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Chiefs Cut Kevin Boss, Steve Breaston

The Kansas City Chiefs have cut TE Kevin Boss and WR Steve Breaston.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. At some point the new regime was going to start making some moves and Breaston and Boss appear to be collateral damage.

Boss never really got started in KC. He had a serious head injury that ended his season in 2012. Boss has had a number of concussions in the NFL and while he does have some talent, his spotty history with head trauma could make him a risk the Chiefs aren’t willing to take.

As for Breaston, despite some initial success, he didn’t really produce last season. In fact, his numbers were so poor when he did play early in the season that Romeo Crennel eventually benched him.

Breaston wasn’t terribly expensive but he was was due $3.8 million in 2013. If the Chiefs are really ramping up to re-sign Dwayne Bowe and Branden Albert than it makes sense that they would start dumping some veteran salaries. Neither Bowe nor Albert will come cheap.

What do you think, Addicts? Did the Chiefs do the right thing cutting Boss and Breaston or do you think they should have been given a chance to land roster spots?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m not broken up about Boss being cut, he can’t stay healthy. I’m puzzled about Breaston being cut though. $3.8m isn’t an outrageous price tag for a decent #2 guy.

    • minpinChief

      If he was a decent #2 WR, he would have been on the field last year

      • Stacy D. Smith

        It certainly wasn’t because there was anything better behind him. He’s the 2nd best wideout on this team. Politics do not change the fact that Breaston can play in this league.

        • chiefin’ainteasy

          Agreed. His previous 4 season he had at least 700 yards and a low of 47 catches with a 1000 yd season in there to boot. $3.8 mil for that kind of production is a great deal. And he’s only 29.

    • Doc

      I was hopeful at the Boss signing, but I think his concussion problems has ended his career. Breaston was underused by the last coaching fiasco. There was only one receiver – Bowe – that Cassel focused on. Breaston showed some promise and he could be a valuable #2. Now the question is, is there enough evidence to by the coaching staff to think Baldwin is a legitimate #2? This could be a ploy to get Breaston back at a cheaper price.

      • Jim Harper

        I don’t think so. He was already pretty cheap.

    • Patrick Allen

      I bet Reid might be interested in using guys like Dex and Wylie more. Probably figured those guys can be just as useful as Breaston.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Hard to believe he could’ve come to that conclusion based solely upon game tape. I’m guessing that they plan on bringing someone else in as a free agent.

        • Danny W

          Thats my though too. Hopefully they can turn Baldwin into a beast though.

        • thabear04

          They better go after Walker from the 49ers he can be a threat.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I’d prefer they draft one in the first three rounds and brought in a veteran guy in the mold of Breaston. We have one big WR contract ahead of us already.

      • KCMikeG

        I liked and supported Breaston but the truth is that Dex & Wylie both have more speed, youth and upside all at a better price of $1.1M for them both combined = $2.8M towards paying Bowe. I have heard that Reid will use Dex at RB and motion him out into a pattern downfield, a screen or a swing pass. I have been praying for this as this is how he was used very successfully at Ole Miss. I predict a break out year for Dex. A healthy Wylie gives us field stretching ability and is even quicker than Dex – if that is possible.

  • chiefridgy

    More money to pay D Bowe!

  • Chris Tarrants

    Both leave me scratching my head, they are gone but we still have Jackson and Cassel?

    • minpinChief

      Possibly trying to re-do Jackson deal since he has an outrageous cap # for 2013, still plenty of time to make changes if nothing can be worked out.

      • chiefridgy

        Didn’t they re work Jackson’s contract last year

        • cyberry

          yes..and It’s set up to make it easier to add an extension or cut him. Which why most think his agent was thinking ahead..Jackson apparently wants to stay in KC and after the new cba obviously no team would pay that amount..Hopefully whatever this agent and Pioli talked about still applies with Dorsey…

          • john

            I think they should cut one of them looose and draft Joeckle with the top pick. It would be a major upgrade.

  • cyberry

    If the Chiefs sign Bowe (according to ProFootballCentral the Chiefs are about to offer him a 5 year $55.55 million dollar contract..same as V. Jackson)..your 3rd wide out must play spec teams..

  • micah stephenson

    Im glad they gone. Saves me from having to trade them away in next yrs Madden online franchise.

  • chiefridgy

    Breaston will be good next year for the steelers….mark my words

  • cyberry

    Between the two..lastyear..about 5 million for 10 catches..geez..

  • Doug McD

    Change is good for a new Sheriff/Chief in town. A little spring cleaning going on pre-draft.

  • Brody Hall

    Im okay with Boss going away… cant stay healthy and I believe in Tony M… (I also dream Tony G comes homes of course lol.) But I can’t fathom why they let Breston go. He was cheap and a solid player… if it were not for back door politics he would have seen a whole lot more time last season! Now we absolutely MUST sign Bowe and addind a free agent WR is even a bigger must! (or draft one i guess as well.) McCluster/Wiley will be on the roster as WR3 and the other wil prolly be focused more on becoming a special team weapon. (or i guess they could both do both if kc if coach really wanted to.)


