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Chris Mortenson Thinks Chiefs Can Get Nick Foles For A Third-Round Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs need more than one QB as they begin preparing for the 2013 NFL season and according to ESPN insider Chris Mortenson, they Chiefs may be able to get Eagles QB Nick Foles for a third-round pick.

From Rotoworld:

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen stated on NFL 32 Thursday that he believes Nick Foles could be acquired for a third-round pick.
Foles-to-Kansas City is the obvious connection because Andy Reid drafted Foles and the Chiefs need a quarterback. (Desperately.) “I do believe there is some substance to the desire to talk to the Eagles about Nick Foles,” said Mort. “I think it’d take probably a third-rounder to get Foles. So I wouldn’t close the door on that.” In an ideal world, the Chiefs could acquire Foles for a third-rounder, re-sign Dwayne Bowe, and perhaps draft Luke Joeckel at No. 1 overall.

I buy it. Despite an insistence by the Eagles and new head coach Chip Kelly that Foles will compete with Michael Vick for the starting position, it is clear that Foles is not a great fit for Philly’s new offense.

The Eagles recently re-signed Vick to a one-year deal. They have also brought in mobile QB Dennis Dixon. Both Dixon and Vick are better fits in the new offense.

The Chiefs could be interested in acquiring Foles, even though they can’t say so publicly for fear of tampering charges. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid drafted Foles in the third-round of the 2012 NFL Draft and started him for the second half of the season last year. Foles already knows Reid’s offense and would give the Chiefs a young QB with some experience.

The Eagles would likely have a hard time turning down a third-round pick from the Chiefs. Since KC is picking at the top of each round and because a couple of teams have lost their draft picks this season, a third-rounder from the Chiefs is actually a late second in a normal draft year.

The Chiefs could also find it easier than usual to part with their third-round pick because it is believed the team will be awarded a compensatory pick at the end of the third round. The Chiefs could trade their earlier pick for Foles and would just have to move back to the end of the round to do it.

What do you think, Addicts? The Chiefs need QB help. Should they giveup one of their likely two third-round picks for Foles?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    No! We could draft a starter in the third round of this year’s draft. Foles isn’t going to start here.

    • Steve Tharp

      I disagree. I watched several of Eagles games last year where Foles played and he has the talent to be a Pro Bowl QB. Not only does he have a very strong arm, but he routinely has the ability to go through his progressions and throw to open receivers. He has a sixth sense of where the pass rush is coming from and he is very accurate (60.8% completion pct.). His last four games he was 5-2 TD-INT and had two games where he threw for 300+ yards (345, 381). Now while those stats may not be all world and the sample size is small, you have to keep in mind he was a rookie and was playing against the 5th worse offensive line in the NFL (48 sacks).

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I never said he was without talent. I just think a third round pick is too much to give up for a backup quarterback. I certainly don’t want Foles to be considered for the starting job. I’d give up a 5th for him. A 3rd is simply too high. Especially when you have a chance to take a better prospect #1.

        • Steve Tharp

          Your statement implies that he is a backup QB and he isn’t going to start in KC, without any indication why you think he is incapable of being a starter. I gave specific reasons why I feel he can succeed as a starting QB in the NFL. I think that prorated over a 16 game schedule, Foles would probably be a 4000+ yard passer and that would be well worth a 3rd round pick. As far as taking a prospect at #1 I agree with you that we should take a QB in the first round and if we did that then it would be preferable to trade our second #3 pick (compensation for Carr) rather than our 1st #3 pick. We need two QBs anyway.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            My specific objection is to the compensation necessary to acquire him. I don’t think he’s the guy who’ll change the fortunes of this football team, but that’s a separate argument. The sample size is entirely too small to draw any real conclusions about what he will ultimately be in the NFL. It’s for that reason that I wouldn’t trade anything more than a 5th to Philly for his services.

            I never said he was incapable of being a starter. I said he wouldn’t be in this particular situation. Unless they stand pat and do nothing at quarterback, he has little chance of being a starter here. This team is in dire need of a quarterback and they have the top pick in several rounds of the Draft. Chances are, they take one 1st overall. If that happens, a 3rd is too high for a guy who’s going to have to compete with a 1st round talent for the job. He wouldn’t start here under that scenario. And a 3rd is too high a price for a backup.

