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Chiefs Fans Respond To Alex Smith Trade Rumors

The Kansas City Chiefs are desperate for help at the QB position and because of that unfortunate fact, whenever there are rumors involving potential signal callers and KC, fans react.

Two interesting rumors regarding soon-to-be discarded 49ers QB Alex Smith hit the Twitterverse today and Chiefs responded accordingly.

The first rumor came from Ian Rapoport of


We broke down Rapoport’s report on Arrowhead Addict and then got back to our NFL Combine coverage.

Our comments section blew up as AA readers let their thoughts on the report be known.

Mike Ross
To all of those sayin we should pay Albert…the guy wants $10 million a year and has a history of back problems. Let him walk and draft Joekel. Alex Smith is a decent QB that took the 9er’s to the NFC championship game 2 seasons ago and was winning last season before being benched beause of injury. Geno is not worth the #1 overall and is not leaps and bounds better than whichever QB can be had in the 2nd rd. Save the $$$ by letting Albert walk and use that $$$ to sign Bowe, Colquitt and some decent FA’s.

Yancey Berry
Alex Smith is just temporary..I doubt he’s intended for the future long term.

Stacy D. Smith
If they’re truly hoping to retain Albert, all of this is a way to gain leverage in contract negotiations. The last thing Dorsey wants to do is look desperate. The Chiefs do have options at LT. That works in their favor.

The picture should get clearer come March 4th.

I would rather they re-sign Albert and take the DT out of Utah with the first pick. The D-line would be more of an upgrade over Albert at LT. The dude from Utah (can’t spell his name, yet) his a MUCH bigger jump over Jackson or Dorsey than Joeckle would be over Albert.

Mike Nelson
If they give anything higher than a 6th round pick for Alex, they are overpaying. If they are going to overpay, they might as well go ahead and take Geno. Maybe they will double dip and overpay for both Smiths.

The main reason I don’t support the Chiefs getting Alex Smith is because he isn’t a franchise QB and we will be overpaying him. I would prefer Matt Moore as he is not bad and a whole lot cheaper. I think I would go for Joeckel in the first rd and Barrett Jones in the second. If they keep Albert he could be LT, LG, or RT. Put them where they play the best or if they don’t want to play where they help the team the most trade or release them. It is past time that we coddle players.



Later, an even more interesting report came out from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.



As you can imagine, La Canfora’s report, combined with the Rapoport report from earlier in the day, cause a fair amount of reaction from Chiefs nation.





If it is us I will be absolutely disgusted…

my god this organization sucks . how the hell does this make us better. alex smith is cassel and not only that your trading draft picks and want to draft a olinemen to replace albert? where the hell is the improvement.

Doug McD
I think it is us and we will also pickup one in the draft to have them compete for playing time. Possibly even get Foles as well. This would make the draft more clear cut. We need to build for the long term not just now. I want it now as much as anyone does, but we need to trust the system Mr. Hunt put in place.

Stacy D. Smith
A lot of smoke there, but we’ll have to wait three weeks for this to become official.





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  • Ashton Hastings

    My problem with drafting joeckle and letting Albert walk is that it does not improve our team it just replaces a player having the number one pick needs to help us improve. If u want to replace Albert then take a Dj fluker in the second round or here’s an idea resign him. Don’t fix something That isn’t Broke

    • Mike Ross

      But is it worth drastically overpaying( rumor is $10million a yr.) Albert( bad back and all) and not having the cap space to resign Bowe or bringing in QUALITY FA’s.

      • Ashton Hastings

        But isn’t it worth it to I’mprove the team what do u want cap space or improvement?

        • Ashton Hastings

          If u think we lost his contract so this year it will cost about three million in cap

          • Timothy Dittemore

            Cap space are you kidding me? Chiefs have all kind of cap space. They can afford it and Bowe and anyone else they want after dropping Cassel and Jackson

    • Michael Shaw

      So if we sign Albert and he misses as many games as he did last year, what have we improved the team with by not getting Joekel? I mean I would rather sign Albert, draft Milliner #1 and try to get Bowe AND Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings on the team. THAT is upgrading the team. If the team doesn’t want to spend 50mil on Albert, then draft Joekel to replace him OR trade to a team that wants Joekel real bad and get more picks to REALLY upgrade this team this year. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan to you?

  • nick

    Lol this is funny, I like Alex he’s a good QB and he has improved over the past couple of years. if the chiefs get him I want to be one of the first to say welcome to Kansas city.

    • Michael Shaw

      Finally someone with some optimism.

  • Tucson Chief Fan

    Flacco took his team to the superbowl and won it. I don’t see him or Alex Smith as guys who will carry their team alone. But good enough to get the job done. I don’t want to loose Albert, but I think there is something that people keep forgetting. Albert would make about 50 mil for 5 years where Joeckel would make a little over 20 mil. With another 30 mil, you could grab another receiver or CB in free agency. Is Albert better than say Joeckel + Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie or equivalent?

    • Chief Hokie

      Flacco is miles – let me repeat – MILES better than Alex Smith. Like comparing apples to dingleberries.

      • Michael Shaw

        We will have to agree to disagree Hokie, but then again we usually do! LOL!

  • allen

    As a die hard niner fan alex is not a bad qb. And for the price of 8.5 mil its a great bargain for a starting qb. It too bad for him that it took so long for san fran to give him a coach and line. Hope the best for him and his career.

    • Michael Shaw

      Thanks for posting. I am afraid that some of my fellow fans won’t appreciate the post though, sorry.

  • cyberry

    The only realistic chance the Chiefs have to trade down is a team wanting to trade up for the best lineman. They have to act like they want him or no other teams make an offer. The teams will call the Jags.. Most of the analysts say nobody will trade up but the better teams which always draft late never get a chance of the top OT because it takes so much to trade up, usually a high pick the next season. Well with the Chiefs needs are not at the top of the draft (without reaching) won’t cost near as much.. I team in the midish picks might think..this is our chance to get the top rated OT and it only costing us a 2nd rounder.. anyway..this is more than likely a smokescreen.. You don’t build teams using your top draft picks replacing quality players that the team spent on a previous top pick when there are other needs..especially when they are under the cap.. IMO