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Chiefs, Eagles Have Discussed Nick Foles, According To Report

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have discussed the availability of QB Nick Foles to KC.

From USA Today Sports:

The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the conversations weren’t to be discussed publicly, said the Eagles conveyed to the Chiefs what they’ve been saying through the media – they like Foles and plan on giving him a chance to compete with Michael Vick for the starting job.

Let’s get one thing straight right now; nearly all NFL players are available for trades.

Sure, the Green Bay Packers may turn down a ten first-round selections for Aaron Rodgers but not many players are untouchable.

The Eagles may very well plan to give Foles a shot at the starting job. They may very well want to keep him as a backup. But even if they are interested in trading Foles, there is no reason for them to tell the Chiefs that now.

Since the new league year hasn’t started, Foles can’t be traded right now. Besides, there is a lot that has to happen in the next few weeks. Franchise tags need to be given out, the NFL Combine must be completed. The Eagles and Chiefs are still compiling their intel and deciding how to shape their rosters.

A couple of weeks after the start of free agency, everything could change.

For now, we know that the Chiefs are interested in acquiring a veteran. The NFL rumor mill is in full swing at the Combine.

Chances are, this won’t be the last of the Foles/KC talk, despite what the Eagles are saying now.

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  • chiefridgy

    Anonymous ……oh boy

  • john

    One thing I KNOW……
    Here’s a couple of things I can state as FACT: No matter what KC does, some fans will love it, some will have a “wait and see” attitude and some will want to storm One Arrowhead drive and burn it down.

    Also, if they by any chance draft Geno Smith with the top pick (unlikely) and he turns out to be a dud, all the people who are clamoring right now for them to do so, will all say “I told you so” and never admit they wanted him.

    • Joe Myers

      no one will touch the sacred ground that is arrowhead son . And if Geno does suck (unlikely) I’ll be he first to admit I was wrong .

    • Chris Tarrants

      You keep putting the same thing on multiple post but it doesn’t matter how many time you write it it’s not going to become fact! If we take Geno and I think and hope that we will and he ends as a bust we will all stand up and say thank you for trying, that’s what we wanted but it didn’t work out

    • Michael Shaw

      I am one of the guys that doesn’t want them to draft Geno, but I don’t for a minute think he is the next Fatmarcus Russel. I just think he will take a couple of years before he is ready. We need a starter NOW and I don’t want to turn Geno into the next David Carr, meaning throw him in because that is what most of the fanbase wants and have the poor guy get too overwhelmed by how fast and big the NFL is. I disagree John. I think most of the people on here clamoring for Geno will have no problem saying “Crap! Well I got the guy I wanted and it didn’t work like I thought it would!” These aren’t Faider fans afterall John!

      • Brody Hall

        MICHAEL SHAW!!! Let me ask you this, I have seen your against Geno plenty lol. What if we got geno and a qb that would allow Geno to develop a year or two? Ill use the most obvious choice here and say Alex Smith…

        Anyways, I’m liking these new mock drafts where they have no qb going in round one because that allows KC to get geno at a discount! Maybe this Andrew Luck standard could turn out to be a good thing after all haha!

    • sigh233

      wrong, they fail, they try again, we cheer that choice.
      ravens did it after boller, they just won a super bowl with that qb, flacco

  • foles4pres

    we know what smith gives us.
    foles has potential to be a good QB.
    get foles, dont go with smith/joke-OL

    • Joe Myers

      Foles gives us the same thing Geno gives us potential . Only a higher football IQ and better accuracy. Oh and he’s more Mobil . Draft and develop . After the season we just had I think its time. Oh and our line didn’t start giving up sacks till they got shuffled around .

      • superman_25_58

        Higher football IQ? I seriously doubt it or he would been drafted higher IMO. Better Accuracy? No……… Almost as good……….yes. Geno 67.4 career comp% Foles 66.9 and Foles ended his college career with 67TD/33INT’s, Geno ended his college career with 98TD/21INT. While both improved every year Geno Improved the most in his senior year with 42TD’s/6INTs. I wouldn’t mind getting Foles and Drafting Geno myself but what you claim I think is inaccurate, is all……….Just saying

        • Brody Hall

          Not to mention Geno had his best season in the BIG12 which is a way tougher division than he came from… also the same division where he had a better senior season than RG3 did. Look I’m not sayin… just sayin.

          • berttheclock

            WOW! The Big 12. You mean that once dominant league which lost such as Nebraska, Missouri and Texas A&M and descended into the Texas League? All Foles had to face was USC and Nike U, eh, whereas GS had to face WHOM again? I suppose with your reasoning of a dominant conference, in the 2005 NFL draft, Kyle Orton of the Big X Purdue or David Greene from Georgia of the Amighty SEC should have been taken in the 1st round? DG had 20 TDs and only threw 4 Ints whereas, someother guy lost to USC and his bowl game. Greene ended up being dropped to the 3rd QB for the Seahawks and spent the three years on the practice squads of NE, the Chiefs and one other team. That other guy had to ride the bench behind Favre at GB before he became a starter. Oh, and one other guy was taken far ahead of both Orton and Greene. He was Alex Smith out of the WAC So, it looks as though the Pac Ten at the time and the WAC trumped the Big X and the SEC with the Pac Ten, the clear winner.

          • Joe Myers

            WOW!! What does any of that have to do with Geno smith . So rg3 puts up good numbers vs the big 12 and he should go number 1 . Geno smith does better and what ???? Come on . Why is this man not getting any credit . Geno should go number 1.

          • superman_25_58

            I thought his argument was about Nick Foles. I’m a strong, strong, believer in drafting Geno Smith #1 especially after his combine performance. Just hope he aces the Interview if he does than to me IMO he is a LOCK for the #1. Reid will want to start his rein off with a Qb of his choice that him and his other two Qb coaches can groom. Geno should be a prime candidate for Reid/Dorsey/Hunt and the Chiefs Organization.

        • Joe Myers

          wow you prove my point and tell me im wrong . Look my point is draft and develop nick foles is no better QB then Geno and he’s been in the NFL . And I’d say he’s better then rg3 judging by the stats Sr . So what’s wrong with Geno . Money that’s all . When the espn say he can make all the throws but can he be a leader ? . Says to me he’s no Sanchez . Geno number one

          • superman_25_58

            ok so you were saying Geno has a higher football IQ? The way it is worded sounded like you were saying it the other way around. If your argument was for Geno my bad, bc I want the Chiefs to draft Geno #1 as well. IMO he looks just as good/better than any FA Qb and any Qb in the draft after watching the scouting combine today.

  • Doug McD

    What are the chances that we get both Nick Foles and Alex Smith? Would there be $ for this available?

    • sigh233

      yes.. foles is getting paid 3rd rounder money

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    This is a long public dance that will end up with Foles in a Chiefs uniform.

  • Scott Mahurin

    Foles is now a veteran? I guess the definition has changed a bit. The guy played in 7 NFL games and now the media has labeled him a “veteran.” Whatever. Not buying what you’re selling. We should draft our own. Philly can keep Foles. I’m throwing the bullshit card on those who say there isn’t a quarterback in this draft.

  • Danny W

    Yeah Foles will be a Chief, hopefully they don’t break the bank for him.