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Scott Pioli Indirectly Says The Chiefs Should Draft Luke Joeckel

Former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is a guest expert on Path To The Draft today on NFL Network,  live from the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine.

Early in the show, Pioli sat down next to the Chiefs’ current head coach, Andy Reid, and the two went on a trip to Awkward Town. Then later, Pioli was finally asked specifically, whether or not he though the Chiefs should be targeting a QB in the 2013 NFL Draft.

First of all, I don’t think I should be telling the Kansas City Chiefs what to do at all, ok. (laughing) I had my time, it didn’t work out. There’s a solid foundation of talent on that football team. They need to get the best player available. You look at their roster, people say that they’re all set. Luke Joeckel, he comes in, hen maybe they don’t get Branden Albert signed. What is Branden Albert demanding? They’ve got three key free agents on their football team this year in Dwayne Bowe, Branden Albert and really, Dustin Colquitt, one of the best punters in the National Football League.

They’ve got to figure out where they’re using that franchise tag. That is going to have an impact on what they do in the draft. They sign Dwayne Bowe and well, maybe there’s a lot of things that they can do. Right now…I think right now the best player is Luke Joeckel. That could change here in the coming weeks.

There it is. Pioli says the Chiefs need to get the best player available and later, he says that he thinks Luke Joeckel is the best player available.

To be fair, Pioli says that could change but still, this is the first time we’ve gotten a look into which player Pioli thinks is the best in this year’s class. Had he not been fired, Pioli would be the one making the decisions for the Chiefs this year.

Can you imagine what would have happened in KC if Pioli was retained, then didn’t re-sign Branden Albert and then drafted Luke Joeckel?


The thing is, the same situation, minus Pioli, could still happen.

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  • Michael Shaw

    They are trying to resign Albert. To be fair to the team, they have a set amount of money that they think is available to resign Bowe, Albert and Colquitt, so if they don’t get signed then it isn’t automatically the teams fault. People keep calling them cheap, but at the same time look how many teams not called the KC Chiefs are in Salary Cap Hell because they paid what they needed to get “good” players on their team. Sometimes a player asks for way more than he should and the teams, mainly us as fans, pay the price in too many ways.

  • Timothy Dittemore

    And that’s why he isn’t a GM anymore.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Well if Pioli says that Joeckel should be the first pick then I say run away because he will be a bust bwahaha He doesn’t like Geno Smith so that means he will for sure be a first ballot hall of famer

  • Chelsii.

    Pioli built a pretty good team everywhere he went. Pioli wasn’t as bad as people remember him.

    • Michael Shaw

      Except ignoring how bad Cassel really is, you are correct.

    • toperspective

      It’s clear he was just sharpening pencils in New England. And he built an incredible 2-14 team in KC.

    • tm1946

      Really?? 30+ draft picks and how many are starters or all pros. less than 20%. How about free agents?? Any of them playing better in KC than on their last team? No Pioli wasn’t just bad, he was incompetent also.

      • Chelsii.

        Um there’s quite a few guys he’s brought in that are still around. NFL exec of the year. Coach Bill backs him. I think he’s better than people remember. We aren’t that far away from being successful. Turnovers were ungodly last year. But I’ve notice that no one is rational here anymore. I thought Chiefs fans were different.

        • Patrick Allen

          I think he was better at building a roster than he was at selecting coaches. He failed at the QB and the head coach and those are the two most important parts of his job.

          • Chelsii.

            I’ll give you that.

  • Jim Harper

    The last thing Luke Joeckel should want is Pioli’s endorsement. That is the kiss of death.

    • tm1946

      How fast can we drop this LT from our lists. I would not take Pioli’s advice to breath on a regular basis.

  • Danny W

    If Scotty were still GM he would have already drafted are you Joeckleing me to use as a bargaining chip against Albert to try and sign him for beans. Albert would have hit free agency got a big contract and done well with another team, while we wait on our new “cheaper” LT to develop. “It’s a process”

  • Kyle Mangione

    Andy Reid’s new quarterback GENO Smith !

    • tm1946

      Would not bet the house on it…..unless he is a pick after a move down in the draft.

  • Kyle Mangione

    If you watched the combine video with Andy Reid he was saying how much he liked Daniel jeremiah and missed him scouting for him with the eagles. I seen that Jeremiah has geno smith #1 pick so I think that’s a big clue. I also heard Reid say how talented and gifted of a scout Jeremiah was so there you go !!!!

  • Outback Chief

    If the Chiefs don’t trade back then they should draft the highest ranked player on their board and try to trade up into the middle part of the 1st to get a QB they want. I want them to draft a QB this year and another next year so the best prospect rises to the top and not try to force a less talented square prospect into the round desperation hole of the Chiefs. I only want the best QB in that position not another poser.

  • toperspective

    I wasn’t sure about Joeckel but now with Pioli’s endorsement I’m convinced. If only we could get Matt Millen to weigh in then we could sleep at night knowing the right decision has been made.