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Alex Smith To Chiefs Rumors Running Wild

It’s been a crazy night in Chiefs Nation.

First, we got the report that the Chiefs were the team most interested in 49ers QB Alex Smith. That report came from Ian Rapoport of

Then later, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports busted out the big news of the evening. According to La Canfora, the 49ers are letting it be known that they have a trade agreement in place that will send Smith to an unnamed NFL team as soon as the new league year starts on March 12th.

La Canfora’s report set off a firestorm of reports speculating on which NFL club is the mystery team that is trading for Smith.

Right off the bat, the usual suspects emerged. The Chiefs, Jaguars, Browns, Jets, Eagles and Bills were all names that were being thrown out on Twitter.

But then the list started to shrink.

Just like that, the Jags were eliminated. Later, a Cleveland Browns beat writer disqualified the Browns from the running as well.


Then we got this gem from Gregg Rosenthal of

Everywhere I go in Indianapolis, I hear someone say that the Alex Smith-to-Kansas City Chiefs deal is all but done. (Now CBS is reporting a deal is “effectively done” for Smith, but won’t name the team.) Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said it’s “not us” who has a deal in place in a text to the Florida Times-Union.’s Albert Breer reported a high-ranking San Francisco 49ers source says he’s not aware of a deal being done.’s Ian Rapoport says the Chiefs have showed the most interest. Mr. RapSheet also hears the Chiefs are particularly high on tackle Luke Joeckel as a No. 1 overall pick candidate.

As far as we can tell, the Bills, Jets and Eagles camps have all been quiet thus far. The Eagles are less likely, considering they recently re-signed Michael Vick and added QB Denis Dixon. They have also stated publicly that they wish for Nock Foles to compete with Vick for the QB spot.

The Chiefs still seem to be the front-runner here. Multiple reports from different reporters indicate as such.

Once again, here is the evidence:

1. We heard yesterday that the Chiefs asked the Eagles about Nick Foles and the Eagles told them they had no plans to deal him.

2. Then we heard Matt Cassel was almost certain to be cut soon.

3. Then we heard the Chiefs were the most interested in Alex Smith.

4. We also heard the Chiefs were high on LT Luke Joeckel.

5. Then we heard a deal was in place to send Smith to an unnamed team at the trade deadline.

6. Gregg Rosenthal said that everywhere he goes at the Combine, he is hearing that Smith is going to KC.

While nothing is set in stone, this appears to be going way beyond the 49ers and the Chiefs smoke-screening.

This story isn’t likely going away any time soon. In fact, it will likely continue to develop as beat writers and other reports try to get to the bottom of it. I’ve no doubt that Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star is trying to get some kind of comment from the Chiefs.

Remember, this time of year there is a lot of misinformation. Even if the Jaguars GM says the Jags aren’t the team trading for Smith, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is telling the truth.

It is an exciting yet frustrating process.

Strap in, Addicts. We still have a ways to go.

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  • Ehud

    While trading for Alex Smith immediately makes me suspicious of the new regime, if anything more than a single pick from Day 3 is given up the new regime is officially in my doghouse.

    • Dillon Davis
      • John Woodley

        I sure hope that is incorrect

      • Jack Thomas

        How credible is this site?

      • Ehud

        I’m familiar with the rumors currently going around about how much they believe it to be but, since nothing can officially be done until March 12th it is all just rumors and guesses until then.

  • Don Pena

    Yeah after Geno’s great day today i seriously dont think the Chiefs and Reid would just sign Alex with out even have met n saw what Geno can do. Its rumor season but if this is true as long as they still take Geno ill be happy, if they pass on Geno i think i will be done with the Chiefs because they lack balls

    • Chelsii.

      We will miss you. Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • Jack Thomas

        If we do get Alex smith and he’s cut the next season I hope your still posting so I can say I told u so. if we do get him though I will support him like I did matt cassell, but will not be surprised when it doesn’t work out

        • Chelsii.

          That’s fine since I do think he’s a better option for next season than a rookie QB. Please understand that it was mainly targeted at the folks that are saying pick Geno or they won’t be Chiefs fans. I say good riddance to them. It’s fine to differ on who the better QB is but to hate the Chiefs just isn’t right. I think Chiefs fans should be better than other fans, and lately their seems to be a lot of threatening going on which isn’t right. Just so we’re clear if KC drafted the Easter Bunny with the first pick I wouldn’t be happy, but I wouldn’t slap Andy Reid or stop being a Chief fan.

          • Jack Thomas

            Haha I’d prefer Santa clause, I think he’s more built to take the punishment at the NFL level and he he already likes wearing red

    • Jack Thomas


  • Danny W

    The Chiefs have always loved San Francisco back ups. Montana, Grbac, Bono, now Alex Smith.

