2013 NFL Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Go Tackle

The post-Super Bowl 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out at FanSided.com and once again, the Kansas City Chiefs are selecting a tackle.

And yes, it is the tackle you’d expect.

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT/Texas A&M

The Chiefs need a signal caller, but they can easily get on later in the draft. With Andy Reid in town, the Chiefs will be going in an entirely new direction (well actually it’ll just be nice for them to be going in a direction), plus both Reid and new GM John Dorsey have said the Chiefs will draft the best player available with the first pick, and that’s Joeckel. Reid lost his job because his offensive line in Philly couldn’t block and now that he’s in Kansas City, it has got to be in the forefront of his mind. If the Chiefs go with Joeckel here, expect Landry Jones or Matt Barkley to come off the board at the start of the second day.

These picks are getting a little repetitive to be sure but to be fair, there aren’t many other mocks out there predicting anything different. Just take a look at this list from Walter Football.

Don’t discourage, however because draft season is about to heat up. The NFL Scouting Combine kicks off later this month.

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  • shayaan

    “The Chiefs need a signal caller, but they can easily get on later in the draft.”

    stopped reading after that nonsense.

    • ArrowFan

      Yea, I still can’t get my head around someone using this logic.

  • micah stephenson

    Hell knaw!!!!! Barkey and Jones was the 2 QBs last yr that we was saying we dont want next yr! Dog if the Chiefs draft one of them instead of Geno Smith then the save our Chiefs guys need to run Ried and Dorsey up out of here yr 1!!!!

    • Chelsii.


      • Chiefswatch

        How about you list your alternative to Geno. Show me how it makes sense to draft anything other than a high upside QB prospect in this shit of a draft class. Left Tackle? Defensive End? Oh Oh, lets add a Line Backer. No lets stick at QB and draft one of those stellar arms we saw at the senior bowl. Truth is this: there is not one player worth number one overall. Not one. And if there is any position that is close it is exactly a position that we do not need to draft. Nope Geno is the only thing that make sense.

        • Chelsii.

          Was Geno at the Senior Bowl? I think everyone missed him but you.

          • mattU

            The other QBs had a chance to improve their stock and in Wilson’s case, maybe even surpass Geno. Nobody outside of EJ Manuel really did anything to improve their draft stock. Geno was largely considered the best QB prospect in this draft class before the senior bowl, so whoever is managing him would have been really stupid to let him go play in the senior bowl. Regardless the haters saying KC shouldn’t take a QB #1 overall, the best QB prospect WILL go in the top 10. Anyone who argues that simply has paid attention to the NFL the past 5 years…when guys like Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder are respectively going 8th, 10th and 12th overall.

          • Chelsii.

            Are you seriously using Gabbert as your reason that KC has to draft Geno? If we are going to name decent QBs drafted in the first round we could easily find them in later rounds and god forbid talk about all the busts. You sir have been the one not paying attention.

          • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

            Take the Mannings out of the argument and how many first round qb’s lately have won the big one? Brady, Worthlessberger, Flacco weren’t high picks. Looks like Luck and Griffin will be good. Alex Smith hasn’t done anything and even got ousted by a later pick. The bottom line is it takes more than a good qb to win. Nobody is saying the Chiefs don’t need a qb but people seem to be letting the desperation of sucking and the excitement of having the first pick override their common sense. Genno played average football against good teams. Ask Kansas State and Texas Tech how good he is. A lot of his yards came from good receivers picking up yac. Rodgers is a good first rounder but he learned from Ffarve for a couple years. We don’t have a Favre for Geno to be behind. The point is there are no Luck’s in the draft and it’s just as easy to pick up Ryan Leaf who was a “sure thing” like Geno Smith as it is to find a Russel Wilson or Colin Kaepernick in round two. Sam Bradford was simply amazing in college and went to a real shitty team and while he has improved them they still aren’t making the playoffs because he has nobody to help him. Do we really want an average to slightly above average qb on a shitty team? He’s not near the prototypical qb coming out of college that Bradford was so why do people think he’ll do any better? I just don’t understand the logic I guess. I’m not even sure geno is the best fundamentals qb in the draft much less a sure fire number one pick.

          • Chelsii.

            It’s so nice to see someone with their head on their shoulders posting on this website.

          • Chiefswatch

            Yea and its nice to see another dork join and ramble on about nothing at all. Looking forward to the day when you have to eat it as Geno is selected by Reid and Co. Oh and you need to learn to read before responding. I am quick to point out a tard when I see one.