          • Danny W

            I think his sample size is big enough for me to have really huge doubts about the kid as a prospect. Look at Kirk Cousins sample size and it was about the same, and that kid could start in here day one and do well in my opinion. Foles just doesn’t look as sharp when it comes to decision making to me. I wouldn’t give a third for him either. I am pretty convinced that it’s not going to be Geno Smith number one though. It’s gonna be Joeckel and someone maybe in the second. Sadly I don’t see us with a franchise quarterback in 13.

          • Michael Shaw

            Agreed. Though watch going against the Geno train or you risk being drawn and quartered by those that “know more”.

  • berttheclock

    Great work, Patrick. Soon, your staff will approach the level of the writers at the Cleveland Plain Dealer in both quantity of pertinent articles and quality of thought. Of course, to be fair, after the Kent Babb spot on column about Pioli, Teicher was scared to ever try to post anything without prior approval by SP. I remember the supplemental draft concerning Gordon and both KC and the Browns were there to select if they wished. Not one word from the Star and several articles posted at the CPD. Perhaps with the much more open Dorsey and Reid, Teicher and crew will have more room. But, the place to read about anything Chiefs, is this site.

    • Patrick Allen

      Thanks Bert!

    • foles4pres

      or arrowheadpride.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Only if they don’t draft Geno, that’s my first choice and if they do I don’t want them to use a 3rd rounder on a backup. Foles for a third would be my backup plan if they decide Geno isn’t worth it. I’d rather have Foles for a third than spend a 2nd on a Nassib or Glennon.

    • Michael Shaw

      Lyle, I don’t think you understand that Geno will be the back up. He will NOT be NFL ready like an Andrew Luck or RGIII. He is not that caliber of a QB as stated by pretty much EVERY “expert” out there. Bring in Foles and he can teach whatever QB we draft to be an NFL starter.

      • Brody Hall

        God this guys is always posting crap against Geno so I’ll ask you again… WHAT FACTS DO YOU HAVE TO BACK UP YOUR WORDS?!?! NOTHING! You think because he is not Andrew Luck or RG3 he is not good enough? Let me ask you this… when is the last time the draft has had anyone like Andrew Luck and RG3? Newton didnt get his love until the combine. Im sick and tired of all this “he is no andrew luck” talk because if Luck never happened then Geno would be a perfect draft choice for KC with no doubt. Because he is no Andrew Luck is not good ammo. That’s like saying you would not want a qb like Matt Ryan because he is no Joe Montana.

        PS: Geno had a batter college career than RG3 and that includes his senior season where he played in the BIG12 just as Griffin did… but yet he is not worth shit? Makes NO sense!

        • KCPauly

          Brody, I totally agree with you, and I as a 25+yr. Chiefs fan am tired of other peoples QB, This team has never drafted a 1st. rnd. QB since I have been a fan, NOW is the time pull the trigger on Geno and take the chance, from what I’ve seen he is more than capable, we need to at least try it once to draft ourselves a franchise QB, so sick of retreads, and if we get Alex Smith I will shoot myself…NO MORE S.F. MISFITS…if that is the plan then keep Cassel for cheaper(They’re the same guy)

        • Michael Shaw

          So you are saying you actually think Geno can come in and lead this team day 1?

        • Michael Shaw

          And the only comparison I am making with Geno and Andrew is that all the evidence I saw from Andrew showed he was good to great under pressure. Look at Geno’s tape in his losses and that isn’t exactly so. He is going to need a year, MINIMUM, to get used to the NFL and that is reason enough to NOT draft him #1 overall. I have NEVER been an advocate of drafting a guy #1 overall if he is not intended to start right away. Case in point see David Carr, the most recent example. They didn’t have a good enough team around him to be starting a rookie and he got his clocked cleaned for at least 2 years straight and never recovered despite having the skill set to succeed. I think Geno needs to hold a clipboard for AT LEAST a year, maybe two and then he will be ready to come in be a better version of Donovan McNabb. I have never said he won’t be good in the NFL. I know he has the potential to be good, but not if you throw him into the meat grinder right away! Criticize, insult me, but that doesn’t make you more right or wrong than me. It is an opinion and last I checked, those are WELCOME on this site.

          As for you kcpauly, comparing Cassel to A. Smith is like comparing Damon Huard to Trent Green. Smith is by far a better QB, bonafide STARTER and overall more talented than Cassel could ever think to be. I hated that we traded for him and was even MORE furious when we gave the schmuck 60 million dollars before we even saw one full year of him behind OUR center. He did a manageable job leading a previously 18-1 Super Bowl caliber team to 11-5 in place of Tom. I think YOU could have been QB of that team and won 11 or more games!

