Mort: Chiefs Might Explore Nick Foles, Geno Smith Before Alex Smith

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According to ESPN’s Chris Moretnson, the Kansas City Chiefs may not be as interested in pursuing San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith as some have originally though.

Appearing on NFA Live Wednesday, Mort said the trade market for Smith is not as robust as some might think.

From Roto World:

Specifically, Smith going to the Browns is a “long shot,” per Mortensen. The Jets can’t afford his contract, the Cardinals are the 49ers’ division opponent, and the Chiefs might explore Nick Foles or Geno Smith first. Anyone who’s kept tabs on Smith the past two years won’t be surprised. Smith was available in 2012 free agency, and only the 49ers and Dolphins showed much interest in him — both after missing out on other quarterbacks. Smith’s physical skill set is just borderline starting-caliber, and he was benched this past season. The 49ers won’t get more than a mid- to late-round pick on the trade market.

This would make sense for the Chiefs. Kansas City would likely have to trade for Alex Smith, giving up picks for a QB they may only want to keep the position warm for their QB of the future. If a placeholder is what the Chiefs are looking for, they can probably get one a lot cheaper in Foles.

As for Geno Smith, if the Chiefs feel he is the guy that can be their QB of the future, they likely won’t bother giving anything up for a guy like Alex Smith.

Some combination of Foles and Geno Smith might work for the Chiefs as well. This way they would be doubling down on two young QBs. They could then pursue a cheaper veteran option in free agency.

I’ve said from the beginning that I think the 49ers could have a tough time trading Smith. Teams around the league know that San Fran will likely have to release Smith if they can’t move him. That would mean Smith would be fair game for anyone to sign, without giving up draft pick compensation.

If the Chiefs feel there are other viable options to Alex Smith available, it would be int heir best interest to let the his situation in San Francisco play out.

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  • chiefridgy

    I do not see why the Eagles would want to get rid of Foles. They are going to need him about midway through the season when Michael Vick is out with a rib injury.

    • micah stephenson

      The Eagles are hoping to get Geno Smith and dump Vick or Foles off on a team for a draft pick.

      • chiefridgy

        There’s no way they’re getting rid of Vick. Wait, were u even serious?

        • KCMikeG

          You wouldn’t think so but it was on the NFL Channel tonight that they signed Dennis Dixon (ha-ha-ha) who played for Kelly so thoughts are that he could push out which ever one of them doesn’t win the starting job.

      • Danny W

        They just signed Vick to a one year 10 million dollar deal.

        • micah stephenson

          Whoa! 10 million dollars??? Well that takes Vick off the market.

        • TAZMOSIS

          Actaully, it is three mil. that with incentives, could be 10 mil. in three years.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Why, then, would the Eagles re-sign Vick for three Million to trade him or dump him, and have to pay him for nothing? Makes no sense.

    • Patrick Allen


    • Danny W

      I like how specific you were about which injury it’s going to be. Not a concussion but a rib injury to be exact. Thats funny fridge.

  • Jarad

    They just signed Dennis Dixon, and it’s still a possibility that they draft one too. I think Foles would be a pretty smart insurance policy for that number 1 pick if the chiefs end up going with a quarterback there

  • Danny W

    I like Kirk Cousins better than Foles, but if he comes cheap enough would have him as insurance if Geno gets hurt.

    • micah stephenson

      I wanted the chiefs to draft Foyles the 2nd rd. He has a stronger arm than Cousins.

      • Danny W

        I think Cousins showed more accuracy though. Don’t get me wrong Micah, at this point I’m not belly aching about any quarterback they go after as long as it’s not the one’s on the roster.


      Yeah, right. Cousins won two games for the ‘Skins when RGIII was hurt that took them to the playoffs. And you think that Snyder is going to let him get away. Besides, he is still on his rookie contract and is cap friendly.

      • Danny W

        I’m simply saying that I like him better. I would rather “if possible” give the skins, this years 2nd and next years 1st instead of giving the Eagles our second rounder for Foles if their that set on there not being a qb good enough in the draft. (Or whatever each team would want) If they can get Foles cheap then right on, but I personally think Geno Smith is a better quarterback. I highly doubt for the record that Snyder would give up Cousins at this point. I mean how could he when Shannahan is running Bob Griffen at wide out and running him 20 times a game. He’ll probably be returning punts next year for heavens sakes.

        • TAZMOSIS

          Just leaned that the Eagles signed an ex-Ducks QB, Dixon, to back up the recently re-signed Vick, to help run their new offense. Sounds like Foles is third on the depth chart, so if Reid wants a shot at him, he could come at a reasonable price.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      Why would the Skins trade Cousins?

      • Danny W

        For a top of the round second and next years first if were desperate to have him. I’m not saying likely but it is a hypothetical.

    • sidibeke

      And Cousins really laid an egg in the playoffs. I mean Cassel numbers.

      • Danny W

        What did he play though half a quarter I don’t remember? I do remember though that when Bob fumbled it at their own end zone the game was in the bag. The D new they had to throw and I’m sure they pinned their ears back.

