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Tamba Hali Defends Matt Cassel

Kansas City Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali took to Twitter today to defend QB Matt Cassel.

Cassel was benched during the Chiefs’ disastrous 2012 season. With the arrival of new GM John Dorsey and new head coach Andy Reid, most experts think that Cassel’s time in KC is up.

That line of thinking makes sense. Cassel has only had one good season while with a new regime in town in the form of GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid, it makes sense that the new guys would want to bring in their own guy.

Hali, who has been around long enough to see more than a few QBs pass through KC, seems to want Cassel to get another chance.

Here is what went down:

There are a couple of interesting things happening here. #1, Hali kind of seems to throw the current Chiefs offensive line under the bus little bit. His comment about Shields and Roaf almost make it seem like Hali doesn’t feel the current line is giving Cassel enough time.

He better hope Eric Winston doesn’t find out.

The other thing we have to ask is what prompted this outburst from Hali? Has Cassel been told that the team plans to release him? Did Cassel notify some of his teammates?

It is possible. Many NFL teams are in the process of unloading high-priced veterans they don’t plan to keep and don’t think they’ll be able to trade. Cassel’s contract, what is left of it, isn’t huge but it is pretty high for a guy that most expect to be a backup. Cassel’s stock is at an all-time low right now so it could be possible that he will be released.

Then again, Hali may have just gotten a tweet from a fan that mentioned ditching Cassel and that could have set the Pro Bowl OLB off on this little rant.

What this really shows is that change is on the way in KC. We already knew that but whenever there is change there is some resistance from the players. The Chiefs players went through a lot last year and I am sure that it will be hard for some of them to see their friends cut.

Still, as long as Reid and Dorsey can handle the transition better than Todd Haley and Scott Pioi (53 guys off the street could win two games) I think any issues or gripes will be minor.

What say you, Addicts? What is your take on Hali’s tweets?

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  • Patrick Allen

    He also throws Jim Zorn under the bus.

  • Patrick Allen

    And he points to Alex Smith but the same coach that got the most out of Alex Smith benched his ass in the middle of a Super Bowl run for a QB with less experience. That is because Harbaugh is a good coach. Good enough to get the most out of his players but also good enough to realize their limitations and good enough to know when it is time to move on.

    If the decision-makers in KC were able to do that over the last couple of years, Cassel would have been replaced after the 2011 season.

    • Spencer

      side note: he is basically saying Cassel needs a HALL OF Fricking FAME offensive line to block for his slow @$$

      lol…come on man…anybody could have ran/thrown behind that line and been Great…no offense to Trent…but seriously, if we had half a defense we would have been unstoppable…damn u MANNING:(

      Roaf: Hall of Fame
      Shielfs: BEST OG in history..he was better then Allan of the Dallas Cowboys in my opinion…Brian Walters was a great Offensive Guard as well…(the tier of which is right behind the hall of famers) Weilgrimm (i hated when he came back, to slow, to small, to weak) was a damn good center when he was around, especially with the two around him…John Tait was damn good too for a while, turned LT to RT in 2003 i believe

      For Casey Weilgrimm i meant when he came back after his stint with the Broncos

      • Patrick Allen

        Yeah, I mean, I think Green was a much better QB than Cassel. He was way more accurate, especially when going deep and throwing outside the hashmarks. Cassel is only his best when he is throwing straight down the middle of the field. His throws outside are often way off the mark. His deep balls are atrocious. Even his over the middle slant routes are often behind the receiver.

        Cassel would be a terrible West Coast QB because he isn’t accurate enough.

        I think Geno would work really well in Reid’s offense because he is extremely accurate and he can stretch the field with a good deep ball. That is what makes all those underneath route’s in the WC offense dangerous.

    • Danny W

      Oh preach it Sir!

    • Danny W

      Hey I can’t change my avatar picture, it won’t save it. Is it the website or me?

    • tylereastridge

      He was benched due to concussion. Not because of poor play.

      • Danny W

        He sucks bro. I’m just saying the evidence is compounding and overwhelming, that guy at his best is average, to below average.

      • Patrick Allen

        This is not true. He got a concussion and was held out because of injury for one game and then he was benched in favor of Kaep. I never said he was benched for poor play. My point was actually the opposite. He was benched while playing quite well, which is what makes the situation all the more remarkable.

  • chiefridgy

    Hard to know what to read into those tweets.

