Chiefs 2013 NFL Mock Draft Challenge

Welcome to this years Kansas City Chiefs 2013 NFL Mock Draft Challenge. I love doing this every year and I invite the readers to post their own Chiefs mock in the comments. To make this a fair exercise, we have to follow some rules.

Here are the rules I have used in the past.

1] The big board on Draft Tek is the official board to make picks from.

2] You can go up five positions from your draft position.

3] You are free to go down as far as you want to select a player.

4] No trades are allowed.

As of now, compensation picks have not been awarded. Once the are, I will factor them into the exercise. Now, onto my picks and explanations.

Round One: Pick #1 Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

We will have a healthy debate during draft season over this pick. Luke Joeckel is the value pick here. However, Brandon Albert is a free agent and will sign for left tackle money somewhere. Do you want to give a guard left tackle money? Of course not. So, you either sign Albert or you draft Joeckel. The smart move is to resign Albert and draft elsewhere. The draft is strong on the defensive line, but the Chiefs don’t have a huge need there. Where is there a need? Oh yes, that gaping hole at the most important position on the field, quarterback. I am ordinarily all about value over need but not this time, not this year. Andy Reid gets to work with the best QB prospect in the draft. I mocked Joeckel to the Chiefs over at DraftTek and Smith went #7 to the Cardinals. I have seen other mocks that send Smith to the Eagles at #4. If you can go in the top ten, you can go #1. Smith is the pick.

Round Two: Pick #34 Jordan Poyer CB Oregon State

This pick comes down to Tavon Austin at #30 or Poyer at #33. While it is tempting to take Geno’s running buddy, Poyer is the better move. It’s easier to find speed receivers later than it is to find good corners. The Chiefs don’t really have a good outside corner to pair with Flowers. The Chiefs need another corner and sooner is better than later.

Round Three: Pick #63 Margus Hunt DE SMU

Are you surprised I went DE this soon? I am, but that’s how the board fell. AT 6′ 7”, 288 LBS, he has the length and weight of a good #5 technique. He is new to the game, coming from that football factory country of Estonia. He is raw, but an athletic freak. He will not start right away, but could be one of those players that bursts onto the NFL scene in year two or three. Kevin Minter the SILB from LSU was very tempting here. However, the SILB position is not as important as DE.

Round Four: Pick #96 Shawn Williams SS Georgia

It’s so secret that I want competition for Kendrick Lewis. I like Lewis, but he is hurt far too often. However, I am starting to get nervous that the speed wide receiver position has not been addressed. Denard Robinson is available at #93, but I see him more as a quick slot guy, not a stretch the field type that the Chiefs need. However, Williams is a SS and that would prompt Eric Berry to slide towards the free safety position. Berry can play either position in the backfield, so it’s more who you pair him with.

Round Five: Pick #127 Alvin Bailey OG Arkansas

At this point in the draft, I am looking for value over position. Who is best suited to help somewhere? With Ryan Lilja retiring, the Chiefs need another interior lineman. At 6′ 5”, 320 LBS, Bailey has the size to take on some of the large DT’s in the NFL. He needs lots of work on his footwork and technique. However, you expect some larger flaws in a player you draft after the first two rounds.

Round Six: Pick #160 Rex Burkhead RB Nebraska

A sprained knee cut his season down and drove his stock down. He is a good one cut runner and  has good hands. Plus, he is a good short yardage, power back. Burkhead would make a nice complement to Jamaal Charles. In round six, this is a steal.

Round Seven: Pick #191 Philip Lutzenkirchen TE Auburn

Later in the draft, you can often hit gold by taking players coming off injuries. Lutzehkirchen lost most of the season due to a hip injury that required surgery. He does have the skills to be a good receiving tight end. In round seven, you roll the dice and crap out most of the time. He does have skills and, if healthy, might be able to earn a place on this team.


Every time I do this exercise, I am a bit surprised. I really wanted a speed wide receiver to stretch the field. DE is a need, but not really worth a third round pick. However, I could not pass on the value.  This mock is an odd one. I ended up going Off, Def, Def, Def, Off, Off, Off. If you asked me before I did this, I would not expect to take defensive players with three of the first four picks. I suspect that mirrors the experience of general managers in the NFL. They have a plan and a board, but there are always surprises.

