick on A.J. Hawk, never was able to improve it in the years after the #1 ranked defense (of which occured more to the reason of Charles Woodson and the young Matthews then bringing in talent over time, Woodson really helped change that defense to ehh to least or a year) really don’t care for the “talent” he put in Green Bay other then Rodgers….everyone benefits from having a hall of fame QB and average receivers will shine with a hall of fame level player at QB…really, who has he drafted???, plus the possibility of him trying at his might to trade away Rodgers really doesn’t improve my opinion of Dorsey…

      Fans are scared of a bust QB…they don’t realize it is better to at least try then never succed then never try and fail immediately because they didn’t even try, Geno is the perfect new style of QB, he is very athletic but doesn’t use his athleticism unless needed

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Hawk may never live up to the pick, but he’s been a good football player for a number of years. That pick was not “wasted.” He may get his walking papers from Green Bay, but only because they’re crowded at LB and have some trouble with the cap. That kid can ball. If he gets the pink slip, I fully expect him to be starting next to Johnson next year.

    • Jim Harper

      If you are going to smoke dope on line then you have to bring enough for everyone so we can have half a chance at understanding what the hell you are talking about

      • Chiefswatch

        Perhaps you should put the pipe down yourself. HIs opinion is pretty straightfoward.

    • Larry Devore

      I take it Geno Smith gets his team to the next superbowl. Oakland is Oakland, they’ll trip over their own feet

  • Stacy D. Smith

    This all hinges upon whether or not the Chiefs think Albert is healthy. If they do, cross Joeckel’s name off the list. Lotulelei’s already falling down draft boards due to the announcement of his heart condition. Geno would be the last man standing. They won’t be able to trade out.

  • JP Esler

    Smith has to improve on reading the game, including identifying hot receivers, rushers and those who are late dropping into coverage on the backside. This is something that many quarterbacks struggle with, but not many that are vying for the top overall pick in the draft, which is why Smith is closely scrutinized.
    – Bleacher Report (Alen Dumonjic) -
    Just saying there are reasons he is not going to be #1 overall…

    • Timothy Dittemore

      Wasn’t Alex Smith a #1 overall pick??? Hmmmm

      • JP Esler

        Exactly that’s what you get when you reach. now granted Alex has turned into a decent QB the last couple of years, but was he #1 overall material???????? Or more a project.

        • Jim Harper

          He got better due to stability in the organization. He’s had to endure countless HC’s and OC’s who each changed the system. That is tough for anybody. And for the people who compare him to Rodgers let us not forget that Rodgers got the luxery of learning behind Favre for several years.

          • VA Raider Hater

            hmmm…enduring countless HC’s and OC’s who each changed the system…sounds like Matt Cassell. Be carefull what you wish for…maybe Cassell will get better with stability in the organization too, lol

          • Chiefswatch

            I hate this mulitple OC argument. The OC doesn’t impact your ability to toss the rock with accuracy, read a defense, or just not be a moron (Cassel). You either can be a decent, smart QB or you cannot.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Every QB prospect needs improvement. If we don’t take him at #1, he’ll still be drafted in the Top 10. If he can go at 7 or 8, he can go at 1. He plays the most important position on the field.

      • Chiefswatch

        Nobody says that enough. If we had the 7th pick we would be ok to take him, but if we have 1 we shouldn’t? F’n dumb.

    • Jim Harper

      True that!

  • calvo

    Everybody knocks alex.smith an forget oc he had a different one every year the best rookie qb is ej Manuel dbowe trash Albert needs to be resign an Dustin let bowe go jon is not a bust he is deep threat since we didn’t throw deep took away his best skills

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Matt Cassel also had a different OC every year. Just sayin.

  • Chiefswatch

    Sign Albert, Bowe and tag punter. Third third and condetional 2014 for Alex, Draft Geno number one overall. Start with Alex move to Geno if he sucks it up. Great offseason.

    • Danny W

      I’ve been saying this all a long. I wouldn’t mind having Alex Smith as long as he’s backing up Geno Smith.

