Kansas City Chiefs 2013 Draft: Taking A Second

The pundits are punch drunk on predicting who the Chiefs will pocket first overall in the 2013 NFL Draft. I guess I have to count my self twisted silly in that process too. So… without further adieu, let’s take a look at who the Chiefs may be drafting with the second pick in the second round.

One way to do that is to look at some popular mock drafts and determine, based upon those mocks, who would be left over and available for the Chiefs near the beginning of the second round.The outcome most interesting to me right now comes from the mocks that project Geno Smith at number 1. Some of those mocks include: Rob Rang at CBS Sports, Dan Kadar at SBNationWalter at Walter Football, Charlie at Walter Football, Paul Banks at the Sports BankSteve Shoup at FanSpeak, Kevin Hanson at EatDrinkSleep Football, Eric Galko at Optimum Scouting, Nate Bouda at NFL Trade Rumors, Jay O’Brien at The NFL Report, and Dane Brugler at NFL Draft Scout.

Matthew Hodges at NFL Draft Monster has a three round mock you might really enjoy and so does Peter Smith at Pigskin Heaven. On Friday, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com projected Geno Smith first in his mock draft too.

15 out of 20 of the most recent mocks I found show Geno Smith going first. So, we’ll project the Chiefs second round selection based on Mr. Smith going to Hollywood… err… I mean Kansas City.

Over at NFL.com, Bucky Brooks has a first round mock projecting Geno Smith first to the Chiefs and if you check off all the players he’s projecting to be gone by the end of the first round, below you’ll find a list of the best 20 players who would be left over for the Chiefs to choose from if Brooks’ mock comes true. You can use any site you want to do your check listing but, I chose CBS Sports. The prospects left behind from Brooks mock are also listed by using the top 100 list at DraftTek.com as a checklist. DraftTeks list can be found following the CBS list below.

Here’s the CBS Sports list of the top 20 players left on the board after Bucky Brooks mock.

Here’s the DraftTek.com list: DT Johnathan Jenkins, CB Jonathan Banks, DE Datone Jones, WR Justin Hunter, QB Tyler Wilson, CB Desmond Trufant, RB Giovani Bernard, WR DeAndre Hopkins, DT Jesse Williams, C Barrett Jones, WR Terrance Williams, CB Jordan Poyer, ILB Arthur Brown, OLB Alex Okafor, QB Zac Dysert, DE Sylvester Williams, RB Eddie Lacy, CB Jamar Taylor, QB Tyler Bray, G Larry Warford. The players listed in bold are unique to DraftTek and are also part of what would be the best 20 available prospects at the beginning of round two (based on Bucky Brooks mock). Maybe there’s someone there you covet here?

While I believe the Chiefs next greatest need after a QB would be a CB, I’m unsure that a CB would be the next “best player available” at that point. However, Desmond Trufant (5-11) had a great Senior Bowl showing and will likely go in the first.

If for some reason, as Bucky Brooks has predicted here, Trufant falls to the second round, Trufant would be hard to pass on but, since Brandon Flowers is a short corner (5-9ish), then I think the Chiefs priority would be to select a CB who is bigger, approximating Brandon Carr’s size. The next largest CB showing up on the prospect’s list is Johnathan Banks (6-1) who is not quite as good as Trufant but, does have the size needed to pair with Flowers.

No comment on Matt Barkley except to say there’s just no way the Chiefs take 2 QBs back to back. Plus, I’m not a Barkley believer.

Neither Dantone Jones from UCLA or Alex Okafor from Texas fit the description of a 3-4 DE so you can likely count them off the list.

DT Jessie Williams from Alabama could be a good choice but, may be more suited to play in a 4-3. Johnathan Hankins Ohio State and John Jenkins from Georgia have to be in the conversation if they’re going to go DT in this spot.

6-1, 185 CB Johnathan Banks would be on my short list if things fell this way. He can play man coverage and zone. He can rush the passer and when he gets there he knows how to strip the ball. He’s a good in run support and would be positive to pair with Flowers. Take a peek at Banks vs. Tyler Wilson and the Razorbacks.

WR DeAndre Hopkins has had some nice games but, his 4.45 speed doesn’t separate him from other receivers and he just doesn’t make the catches you think he should make at times. Compare him to a Tavon Austin, who has 4.38 speed, and someone taken with the 34th pick should deliver more than Hopkins can deliver.

