Jul 24, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith: "It Would Be Great To Be In Kansas City Red"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that a few Kansas City Chiefs fans like the idea of drafting West Virginia QB Geno Smith with the first overall pick. We now have officially heard that this is exactly what Geno Smith would like too. Smith is down in New Orleans (along with most of the football universe) for the Super Bowl and made the rounds on radio row today. I’ve listened to three of the interviews he did and in each of them he specifically mentioned that he wanted to go #1 overall to Kansas City.

Now, this should surprise no one. Smith wants to be the first overall draft pick because of the money and recognition that comes with it. If Jacksonville had the #1 overall pick I’m sure he’d be saying the same thing about them. Still, it’s the first time we’ve heard him go on record as saying that he wants to go to KC and that he feels he is worthy of the #1 pick. That is something that none of the prospects at the Senior Bowl were willing to do. Say what you want about Geno, but he is clearly winning the PR battle for being seen as the #1 QB prospect. The PR battle won’t mean diddly-poo if NFL GMs and head coaches aren’t impressed with his performance on the field, but I like the fact that he is confident enough to say that he’s “that guy”.

I recommend listening to one or all of the interviews below regardless of if you are a Geno fan or a sceptic. He comes off as very well spoken, but also as someone that is very hungry to prove himself. The first interview is with KC sports radio 810′s Soren Petro. If you’re only going to listen to one, make it the one. The highlight is when Geno is asked about playing in KC:

“I understand the Chiefs are in the position where they possibly need a quarterback. They need someone who can help that franchise out. Not to bag on any guys there, it just is what it is. I believe I am that guy. With that position comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of hard work, which I’m willing to put in day in and day out. My goal is to be the best at whatever I do. I want to be the best in the league and I want to be a Hall of Famer. I want to work to get there no matter which team picks me. It would be great to be in the Kansas City red.”

He’s also asked about his sideline demeanor during some of WVU’s tough loses and why he skipped the Senior Bowl. It’s definitely worth a listen.

KC’s 810 Interview

Geno was also on a SD radio station. Even on a station of an AFC West rival he still didn’t hesitate to make it known that he wants to go to KC.

SD Radio Interview

Finally, a shorter (but national) CBS Radio interview where he tells the host:

“I do want to be a part of that Chiefs organization.”

CBS Interview

If you still just can’t get enough Geno OR maybe you think Geno is too full of himself for saying he should go #1 overall, I highly recommend this interview from the Scott Van Pelt show from before this last season started. In it he is honest and humble enough to admit that his stats are inflated by the system they run and the big play ability of his WRs. I thought it was impressive to hear a QB be that straight forward.

Preseason SVP Show Interview

I definitely agree with Geno. It would be great to see him in Kansas City red.

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Translation: He wants to be taken #1. Which is fine, I want him to be. It’s like the hottest girl in the room telling the richest guy in the room he’s the hottest guy in the room. He’s not going to care that she’s only saying that because he’s rich. Especially not when he’s later sleeping with that woman.

    • Lyle Graversen

      100% true. I just thought it was worth pointing out that Geno is willing to go on record as saying he’s the “hottest girl in the room” when none of the other QBs have been. In a year when “No QB is worthy of the #1 overall pick” Geno is the only guy so far to say, oh yes there is.

  • VenTorPraisE

    It would be great to have you in Kansas City Red as well Geno!

  • Lyle Graversen

    If you missed it, here’s why I think he should go #1 overall:

    • Matt Dickson

      Highlights? How bout we look at the games where his decision making, improvisation and football IQ were challenged as an independent talent? In other words, lets go back and look at the games where opposing defensive coordinators were able to effectively dismantle West Virginia HC Dana Holgorson’s offensive system? In those instances Geno crumbled. He made poor reads, errant decisions and took unnecessary sacks.

      In other words, Geno has good physical talent and performs well as long as he’s playing in a limited system which doesn’t rely on much independent of what’s been pre-decided and scripted for him.

      A important measure of a good pro prospect at the QB position is someone who is “system versatile”. He must possesses the football IQ and spontaneous split decision making to successfully “out play” much more complicated pro defenses.

      So, go back to the games where those things were tested. The most recent example was this year’s bowl game. Geno was clearly over matched and flustered.

      That’s not something you can coach up. You’re either born with that or you’re not.

