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Alex Smith: A Fit For The Chiefs?

You knew we’d get here eventually.

Most of the talk (rightfully so) on AA recently has been about the NFL Draft and QB Geno Smith.

Well, now it is time to consider the other Smith.


I won’t bore you with stats. You know Smith’s story. He was underwhelming a starter for years in San Fran before Jim Harbaugh arrived. Smith faced a similar situation to Chiefs QB Matt Cassel in that he never had stability at offensive coordinator and he wasn’t playing for a very good team. Harbaugh got the best out of Smith but even then, the 49ers coach benched Smith when he was playing well, in favor of a more talented but inexperienced QB.

Now Smith is the odd man out in Cali.

So should the Chiefs go after him?

I am not so sure. The Chiefs do need a veteran QB but in many ways Smith’s play and his stat line, remind me of  Matt Cassel. I am not so sure, that even with QB guru Andy Reid coaching him up, that Smith would put the Chiefs any closer to a championship.

The argument for Smith is that he may have more tools than Cassel and that he could be a one-year rental to hold the QB position down until Reid is able to coach up his own franchise QB. In a sense, Smith would be expected to go through the same think in Kansas City as he did in San Francisco.

Then again, if Smith is playing as well for the Chiefs as he was during his last season in San Fran, I am not sure how many coaches would have the guts to bench him, as Harbaugh did.

What do you think Addicts? Is going after Alex Smith a mistake?

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  • Priest4Prez

    Everyone will know it’s a mistake if: “….Andy Reid signs Alex Smith to a three year deal….drafts an OT in the first round…#1 Leon Sandcastle jerseys pop up more across Arrowhead stadium…” Why you ask, because Smith is a joke for this franchise and very bad one at that. No more ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ bit, we want results. In fact NFL.COM labeled us as “The Most Loyal Fans,” and we should be but don’t test our patience with this move…not saying, just saying.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that! Let’s stop plodding alone in mediocrity or worse and take a swing for the fence. I would rather have Geno fail or take a another year or two to develop than suffer through the next three years with no better at QB than we have had over the last eight.

    • Joe Myers

      this man is speaking gospel NO MORE HAND ME DOWNS !!!! the cards have been shuffled and where delt have we got Andy Reid and Geno smith I feel pretty good about that !!!!!!!

  • Barry Mauldin

    I agree on several points you have identified with Smith. KC is way to tired to support another reject QB. I do believe we need to have a stop gap, which unfortunately really requires a veteran QB. Personally I would prefer Matt Flynn, which has some good roots with GB.

  • Cha-iefs

    I know it’s a “dead period” between the SB and draft now but same ol’ recycled article topics. getting boring around here. cant wait for the draft!

    • Patrick Allen

      I don’t think we’ve done a specific article asking for opinions on Alex Smith before. We crank out 3-5 posts a day, sometimes more. We do our best to keep things fresh. Thanks for the feedback

      • Danny W

        Keep it fresh! It’s getting stale! So its February, come up with something anyways! :-P

      • KCMikeG

        Keep bringing the great stuff Paddy! I come hear every day and appreciate all the writers time and energy contributed.

    • KCMikeG

      How about a suggestion for a post topic that would interest you or were they supposed to read your dissatisfied mind from afar?

  • Jordan Clark

    Alex Smith may very well be on his last chance to compete for a starting job before he disapears into the NFL depth chart and finishes his career holding a clipboard. For this reason, I like picking him up to bring in a real competition for KC’s starting QB role. Something we have not had for years. He will rise to the challenge and teach whoever we draft some valuble tools. I say get him while we can, retain Tanney, draft anyone but Geno, and let them prove they deserve he big boy’s seat at the Chief’s table.

    • Brody Hall

      So skip on the best qb in the draft? U sounded like u knew what u were saying until that… Better luck next time.

      • Jordan Clark

        You Geno fanatics, so typical. Best QB in the draft? Wrong. But better luck next time. I would suggest doing some of your own studying as opposed to just reading the most recent blogs and assuming them as fact. Thanks Champ. Good talk.

        • Brody Hall

          Lol really? First, there is way more talk about skipping on geno. Second geno has the numbesr (turnover ratio is utterly stuff of legends!) to back him up and has improved every single year. Ive done my homework… How about u eat what ur serving before trying to pin it off on other.

          • Daniel

            Have any of you guys actuallly seen Geno play? He will not be a good pro QB. He comes from a system that has produced several QB’s that lit up the score board and passed for insane yardage. The problem is that he is a system QB. He is from basically the Mike Leach QB school. WV coach was Leach’s OC at TT and he still runs the same offense. None of his QB’s have gone on to be good pro QB’s.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Tough call but I will say one thing, Alex Smith is a much better quarterback than Cassel. Watching him play and the throws he makes are far superior to Matt Cassel. Smith may not be the answer but I would not call a QB who had a 105 QB rating trash or a retread. He would be a serious upgrade over what we saw last year.