OK Addicts! That’s my take. Now head over to DraftTek, review their big board and post your picks in the comments. Feel free to comment on my picks and anyone else’s.

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  • Michael Tavis

    Pick #1 Geno Smith QB West Virginia
    I would go Joeckel here but I just cant see them letting Albert walk. This is the only other option unless you are going to trade back. I am not as sold on Smith as other people on this site but he is the best QB available.

    Pick # 34 DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson
    I think that Bowe walks and I think the Chiefs pick up Greg Jennings but I dont think Andy Reid and Dorsey believe in Jon Baldwin so they get a WR to develop with Geno Smith. I would prefer Justin Hunter or Tavon Austin but I just dont think they will still be on the board.

    Pick #63
    Logan Ryan CB Rutgers
    This pick is tough for me because I could see Dorsey going after a CB in FA but if they dont get one I think this will be their guy. He has slipped down the board a little bit but I think the talent is there and Andy Reid believes he has the guys to coach him up.

    Pick #96 Nico Johnson ILB Alabama
    I would be very happy with this pick. I think he can be an instant starter next to Derrick Johnson and when you can get an instant starter in the fourth round you are doing something right. I think if Nico Johnson is not here it wouldnt surprise me if they went with Nassib QB Syracuse to give Geno Smith some competition and for insurance (see Cousins in Washington this year).

    Pick #127 Spencer Nealy DE Texas A&M
    DE is certainly a need. This guy isnt going to start right away for you but he adds decent depth and gives you a guy to develop.

    Pick #160
    Josh Evans FS Florida
    Provides solid depth and gives you three guys battling for the FS position. I think Lewis is still our starting FS but Hartman and Evans will make him work for it. Plus he is not Piscatelli.

    Pick #191 Xavier Nixon OT Florida
    And with their last pick they take Evans teammate to give some added depth on the line. This pick was a toss up between OL, RB, and TE. I could see them going with any of those.

    • Justin R Groth

      Funny how when I read “not Piscatelli” I was all for getting him.

      • Michael Tavis

        I almost picked a safety with the first pick just because it wasnt Piscatelli.

  • john woodley

    1. Geno smith qb. 2.sylvester williams DT, North carolina. 3.brian schwanke, center,cal. 4.robert alferd,corner, southeast Louisiana 5.micheal williams, tight end, alabama. 6.kerwynn williams, runningback, utah state. 7. Anthony amos, wr. Middle tenn. State

    • Ian James Brennan

      Round 1 pick 1. Geno Smith QB West Virginia- I think after the combine this pick could chage but right now Geno is the consensus.

      Round 2 Pick 34. Desmond Trufant CB Washington- CB depth is needed and Trufant will slip in at the # 2 and push Javier Arenas back to Nickel where he excels.

      Round 3- Pick 63.Da’Rick Rodgers WR Tennesee Tech- This kid led the SEC in Receiving two seasons ago but had off the field issues and had to transfer. If Rodgers had not had to leave Tennesee, he would be the ranked higher. I saw Rodgers play against Southeast Missouri State and while it is inferior competition, he was a stud. I think this would be a steal for the chiefs.

      Round 4- Pick 96.Baccari Rambo S Georgia- Again, off the field issues, but has day two potential and would be a steal in the fourth.

      Round 5- Pick 127. Kevin Reddick SILB North Carolina- I don’t know why Reddick is listed so low, but I think bringing him in at this spot would be obvious.

      Round 6- Pick 160- Kyle Long OT Oregon- Developmental talent with great blolodlines and great athleticism,

      Round 7- Pick 191- Eric Martin DE Nebraska- The chiefs can never have enough pass rushers and Martin has done pretty well in college as well as tackles for a loss.

  • Matt Dickson

    1st round: Dee Milliner, CB.

    Arguably this teams second greatest need after QB, our second CB position is a legit “soft spot” in the back of our defense. Milliner is an elite talent with good size and speed. He fills the void left by Carr’s departure and provides a taller compliment to Flowers. Milliner means the Chiefs once again have a legit 1-2 punch at CB. This move also allows Javier Arenas to move to nickel CB full time where he has excelled and continues to show upside.

    2nd round: Tyler Wilson, QB.