      Tyler Wilson on the other hand possesses that gift in spades. He’s the superior decision maker, leader and he’s a “thinker”. Falling in love with Geno is like shopping for a classic or vintage car and buying the one with the nicest paint job, only to find the transmission and engine are seriously flawed.

      • Jack Thomas

        At this point I would take either one, but ill be interested in seein their prodays and combine

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

        geno played good in the bowl game, actually. u can look up his stats

        • Jack Thomas

          In blizzard like conditions, he can’t help it that the scheme at wv asked him to throw it as much as they did, Syracuse ran for over 300 Yds, is that Genos fault Matt?

        • Steve Blank

          I thought so too…he didnt tear it up, but he was solid….the weather was a beeehotch that day too…

      • sidibeke

        Um, Geno qualifies to be a member of Mensa. Just sayin’.

      • Lyle Graversen

        Sorry man, I appreciate the well thought out comment and discussion, I just don’t agree with your conclusions whatsoever. So Geno plays on a team with SERIOUS flaws and when he can’t carry them on his back every game he’s “over matched and flustered” but when Tyler Wilson plays on a team with SERIOUS flaws and can’t carry them on his back he’s the “superior decision maker”.

        If that’s the case then explain these numbers:

        Geno threw 6 INTs this season in 518 pass attempts while his defense allowed 38.1 PPG.

        Wilson threw 13 INTs this season in 401 attempts while his defense allowed 30.4 PPG.

        So your argument is that the guy that threw twice as many INTs despite the fact that he had 117 LESS attempts and his defense allowed over a TD LESS/game (thus putting less pressure on him to throw than Geno) is the “superior decision maker” and Geno is too “flustered”.

        I’ve watched all the tape I can find on both guys and I just don’t see the case for Wilson being better. Yes Geno isn’t perfect. The video I made that you dismissed as just a “highlight” reel is actually a collection of plays broken into categories that I think display a skill set that will thrive in the NFL. If you disagree with that, that’s your right and I welcome the debate. That’s what makes these blogs so great.

        As far as I can tell your main complaint is that Geno wasn’t able to overcome teams that had a great plan to stop Holgorsen’s offense. That’s valid, he wasn’t able to overcome the fact that he had no run game, no defense, and the other coach out schemed his coach. My question is, how many QBs on the planet could? Holgorsen’s offense is kind of “gimmicky”, but it usually works. The problem is that when teams come out and stop it Holgorsen doesn’t seem capable of making any adjustments. He just keeps running the same things and hoping they start to work better. Was Geno suppose to take over the play calling and rewrite the game plan mid game? DId he play well in those games? No, but guess what, sometimes great QBs get shut down. Go look at the top ten QBs in the NFL’s college game logs, they all have bad games, bad loses, the point is do the posses the attributes needed to excel in the NFL. I believe Geno does, as I laid out in my video. Will he need some work? Yes, and all signs point to him being a VERY strong work ethic. Will he need good coaching? Yes, and it looks like we now have the staff in place to give it.

        Does that mean I’m 100% sure Geno won’t bust? Nope, but he has the best chance to be a star QB out of everyone in this draft class (in my opinion) and that makes him worth the risk.

        • Jack Thomas

          I’ll second that notion. they had 0 run game and a Gary pinkle like mentality meaning no matter the circumstance they would not change what got em there. whether it worked or not…. ps Lyle been readin every ones articles for the last couple years and just wanted to say what a good job u guys do, thanks u guys make time fly when I’m at work

        • KCMikeG

          Thanks for keeping it real. All QB’s are affected by the system and the coaching staffs’ ability to adjust when someone has their number. Geno is the prototypical QB for Reid’s system. With a better coaching staff and defense he would be even better.

        • Steve Blank

          awesome reply. I agree 100%. Bring on Geno and lets watch the Chiefs rise to the top.

  • ricoswaff


  • shayaan

    love it. can’t wait to see him in chiefs red.

  • surebut

    its not just kc chiefs fans, walterfootball.com has him 1, a lot of mocks have him at 1.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    His STATS tell that he’s worth the #1 pick. Forget about the hard games, those happen to all QBs at times. He’s a great pick and would be good in red. Like him or not, stats show the proof. Rather you wanna believe he wants the money or not, think what you want. He would be good

    • Matt Dickson

      Sadly stats don’t “show the proof”. There are a lot of variables.

      For example, if stats were proof then every QB who’d played in Dana Holgorsen’s offensive systems, before Geno, would have been sucesess in the NFL.