          • mattU

            Would you guys even be arguing about picking Geno if we were sitting between picks 5-10 in the draft? If he shows well at the combine and pro day, I don’t see how he makes it passed Arizona at #7. We have possibly the worst QB situation in the NFL (the most important position on the field), and people are worried about reaching 5-6 spots for one? We’ve taken Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey, and Eric Berry in the top 5 since 2008 when we had a 2-14 record, and what did that net us? A pro bowl safety and a 2-14 record. KC also sent 5 other guys to the pro bowl, so we’re not talking about the talentless Rams that Bradford took over here.

            Sorry, but at some point you’ve got to take a risk and pick the best QB talent available with your first round pick. I’m not someone who thinks it’s normal for QBs taken outside of Round 1 to become franchise guys. When greater than 65% of current starters in the league are 1st rounders, I think that’s sound judgement. Sure, a good QB can’t win the game by himself, but they can make up for inadequacies in other positions in a huge way.

            Also, Geno played above average football against the #2 ranked defense (LSU) his Junior year. He had bad games against Kansas State and Texas Tech, yes. I’m sure someone can dig up a bad game or two that John Elway or Andrew Luck turned in as well. Geno is a good prospect. Not Luck or Elway good, but that doesn’t mean he’s the second coming of Ryan Leaf. I’d say Geno Smith is just as prototypical as Bradford was coming out of college. He’s got better pocket presence than Bradford had, and better accuracy numbers as well. Geno can actually run a bit, unlike Bradford, but he always is a pass-first guy. Oklahoma runs/ran a spread-type offense as well. What about Geno’s fundamentals do you think is worse than other QBs? He might have a tendency to throw off the back foot and get muddled feet at times, but nothing about his throwing motion looks terrible…it’s quick and over-the-top.

            The top 10 picks don’t come with the same financial commitments as they did a few years ago, so being risk averse to a bust is not going to factor in as much now…If fact, it might promote more risk taking on QBs because they demand the most money in free agency, so getting a low-cap QB (Luck got something like $22 million over 4 years so Geno would get something similar at #1) through the draft opens up a lot of cap room to spend in free agency if they can start…Even if they can’t start, more than likely the worst (barring Jamarcus Russel like failure) you have is higher-than-average cap hit from your backup QB.

          • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

            I agree, I’m not saying he’s bad or not worth the risk. He wouldn’t be my choice but nobody within the organization asked my opinion. They aren’t going to pick him so this conversation is moot anyway. I just don’t see the super stud second coming of Jesus that so many on here do. Some of these guys act like we have the chance to select Joe montana here. What he is is an average qb with awesome speed and talent around him that he won’t have in kc. He beat up on nobody teams? Big deal. He was bad to average against good defenses this season. I’m just not impressed. Will he be good? Possibly but I don’t know and neither do you.

          • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.blosser.3 Thomas Blosser

            What people seem to forget about Geno smith is he was very good 2 year ago when he had some WR talent around him. as for K state and Texas Tech game the D fell apart in both game causing the offense to take a whole game on them.

          • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.blosser.3 Thomas Blosser

            You pick Smith because in a weak QB year picking a QB in the 2nd round would be hard as a believe at least 2 to 3 QB will go in the first round.

          • mattU

            Um, no. Locker, Gabbert, and Ponder are examples that teams have been drafting QBs in the top 10-15 picks with more questionable talent (can probably throw Tannehill into this group as well) than Geno Smith or even Tyler Wilson. The chance of finding a franchise QB outside the first round is smaller because more have been getting taken in round 1. Guys like Russell Wilson, Kaepernick, and Andy Dalton are exceptions and are not common. Just look at a list of the QBs that started at least 8 games in 2012, and you’ll see something like 70% were taken in the 1st round.

          • Chelsii.

            So lets just look at top 10 qbs. Carr, Harrington, leftwich, Vince young, Leinart, Russell, Sanchez, Bradford, Leaf and the list goes on. There is no science to this.

          • Chiefswatch

            And look at some of our awesome high first rounders: Dorsey, Jackson, Berry, Poe…you put way too much weight on this. Take the chance. Who the hell cares if it fails

          • Chelsii.

            Don’t get your underwear in a bunch. I care about wasting the pick. I wouldn’t call Berry a bust and Poe is very young too. Lets leave the pick up to the professionals.