          As for your stupid statement about SF castoffs……

          With the GREAT Joe Montana the Chiefs were 20-12 from 93-94. With Steve Bono, the Chiefs were 22-10 with him at QB from 95-96. With Elvis Grbac the Chiefs were 36-28 from 97-00. So those supposed cast offs made our Chiefs 78-50 from 1993-2000. You are right being 28 games above 500 sucks…….ok not really. Alex Smith has been 56-64 with what 7-8 different OC’s. Under Cassel the Chiefs have gone 23-41, grant it he didn’t start all the games last year, but it was his job to lose. So Cassel has a .359 winning % and Alex has a .467, so how are they the same guy? I could go deeper, but it isn’t worth it. Cassel is no where near as good as Alex Smith and he would be a great addition to this team. He has already shown he has the class to teach a younger QB and shown he has the talent to get wins for a team. He is not Peyton, Aaron, Tom, Joe Flacco, Matty Ice or Eli, but has proved this year he can win. The 49ers were 6-2 when he went down with a concussion. Harbaugh stayed with Colin because he had an extra niche to his game that Alex didn’t, he could run the ball! So please explain to me how Matt and Alex are the same guys if you actually believe Andy is good with QB’s?????

  • Chelsii.

    Really like the article. And this isn’t really important to the article (so why do I post. I have no clue. Just me being curious I guess), but I thought Vicks new deal was a 3 year deal but basically was a one year deal. That’s what I remember ESPN reporting. But I could’ve misunderstood or they may have been wrong.

  • kcmike11

    The only way the Chiefs should acquire Foles is if they trade out of number one and get some extra picks. I like this idea but unsure if it would happen, Eagles 1st, 2nd, and Foles, Chiefs 1st and switch Thirds. Or Buffalo’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd and 3rd next year. Chiefs 1st, Use Buffalo’s 3rd on Foles.


    Thanks, Patrick. I think that getting Foles before the draft could be big for the Chiefs. I also think that a third is the right price. If he is a Chief before they draft, it opens up all kinds of moves that they can make. It will, I believe, let them take a pass on a QB with the top pick, and maybe trade down a few spots. Foles showed that he can play the position. And, with Reid mentoring him, Foles should thrive. I do not see the advantage of trading a third for Foles, and then taking Smith with the first pick. Now, you have given up basically two high picks for one position. Not only that, but they are both young and will need playing time to grow. As of now, all the talk about Alex Smith has died down, so it would seem that he was just a fleeting thought with Reid and Dorsey. Bring in Foles, and look to the second for some competition.

  • unclejesse40

    If you want to see what Foles could be take a look at his preseason game highlights and then take a look at his final game against Washington and notice the difference he shows in his understanding of the offense. In the preseason games he would lock on the a receiver, but during the season Reid got him to throw the ball around to a bunch of different guys and they arent always the first one he looks at. Growth during the season is pretty impressive, I would look forward to seeing what he could do in KC with another year of Reid!

  • berttheclock

    It looks a though Mortenson is being used, perhaps, by either side as Michael Lombardi was used by Pioli to float trial balloons. At this point if any Chiefs management member said they would be interested in Foles, it would be considered to be tampering. However, Foles had to play behind a very porous O-line in Philly.
    If Roseman is using Mortenson, that suggested One or Two dropping to a Three could be sigficant.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Is it just me or does Mel kiper jr look like the kid from the munsters? He is such a tool, if I was Geno Smith I would go out of my way to meet him, shake his hand and make sure that I broke several bones in his hand while doing it!

    • Chris Tarrants

      Sorry that was off topic but I was reading this and listening to kiper run that hole is his face at the same time

    • Danny W

      That’s pretty funny, the whole whoops I broke your hand when I shook it made me laugh. Geno Smith is going to be a very good quarterback at the next level, and it’s too bad we’re going to miss out on that for Nick Foles apparently who was woefully underwhelming the games I saw him in. Kirk Cousins though he looked like he could contend for championships and soon given the right team behind him.

  • Danny W

    Nick Foles just doesn’t impress me at all. To me he seems like solid back up material and that’s about it. I mean is it just me here? If they were rumoring to be going after Cousins I could see it. That guy is worth our high second in a heartbeat. Shoot I’d even give them another pick next year. Say if he gets us to the playoffs a first. If he get’s hurt and misses 8 games a fourth. Just does averagely then I would give them a third. I’m just far from convinced Pretty Nick is the answer we’ve been waiting for since Trent Green, and Joe Montana. Kirk Cousins to me looks lie he’s as good of a passer as RG3 with out all the running around getting his knee blown up.