      But you know what? They were all failures. And they all put up similar college stats as Geno has.

      Not saying Geno is going to be a bust. Nobody knows that for certain, but you can’t cite stats as a reason. Football isn’t that simple. If it were, scouts and GMs wouldn’t be making the kind of money they do.

      • Lyle Graversen

        I actually agree with this point. I would add to it, that just because a guy comes from a college system that has failed to produce NFL caliber QBs doesn’t mean you should discount that prospect. Case in point: Aaron Rodgers was dismissed by some because “Jeff Tedford’s QBs look great in college but can’t translate that success to the NFL”. That’s why my argument for Geno is more about the skills he possesses than the numbers he put up. Although I think the fact that his numbers improved every season he played is a great sign.

        • Daniel Mayfield

          Yes, he did improve every yr. NFL is hard to tell just by stats. But you can’t go just by a few bad games either. From what I’ve seen in his games, even bad ones, and his stats…I think he would be good. Throwing deep, throwing on the move, escaping sacks, holding on to the ball when he does get sacked. He didn’t have meany fumbles. Plus the talented players KC has. Geno would fit in pretty easily, IMO.

          He makes me think of McNabb and Big Ben. Not a big runner all the time. But, he buys time for WRs to get open. He’s accurate, deep or short. Strong in the pocket but has good foot work. Makes smart choices/plays on what to do. Over and over again I’ve heard about a high I.Q. he has. That might drop a little in the NFL but I think he’ll get use to it. I hope we see him on the #1 pick. Unless they get a better FA QB, they will make a big mistake if they don’t get him.

    • Cha-iefs

      This is where the rub is. His stats vs his “bad games”. Inflation. Hype. Lack of facing tough quality Def. One thing people are concerned about is that he struggled playing the better defences…not great defences but the better ones. His early games of the season..some people won’t even count them. Playing well vs weak teams doesn’t mean youre good. I’m not a NBA stud because I destroy people at my local YMCA,lol. [Just a joke,relax.]
      The time is coming though. This is where we will all see what this guy is made of…..in the NFL. No more bs. No more opinions. No more haters. No more fan boys. He will be exposed for good or bad. The only thing to do after that is cheer or make excuses for him. We’ll see what happens.

  • Joe Myers

    oh yea its like its ment to be ima give 3 rings hear in KC and yes a hof draft um Andy !!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

    OLD JOKE ALERT: Winning!

  • sidibeke

    This is the demeanor of a leader, period. Still time for evidence to surface at the combine, pro days, interviews, etc., but so far, the kid is doing all you would want.

  • betteretter

    Great I hope he goes to us at #1

  • betteretter

    I think he will wear #12 for the chiefs!

  • Chris Tarrants

    I must say that if we draft him, we have to go get Tavon Austin in the 2nd round.these two already have chemistry and they could kinda share some of the growing pains so to speak.also he would be that big play guy opposite of Bowe that we have been searching for over the last 3 years.

    • http://www.facebook.com/truman.yeary Truman Yeary

      Agreed 100%

    • superman_25_58

      Tavon Austin will be a slot reciever in the nfl, we need one of the better CB in Desmond Trufant/Jordan Poyer worse than a reciever in the 2nd

    • ArrowFan

      I like Bailey better.

      • KCMikeG

        And he can be had in the 3rd round freeing us up to get CB Trufant or Poyer at #2.

    • Steve Blank

      no way…we just got gilyard…we need an ILB or a CB with that pick…

  • Doc

    Ok, I can see the good things about taking G-spot #1, but in the videos he has capable receivers that can stretch the field and make catches. We do not have that component. Not saying to not take G-spot #1 but we do need the supporting cast. The highlight videos are good too, but would like to see the not so good videos of him to see if we can identify weaknesses that can be corrected or coached better. I think take G-spot #1 AND get Alex Smith. Gives G-spot time to develop for one year (gives us time to get wideouts too) and hand the reins over for 2014 and run with it. If he can beat out Alex this year like Colin did in SF, then that gives us a win-win-win situation.

    • Steve Blank

      lol…G-spot Geno….I hope that doesnt stick

  • Adrian Morales

    Thats what we need a qb that has his mentality and skill set to go with it… You gotta keep workin to be the best and i like that he actually answered tough questions… Be a man and answer the question is how i look at it

  • Adrian Morales

    And what do you guys think about geovanni bernard running back from North Carolina dude is a playmaker just as explosive as jamaal but a little bigger im prayin we get em

  • tm1946

    Forget the money, position in the draft, being the “best” QB in this draft…..is Geno the right guy for the Chiefs?? Will he get us past Manning, Rivers, and on to the Superbowl some day, just not sure.

