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Geno Smith To Kansas City Chiefs Looking More Likely

The recent news out of Kansas City seems to indicate that the team may very well decide to take a chance on drafting QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall selection in April’s 2013 NFL Draft.

I’m about to connect a lot of dots here but I need you guys to just go ahead and hang with me because, after all, it’s February.

For weeks now we’ve been hearing that it is likely the Chiefs will take LT Luke Joeckel with the #1 pick because there are no QBs worthy of the #1 pick. We’ve also heard that whether or not the Chiefs re-sign LT Branden Albert will be a big indicator of whether or not the team plans to take Jeockel.

Well tonight, the shit hit the proverbial fan.

Though nobody has signed anything yet and nothing is official, three reports emerged on Valentine’s Day that could give us a pretty clear glimpse into Kansas City’s intentions come April. These reports, combined with some other moves by the team, have enabled me to read the tea leaves a bit here.

The evidence for Geno:

#1. Nick Foles

A USA Today report claimed that the Chiefs are interested in possibly trading for Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles. Foles is trained in Andy Reid’s system and could be a fit in KC, either as a starter or a backup option. Frankly, I find it hard to believe the Chiefs are going all-in on Nick Foles. Their interest in him screams “backup, veteran option” to me. I could foresee a situation in which Foles is able to compete for the starting job but I refuse to believe Reid and Dorsey are placing all their chips on him. Think about how the Seahawks doubled down last season when acquired Matt Flynn but also drafted Russel Wilson. Even the Broncos, when they had just snagged Peyton Manning, drafted Brock Osweiler. Foles can’t be the only plan or even “plan A.”

#2. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that the Chiefs are looking to re-sign WR Dwayne Bowe. KC’s offense was putrid in 2012 but that wasn’t really Bowe’s fault. Bowe has succeeded even with the worst of QBs.

#3. Rapoport also confirmed that the Chiefs are trying to re-sign LT Branden Albert. No way do the Chiefs re-sign Albert and draft Joeckel. It’s not going to happen, not with Eric Winston playing RT. Rapoport said the Chiefs should be able to re-sign both Bowe and Albert.

#4. A Bowe and Albert re-singing means that Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey are almost certainly goners. The Chiefs will need help at DE to be sure but that may be why they rolled out the red carpet for former Giants defensive lineman Chris Canty this week. If the Chiefs can convince Canty to sign, they can feel a lot better at at least one of their DE spots for a couple of years. I think we can pretty well assume that Jackson is most certainly a goner and that Dorsey could follow him out of town.

If the Chiefs are planning to use a bunch of cap space on Bowe and Albert and they are seeking veteran help at DE while shedding bloated salary on average players like Jackson and Dorsey, then what are they thinking of doing come the draft in April?

Removing LT and DE from the equation really narrows things down. KC could go for CB or DT by drafting Dee Milliner or Star Lotulelei.

Or they could take Geno Smith or say, Matt Barkley at #1.

The reason I am leaning toward QB is because of the reported interest in Foles. Nick Foles played alright in Philly last year but he certainly didn’t play well enough for Reid and Dorsey to believe he is the one true answer at the QB position in KC.

If the Chiefs wanted a sure-thing at starting QB, at least for 2013, they would be going after 49ers QB Alex Smith. But a Chris Moretnson report indicates that KC is interested in pursuing both Foles and Geno Smith before they will consider Alex Smith.

It all seems to fit. KC can cut Jackson and Dorsey while re-signing Bowe and Albert. The team also nabs Chris Canty and drafts another DE later in 2013 in a draft that is very deep in defensive and offensive lineman. The team then selects QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick and rolls into camp with Smith and Foles competing for the #1 QB job. If Smith isn’t ready at first, Foles knows the system and could do an adequate job while Geno learns.

As for QB #3, the Chiefs could retain Ricky Stanzi or go after a more seasoned veteran to round out the position.

Again, we are doing a lot of projecting here and a lot can change between now and April but this all makes sense to me. Securing veterans like Bowe and Albert means the Chiefs have fewer holes to fill in the draft. Pursuing veteran defensive lineman like Chris Canty gives us a glimpse into the team’s possible free agency strategy at that position. Once you rule out WR, LT and DE as first round needs, QB moves to the front of the line for the Chiefs and the QB currently at the front of the line is none other than Geno Smith.

I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    The report about Foles seemed like pure speculation to me. I read the source and didn’t come away feeling like that move was imminent. The Albert report definitely takes Joeckel off the table. So we’re left with either Geno Smith or Star Lotulelei.