  • Doug McD

    Give the new hires a chance. We could talk this up and down all day and everyone will have a different opinion. The only opinion that counts right now is the one of those that are in power. That being said I think they have a vested interest in putting a winning team on the field. Does anyone here have the experience of Dorsey or Reid (I didn’t think so)! GO Chiefs!!!!! Winning will shut all naysayers up. And I for one have Hope for this team. Whoever we have at QB next year will have a quality team and coaching staff behind them 110%. Life is never just as you want it! A house divided never wins! Who is with this team? Who is with this team? Who is with this team?

    • Danny W

      Rah Rah Rhee kick em in the knee, Rah Rah Raz, kick em in the ass. YAY GO Chiefs!!!! Cheerleaders with palm palms cheer no matter what. Lets do it lets act like a cheerleader. With out the cheerleaders football teams are divided and don’t win, we all know that.

  • Jim Harper

    Upon closer investigation it would appear that what we heard yesterday was just hype!

  • KCTPT65

    Really, I am so tired of everyone being an expert of what the chiefs should do or don’t do. Give the new administration a chance. l have been a chiefs fan since 1963…I have seen the good, the excellent, the mediocre, and the bad. The chiefs are still the chiefs and I love them no matter what…That is a true fan. So…for the 2013 season…it can’t get any worse and if it does…is it any worse than the mid 70′s through the 80′s or Christmas day 1971……There is nothing like the arrowhead on the helmet, the sea of red…the old Municipal Stadium….So whatever the draft turns out to be it is what it is……..Go Chiefs!!!!!

    • Danny W

      This is a Chiefs blog you do get that right? You know opinions and all. That’s pretty much all there is to talk about right now. Blind faith in a team because they happen to play in your city doesn’t make you a “true” fan. It makes you a silly loyalist sheep who takes whatever an organization wants give you. I see my favorite football team try and piss on my leg and tell me it’s rain, I’m going to call B.S. not route route for the home team.

      • KCTPT65

        Thank you for bringing clarity and insight to my loyalist sheep mentality. I would appreciate in the future if I go “off the rail” you will bring me back. I understand about opinions….just don’t “talk” for the sake of “talking”. I mean typing for the sake of typing. In reality….being from Missouri….Show me the results of the new administration. That is the bottom line. I don’t care how they get there….just get there…to the promise land….just win!

        • Danny W

          I will follow the Chiefs and their movements probably for the rest of my life as long as I am capable as you have. What I was trying to say is just that everything the organization does isn’t going to be deemed appropriate by those fully engaged. We get to come here and voice that, and when someone says well a true fan is this, and it is the antithesis of that, I feel I have to defend because the way in which we route is not black and white, but as different as each person you meet. I’ve not seen you on here often but let me as an addict welcome you. On here we get to keep the season alive year round.

    • berttheclock

      So, Cool Lenny was “The good”, Steadman was “The Bad” and Pioli, “The Ugly”? Or were Steadman and Pioli playing equal roles?

    • Larry Devore

      Ya had to bring up Christmas Day 1971, I just got over the trauma. A dark day indeed for Chiefs fans.

  • berttheclock

    Interesting you use the 2009 rating, but, you fail to mention he came off the bench to lead his way to the Pro Bowl. This was done with Joe Staley sidelined.
    However, speaking of the “Almighty” ESPN QBR ratings, which QB would you prefer? In games played one Sunday in 2011, one QB went into Atlanta and won, but, posted an 82.1 rating. Another QB had a better QBR rating for the same day in which his team lost at home to the Bolts. That rating was 83.2. So, would you prefer the golden arm of the 83.2 guy going by the name of Tim TeBow or would you rather have Aaron Rodgers’ one of 82.1?

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Like any rating, a player’s performance is going to be measured differently from game to game. It’s how they play over the course of a season that counts. Tebow did in fact have a few amazing games. Rodgers has had an amazing career thus far. Smith, on the other hand, has only had one consistently good season according to that rating and it was last year when he only played 10 games for a team that ended up in the Super Bowl.

  • berttheclock

    Your lede says “And so we wait”. Hey, it could be worse as in the days of the Civil War, local folks had to wait down by the telegraph office to try to learn of great battles and whatever happened to their kin. So, patience,unless you are one of those vultures sitting atop a cactus in a Larson cartoon, where, one says, “Patience hell. I’m going to go down and kill something”.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Yes. Being a Chiefs fan is not as bad as living through the Civil War.