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Former Chiefs' GM Scott Pioli Testifying In Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli may be gone but he is back in the headlines as he is testifying in an age discrimination suit concerning the team.

The Chiefs are being sued by former a former employee by the name of Steve Cox. Mr. Cox claims he was the victim of age discrimination and wants the Chiefs to pay him damages. He was the maintenance manager for the Chiefs.

Here is some video of day one of the trial:

On day two, Pioli took the stand. He was asked about the now infamous candy wrapper and the report also mentions Pioli testifying about some detailed demands that Mr. Cox had to deal with, including in an incident concerning a ball of hair found on the floor and doors slamming to hard. The video also shows an email that mentions Pioli pointing out stains on the ceiling in the practice facility.

Brenda Sniezek, another former employee that is suing the Chiefs, also testified yesterday and claimed that she felt Pioli was always asking her age.

I am ind of sad that we are just finding out about Pioli and the hairball now. As hilarious as the whole candy wrapper thing is, this stuff about him worrying about a ball of hair is even funnier.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the Scott Pioli regime didn’t work out. (sarcasm font)

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  • chiefridgy

    Pioli is a sh_t head

  • Arrowhead Greg

    What? A shot head? Shat head? Shut head? Shet head? Oh yeah I get it! A SH#T HEAD! LoLl I agree!

    • chiefridgy


  • bringontheqbs

    I am w/ pioli here.
    I think its ridiculous. you know what, if scott pioli wanted a candy wrapper picked up, the place to be clean, doors to not be as loud as they were… ME, that isnt bad. he asked a freaking maitenance guy to clean up. oh no.
    and then there is the FACT that this is a multi billion dollar business. they are in a situation where if you dont trust your employees, things get out that shouldnt. is it a coincidence that all they spoke of in court was “leaked” in the mid of last season?
    I know people love to pile on pioli, but I have no problem with a guy getting paid top dollar to turn around and change the culture of thefranchise, trying to get people to work harder, and take care of things that HE found to be important.

    • Patrick Allen

      I think the issue here is why the guy was let go. I personally think that Pioli worried too much about the wrong things and that is what led to his downfall. I like to poke fun at him for those things. But what he wanted this guy to do and the reason the man was fired are two different topics. The man thinks he was fired because of his age, not because he didn’t do a good job picking up candy wrappers.

    • toperspective

      Pioli should have been more concerned about hiring a competent coach and drafting a QB. What a tool. I personally think businesses should be able to hire and fire who they want but the laws are on the books and it appears that Pioli fired a number of people because they were older and part of the Lamar Hunt regime.

  • bringontheqbs

    the age thing is garbage. if anything her comment she”overheard” had more to do with long lasting employees from the CP era.
    really, I dont understand the hands being thrown up in the air in disgust over pioli removing people he didnt trust. maybe he tried to get to know that woman to see if h could trust her, and she was acting really weird. pioli is one of those “im old, you’re old, who cares, types”

    • Patrick Allen

      I am not saying the Chiefs are or are not guilty. I don’t think I can, considering I am not in the courtroom hearing all the evidence. At the same time, I don’t think you can call it garbage for that same reason. There were multiple complaints from employees about this topic and more than one person is suing the team about this issue.

  • Arrowhead Greg

    Pioli sucks! And so does anybody who likes him!