  • DT58HOF

    Are u people crazy? Alex Smith IS the best available QB out there that may be available via draft, trade, or FA. He makes our Chiefs an instant contender. I will be the first to order my Smith CHIEFS jersey. Great move if this is true.

    • Jack Thomas

      I like geno better, I think foles has more upside and he was replaced by a guy who COULD MAKE ALL THE THROWS, in my lifetime (im 27) the chiefs have never had a guy who could make all the throws. I have been Watchin the chiefs since I was 7 and have passionately watched them since I was 10, I’ve watched almost every team in the NFL in that time (except maybe the browns) get a qb in the draft at one point or another in that time span some teams even got one twice. when will we stop settling for some other teams sloppy seconds.

    • Ehud

      While he may be the best available (and that is debatable) I don’t see the difference in play between him and Matt Moore to be worth the picks (allegedly) being given up for Smith.

      • Jack Thomas

        And the money we would owe for pickin up his contract

    • Joe Myers

      you are outside of your mind . He is Alex (the bum) smith you will be The first one to burn it too . Just watch he had a top five rated defense 6 years of awful play and Jim hrbaugh comes in makes him better . Our own Andy Reid coached up Kevin Kolb he went to AZ and fell off . “Instant contender” does not merit a response. This would be devastating to our franchise for one reason . In two three years we will be some where outside the top ten lest say 15-22 and stuck with drafting another average QB . We will be no closer to a playoff win then we are now .

      • allen

        As a niner fan I can’t recall the top 5 d for 6 years alex had. Last two years yes but not before

  • Outback Chief

    If it’s The Chiefs I hope we didn’t give up more than a 2nd rounder for him, I’d only give a 3rd, if it’s not the Chiefs oh well they’ll find a fill in somewhere else that can do the job for a bit. Either way we still need to draft a QB this year and another next to find a 10 yr starter cuz it won’t be Alex Smith.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    The way I see it, it’s all about upside. We want to see a young guy come in, whether it’s foles, geno, wilson or whoever because they still have tons of upside. But with Alex Smith we have a qb who has already hit his ceiling and we can talk of stats and all that but the fact is that alex smith is a game manager not a game changer. Frankly I’m tired of stop-gap qbs and other teams back ups. I’d rather start a rookie and see him bust than start somebody else’s castoff. Further why would we trade for alex smith? He was almost certainly going to be released, we could have signed him for cheaper after he had been cut. I want to believe in Reid and Dorsey but I admittedly have very little patience lately when it comes to the qb position. So they better know what they’re getting into otherwise we might see more banners flying over Arrowhead.

    • allen

      If he was released there would have been bidding war since he would have been best qb available. Arizona was big on smith also. 8.5 for a starting qb is far better than most teams pay. Cassell is at 10 fitzpatrick is 10

      • Ron White

        If he was released he would have to go through waivers and we would have the first choice. But he would never be released as there is a team out there that would make a trade for him even if it was a high round SF would get something for him.

        • allen

          The waivers applies to players that are released with less than four years experience. So he would be a free agent. I do agree there is a team out there willing to trade for him. His contract is cheap for experienced starting qb and he has shown he is not a cancer in the locker room if he is outplayed by a younger qb

  • Joe Myers

    this is why I dont like NASCAR same thing over and over just curve gas . But good point just springing to Alex smith seem a little reckless . Don’t understand why we can’t just draft and develop this would be really disappointing .

  • Kyle Mangione

    We are still getting a qb via draft so Alex smith can mentor him to be a franchise quarter back …. we will get Tyler Wilson or ej Manuel even mike glennon via 2nd round after picking l.joeckel #1 and then get a corner back with the third compensation pick cause remember we will give 49ers the first 3rd round pick 4tth round the line backer we need to fill and miscellaneous wrs and safety’s

  • Kyle Mangione

    Qb#1 Alex Smith (draft) #1 Luke joeckel #2 ej Manuel) mike glennon #3 compensation pick corner back #4 linebacker rounds 5-9 will be safety’s wrs dt de etc

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    It could still be either the Cardinals or the Bills, never know.

  • D forte
    • D forte

      If he is going to KC, you guys should watch this….
      One thing about Alex is he improves each year (minis the Injury years)

  • kcmike11

    One thing I don’t understand is comparing anything that happened before to now. The only thing that is the same is the team name and ownership, nothing else. I.E. Smith is not Cassel not even in the same conversation. Cassel had one decent half year with NE, Smith an NFC Championship game season plus took his lumps as the Starter for SF the years under Singletary. I would like to see them pick a QB, but if Smith comes great we just pick a QB later. Also I’m surprised no one has thought maybe the Chiefs floated this rumor to get the Eagles to give up Foles. Highly unlikely however, would make it interesting.