    If Chiefs draft him, I may need a new jersey, unless he wears Neil Smith’s (LOL) number.Allready have that one. But if the Chiefs go a different way, got no problem with that.

    Geno need to “show me” a lot more, but I am not making the pick.

  • Cha-iefs

    The last interview is a MUST listen. I agree 1,000% with Geno. The same can be said by him about this past season too. Jet sweeps counted for 60+ yard “TD passes”,etc. I can’t help but laugh at the newest arguement i’m seeing FOR this guy. How he “carries his “horrible” WV team.” This guy had GREAT WRS!! A GREAT fast RB. So he carried the DEF? How does that factor into HIS scouting?!

    Back when I was “scouting and commenting” this kid, I was focused on HIM.. not the teams win/loss. Football is a TEAM sport. One guy can’t win or lose a game. He can make a good play or a bad play that affects the game but not win or lose it. They play for 60 mins. theres alot more involved han just 1 guy or 1 play. I digress.

    My examples, were more like, I was concerned about the fact college football offensive schemes are basically, lets have a faster offense than the Def we’re gonna play, lol. Basically College Def is a JOKE compared to the NFL. Thats why teams imploy such a basic offensive scheme. [I'm not being 100% serious but i'm just being dramatic to make a point. Thats for all the hall monitors.]

    Some things that stick out to me; when Geno played a faster TCU def,it was ugly. That TCU def was a very YOUNG def too. They matched up really well. It was a fun game to watch. That being said, Even the worst NFL def is faster than the best college def. The dropped INTs in games. (Minimum 4 in that TCU game by the way.) Or I was concerned about the Hailmary deep “prayers” he threw into dbl coverage all season long. I don’t see how all these people thought that this was a “good looking pass/ball” or smart decision. I think that was simple play calling and he just went with that big play “read”. You can’t just “chuck” it up into Dbl cvrage a bunch of times every game in the NFL. That stuffs going to get picked off 90% of the time. Depending on field position and down.

    I can’t remember what game it was but I remember watching Geno. He threw one of these “hailmary deep passes” and it was from his own end of the field and into DBL coverage and it was a AWFUL decision and he threw it right into DBL coverage for a INT. That gave the other team the ball at or inside the 50. His coach was PISSED. I remember seeing him freaking out on the sideline. His pocket awareness vs texas. he dropped back from his own RZ. took what was like a 10+ yard drop and ran all the way back to the endzone and took a safety. It was something like that. I don’t have all the details and the info I reseached at the time. I’m just not going to get into my scouting details again. I’ve already said my piece about 20 x’s. [I've been on this guy for 3 months now] I’m really backing off the topic because its pretty much a waste now.What do you care?! Do you like him? Do you hate him? What i say doesn’t matter. You’re not going to like or dislike him by anything I say. Your mind is probably made up by now.
    Time will tell and all I can say now is; #1 IF the chiefs take him I HOPE he is a beast and ends up a HOF QB/player. I WANT him to help our chiefs. I’m just not sold that this will happen. and #2. I want to see him play in the NFL,so we can all cut the BS, and see if he’s REAL or just hype. One things for sure. I’m worried about his resiliency. This is KC and lately it’s been a culture of losing. You HAVE to be resiliant in the NFL as a QB. Even more so on a losing team. We don’t need another “Cam Newton” doing pressers in KC. The way that guy was moping to the media after a game. Wow but he was quick to do his “superman” while he was losing by 500 points in a game. Geno…..take a lesson from Cam’s PR mistakes. Don’t do that, lol. The truth about Geno is about to make its way to the big stage. We’ll see if it’s REAL or just hype. If he is in KC I HOPE ITS REAL!

  • ArrowFan

    Smith looked tasked when they played Oklahoma. His team helped him out but when they got behind he made some huge passes to fight back and almost win the game. It was that game that said to me I want this guy to be our next QB, if I was the one picking.

    Also from that game I saw our next WR Bailey it was almost like they could read each others minds at times. Again if I was picking.

    Honestly outside of an imaginary girl, drugs, or something criminal I don’t see any reason why he will not be our #1 overall BPA pick.