Jan.1, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback EJ Manuel (3) runs against the Northern Illinois Huskies in the third quarter during the 2013 Orange Bowl game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

E.J. Manuel Wants To Play For The Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs fans seem to be hoping the team select either QB Geno Smith or LT Luke Joeckel with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

But one name that capture the hearts of Chiefs fans as the draft approaches is Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel.

Manuel spoke with the NFL Network at EA Sports’ Madden party over the weekend and was asked which team he wanted to play for. After giving the typical “every team” response, Manuel got specific.

“I’d love to play for Kansas City as well,” said Manuel. “I know they have the first pick and Andy Reid is the head coach there now. He’s brought up a lot of great QBs like Donovan McNabb. Whoever I get chose by, I’d love to play for them.”

Manuel also mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles as a potential fit because of new head coach Chip Kelly’s offense.

Manuel had been considered a later-round pick but after an impressive performance at the Senior Bowl, he is beginning to move up draft boards. Some experts think he may have solidified himself as a second round selection.

What do you think, Addicts? Do you want the Chiefs to consider Manuel?

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  • calciomoti

    In the 4th or 5th round, I’d love him! Along with Rex Burkhead in the 5th or 6th…but I think we need to draft Leon Sandcastle first overall! I’d have a hard time following the Chiefs next season if we don’t get the BPA…and that is clearly Sandcastle!!!

    • Michael Shaw

      HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I was wondering who was going to post about us picking Leon Sandcastle with the first pick this year!!! That was funny as hell!! Leave it to Deon Sanders!!

  • kyle mangione

    Not at all he is inconsistent and lacks accuracy at valuable moments. I think its sad to say we are interested cause he threw one TD and ran in a 10 yard TD so what the senior bowl SUCKED considering how bad every qb threw we should be looking at GENO SMITH a proven passer in the game !!!

    • PunjabiPete

      At first, I disagreed with your post. But then, I saw all 3 exclamation points, and it gave me pause. I am now on board with whatever decision you deem worthy of such punctuation. Well played, sir.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I still would prefer Geno, but if he’s available in a later round then by all means take him.

  • Nemoi

    Only if there is no other quarterback available with our first round pick.

  • ArrowFan

    Maybe as a second if we don’t get one in the first however I would be very displeased if we pass on Geno just to watch Jacksonville or the Raiders get him.

  • disqus_BvFk97ZP8p

    What is with every person in kc wanting geno smith?? This guy is not RG3, Russell Wilson, certainly not andrew luck and far cry kaepernick…..did u watch the last 8 games of their season???? Did u watch that bowl game he played in??? I don’t understand where chiefs fans think just cause we finally have the number one overall that we have to take a qb??? We could use some more draft picks for one, id Love two first rounders, shit I’d rather have alex smith over geno.smith. geno smith is not smart enough to play at the level u all are expecting him to, let’s see what his wonderlick score is then we can talk about geno smith being a Kansas city chief, but for now if the chiefs draft that guy I might just give up on them. I hate the super bowl.because we r never even.close to it, I hate the playoffs because we can’t even.back.into them

    • Darkwolf1414

      By all accounts, Geno Smith is VERY smart. I don’t know where you get your information from but you need to find a new source if you think Geno is not smart. Secondly, Geno did not play poorly this last season. His defense couldn’t stop anybody. That’s why they lost.

      • disqus_BvFk97ZP8p

        Hey Bob, I never said Geno Smith wasn’t smart, i said he is not smart enough to play the position in the NFL. if u r telling me he is RG3, Russell wilson, or Andrew luck I will laugh in your face. There is not qb worth takin number one in this draft sir. I also said let’s see how his combine goes and ill make my decision. If the chiefs trade down pick up some picks and get him in the 20′s I’m fine with that but not number one overall he simply is not on andrew luck status or RG3 status. Who went 1 and 2 last year.

  • Don417

    But one name that capture the hearts of Chiefs fans
    uhh…I dare the author to name just one.

  • unclejesse40

    This is the reason I am glad we have Andy Reid. If he selects Geno, then Geno was the guy he wanted. I trust Reid’s evaluation of QB talent way more than Pioli and Romeo. While I don’t see Manuel around in the 4th I would certainly take a project QB there even if we take one in the 1st. QB’s are like pitchers, the more you have the better the entire team around you plays. Can you imagine what Bowe is capable of if he has a guy throwing the ball directly at him and not throwing high over the middle of the field to get him killed. Not only would Bowe be crazy good because the QB was good but if a better QB threw balls that the other guys could catch ie Baldwin then Bowe is better because the entire D isnt keying on him in passing situations.

  • Outback Chief

    I’d take him in the 3rd rd

  • Outback Chief

    I think Geno can play in the NFL but not next year,that doesnt mean I wouldn’t draft him 1st if I was building the QB position on my team because if you keep drafting talent you will only get better,Geno doesn’t have to be RGIII or A Luck or R Wilson he just needs to be a shorter version of J Flacco and he’d be worth the pick. But I’d still draft another in later rounds ( EJ Manuel ? )or even another next year which will be deeper.