    • superman_25_58

      I agree all except on Jockel we just need to re-sign Albert and use the draft pick wisely and on a bigger Impact than another tackle IMO

  • Jamie Denton

    I really think cutting Breaston was a bad idea unless they plan on bringing in someone with veteran skills and if I am not mistaken doesn’t breaston have super bowl experience as well?? As for Boss i think this was a good move as I think he should retire before one more hit does more damage than anyone could imagine! I either hope they sign Bowe and another good tight end that can block and catch because Moeaki had a good rookie year but that was that, I would also like to see Greg Jennings brought in as well. veteran and super bowl experience and could teach the young guys a few things even baldwin!!! Double threat bowe and jennings I like the sound of that!

    • Brody Hall

      I think Wallace would be better, same credentials as Jennings but younger!

      • superman_25_58

        I don’t think we go after a free agent WR except Bowe. I see Dorsey getting a young guy in the draft to groom much like he did in GB.

    • superman_25_58

      Moeaki was coming off a knee injury and I know so was JC and EB. People heal slower than others for instance JC looked to form after the first few games, took Berry half a season to get back to form, and I am willing to bet that Moeaki will be back to his rookie form this year after having this offseason time to rehab more and heal. (It is also important to realize it’s hard to look good with such bad Qb play)…… Just sayin

      • Jamie Denton

        true but we still need another tight end to fill boss’s position! I believe in moeaki maybe I didn’t phrase that right earlier! but two good receiving and blocking tight ends on the roster would be awesome as well as a quality 1 and 2 receiver threat to throw to as well! But everyone is right without the QB to get these guys the ball, they might as well sit the bench like they made breaston do all year! I know why they let him go! Reid and Dorsey said they were studying film on all of the players and trying to get a feel of what they can offer the new regime. Well they couldn’t find any film on breaston because for some reason they made him ride the bench most of last year!!! I wish him the best of luck! I think he’s a very good receiver whom didn’t get the chance to get hot last year I mean drop one ball and your benched for the game? Good thing they didn’t use that philosophy on the rest of the receivers especially the ones expecting big money this year! But to his credit (Bowe) he has made some spectacular catches as well with the crap our QB’s have thrown to him!

  • Danny W

    Kinda sad seeing Boss go, but for his sake I hope he hangs the cleats up for good. That head injury looked super serious. Breaston will get some work somewhere as a third option. I am ready to see Cassel’s name on the chopping block soon. He will get work somewhere as a backup but not in KC # hopefully

  • KCMikeG

    Both good moves. I liked and had high hopes for them both but the concussions with Boss have made him too risky and Breaston is a really good #3 WR but he is not a #2 anymore – if he ever was. More $$ for Bowe, Albert, Canty, Pitoitua, Edgar Jones, and the finishing touch – Wallace.

  • Ehud

    These cuts may have come because both these players are on the decline while this draft is deep at both these positions this year. If they were to address these in FA instead, I like Brian Hartline at WR or Dustin Keller at TE. Hartline is a sure handed receiver coming off his first 1,000 yard season. Chiefs still end up lacking their burner at WR but, I think Hartline would be a good #2. I think Keller drew the unlucky card of being drafted by the NY Jets. I think if he’s coached up and used properly that he has the athleticism to be a nice get for us at TE.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I hate to see Boss go but didn’t see Breaston making anything better. They use Wylie, Dexter, Bowe, and Moeakie more. Breaston has, or had, talent. Let him take it somewhere else.

    If it’s more $ they need, they need to get rid of Cassel. He’s not worth $50 IMO.

  • Outback Chief

    possible draft picks TE Gavon Escobar , Nick Kasa ,Jake Stoneburner ,WR Aaron Mellette ,Stedman Bailey,Markus Wheaton,Tavon Austin,

  • berttheclock

    The biggest waste of money for any player of the Chiefs is still Jonathan Baldwin. He can not get open. He doesn’t know how to fend off defenders with his hands, He runs inconsistent routes and appears to only have any interest in the game by yelling back at QBs who have yelled at him for not being where he was supposed to be in the scheme. When, one considers the fact Torrey Smith was taken after him, has great speed and hands and makes far less money, why is he even being considered to remain with the Chiefs? However, for myself, Baldwin has only shown that occasional circus catch, but, for the majority of the time, he only displays the negative side of comments made by scouts prior to the draft. Pioli only saw the hoopla of the circus catches he made while in the Big East. NFL defensive backs are not the Big East. Send him back to Pittsburgh so he can team up with Palko in Pop Warner games.

  • Ron White

    A lot of people on here seem to think Breaston was someone we should have kept. I don’t see it that way. He was not playing for a reason. His receiving skills were just ok but his blocking skills were terrible. He did not want to block and it showed. I think Andy and John looked at the tape and saw the same thing I saw in him and that is why he is gone in one of the first cuts. Fine by me….

  • oldchiefsfan

    Neither of these cuts really surprise me. What is the consensus of where Stedman Bailey or Tavon Austin will drop to? Draft Geno Smith and get one of them in the 3rd or 4th round? Is that feasible? We just need to sign Bowe to a long term contract. Other than Jamaal Charles Bowe was the only offense we had last year.