    The rest of the league’s miscues provide the Chiefs their riches. Wilson is the most “complete” QB in the draft. His football IQ, maturity and other intangibles are off the charts. NFL personnel who have the chance to “talk shop” with him always walk away raving about his advanced understanding of the game.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Wilson also has a strong arm, the ability to make all the throws, and the kind of accuracy that translates into ideal ball placement. He’s comfortable playing from under center and clips through multiple reads with confidence.

    However Wilson’s greatest attribute is his “it” factor. He’s a fierce competitor who isn’t afraid to stand tall and take a lick. Under a NFL caliber QB coach during his junior year, Wilson looked like solid gold. His thirst to compete and win, coupled with pro coaching and a supporting cast will translate and make him the real QB gem of this class.

    Chiefs finally land their franchise signal caller.

    3rd round: Joseph Fauria, TE.

    With all the talk of getting more WRs, fans are overlooking that a critical component of any successful passing attack is a legit receiving threat at the TE position. While the Chiefs already have Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston and McCluster at WR– they have basically nothing at TE. Moeaki has missed over 1/3 of his pro starts due to injury. Boss should probably retire due to his issue with concussions and Maneri is still very raw.

    While the Chiefs new coaches can still do more to develop Baldwin and McCluster at the WR positions, there isn’t a sure-handed and big bodied brute to create important mismatches with opposing CBs and LBs.

    Likewise, the Chiefs also need a receiving threat who can take the field and block for our RBs. A TE can do that but a speed WR isn’t as effective. The TE also allows us to disguise more of what we are doing in the playaction game since opposing defenses won’t know if Fauria is taking the field to level blocks or catch passes.

    4th round: Khaled Holmes, OC.

    USC Center at 6’3″ and 310 ibs has been snapping the ball to Barkley the last couple seasons. Experienced and good sized, Holmes will either replace or compete with Hudson for OC. Hudson’s injury may prevent him from being ready to start the 2013 season. Even with Hudson, Holmes may prove a critical upgrade where Hudson may be better suited to play OG or serve in a depth role along the line’s interior.

    5th Round: Cobi Hamilton, WR.

    This guy should look familiar catching passes from Wilson. Hamilton is 6’2″ and 210 ibs reciever who should get a jump start with his familiarity with Wilson. Hamilton will also provide some much needed competition and fresh blood at the WR position.

    6th Round: Robbie Rouse, RB.

    Did anybody else see this guy flashing at the Senior Bowl. Rouse is a four year starter with no history of injury but some sweet moves when the balls in his hands. Rouse got better at every major statistical category in each of his four seasons. He has a penchant for breaking big runs and breaking the back of opposing defenses. He’s Fresno States all time leading rusher and guaranteed to be a late round GEM that adds another helping of speed to the KC backfield.

    7th Round: Alex Carder, QB.

    Strong developmental prospect who provides some depth and a possible longterm backup to Wilson.

    Special Note: ILB and FS where two other positions I was looking to pickup in this draft, but the right players didn’t fall or provide optimal board value. Luckily an ILB and FS are possible to find in FA.

  • Justin R Groth

    Round 1- CB Geno Smith WV (Rank 15)
    Geno is the best QB in the draft and fits the Chiefs biggest needs. Not RG3 or Luck however has good pocket presence
    and accuracy with QB guru Andy Reid showing him the ropes Smith could be the franchise QB KC has never drafted. Many mocks will have Joeckel here however when you have the first pick of the draft you need to get someone who can improve your team next season. Joeckel, at best, is a lateral move from FA
    Brandon Albert only at a bargain deal.

    Round 2- CB Desmond Trufant
    Kansas City once had two young and rising CBs then they let one go, now there is a void that MUST be filled. Trufant is 6’0 and as we have seen from the Seattle corners sometimes it pays to be a little taller at the corner. Honestly I doubt he is here when we get our pick but Jordan Poyer is about the same size with the same 40 (4.49). However for this Trufant is the second ranked CB and Poyer is 5th so had to go with the BCBA at this point.