    • Danny W

      Just say no to D linemen in the draft!

      • chiefridgy

        At least at rd1….I mean….Come On Man!

        • Stacy D. Smith

          We could use one somewhere in those seven rounds. Just not in Round 1.

          • chiefridgy

            Got that right

          • Danny W

            I wouldn’t mind hunt in round 2 just not one in the first. That’s crazy town.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I wouldn’t go there until Round 4 or later.

          • Danny W

            that woulnt hurt my feelings at all.

        • Danny W

          Yah I just don’t want Star or another D lineman outside of say Clowny in the first round ever again.

          • KCMikeG

            Just read that Clowney is going to court to be eligible this year. That might change my mind on our 1st pick.

    • ArrowFan

      And with the abundance of DL and lack of QB I like the chances of Geno.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        The draft is definitely deeper at DE/DT than it is at QB.

  • Don Pena

    Man I hope it does play out that way, but also hope they can snag Stedman Bailey in rd 2 or 3 just to have another young threat and a familiar target for Geno right off the bat

    • Brody Hall

      I have been calling this shot since three weeks before the playoffs lol.

    • ArrowFan

      I would rather have Bailey than Travon, we already have a fast versatile rb slash wide out in Mcluster.

  • Chief Hokie

    Star Lotulelei = Glenn Dorsey

    Resign Bowe & Albert, sign Canty, restructure T Jackson if possible, if not then resign Pitoitua or someone else.

    Draft Geno #1, CB in the 2nd (Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Trufant, or Jordan Poyer), iLB in the 3rd, S in the 4th (Rambo?), and we’re set.

    • Danny W

      Dude would this scenario not rock? I think Shaun Smith and Pitoawhatever are better than Dorsey. Jax is improved but not 14 million worth.

      • Chief Hokie

        That’s what I’m talking bout

    • bringontheqbs

      yes. great CB depth in rounds 2/3. kc has a great spot to take a S/WR/ILB in 3/4/5 etc.
      love that scenario. canty/jackson starting DE’s.

    • ArrowFan

      When would we pick up Bailey?

  • Joe Myers

    well I feel better for now but not till they draft Geno smith the guy has too much potential ceiling is way yo high and he has it all

  • Danny W

    I will be on fire for KC Chiefs football once again.

    • chiefridgy

      I can see clearly now poli’s gone….

      • Danny W

        What an absurd pompous idiot that guy was man.

        • chiefridgy


        • Chief Hokie

          He is a bastard-man

  • chiefridgy

    With all the news… Valentines day took a back seat to Christmas Day on Valentines day.

    • chiefridgy

      Nothing is set in stone.

      • chiefridgy

        I know

  • Darkwolf1414

    Does anyone else find it interesting that some of the pictures showing the Chiefs’ new Nike uniforms for last year are of a black dude wearing number 12? Oooooh!

  • shayaan

    music to my ears

  • Darkwolf1414

    Sorry if this is a repost. Does anyone else find it interesting that some of the early pics of the Chiefs’ new Nike uniforms last year are of a black dude wearing number 12? Someone called the Geno pick a year ago!

  • bringontheqbs

    I hope somewhere andy reid and dorsey are told by someone about what the fans want

    getting foles and drafting geno smith, while re-signing albert, bowe, colquitt and signing FA’s like canty would really really give me that boost of excitement and faith
    signing alexsmith and drafting joechel or star while letting 2 of the 3 fa’s leave would not however.

  • bringontheqbs

    everyone talks like if they cant start now and play at full potential, they arent worth it. whathappened to developing them a bit? so geno is a bit raw, thats fine, its not like the contract is too big to sit him if they had to. Breaston took just as much cash to ride pine last season.

  • Kurt Rauch

    I agree, what a rush of welcome Chief murmurings! I’m assuming that there be much truth in the rumors until proven otherwise. As such, I don’t necessarily agree that the dots connect to a Geno Smith pick. It would appear to me that Foles would be ‘the’ guy, not a back-up; I see him as a certain upgrade in KC with intriguing upside. Smith is right there as well. But I’m thinking that best available player at #1 overall is going to dictate a defensive selection.

    • chiefridgy

      Boo a 1st rd D selection.

    • ArrowFan

      I think you are on to something however we can still get good DL in the 2 and 3 round I think the safe decision would be to pick the BQBA with the first pick. It would not hurt my feelings at all if he sat behind Foles for a few years.