I’m normally not an Alabama fan but, their performance in college football’s biggest game in January leaves me coveting most of their top line prospects. Consequently, I’d love to see RB Eddie Lacy in red and gold next year and I could fully understand how Dorsey and Company might rate him as the BPA at #34. Lacy was impressive every time he touched the ball that day and ended  up being named the offensive MVP. I wouldn’t be upset at all if the Chiefs took Lacy. He and Jamaal Charles could do some damage together.

I also think Center Barrett Jones is going to be a fixture for some lucky team. His size and ability would be just up Andy Reid’s alley.

Margus Hunt is impressive if you’ve ever had the pleasure to watch him operate. He reminds me of a taller (6-8) heavier (275) Aldon Smith of the 49ers. Now, I know A.S. plays OLB for the 9ers but, with ten more pounds Hunt could be a force at DE in the Chiefs 3-4 scheme. He’s a freakish athlete  and would give the Chiefs some QB pressure from the DE position they’ve lacked since Neil Smith was in town. Hunt’s wingspan is also going to allow him to block his fair share of passes. Can you tell… I’m a Margus Hunt fan.

I’m sure there are excellent prospects beyond the 20 I have mentioned so, now might be a good time to lay your cards on the table.

Well, Addict  fanatics… who should the Chiefs take at the top of round two… that is… if Bucky banked a bingo in the first?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    In that scenario, give me Trufant. He’s the best available player and he also plays a position where we need a new starter. You won’t mistake him for a Power Forward, but he’s probably 2-3 inches taller than Flowers.

    • berttheclock

      If he can replicate the work of his older brother, Marcus, who made the Pro Bowl for the Seahawks, well and good. However, one point is the work of Marcus was changed when the Seahawks discovered bigger is better in the defensive backfield. Six three and six four has become their norm. Only Thomas is smaller, but, he packs a wallop for a safety.

      • ladner morse

        Yea.. I thought about that too.. his pedigree because of his brother…. that’s usually a good sign. You know he’s going to want to outshine his own brother and at the very least he’ll work WITH him and work as hard as his brother. It’s a big plus for him… and will likely get him consideration in the first for that reason alone.

  • chiefridgy

    In that video I saw banks make two pretty good plays in the backfield but other than that he looked like he was getting beat.

    • ladner morse

      Yep… he does some things well… but not everything. In the long run I think he’ll turn out to be a good CB but, it’ll take some time.

      • chiefridgy

        Looks like a hard hitter tho

  • berttheclock

    Most mock drafts are put together by pundits who look at various glaring needs by teams, read comments by GMs or even owners about a propensiy for certain players, so most top first round MD early picks remain pretty much in line with what really happens in the draft. However, what really causes the MDs to untangle is when GMs begin to panic and begin drafting for serious perceived need and reach. This year the word has been there are few quality QBs in the draft, so, don’t expect many to go in the first round. But, this fails to take into consideration that “panic” mode which could well set in for QBs. Should one go much higher than expected, look for other GMs to panic and scramble for lesser QBs. Therefore, possibly, four QBs could go in the first round which will throw off the MDs for the lower part of the first round.
    Daniel Jeremiah was the West Coast scout for the Eagles and he has picked Geno Smith for the 1st pick by the Chiefs. However, should panic set in, this would change his latter MD picks the first round which would throw several of them into the second round which includes the 34 pick by the Chiefs. He has named such as Sam Montgomery, DE LSU, Tavon Austin, the speedy wide out from West Virginia, Tyler Eifert, TE ND, and two defensive tackles, Jonathan Hankins and Sylvester Williams.
    As this will be a combo of both Dorsey and Reid selecting, look back at their end of the first round or second round picks for the past couple of years. Dorsey helped pick an OT in Sherrod and Nick Perry, a LB. Reid reached for a safety of whom he ended up cutting and a LB
    But, if you really like Geno Smith, a hookup with Tavon Austin would not be bad or even the other wide out from West Virginia who is coming out. Not as fast as Austin, but, a great route runner and has great hands. Stedman Bailey.

