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Chiefs’ Branden Albert Ranked As NFL’s 13th Best Left Tackle

The Kansas City Chiefs are still trying to re-sign LT Branden Albert and according to Bleacher Report’s latest rankings, Albert is the 13th best left tackle in the NFL.

As we’ve been telling you, Matt Miller is ranking 1000 NFL players by position. Here is what he had to say about Albert:

Pass Block45/50
In 13 games this season, Branden Albert (6’5″, 316 pounds, five seasons) allowed just one sack, but he missed two contests against Von Miller and the Broncos. Albert is a good athlete who can hold the edge with quickness and a solid first punch. He knows how to stun pass-rushers and is strong enough to hold his ground against inside moves.

Run Block32/50
You might think that with Jamaal Charles’ stats that Albert was a dominant run-blocker. He wasn’t. The Chiefs were a run-right team all season, leaving Albert to protect the backside on zone runs. He will get blown off the ball in the run game as he fires off too high. He has a tendency to plant his feet and try to reach with his arms, which extends his upper body and causes him to lose balance. He has to learn to keep his weight transferred and his body over his feet.

Albert has traditionally been stronger in pass protection than in the running game. Still, I think 13th might be a little low. If we were talking about tackles in general, I could live with 13 but I think Albert is certainly a top ten all-around tackle. I think the Chiefs get their act together on offense, Albert will be able to better highlight that fact.

What do you think, Addicts? Is Albert’s tanking correct?

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  • chiefridgy

    Top ten for sure!

  • Danny W

    Well a top 15 guy by anyones standards, should not be replaced by an unproven rookie. This is logical. A quarterback who turns the ball over more than scores touchdowns, has less accuracy than your local high school quarterback, is scared to stand in the pocket, and can’t put his hat on backwards, should be replaced by a rookie who say has had one of the best college careers of any quarterback in the history of college quarterbacks passing the football. Yeah come to think of it that does seem pretty logical to me.

  • GDL40

    I dont agree…. he’s better than 13th….. we NEED him re-signed ! NO LT IN THE FIRST ROUND !!!!!!

  • Spencer

    The fact that you rely on anything bleacher surprises me…plus Bleacher report seems to forget how last year Albert ranked 1st ypc without Charles running to the left…it also doesn’t factor into the fact that ALL WE COULD DO WAS RUN OUTSIDE, it was pathetic how bad our coaching was and the QBs were…Albert is Top 5…give him an actual good QB and he will shine…look at Clady…perfect example, considered a top 5 guy this year because he got a good QB for once…another reason why we need to draft qb 1st overall and get the best qb in the draft rather then the 4th….Everybody SHOWS how good they are when you have a good QB running the offense, every player gets negated by a bad QB….Bowe god damn i wonder how good he would be if we had a real QB, who knows what Charles would be averaging with a real passing threat (yrds per carry wise) the Line everything improves…look at the Qbs on the 12 “better” Qbs and you can see why he is ranked 13th…also to those saying Jake Long…look at his long list of injuries and his decling play since his freshmen year as an NFL LT and then you shall see why you don’t want his walking injury…

  • boscocfh

    franchise him and trade him. He is starting to be injury prone and not playing the whole season now. Time to move on.

  • thabear04

    Sign him and if we do draft a LT move Albert back to his spot Guard. But we do need to sign him no matter what

  • jimfromkcj

    I don’t think anyone is arguing that Albert isn’t a good LT, just that he isn’t worth top 5 pay, which is what he wants. The Chiefs have too many players getting paid more than they are worth already. We need to get rid of those players and not make the mistake of overpaying players in the future. We might have to make some tough decisions, but if you want to have a team that consistently contests for a div title and a chance to get to the Super Bowl, you can’t fall in love with players and only look at performance. We need a general housecleaning on the def side of the ball. And we should always be on the lookout to improve a position if it is possible to improve it with a younger and cheaper player. That’s how you build a perennial winner.

    • ArrowFan

      The only house keeping needing to be don on D is with our over paid DE’s, one of which is already taken care of.

  • ArrowFan

    For his new contract yes. For his play no. If we had a better over all record he would be ranked higher.

  • Don417

    Is Albert’s “tanking” correct? LOL. Nice typo but ironically correct..