    • Danny W

      No first round Dlineman unless is it’s Jadavian Clowny

  • unclejesse40

    I am not a Geno Smith fan and I wanted Foles here last year, so I know that makes me biased. What I see happening connects the dots back to what Dorsey said he likes to do in the draft, which is best player available. Lock in an above average WR and LT in Bowe and Albert, get a Quality young QB with a high ceiling in Foles, and fill some DL issues with a veteran, thus go into the draft with a pocket full of change and get to roll the dice on some extremely high ceiling players. I am super excited for the draft if all the above mentioned things happen. Last comment I will make is I am not sure why everyone is so much higher on Alex Smith, seems to me like another Matt Cassell. As long as you don’t ask him to do much he is ok, not the type of guy I want in KC. The rest of the division is getting better so we need to do better than Alex Smith.

    • chiefridgy

      Agree on most of what you said. Except I want to see the chiefs finally draft a franchise QB.

  • berttheclock

    Great to awaken to some positive news, his AM. Negotiations beginning with both Albert and Bowe and talk of a trade for Foles. A scouting report about Foles from walterfootball, last year included such as “powerful arm, quick release, big pocket presence, gritty, fighter and excellent height”
    Foles was forced into a poor situation after Vick went down. Pathetic offensive line which left quick, short passes to backs or slot receivers. There were only moments when Foles could display his arm strength and one of those was a bullet into the end zone for a come from behind win.
    I am not going to argue against Geno Smith, even though, I love when teams build great offensive lines, but, should Smith and Foles come to the Chiefs, get them another wide out who can get open, get deep and has great hands. Tavon Austin in the 2nd round would be great. I would love to see the other West Virginia wideout, Stedman Bailey, as well. Sign Bowe and find anyone who can get those double teams off him. If Baldwin still can not get separation, then, send him to hook up with Palko in sand lot football in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

  • ArrowFan

    This has made my day had I know this morning I would be in my Chiefs gear right now. I just hope we don’t over pay for Foles.

  • berttheclock

    One point about trying to pick up Foles is the Chiefs might have to give up that 34 pick for him. So, if they try to trade down from One to pick up additional draft choices, they might lose out on Geno Smith. But, it would be a way to pick up needed extra picks.

  • mg2098

    Foles was a 3rd pick project QB. Although he was trust into the starting line up as a rookie I don’t believe he is ready yet to lead a NFL team. I think the guy needs at least another year in Ried’s system. In 2013 he would be a good back up with starting potential. I still would rather have Geno Smith’s ceiling at QB. Although I do like Foels he was drafted in the 3rd for a reason. I do like his arm strength, but he lacked in accuracy and going through his reads. Right now I view him as a stronger armed Matt Cassel with upside. I think the Chiefs still need to take a QB in the 1st 2 rds. Preferably Geno at #1

  • GDL40

    I sure hope we dont give up our 2nd round pick for Foles ! we should end up with 2 quality starters for years to come with those 2 picks, pro bowlers even….not a backup QB, and Foles is NOT our future QB therefore a 2nd rnder for him would be terrible IMO

  • Priest4Prez

    Alright, I should have read this article first instead of freaking on the Nick Foles post…whoops. Anywho, Go Chiefs!!!! I like where this is going!! Lets do work!!

  • Jordan Clark

    Your speculated chain of events makes sense, but that doesnt mean I have to like it. I will remain a Geno skeptic till he truly proves he can perform under the pressure and speed of the NFL. he wo t be throwing against the same second rate defences he did at WVU.
    Do I want him? No. Do I think we will end up with him? Probably…

  • KCMikeG

    Signing Bowe and Albert would be huge. Most of us thought that we would be looking at one or the other or sign on and tag the other. So if we sign them both would there be any advantage to using the franchise tag on anyone else or would we just not tag anyone?

    Paddy – I’m right there with you on how the pieces are coming together. Adding Canty would be great and I think Bailey will become the next rookie to step up into a starting role. We would be in great shape with Canty, Bailey, Poe, Powe, Pitoitua, Dixon and Muir.

    If we don’t get Geno then we should take CB Millner or Rhodes who are the only players I would want to use our 1st pick on. I like him but Foles hasn’t done enough in Philly to make him worth any more than they gave for him especially as our 3rd pick is the first one in that round. Still not sure why they would want to get rid of him though unless they think newly signed Denise Dixon backing up injury prone Vick is the right way to go.

  • jjjjjhok

    Totally agree that following these clues makes the Chiefs pick obvious. It’s as plain as the nose on your face… the Chiefs are going with a defensive end! At least that’s what your sleuthing indicates.

  • Don417

    Article fail.