    • Michael Shaw

      I really like Cousins coming out last year, but Washington pulled that trigger pretty quickly. As for getting him away from the Redskins, NOT going to happen. I think they have seen how great RGIII can be, but at the same time they have seen how quick he can go down, a la Mike Vick. If I were them I would keep them BOTH!!

      • Danny W

        I know you and I have discussed this before. I just honestly think the sample size between Foles and Cousins is pretty similar, and I have been twice as impressed with Cousins as I have been with Foles. To me it just sucks in my opinion knowing theres a better back up out there yet were going after a kid who likes like a Kevin Kolb, type prospect. Under Andy Reid they look pretty good but you put them on another team and they look meh. Would you agree that Cousins looked better than Foles, not do you think the Chiefs will get him, but do you think Cousins is better?

        • Michael Shaw

          Oh absolutely, but based on availability I think we have a better shot at Foles and as someone stated on here earlier, if you look at Foles in pre-season he is locking onto one guy and that caused issues, but later in the year he is spreading the ball around because he listened to Andy and became less predictable. That shows an upside that Andy could likely further exploit in KC, especially if we re-sign Bowe and go after either Wallace or Jennings. I would definitely rather have Cousins, but I don’t think that could happen as cheaply as we would need it to.

  • GDL40

    NOOOO! ….. I can see the logic bc Reid drafted him , but I dont see him being so good or with such high potential to RE-DRAFT him …. it seems like it never works out when coaches take their old players with them. You’re in a new team, different team and players, start fresh ! He’s NOT the QB of the future for KC, and if they want him for the backup job, then a very high 3rd, (which is really a late 2nd) , is WAAAY to much to give up for a backup, especially when we have quite a few other needs!

  • drake

    nick foles in 2013 is matt cassel with the patriots. so lets kick out pioli and matt cassel and do the same thing with nick foles and andy reid? well at least foles played in college. we might get (gasp) 6 wins with foles. if foles is the starting qb for kc then anticipate another long year-years

  • Jamie Denton

    Awesome piece and I think foles is worth the 3rd round pick, as we will be alotted another pick in the 3rd round, receive a QB that coach Reid is familiar with and has faith in, and someone who knows the system. Then We can use the draft to fill other needs! But I still have faith that both Albert and Bowe will be re-signed to new deals especially if Bowe holds true to what he was preaching last year about wanting to remain a Chief and spend his career as a Chief! I think both players need to talk to their agents and tell them “look there’s something special getting ready to take place in KC and I want to be a part of it GET IT DONE”. Oh and while we are signing people to contracts lets get Colquitt signed as well, and re-structure Jamal’s contract to pay him ike a top running back should be paid! That’s my opinion! Oh and a word of advice to Mr. Reid and Mr. Dorsey you might want to stay away from the franchise tag with Bowe because he won’t show up until he has to, he won’t study the play book until he has to and I could go on and on!

  • foles4pres

    foles is abetter option than smith or flynn. if he fails they will move on a lot quicker

  • KCMikeG

    I am starting to like Foles as one of our options. He has more upside than Cassel and he knows Reid’s system. I have been in favor of drafting Geno #1, having grave concerns on that happening and think we should take another QB with our #3. I would still like to see us take Geno #1, sign Foles but no more than a #3 preferably the bottom one and let him compete with Cassel, Stanzi or Tanney. Foles does concern me as far as the money he would cost. I would rather we take #1 Geno, #2 WR Bailey, #3 CB Alford or Poyer, #4 EJ Manuel, #5 SILB Bostic, #6 OT/G/C Quessenberry and #7 OLB/SS/WILB Holloman (6’2″ 240# likes to knock receivers out of their pattern, has size and speed to counter the hybrid TE’s that have been lighting up the NFL – especially when they play in KC. Plus he’s from SC = he can help us get Clowney next year. No matter what they do there is going to be some seriously real competition at the most important position on the field -finally. Last year I got to attached to DeCastro and had my Draft Day Party spoiled when the picked Poe = Sorry Dontari I have recovered and am excited for your future in our new attacking 3-4 D. This year I’m not going to allow myself to lock down and have to growl at you if you try to take my pick away.