  • Ehud

    The 3 that interest me from Brooks list are: Datone Jones, Jordan Poyer, & Jonathan Cyprien.
    Jones is an athletic D-lineman that would provide some pass rush ability to our front 3 that has been lacking. It is an area of need with Dorsey out and Jackson probably out as well.
    Poyer adds a ballhawking CB to a team that could use one. I wish he was a little taller to be a better complement to Flowers but, hopefully his INTs will help me forget that.
    Cyprien would play SS and shift Berry over to FS. This would allow Cyprien to lay solid hits on WRs over the middle (which he does well) while allowing Berry’s football mind to find the football and make the play on it.

    The 3 that interest me from the Drafttek list are: Zac Dysert, Barret Jones, & Arthur Brown
    Dysert is a QB prospect that greatly intrigues me and is flying mostly under the radar. He didn’t help himself at the Senior Bowl but when you watch the game tape you see him make plays. I almost feel like he doesn’t practice well but come gametime he’s a player.
    With Lilja retiring we lost a starting Guard and our backup center. The quality of our current Guards is a bit in question as well. Adding Jones provides depth and flexibility to the inside of our O-line. Adding him allows us to play both him and Hudson wherever they best fit on our O-line.
    Belcher’s tragedy leaves us thin and uncertain at ILB. Brown will need to add a little weight but he’s an athletic LB who would fill a hole on this team. His speed allows him to play sideline to sideline and have good pass coverage (which was a weakness of Belcher). The attractiveness of the pick to the fans goes up as well because he went to K-state.

    • ladner morse

      Hey, I like Dysert too but am unsure he’s a 34th pick in this draft.
      I like the idea of addressing the ILB situation asap but also don’t know is Brown is up to the 34th pick quality.
      The more I watch Barrett Jones, the more I like him.

      • Ehud

        Opinions on Brown are varied. I’ve seen him go anywhere from 1st to 3rd round. He’s an ilb that can pass cover. That increases his value. Looking at tape, I think he’s a solid 2nd rounder so 34th pick is one I’d be ok with.
        I think 34 is high for Dysert but that’s just the premium you pay for a qb.

        • ladner morse

          I’m concerned about Brown’s size… 6-1, 228 is a little light for ILB…. don’t you think?

          • Ehud

            Not comparing them as players but Ray Lewis was 6’1” 240lbs. I bet Nfl trainers can add some weight to Brown.

          • Darkwolf1414

            I totally get you going ILB here, due to need, but there are a ton of good ILB prospects in this draft. If you look at DraftTek.com and watch film on some of the guys ranked between the 4th and 7th round you’ll be amazed. I still haven’t found any film, other than a highlight, on FSU’s Vince Williams but holy cow he looks like he can play! I took him in the 7th RD of my mock draft in the challenge here on ArrowheadAddict although he’s ranked as an Undrafted Free Agent. Possibly because of his height he goes 6″0″ @ 240lbs. This is what I wrote about him in my mock:
            Looks to have a nose for the ball and displays enough
            speed to run down running backs from the backside. He also shows the ability to cover TEs and even receivers downfield (moves well in open space). The thing I like most about this kid is his skill to break down, sink his hips and explode through the tackle.

          • Darkwolf1414

            Here’s a video of Vince Williams beating the tar out of a pulling guard at Senior Bowl practice. Also, I did find a clip of him in this year’s Orange Bowl. He wasn’t spectacular but he can definitely play through traffic.

          • ladner morse

            Nice post. Thanks for sharing dude!

          • Darkwolf1414


    • http://www.facebook.com/AmericanWolfx Michael Tavis

      I have been saying this for a while. I would love Eric Berry to shift over to FS. I think he would excel at FS and we could bring in a SS. Kendrick Lewis would provide solid depth at the safety position and we havent had that in a long time.

  • [email protected]

    I would trade back in the first round and get my QB from the second round…….I have to watch more film on Tyler Wilson (Arkansas) but I did see him play a few games this past season and came away thinking this guy might be a Chief. I’ll give him a pass for last season and use the numbers from 2 seasons ago. The issues with Bobby Petrino last year totally wrecked the Hogs and this guys Senior season, not to mention his confidence. I expect Wilson
    to move up as we get closer to draft day.

    • ladner morse

      I really like Wilson too. I have him rated as the second best QB on the board. In fact, there’s Geno and Tyler… and then all the rest are far behind.
      this talk about his little hands is silly. Just look at his accuracy. He’s excellent in my book. If the Chiefs get him… I won’t be sad at all.