    • Danny W

      I think Smith is a decent QB, but I don’t think you can qualify him by saying he’s better than Cassel at least to me anyway because in my humble opinion there are 10 college quarterbacks better than Cassel.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Only 10? lol. You’re right but I think I’m so desperate for a decent QB that guys like Smith look really good to me. I am one of those people that feels good coaching and a decent quarterback and the Chiefs are playoff contenders. I think Reid will be a big improvement now get a quarterback and we can be respectable again.

  • GDL40

    Is it a mistake ? depends….. if we trade for him, which means we give something up, YES, it would be a mistake……. if we get him in any way, and bc of it we draft a QB in the 2nd, 3rd, or later round….. YES – mistake! if we get him in free agency at a reasonable price and stll draft Geno, then NO that wouldnt be a mistake, but I dnt see that happening

    • Danny W

      I agree. I think their going to cut him though. If they go Alex Smith friendly that is. If not they could ask for a pick. I think he wants cut so he can have some options about where he goes. At the end of the day it is a business and I wouldn’t blame them for wanting something in return.

  • Jim Harper

    First of all Paddy can you establish if Alex Smith has 1 or 2 years remaining on his contract? I have heard both. At first I was on board with Alex Smith, but am now questioning the wisdom of that move. Several lower level QB draftees have started in their rookie year with a fair amount of success. Nothing like learning on the job. Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, Ponder, and Dalton. Now depending on how NFL ready who we draft is I would prefer our new QB take the reins from the beginning

    • RaggedRobin

      He has two years left. You can’t say rookie QBs are now ready to start just because of the success of last year’s draft class because this draft class has no where near the depth and talent at that position as last year. Trade a 3rd or 4th for Smith to get him cheap and draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd to develop behind him for a year while also having them both compete for 2013 for good measure. He has 3 years on his resume in the WCO, is at the peak of his career, is pissed off with something to prove and can be obtained cheap (you can’t say a developmental mid-round rookie will contribute as much as a starting QB who is AT LEAST solid and his contract is only like the 22nd highest in the league at his position).

  • ladner morse

    My head says no… but my heart says yes.

    A player leaving a situation… much like Brees did in San Diego… can go to another team and play lights out football… especially with the right support… which I believe Reid can give.

    Then again… this could be another Scott Mitchell situation (great back-up to the injured Marino in 1993 who went to Detroit and failed badly) …. and the reality is… there are many more of these outcomes to be documented than the Brees success stories of the world.

    • chiefridgy

      Failed badly….Like cassel

    • Danny W

      I would give him one year to compete with Geno Smith. I wouldn’t sign him for multi year deal money but 8 million to get a shot.

    • KCMikeG

      True Ladner. If memory serves me I think the issue with Brees in SD was if he could come back from the shoulder injury vs the hot new gun in Rivers. Brees had a been a starter for 4 seasons with the last two being very good. Mitchell had just taken over midseason for an injured Marino. While he struggled mightily in his 1st year in Detroit in 1995, he set single-season records for the Lions in touchdown passes (32) and passing yards (4,338). Mitchell’s Lions made the NFL playoffs in1995 and 1997. There are plenty of other examples of failing badly in this scenario like Kolb or Flynn or Bono.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Brees played good football his last two seasons in San Diego though. Smith’s done the same, but over a much shorter stretch.

  • chiefridgy

    I’m sick of cassel and wouldn’t mind smith for a year so we can develop the QB we draft this year….. I know there has been some talk of Vick coming to kc ….but if I’m not mistaken he signed a 6 yr $100 mil. contract I don’t want to see us pick up for a QB who hasn’t been able to stay healthy.

    • KCMikeG

      He is due $16M this year and it has been reported that he is talking with Chip kelly to see if he can stay in Philly.

  • Chelsii.

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Jason Howell

    Can you say Matt Cassel part two? Alex Smith with the Super Bowl 49ers…..good.
    Alex Smith with the 2 win Chiefs……Bad. He is an ok Qb with a good team around him, but with a rebuilding team probably not so much.

  • Danny W

    If he does a one year deal for 8 million.

    • KCMikeG

      No way he would do that. He will get a 3 or 4 year offer from someone but not us I hope.

  • sidibeke

    What I know is that KC needs 3 QBs. They are going to have to come from somewhere.

    • Danny W

      Shot gun it. Go get someone from anywhere to get a franchise quarterback. It’s the most important position on the field and it’s high time the head coaches and general managers started treating it as such in KC.

  • sd chief fan

    Someone else can have Alex Smith. As of late the qb coaching has sucked in kc. I actually can`t believe that more people are`nt thinking that Reid can do something with Cassel. Charlie Wies did a pretty good job with him. I say we keep Cassel, trade down take Glennon and develop him for future.

