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Todd McShay Talks Geno Smith, Chiefs’ Draft

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay,’s NFL Draft experts, appeared on the “First Draft” podcast recently and they were asked about the 2013 NFL Draft and more specifically, about QBs and the Kansas City Chiefs

“I think they could go offensive tackle,” Kiper said. “Bottom line, there’s no consensus on who the Kansas City Chiefs will take and number two, who they should take.”

“I completely agree,” added McShay. “You know, obviously, the two questions that hav to be answered first, as you mentioned; what are they going to do at the QB position? You’d love, if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan or more importantly in this case, a member of their front office, you would love for it to be a year ago and to have multiple options and to have that problem. That the Indianapolis Colts faced, between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Instead, they have the worst case scenario in that theres not a true, legitimate option at that #1 pick in this year’s class that you feel great about at the QB position. And you ran through the top two guys. Mike Glennon’s a guy that we’ve heard a lot about. Tyler Wilson’s another name that’s been linked to Kansas City, not necessarily at the one pick but if they were to trade back or move back into the first round just to secure him, I don’t even think they would need to. But when it’s all said and done, what are they going to do at the QB position? Make a move in free agency, then maybe draft one in the second, third round and try to develop a young QB and just kind of start over at that position. It doesn’t sound great in terms of what their options are but their options are what their options are and they’ve got to move on.”

“Do they re-sign Branden Albert at LT, I think that’s the second question,” McShay continued. “If they do re-sign Albert and kind of solidify that offensive line or at least that left tackle position, then does bringing in Luke Joeckel make any sense? And I don’t think it does. You’re not going to make the #1 overall pick a guard. Can you move Branden Albert to right tackle? Maybe. Cn you move Luke Joeckel to right tackle? Maybe. But I don’t think you want to spend that kind of money to go and re-sign a veteran, an established player and then draft the first player in the 2013Draft and put him at the right tackle position or move Albert over. To me, if they do re-sign Branden Albert then the decision is to go elsewhere. In my opinion, right now based off the tape I’ve done and there’s still a lot of work to do, but in my opinion, Star Lotulelei from Utah, would be the best option because he fits perfectly as a five-technique and he’s absolutely dominant versus the run. Not just taking up space but also getting off of blocks and making plays. And he’s not a great pass rusher but there aren’t many great pass rushers on the interior anyway. He can collapse the pocket, he can get pressure on the QB and I think he would be a massive upgrade to that defensive line and I know it’s frustrating to Chiefs fans. They don’t want to hear it because they drafted Glenn Dorsey, they drafted Tyson Jackson, they drafted Dontari Poe last year and it still has never been a dominant group but if you bring in Lotulelei and add him with Poe and with Jackson, I think now all of the sudden you have the right combination in a 3-4 front.”

McShay was then asked about the QBs. He mentioned that last year he game Andrew Luck a 99 grade, RG3 a 98 grade and Ryan Tannehill a 94 grade.

What about Geno Smith?

“Geno Smith has my highest grade right now and it’s a 90. So it’s a fringe first, second round grade. Mike Glennon has an 87, Matt Barkely, has a, I’m sorry, 88, 87 range, both of them. And the fourth is Tyler Wilson at an 80. I have one fringe first-rounder in Geno Smith and two legitimate mid to early second-rounders and one fringe second rounder in Tyler Wilson.”

McShay then said, given each team’s needs at the QB position, is that he thinks we might see teams like the Chiefs moving back into the first round in the 20′s to snag a Geno Smith or Matt Barkley.

What do you think, Addicts? Would you be ok with the Chiefs taking another player at #1 and then trading future picks to move back into round one to snag Geno?

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  • Jon Brown

    Personally, I would take a qb at number one if you feel confident with the guy. Its not like we have to pay him like for instance the raiders had to pay Russel, or Bradford with the Rams. Hitting a bust at number 1 doesnt set you back 10 years anymore. If KC feels any confidence in a qb they must grab him. You dont want that chance at someone else taking your guy because he wasnt number one worthy. Also taking the most important postion on the field whenever that is the postion you are most hurting at could never be a bad idea.

  • toperspective

    I don’t think Geno will be available for very long. There are a number of teams that are desperate for a QB. So if the Chiefs don’t think Geno is the guy then trade down….but if they like Geno they better take him at #1.

    • mattU

      I agree. If Geno has a solid Combine and pro day, I’d be surprised to see him get passed Arizona, Buffalo, and the Jets at 7, 8, and 9.

      • Michael Tavis

        Id be surprised to see him get past Jacksonville despite their QB coach saying Gabbert is better. I think that is all a smoke screen.