      However, trading back is dangerous business so the Chiefs need to take the sure thing… and I think that’s Geno with the first overall pick.

      • emanuelvioleta

        you dont like Mike Glennon? He is rated higher than Wilson by most pudints.Why dont you like Glennon?

        • ladner morse

          Glennon’s foot speed is not even average. Today’s QBs have to be better than that. He is not as consistent as you’d like for a top prospect and taking him first in the draft is totally out of the question. His height is good but, 63/31 TDs to INTs is not encouraging for someone who’s supposed to lead the Chiefs out of the dungeon. And that’s the other thing… I don’t think he has the best personality to be leading others anywhere.

          • Guest


          • emanuelvioleta

            BUT…Glennon has the best deep ball in this year’sgroup of OBs…right? Dont the Chiefs need some onewho can stretch the field?Won’t that open things up fo all the other recivers AND Charles?

          • ladner morse

            It doesn’t matter if Glennon can make an occasional deep toss if he can’t do all the other things necessary to be successful… like staying alive in the pocket. He may be tall but, he’s not that sturdy. will need to put on a bout 50 pounds to be considered durable in the NFL.. .and I don’t believe that’s going to happen. Besides… then he’d really be as slow as a herd of turtles.

          • emanuelvioleta

            Well…i like Glennon…and i can see him succeding in N.F.L.

          • emanuelvioleta

            31 INTS?…i didint know that.

  • Outback Chief

    Just off the page above I would take Johnathan Hankins or Jordan Poyer But I think there’s a chance Trufant could still drop to the 2nd rd,maybe I’m optimistic but if a couple QB’s move up or lineman then he could move down at that point I’d take him but if Te’o dropped here I might take him instead

    • ladner morse

      I’m in favor of taking Te’o in round two too. If he falls there… I think Dorsey will nab him. When Aaron Rodgers fell to the Packers they grabbed him right away. Te’o… weird crap aside… is still a major talent and would fill a huge need for the Chiefs.

  • emanuelvioleta

    I’d like to see the Chiefs take Desmond Trufant! he is excellent

    • ladner morse

      Why do you like Trufant?

      • emanuelvioleta

        : Trufant will be the best player available … and he and Flowers will be great together.

        • Darkwolf1414

          I don’t see Trufant as being so great. His movement coming out of his backpedal is stiff. There’s is no “pop” to when he opens his hips up. He doesn’t seem to be able to reroute receivers, in press coverage, at all. So what’s the point in playing him in press? Also, when the receiver he’s covering catches the ball; Trufant misses A LOT of tackles. There’s a 6’2″ CB out of NC State (David Amerson) who should be available in the 3rd RD. Has better hips and likes to stick his nose in there and play the run.
          Honestly, from the clip provided, I wasn’t too impressed with Johnathan Banks either. His backpedal was nonexistent. He just bailed on every route and he looks into the backfield too much when he’s in coverage. That will get you SCORCHED in the NFL.
          I agree with Ladner, that Eddie Lacy would be a good pick to pair with Jamaal. Right now, it would be a toss up for me between Lacy and WR Justin Hunter.

          • ladner morse

            I don’t know if you saw any of his Senior Bowl week tape but, he looked like the best of a superior group of CBs.

          • Darkwolf1414

            I haven’t seen his Senior Bowl tape. I watched a few games of his and just didn’t get that feeling I did with Amerson. Amerson set the ACC single-season interception record in 2011 with 13. Every CB is going to come into the league with some holes in their game. The Chiefs have the staff to be able to coach them up. Not to mention B. Flowers. I know that taller corners have to play a little bit different game than shorter corners but you gotta love Flowers’ willingness to play the run. Seriously, I don’t see any other 5’9″ corner hitting like Brandon does either.

  • Danny W

    Excellent read Ladner
    Would like to see the same thing all the way to round four if you were prone to do so. I would be happy with Trufant,Banks, Jones or Hunt. I think they could come in and start pretty quickly. I also think it would be awesome if for some crazy reason Teo fell to us in round two but I highly highly doubt it. If somehow Kevin Minter falls down there too he would be top priority for me.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks Danny. I’m sure T, B, J, or H will be there… one of them at least. It would be awesome. I can’t wait for the draft.

    • emanuelvioleta

      hey Danny…i agreethe Chiefs should take Te’o….if he’s therein the second.What do you think the possibilities are that Te’o even be there?

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