    • Brody Hall

      Id rather take ej Emanuel second round :)

    • berttheclock

      Interesting you say that because Joe Flacco had one of his best seasons in 2010 when Zorn was his QB coach in Baltimore.

  • micah stephenson

    I dont see the difference between A.Smith and Cassel. No Alex Smith is not a good fit considering we are drafting GENO SMITH with the 1st pick.

    • KCMikeG

      Agreed. I am yet to see any statistical support for him being better than Cassel.

      • RaggedRobin

        6 TDs 0 INT in his 2 playoff games with 4 total TDs in the 1st game where he carried the 9ers to victory by becoming the 1st QB in NFL history to have two go-ahead TDs to win a game in the final 4 minutes. He has a stronger arm and is much more athletic (runs a 4.7) than Cassel (he was the Tebow prototype for Urban Meyer remember?) What most people don’t realize is that Smith was on fire just before he was benched. Won NFC offensive player of the week and set the single-game completion percentage record for 15+ attempts in his last start with 18/19 3 TDs 0 INT (the only incomplete was a drop) and the next game got knocked out with a concussion early in the 2nd quarter after going 7/8 1 TD 0 INT..

    • tnafam

      i don’t think anyone is a good fit for the chiefs.

  • Andy

    Before we complain about the stale articles; 1. This is the dead part of the year. It is frustrating. 2. Give them a suggestion. 3. Our comments are stale. Blaaa Blaa Cassel II, (Cassel did GREAT the one year he had a good coach) Blaa Blaa we need to draft a QB, (We have the first pick We don’t need to draft a position, we need to talk about names not positions) . Blaa Blaa the Chiefs have not drafted and groomed their own QB. (Doesn’t mean we take a QB for the sake checking that box. We actually have a proven HC now. He has a very good track record for training up QBs. If he keeps Cassel, trades for Smith or whomever he drafts, I will give coach Reid the benefit of the doubt.

    • Brody Hall

      Haley was not a good head coach….

      • Andy

        I was refering to Charlie Weiss. Before he came and after he left Cassel was average or below. Under Weiss, he went to the pro bowl.

        • Brody Hall

          Ah yes… this is a fact haha.

  • betteretter

    I say draft geno keep either Cassel or Quin (whichever is cheapest)as a veteran bu.Then take the extra cap room and get some fa play making wide receivers so we can score some points!! I’m so tired of kicking field goals!

  • Joe Myers

    Fresh ideas ; how about you write a article
    about where we as owners or gm would do to creat a dynasty hear at arrowhead . Andy and Geno smith can cement the chiefs as a super power and it could start this year hear goes . Draft Geno ,OL,CB,DE,RB(my steal pic) , DE ,TE . The first three fill immediate holes the next three are the future starters and the last who knows . I think this year is the year we take a chance draft Geno and then take the bpa or bpa at the most needed position

  • TANGO420

    If any player in the NFL has something to prove its Alex Smith. If any team in the NFL has something to prove its the Chiefs. He is a perfect fit in a Reid offense and he is the best available QB in the league. Smith is a great game manager and a proven team leader. Thats what the Chiefs need. He is the guy we want.

    • Scott Mahurin

      “game manager” …where have I heard this term before? I really don’t like the smell emanating from that description.

  • Troy Utt

    IMO… Alex Smith is a much better QB than Cassel,(or Geno at this point) I don’t feel the comparisons & press thrown out have been fairly considered, when one actually looks at the fact that Alex played under 6 different O-Cord.’s in 6 years! Factor in turnover’s, injurie’s, etc. & I’m not convinced it wasn’t the right system! I believe he was in the process of proving that, coming off his best year under Harbaugh & was only replaced after Kaep played like like a herd of wild horses! They did not want to give up the momentum! At the same time I am not sold on Geno Smith…Not for the first pick in the draft, as I am not convinced he is even the best QB available!

  • Scott Mahurin

    True or not true? If we trade for Alex Smith we have to pay the unguaranteed portion of his contract. According to Spotrac, this is $7.5M a year, for the next two years. Are we ready for Cassel 2.0?

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I believe Alex does have more tools then Cassel. Besides, not talking about drafting, would you rather trade for Alex or try Matt again? Just between those 2, nobody else. Alex Smith or Matt Cassel? With Alex’s games last season, if he can bring those to the table, then we’ll have a good team. Reid can work with Alex to get him good enough for the team. I think he can get Stanzi and Tanney good too. With Tanney’s accuracy, they should work with him more so he’ll have more tools then just passing for backup.

    I’d rather have Geno Smith. Maybe still draft Geno in the 1st rd….don’t think that’s gonna happen though. You never know what could happen. NEVER say NEVER. lol