          • Chiefswatch

            I said neither was a bust. I just do not think to this point 3/4 has proved to be worth being picked so high and it is not the end of the world. Lots of teams have come back from drafting the wrong QB. Hell count up all the 1st round QB busts of the last ten years and see the long term effects. I will say this : we are the team drafting #1 overall this year, not them. Not the team with Blaine Gabbert or Mark Sanchez. Not the team with Colt McCoy or Jamarcas Russel. Not the team that drafted Alex Smith or David Carr. Nope the team drafting number one overall is: the FUCKING CHIEFS WHO HAVE NOT DRAFTED A QB IN ROUND ONE IN A CENTURY!

          • Chelsii.

            Oh I am sooooo sorry. I’m assumed sarcasm since you had Jackson and Dorsey as our amazing first rounders. Pretty sure you were trying to say Berry was on the same level as those two until you realized how ridiculous that sounded. You are completely irrational and all over the wall so this is getting old. You make outrageous claims and then respond with insulting responses when people pick your lame theories apart. Nice “Braveheart”-esque to pump me up about Chiefs drafting a QB in first round since they’ve never done it in a century (even though its wrong ref: Todd Blackledge). I’ll pretend that’s true and hope you take some advice from your mother and “if all the other GMs jumped off a bridge would you?” In a year when some of the experts say that Blaine Gabbert would be the top QB in this class and we just pass and fill another need and get the QB later. If they get Geno I hope everything works out but you are acting like you are alone on Valentines Day and you are going to go home with the first woman you see at the bar. Be patient Hun and you’ll find the one.

          • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.blosser.3 Thomas Blosser

            Berry is a pro bowler you MORON!

          • Chiefswatch

            Did I say he was not? I think there is only moron in this reply thread and his name rhymes with Fromas.

          • Chiefswatch

            Made complete sense to miss that shit fest. Pay attention dork.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.smith.100046 Marcus Smith

      I agree with chiefswatch theres no way we can get a QB in the 2nd Rd besides Geno is absolutely a stud 4205 passing yards 42 TDs 6 INTs and with the right coaching at the next level from Andy we could be definitely looking at a future pro bowler !
      This is our guy end of story !!!!!

  • Chiefswatch

    I cant believe that post Senior bowl morons are saying we can get a QB later in the draft. Whats even more hilarious is that even though we are picking first it seems very few pundits know anything about the Chiefs. Unless Dorsey and Reid are morons we are keeping our STELLAR left tackle Branden Albert. Likewise my head would explode if we waste another pick on the Dline.

    We all hope and know they should draft Geno. Not only is he a legit threat to be good. But from a strictly business view he is the wisest choice for this Business that is the KC Chiefs. If I were a betting man, season ticket sales would be much greater with addition of Geno versus the addition of a Left tackle.

    Things are going so great right now…we just need to keep the ball rolling with this optimism and draft that kid we all KNOW would thrive under Andy.

    • Chelsii.

      I don’t hope and know we need Geno.

      • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

        That makes two of us.

        • Chiefswatch

          Two what? Idiots?

          • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

            You’re so clever! Momma and Jethro must be so proud..

  • boscocfh

    look I know we need a QB in the worst way! BUT I think everybody needs to get off the geno train for a bit. I would take tyler wilson over him any day of the week. If the whole bobby p thing at ark didnt happen tyler wilson would be a no brainer for the #1 overall pick this year. I would take an SEC qb over geno any day of the week. We are going to end up with another 49ers qb and we will draft a qb in the 2nd round. Albert has back problems. Jackson might get cut and dorsey is gone in free agency. If that happens then the pick will more than likely be the dt from utah. If andy reid can get kolb to play good he can get a 2nd round qb to play good.

    • mattU

      The SEC isn’t a QB factory (the Mannings, Stafford, Cutler, and Newton are the only ones starting I can think of) any more than other conferences. Outside of the Mannings, I’d rather have Kaepernick (WAC), Roethlesberger (MAC), Dalton (WAC), and Flacco (CAA)…these guys all came from conferences playing defenses even shittier than the Big 12 fielded in 2012. That said, I do like Tyler Wilson and could live with us taking him over Geno, but I don’t think there’s a large correlation (at least in the past 15 years) with the conference a QB played in and success in the NFL.

  • KCMikeG

    Saw this mock on KC Chiefs draft.com – Really one of the best I have seen. Only change I would suggest is prioritizing CB at #2 Trufant or Poyer and go WR at #3 with Stedman Bailey. Wait a minute that’s not the guy that was supposed to marry Oprah is it??

