December 23, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform for the crowd in the second half of the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. The Colts won 20-13. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

What I Want To See From The Kansas City Chiefs In 2013!

Well Addicts, it’s been a long time since your Arrowhead Adventurer had more fun inside the greatest NFL  stadium in the world than outside on the parking lot. Too damn long!

Something has been missing from the in Kansas City for a long time.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Things aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

But what will bring excitement back to the Red Sea?  I’ll tell you what!

So without further BS, here is what I want to see in Kansas City in 2013.

1. I want to see kickoffs returned for touchdowns. Just like they used to be when Dante Hall rammed the ball down the throat of those brave enough to enter that sea of red we call Arrowhead. I want to sit in my little seat and know it can happen every single time it’s our turn for the ball.

2. I want to see sacks. REGULARLY! By one guy. Like when Jared Allen or Derrick Thomas would clean house. You feel me.  I want to see fear in the opposing quarterbacks face through my binochulars.

3. I want to have complete confidence in our head coach. Like I did with Dick. And Marty. When we lose I want to know it wasn’t because of poor coaching.

4. I want to see wild west plays that lead to scores. That lead to wins. That lead to post season appearances with hope. You betcha.

5. I demand to see plays succeed because one guy wouldn’t quit. Like Priest Holmes wouldn’t quit. Or Joe Delaney.

6. I want to see confidence in the eyes of our players from my little seat in Amen Corner. Maybe just a little glint of fear. Fear  born from the knowledge that our team is going to fight. Hard. Fear born from the knowledge that careers have ended and lives have ended on our field.

7. I want to see our tight ends score and score and score.

8. I want to see kick butt replays on sports shows of Chiefs plays and then hear the color commentator say “And the Chiefs went on to win…”.

9. I want to see someone dump a big cooler of Gatorade on Andy Reid.

10. I want to be excited about the Kansas City Chiefs again. And hear others talking about them in the break room. And hear little kids at the mall with little KC jerseys talking breathlessly about our team.

How about you?



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  • Travis Forsyth

    11. I want to see the chiefs to win playoff games.
    13. I want to have people come up to me and say “how bout them chiefs” instead “hey chiefs suck”

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Good ones Travis!

    • Joe Myers

      ill smack the shit out of anyone who comes up to me asking “how bout them chiefs” it just reminds me of the cowboys their fans do that it’s their thing we are the home of the “CHIEFS”!!!

      • Arrowhead Adventurer

        cowboys SUCK! We are gonna kick their asses this year on our homeland

      • soonerfan glenn

        really, How bout the chiefs

  • Outback Chief

    I want to see everyone quit second guessing themselves because they wonder who hasn’t done their job
    .I want them to know they’ve left everything on the field and the game was lost simply because the other team was better that day and not because we didn’t execute or we were out coached or out hustled.
    I want our team to be a Ginsu Knife in that, although it’s not intimidating like a butcher’s cleaver it still looks fierce and formidable, and even though it’s not a fine edged blade it can cut through a steel can or saw wood all day long,and it still has the audacity to cut through tomatoes like butter.
    In the end… “I want our team to be a back alley survivor like a steak knife not a ceremonial sword that looks good most of the year until they do battle in the playoffs only to find out they snap under pressure.”

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      I love it! We need to fight like back alley survivors.

      • Joe Myers

        love the terminology ” back alley survivors “

  • Jordan Clark

    I want pick six’s! And lots of them! I want Flowers scoring more points than opposing HBs. I want Berry popping helmets off 5 yards behind the line. I want my defense baby!!!

  • Travis Forsyth

    I also want teams to fear the chiefs like they did back in the 60s.

    • Joe Myers

      and the 90′s remember arrowhead was feared behind that defense

  • Sarah Thomas

    Great piece! I just want my Chiefs back!!!! Where we’re winning more than loosing,and I can tell my friends, WE WON ANOTHER!

  • Trent Taylor

    I want my MTV! And an undefeated home record!

  • Jacob Monteer

    I wanna see Geno lead us to the promised land

    • Guest

      Hemp is cool

      • Guest

        Stupid auto correct. Geno is cool

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Id like to see GENO in red and gold myself, I guess. I dont know.

  • Joe Myers

    I want all thos things . But what I really want you can’t see you can only hear . I want to hear 3rd and 6 I want to hear 4th and goal I want to hear 80,000 fans . All of them all at once thunder rolling across the stadium fans on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs …. I want to hear THE LOUDEST STADIUM FROM THE MOST RABID CROWD OF THE GREATEST FAN BASE IN THE NFL !!!!! . And then … When that’s all over …. I want to hear the tomahawk chop all the way out the stadium out of the parking lot …. I remember MNF their where charger fans watching us no air in their sails the entire chiefs kingdom loving our chiefs . I …. Chiefs fans … I want to hear glory , magnificence , I want to hear a sound second to none “THE LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL” ……ARROWHEAD !!!!!!!!!! .

    • Joe Myers

      even tho I just wrote this I love it it watered my eyes … Oh im such a chiefs fan hey google sickest juke ever and enjoy !!!!

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Dude that is GOOD STUFF

  • The Arrowhead Adventurer!