  • thatoneguy92

    The report is meaningless. First off, it doesn’t present any evidence about the intentions of the Chiefs. Secondly, if forgets to mention the Bills, who have already very clearly shown interest In Alex Smith. Thirdly, the statement that only the Dolphins and 49ers wanted him last year is untrue. The media had nothing to report because it was assumed Alex Smith would stay with the 49ers. According to Trent Dilfer, current Chiefs coach and former Eagles coach Andy Reid showed interest in him during the last off season. Just because the media doesn’t report it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If the 49ers choose to trade or release Smith, (which is very unclear according to Jim Harbaugh), trust me, he’s going to get attention. His execution and decision making skills are better then most quarterbacks with a starting job.

    • Patrick Allen

      Technically the the report makes only one claim and that is that currently, the trade market for Smith does not appear to be hot. That doesn’t mean he won’t be traded but Mort outlines some reasons why some QB-needy teams likely won’t be involved.

  • smh22

    Foles is the answer. if there is no qb worth taking at 1. trade for foles. do it.

  • JP Esler

    I personally am tired of all this Geno talk, Foles looked really decent at times last year in Philly. Geno Smith is a reach kinda like Poe was last year, he’s not really proven anything statistically he had a high completion percentage I got it but look at who he played against i could go into detail but that would take WAY to long, just look the teams they played and won against, they consistently let other really bad college teams put up the same kind of numbers. The guy is not worth #1 overall but look at cousins and Foles and Andy Dalton and guys like that, give me a guy like that in the 2nd – 3rd round not a guy who you are so invested in by taking him #1 overall that you are forced to keep him as a starter like we did with Matt Cassel by giving him that huge contract. i feel like were doing the same thing if we draft Geno #1. Just saying.

    • Alan Chamberlain

      You’re not the only one that feels that way JP, but the main flaw in your argument is that even if we take Geno #1 overall, he’s only going to get 22 mil for 4 years (per the rookie scale). Alex Smith would probably cost us more than that (3 years/18-20 mil), so why not take a flyer on the potential of Geno. If he doesn’t pan out, take another shot at a QB in 2014/2015.

  • KCMikeG

    Yes! YES!! Thanks for the great news!! Geno Smith & Nick Foles works for me! Although I think the Eagles would be fools for letting him go. Let Stanzi, Tanney and Cassel fight it out for 3rd and 4th string. That would be some of the best competion we have seen at QB since…well ever.

    • sidibeke

      I’d say pick up a Matt Moore type to round out the QB roster. I suppose Cassel could serve that role, I just don’t know if he can stay with the way he’s tied to Pioli and the last couple of years.

    • Danny W

      Laughed at the well since ever part. I think to hide the fact that it’s the painful truth.

    • chiefridgy

      I hope they show Cassel the door

      • KCMikeG

        I’ve been wrong on Haley getting fired midseason and Pioli getting another year so IMO Cassel stays for another year as our back up.

  • sidibeke

    Phi just signed Dixon; now they have Vick and Dixon under contract. Foles is looking like a possibility.

    • Danny W

      I wouldn’t give a second for him though. I would give a third or fourth.

  • Elvis Grbac

    Nick Foles has the makings of Cassel. He hasn’t proven anything and they’re going to give up something to get him? If he was a free agent, I would be all for it. But what are they going to have to give up? Whatever it is, it’s probably not worth it when Alex Smith could be had for just a paycheck.

    If they are going to trade for a QB, they need to go after someone like Ryan Mallet. At least he would come cheaper.

    • Danny W

      I agree I don’t care for Foles body of work thus far to give too much for him.

      • Ron White

        But you would give a 2nd and a 1st for Cousins? For an unproven QB? That is pure crazy….

    • KCMikeG

      If we could get Foles for a 3rd then fine. Otherwise draft Geno and then get AJ Manuel later. Although I agree about the paycheck vs pick Nothing about Alex Smith makes me feel better than what Cassel is capable of in a good situation.

  • chieeeefs

    Getting foles might as well be the same as giving up. Wait for alex smith to be cut and get him. If he gets traded, geno it is. @SportsTalkOfKC

  • Andy

    Holy cows guys. Foles had a good season replacing Vick. His numbers didn’t show it, but he could be a good QB. His starts last year were when the Eagles were without key offensive players. This article is good one to read on Foles. Reid has a good track record with QB’s. Let him figure out this issue. Let’s talk about the OL, DL and CB issues. Reid has our backs on the QB issue


    We all love blogging about the future of our favorite team, but one thing is for certain, none of us has a clue as to what the Chiefs are going to do. I’m pretty sure that Reid, Dorsey and some of the staff know just slightly more than we know, and they ain’t talking. They have a direction as to the type of team that they want to assemble, but need to see who is available if FA, and more to the point, how to address our own FAs. It’s like the old “who’s on first?” In this case it’s “who do we draft first?” Is it Geno Smith? Let’s say they sign a QB in FA, then do they still go after a QB in the first? Do they trade down? What do they do if both Jackson and Glen Dorsey are gone? As I say, we all love to speculate. Hell, this is more excitement than Chief’s fans have had in a couple years. In April, we will all know. I just hope that we are all smiling.

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