        • mattU

          Yep. Point is if there are 4-5 other teams in the top 10 that need a QB, chances are extremely low they all pass on him and we get another shot later in the 1st round. It’s not like this is a stacked draft talent-wise at other high-impact positions. There’s not an Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, or Orlando Pace prospect in this class either…Geno is a good prospect but he’s not Elway, Luck, or RGIII. Why aren’t the other prospects in this draft held under the same microscope comparing them to some of the best college prospects ever at their position?

  • ladner morse

    Here’s a plan: don’t sign a free agent QB… then trade back into the middle of the first round (after selecting their 4th DL in 6 years)… then miss out on the best QB in this draft completely… and essentially end up with no one who’s any good to play the most important position on any team in any sport.

    Great idea Todd McShame

    P.S. Drafting Star Lotulelei doesn’t guarantee that the Chiefs defense will be any better next year than it was when the Chiefs brought in Poe, Jackson, Dorsey or even Ryan Sims for that matter. And remember, all those guys were thought to be monsters before they came to the NFL… with the exception of the Tin Man.

    • Danny W


  • shayaan

    “They touch the ball on every single offensive snap,” the NFC GM said. “Obviously, they’re valuable. It’s the most important position; that’s why they get pushed up, that concept of supply and demand. You get into economics, there’s a limited supply. What you can’t do, when you’re looking for one, is listen to the noise, and what people might say the day of (the draft) or the day after.”

    In the next breath, the GM added, “You also can’t get cute and say, ‘Let’s see where the world sees him valued at.’ ”

    the chiefs can’t afford to get cute in an attempt to maximize “value”, and miss out on their highest rated QB.

    • sidibeke

      Can’t agree more. If there is a QB worth a 1st round pick, then take him when you can. Don’t mess around and run the risk of having him taken before you.

      Now, if there’s a d lineman (ahem, tinman), trade back and wait. Don’t reach there.

  • Brody Hall

    Isnt this the guy who was cought being paid by agents to talk up their clients? Or am i thinking of the wrog person here? Either way… This guy can be for real!

    • Larry Vandesande

      I guess Todd McShay and others have lost sight of the fact that Chifes not only signed a free agent offensive tackle just last year, they drafted a guard and a tackle in the second and third rounds. They don’t need offensive linemen! And the idea of drafting a run-stuffing DT with the No. 1 pick is absurd. These draftnis should get realistic. The Chiefs need a quarterback. So does Jacksonville, who drafts No. 2. So do the Raiders who draft No. 3. One of those three teams is going to draft Geno Smith.

  • Don Pena

    These comments from so-called experts always make me laugh, ok so Geno is not graded as high as Luck, RG3 but he still is a 90, hell in school thats still an A. Yet still he’s not worth the Chiefs taking #1 at the position that not only is their biggest need but also the position that will have immediate impact in advancing the team. And their current Qb is rated at 66.7 in Cassel. And Alex Smith the big FA that some say the chiefs need to go after had 92 Qbr for 2012. So people want to spend 50 million on a aging Vet that only rates a few points higher then a young prospect who looks to be just as good right now and has plenty of upside to get even better. Geno is already better then their current QB n just as good as the top FA in NFL but not as expensive. Now i know the 90 grade is not the same ranking as a NFL QBR but im only going with numbers we can compare, but just to put up numbers against numbers, Geno lowest QBR’s in 2012 were 101, 101.2 and 114.3 n his highest was 248, n 271.2. Avg that out because college defense is not NFL D, and he still finishes with over a 100 rating thats better then Alex Smith . Excuse me if Geno is only a A and not a A+, what a crock, Geno should be taken number 1 by KC so we can stop sucking

  • [email protected]

    Trade down, look for a #1 QB in free agency or wait another season. I don’t want Geno Smith………the guy is athletic but he isn’t a winner.
    Dana Holderson’s offense at WV, is video game stuff, not to mention the players around Geno who made his numbers look so good. The film will come out and I want you guys to watch this him closely……he can’t check down receivers……NFL defenses will exploit him and he’ll be unable to adjust. Think Vince Young here and trade down………..get value for the #1 pick, some team will offer the right amount or we can build depth on both lines.

    • Don Pena

      I highly disagree and i have watch taped but here is a real good video of lots of the criticisms that Geno gets and points to why he still is the best NFL prospect at QB and choice for KC. Not to mention his teams Def sucked and when your constantly playing for a shoot out eventually you lose some games. WV gave up something like 36pts a game so basically that had no defense. But watch the vid

      • [email protected]

        Thanks for all the Geno Smith highlights……………Now remind me, what was their record last season and why didn’t he win the Heisman Trophy???? Now, before you blame the W-L record on the WV defense, please remember RG3 had NO defense backing him at Baylor and still found ways to win games!!!! Being a top notch QB in the NFL has more to do with leading, then being a super-duper athlete.

