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Chiefs' Donald Stephenson Ranked As The 26th Best NFL Left Tackle

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report is ranking 1000 NFL players over the coming day and he is doing it by position groups. Having already completed the QB position, Miller moved on to the tackles.

And the first Chief on the list is Donald Stephenson.

Here is some of what Miller had to say about Stephenson following the tackle’s rookie season

Pass Block27/50
Watching Donald Stephenson (6’6″, 312 pounds, one season) as a pass-protector wasn’t pretty. Initially he looked good, with a lean and athletic frame, but his technique wasn’t good. Stephenson punches at pass-rushers with a two-handed approach, but fails to stun them due to a lack of strength. He struggled to slide his feet to cut off the corner after a punch and looked otherwise awkward when moving back and to his left. Stephenson was too easily beaten to the inside, as teams baited him with an outside step and then countered inside with high success.

Run Block36/50
As bad as his pass-blocking was, Stephenson impressed in the run game. He has a good ability to lock on to defenders and drive with wide hand placement. I would like to see him get lower for better power and leverage here. He does a good job of dipping his shoulders to square up and drive, but has to get stronger and lower at the point of attack. Overall, Stephenson did a nice job walling-off on the edge, and he has the quickness to be a factor at the second level.

I would say this sounds about right. Stephenson did look good at times last season but in other moments he looked, well, like a rookie.

Given his success run blocking, it could be that Stephenson ends up making a run at the Chiefs’ starting RT position once the team’s relationship with Eric Winston ends.

Do you agree with Stephenson’s ranking?

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  • chiefridgy

    Absolutely. This guy has a lot of potential.

    • berttheclock

      Yes and I am “positive” he will be able to meet Russell Wilson at some future Pro Bowl game.

      • toperspective


  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.mangione Kyle Mangione

    Great potential !

  • Arrowhead Magic

    This does make sense, when we drafted him we knew he had potential but that he was still raw. Now that he has some starting experience, I think it’ll do him some good. But hopefully he won’t have to start because if he does it means somebody got hurt.

  • Brody Hall

    So wait… We have this guys who has all the potential in the world… However people say we need to use our first pick on a LT if we dont resign albert? And arent we locked into winston for like 3 more years? Why would we want to bench this guy to a rookie in Luke Jockel??

    • toperspective

      Let’s see…if he is ranked 26th out 32 and if is pretty decent against the run…that would mean he is potentially the worst pass protector in the league. Not want you want at tackle.

      • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

        He was drafted in the 3rd round because he was considered raw. If he’s really 26th as a rookie backup, you should be thrilled, because that would mean he’s way ahead of where he was projected to be at this point in time.

        • toperspective

          3rd round is a high draft pick. He was drafted in the 3rd round because Pioli reached…again. He may end up being good but based on last years performance it’s a big question mark. Yes, he’s a rookie but 26th out of 32 is bad and as the numbers shake out he was probably the worst pass blocker in the league.

          • Brody Hall

            One problem… U keep saying out of 32… But he is not even starting so he is not included in that “32″ which means he obviously is impressing someone, somehow.

          • toperspective

            Fair enough. I still think it’s a problem if your left tackle is a terrible pass blocker.

  • Guest

    This is why they won’t draft Joekel # 1. Although they probably would rather Stephenson move over to right tackle, they atleast have a plan B even if Albert has back problems. I don’t see them letting Albert walk.

  • Danny W

    I would have thought it would have been lower. He got absolutely dominated some games. According to some PFF is a scam but I would say there is some relevance to their scoring. We still need to sign a left tackle. I’m betting it’s going to be Luke are you Joeckling me.

    • toperspective

      It’s funny how different people interpret the same info. Some people read this article and think he was is guy because he has potential. I read it and it says he is a horrible pass blocker and that’s not want you want at tackle.

      • Danny W

        I’m far from sold on this guy yet. Hopefully he develops some and turns out okay. My eyes don’t lie to me though and neither do the charts at PFF, his pass blocking is bad.

      • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

        If he was a veteran, you’d have a point. But he’s a rookie, considered raw, but with the athleticism to be a great prospect. You’re acting like he’s never going to get better.

  • ArrowFan

    What round was he? Was this a good, great, bad, or horrible pick by Pioli?

    • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

      Bad because he took him just ahead of Russell Wilson.

      But good because he seems like a solid prospect for one of the starting tackle positions, or at worst a very good swing tackle.

  • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

    Seems high for backup who was considered athletic, but raw coming out.

    Isn’t Matt Miller one of the guys on the Luke Joeckel bandwagon? With Albert and Stephenson, that seems rather pointless. Even if you don’t get Albert re-signed, you can tag him, and give Stephenson another year to develop. It also keeps you from committing long term to Albert, if you have concerns about his back.

  • berttheclock

    This article isn’t much different from reports just he was taken instead of Russell Wilson. The first reports said two things about him. First, he would need to spend at least a year in the weight room because he didn’t have enough strength to block. The second said he needed more time spent working with other linemen to learn how to block in a system. He really was forced into action far too early as he was drafted as a project and far from a done deal.

  • Chief Hokie

    26th is not bad for a rookie backup LT