  • Jim Harper

    I think Hali is just trying to be a good teammate. Yes a better line might have given Cassel more time, but his accuracy still was horrible even when he had plenty of time, and his inability to go through his progressions is still a huge issue

  • Outback Chief

    so if we get Alex then we don’t have to wait the 2 yrs for Matt to catch up

  • drake

    tamba obviously knows how the NFL works. its well known that as long as you have good character you have a starting job in the NFL (see larry johnson, TO, chad johnson, javon belcher, pacman jones, michael irvin, lawrence taylor, the entire vasaline wearing denver broncos superbowl team…)

  • jimfromkcj

    Could it be that Tamba has his ownself to look at? He seems to me that he is more of a one trick pony than what I would like and maybe the FO is thinking the same thing. I think I have been seeing an erosion of Tamba’s talent to getting the QB the last couple of years, and you would think he should be doing better with Houston putting pressure on the other side. He could be reading the handwriting on the wall and if the team can find a OLB who can get some sacks and drop back in coverage and stuff the run as well, his time may be running out in KC too.

    • lol22

      good luck finding that 3-4 double digit sack guy that “get some sacks, and drop back in coverage and stuff the run”

    • KCMikeG

      We virtually never agree but I have to admit I have had the same thoughts on Hali. I expected him to be in beast mode last year with Houston drawing some of the attention but Hali numbers have declined instead?? His pass coverage is terrible and he seems limited to mainly an outside move on his pass rush.

  • DavePC

    Far from shocking, and no big deal. It’s a new regime in KC, and of course there will be changes. Whether Cassel is gone for sure in unknown, but he’s almost certainly gone. Perhaps Cassel has been notified (a respectful thing to do if that’s the case), but ultimately he would likely have been gone even under the old regime.

  • Danny W

    Frustrating for sure. I can’t stand Matt Cassel’s play. Pro quarterbacks shouldn’t need a coaching up all the time. He’s a great guy I’m sure really likable as a person, but he’s a horrible quarterback. If he’s throwing the football I’m apathetic. I don’t care.

  • Joe Myers

    not really Jim coupled with drop balls sorry playcalling “SORRY PLAYCALLING” and the fact the opp knew we where going to throw it when we threw and matt not being talented enough to oviod last season . All in all the reason the season was so bad was because nothing worked from the top down . Their is no way anyone can disagree

  • Joe Myers

    Another thing geno smith threw for over 650 yds and like six tds , “but that was on a really bad Baylor defense” . But remember Baylor’s QB was doing the same thing so if he didn’t do it he would of lost the game !!.

  • Joe Myers

    think about it look at McNabb now look at Geno and look at our roster and NOW look at our coaching staff and thus head coach …….what comes to mind gentleman …..(whispers) .. “SUPERBOWL” … MY SUPERBOWL PICKS THIS YEAR IS A 14-2 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 45-35 OVER A 15-1 GREENBAY PACKERS . And so Geno smith becomes the first rookie to win the SB and ill tell you all how in tomorrows post

    • ladner morse

      Nice post. Can’t wait for that post tomorrow.

  • Adrian Morales

    From the start of the season i told everybody i knew that Cassell wasnt the greatest qb but i thought we had enough talent at other positions to make up for his lack… He looked good in the first half of the falcons game… This season was the worst in chiefs history… everybody besides two-5 under performed its not Matts fault completely… Bad coaching , lack of depth especially in the secondary…it was just bad lets forget it and come back better than ever i love my chiefs we just need to go out and play more intense physical smarter brand of football and im looking forward to… But IM hoping andy finds out he doesnt have to rebuild just add quality players on The depth chart

  • john

    My thought is that Hali knows more about NFL football, more about the Chiefs, more about what has gone on in the Chiefs organization and more about Matt Cassel than anyone that posts here, or any other forum.
    I was probably the last Cassel fan standing, but believe the time to move on is here. I think Cassel will go to another team and have a decent career.

    • Chiefswatch

      HAHA that is hilarious. Only someone who has no idead what the hell they are talking about would say Cassel will go on to have a decent career. There is not a coach on this planet that will let that retard start.

      • john

        That’s pretty funny, someone telling me I have no “idead” what the hell I’m talking about and then referring to someone as a retard.
        You’ve made yourself look good. Touché.

        • Chiefswatch

          Yea get on me for a typing error. Get a life child.

  • sidibeke

    This is why Cassel fails: a QB is the leader. He should make the line WANT to block for him.

    And I’m all for Tamba calling out the o line, I just hope we have the staff for them to be pushing each other to be better internally instead of through the media.