    Kansas City Chiefs 7 Round 2013 Mock Draft

    FEBRUARY 6TH, 2013

    How would a Geno Smith-DeAndre Hopkins connection sound? (Photo: IPTAY Media)

    KCCD Editor: Elliot Dennis

    Round 1

    Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

    A lot of people still have the Chiefs selecting Luke Joeckel with the first pick; however, I still believe the opposite. There’s a good bet that whatever quarterback separates himself from the rest will be taken first, and most likely first overall. Geno, based off the tape, is the best signal caller available in this year’s class.

    Smith started the 2012 season on fire, including a game against Baylor where he threw for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns. He cooled off in the middle of the year but finished the season off well. He finished the year with a ridiculous 7:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio with over 4200 yards passing.

    Round 2

    DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

    The Chiefs are in need of a wide receiver. With Dwayne Bowe’s contract up, there’s doubt that he will return next season. Across from Bowe, the Chiefs haven’t had much help. Jon Baldwin has been a huge bust, Dexter McCluster is only a slot receiver, and all other receivers on the roster don’t amount to much.

    “Nuke” Hopkins would be a huge upgrade for the receiving corps and would give Geno a good young weapon to form a rapport with. He was completely dominant this season for Clemson, racking up 82 catches for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns. He’d be a real weapon for the Chiefs going forward.

    Round 3

    Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut

    Other than wide receiver and quarterback, cornerback is the Chiefs’ biggest need. Javier Arenas played okay at times this season, but his best position is in the nickel. Jalil Brown is also just an okay player, but isn’t starter worthy. The Chiefs need to find an upgrade here.

    Wreh-Wilson had a very solid senior season for the huskies. He totaled 46 tackles, one interception, and nine passes broken up and had a very solid Senior Bowl; solidifying his position atop the 3rd round.

    I debated back and forth whether to mock Wreh-Wilson or Leon McFadden here, but I ended up going with the taller Wreh-Wilson at 6’0″. With Brandon Flowers at 5’9″ and Javier Arenas at 5’9″, the Chiefs need a taller corner to line up with taller receivers. Brandon Carr used to take that role, but with him long gone the Chiefs must find a taller cornerback.

    Round 4

    Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon

    Alonso could definitely be drafted higher, but inside linebackers tend to not be valued as high so it’s not unreasonable that he could slip to this spot. With the tragic death of Jovan Belcher during the season, the Chiefs have a need at inside linebacker. Brandon Siler is okay, but he’s better as a rotational player. Alonso provides great value and upside near the top of round 4.

    Alonso had a breakout season for the Ducks in 2012. He totaled 81 tackles (14 for a loss), four interceptions, one sack, two passes defensed, and two forced fumbles.

    Round 5

    EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State

    The Chiefs get a developmental QB in round 5. The Chiefs need to start fresh at quarterback completely. All three current QBs on the roster shouldn’t be there next year. The Matt Cassel experiment is over, Brady Quinn is Brady Quinn, and if Ricky Stanzi can’t see the field ahead of either of them? That’s all I really need to know about his ability. This is exactly what the Redskins did last season when they drafted RGIII with the second overall pick, then by taking Kirk Cousins in the fourth. Just ask them how that worked out.

    EJ Manuel has all the tools to be a good quarterback, but he’s very raw. The Senior Bowl MVP could be a serviceable backup in KC behind Geno Smith. It wouldn’t hurt to draft a developmental guy here.

    Round 6

    Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

    Another position the Chiefs could use some help in would be defensive end. Glenn Dorsey’s contract is up, so there’s a good chance he won’t be with the team anymore. Unless Tyson Jackson agrees to a restructure of his massive rookie contract, he might not be with the team next season either. Help will be needed along the defensive line.

    Kruger is a huge guy at 6-7, 280 and seems like a natural fit at 3-4 DE. He had a good season in 2012 for the Utes. He recorded 30 tackles (8 for a loss), six sacks, two forced fumbles, an interception, a blocked kick, and a pass batted down.

    And yes, he’s the brother of the Raven’s Paul Kruger.

    Round 7

    Jarred Holley, S, Pittsburg

    The Chiefs get a late round guy with some upside. Holley is a rangy safety with solid instincts. He recorded 75 tackles, two interceptions, and 4 passes broken up this year for the Panthers. He was a solid 3-year starter and could be a good compliment to Eric Berry in the Chiefs defensive backfield.