    • shayaan


    • Michael Tavis

      He is a lot like Russel Wilson in the regards that he definitely has holes in his game. They both had holes that can be coached and fixed. They both also have perks that cant be coached and thats what you look for. Guys dont come out of college without flaws. Not even Andrew Luck. If a team looks at a guy and thinks they have the coaches and ability to coach a guy up and fix his problems then you take him and develop him. Go read some of the reviews on Russel Wilson before last years draft.

    • Joe Myers

      I watched him vs Texas he ate that defense pass rush up with check downs witch allowed him to go over the top . That also how the west coast off works vise versa so he fits perfictly factor in jc and a better d .

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Yes, Geno Smith is a fringe first round pick. #rollseyes

    No, he’s not as good a prospect as Luck, but that’s relative. He’s still one hell of a quarterback prospect. Easily the best in this class. I can’t wait until he lights it up in Indy so we can be done talking about who the Chiefs will draft #1.

  • Danny W

    I can’t stand either of these two guys analysis. They make their mock drafts and then “predict” the day of the draft because they’re told a little early precisely who every team is going to take. They’re idiots.

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    It’s funny how many people destroy the OPINIONS of these guys. They know more than us by a long shot and they get paid because they know what they are doing. Their predictions aren’t science but they definitely have inside sources and watched a lot more footage than anyone else, which is why they are on ESPN.
    I personally think Tyler Wilson is the best QB in the draft, no I’m not an Arkansas fan far from it actually, and I wouldn’t even consider taking a QB inside the top 15, this year, regardless of how much of a need we have.

  • Doug McD

    I put my trust in Andy Reid that he will choose the correct QB for his system. Either way I believe it could take a couple of years to get the right players in position to win big. Its a flip of the coin if a player will pan out or not. They have to fit the system with their skill set and personality. These are still “kids” and most likely need time to make good decisions.

  • big chief

    I know people don’t want to hear it but he’s right. I’ve always thought they will be unlikely to take Smith at one. That being said I don’t see any good first pick so an ok qb like Smith would be as good as any. I don’t see him being anything special at the NFL level but who else is there? My vote would be try to trade the farm for Flacco but I don’t see Baltimore letting him get away. My problem with McShay’s comment is this. He says the d tackle from Utah would be a good interior fit in the 3-4 with Poe. Ok, so where does Poe go? D-end? No way. Maybe they should keep Tanney, pick up Alex Smith and Matt Flynn and draft Geno Smith then have a real legitimate qb competition and may the best qb start. This draft just sucks. It’s like your dad buying your first car from a salvage yard.

  • Chiefswatch

    If we dont take Geno, the Jags or Raiders will. All this shit ass draft talk is just plain nonsense. Geno will not be in the 20s. Hell I doubt Barkely will be in the 20s. We take Geno 1 or dont take him at all. Honest to god, if we pass on him and the jags pass on him, what will happen is he is going to passing on us as a member of the silver and black. He will for the better part of six years make us regret not taking him as he tosses to those insanely fast wide recievers on that Raider team. We will be fighting with the Chargers to bring up the last spot in the division.

  • Tyler Alexander

    Am I the only one that noticed that this clown suggested moving B Albert or Joeckel to right tackle might be a possibility? Maybe he thinks Winston can play QB for us. The fact that Kiper and McShay know so little about the team with the #1 pick in the draft should tell you all you really need to know. Don’t listen to these ass hats.

    • Jim Harper

      Well put Tyler!

    • sidibeke

      Maybe Winston CAN play QB. Maybe Winston is Crennel’s super double-secret emergency quarterback. Dun, dun, duh!

  • Joe Myers

    im about to give you guys my complete unbias opinion. Next year tahj Boyd will be the best QB ; for the run and gun off I think the west coast off will allow Geno to have a great career hear at arrowhead . Its like its meant to be a McNabb like QB Andy Reid KC the tragedies but I think Geno has alot hire ceiling I think he has 2 SB in em but only in KC he goes to oak he will be average we have a way better coaching staff .

  • Joe Myers

    well look at it this way we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results . The fact is we had a great oline and running game above average QB (Trent) and a first round exit . Good running game av QB (matt) and decent defense and a first round exit . Now the so called experts want us to ; let go Albert draft the ol from a&m bring in Jake long draft an av QB in the 2nd round and repeat history again . Have I made my point not yet ok ; so we are going wait another year or two for chance of a probable great QB a franchise QB . We are facing the same situation now why wait to start over again plus I believe he fits Andy’s offense vary vary well .!!!