    Round 3- DE Malliciah Goodman
    This one was difficult for me to choose because a 3rd round G C should be
    able to start and with Hudson coming back and Allen stepping into that Guard
    role I couldn’t make myself pick T. Frederick from Wisconsin who can play G and C. I cheated and picked the highest DE for a 34 system. (Sorry)

    4 Round- QB Ryan Nassib
    Will he be here, I doubt it. However I do believe that Kansas City needs more than just one QB added to the roster, not only did a similar move help the Skins Kansas City also needs a viable back up QB. Was tempted to to nab Nico Johnson from Alabama here to play next to DJ for years to come and maybe take over at some point as DJ ages. Maybe Markus Wheaton from Oregon State at 6 foot he runs a 4.44 40.

    Round 5- C Khaled Holmes
    Really wanted to go with Swope from Texas A&M here but we need some depth at multiple positions and I think even though he is projected to play C our new coaching staff can teach Holmes to play G as well killing two birds with one stone maybe.

    Round 6- WR Conner Vernon
    Runs a 4.41 and it’s the 6th round. Look for us take a flyer on well
    a flyer late in the draft and this kid from Duke might be the kid.

    7- Albert Rosette
    From Nevada Rosette plays SILB a position that has a smaller value than most so in the seventh round at 6’2 245 I say what the ‘ell.

    • Michael Tavis

      I see we agreed with the 4th round pick. Though you are leaning more towards Nassib and I am leaning more towards Nico Johnson. I just think they take need over depth there. I think picking up QB Rodgers in the 7th round or undrafted would be a nice addition for QB depth. Plus I could see Nico Johnson and Derrick Johnson being as good as Willis in Bowman in San Fran.

  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    Nice work guys. Keep them coming!

  • Outback Chief

    1st Geno Smith QB 5th Kwame Geathers DT
    2nd Sharrif Floyd DT 6th Kyle Long LOT
    3rd Justin Pugh LOT 7th Marcus Sales WR
    4th Leon McFadden CB

    A couple of these will go higher than drafttek projects but if I can get them here I’ll take ‘em Kyle Long for one and Sharrif Floyd for the other

    • Outback Chief

      also Pugh and Long shore up the O-line because I thin k they can both play Multiple Positions and Sharrif and Kwame will slap the run game back or atleast into the middle to one of the POE Boys and they better produce. Marcus Sales is a gamble even at 7 but if he pays off it’s ‘good times’ Leon McFadden can play and I’ll take him here in the 4th. This would be a good draft if we keep Albert and sign Alex Smith then either keep Bowe or pick up another FA WR

    • Michael Tavis

      You have them taking two DT’s and two LOT’s?

      • Outback Chief

        yep with Dorsey and Jackson might both be gone and the LOT are actually multi positional players that have experience at LT and I think we might only rent B Albert for a year with the franchise tag but if I changed 6th pick it would be for Albert Rosette as a safety

  • Danny W

    1) Geno Smith QB

    2) Kevin Minter LB

    3) Margus Hunt DE

    4) Marcus Lattimore RB

    5) Tyrann Mathieu DB

    6) Kyle Long OT

    7) a new kicker

    In free agency get a qb as well.

    • Michael Tavis

      I think there is a lot of risk with some of these picks. I dont think they would take their chances with both Lattimore and Mathieu. Also I think the new staff is pretty high on Succop. They had nothing but good things to say about him and they said he is still young and they are going to coach him up. So I would be amazed if they used a pick on a kicker with our lack of depth.

      • Danny W

        Mathieu was a top ten corner and a heisman finalist who missed one year because of weed. Justin Houston Hali, and a plethora of others have smoked it and it didn’t detriment their play any at all. Marcus Lattimore’s injury isn’t any scarier than Adrian Peterson or Jamal Charles injuries. He’s going to be a top five back in the league.

        • Michael Tavis

          I completely agree with you. I would love if you were right. It would just really surprise me if they gambled that much in their first draft with the Chiefs. It seemed to me that they were mainly talking about taking sure thing guys. Though that could all be smoke and they could surprise us. I will be rooting for Lattimore and Mathieu come draft day.

    • Chief Hokie

      I like the Lattimore pick, I think the guy could be something special if he can overcome those knee injuries.

      • Danny W

        He will overcome them and become one of the best backs in the league for at least three years. I think thats worth a late pick.

  • Derek Stephens

    1st: Geno Smith QB
    2nd: Arthur Brown ILB
    3rd: Montee Ball RB
    4th: Chris Harper WR
    5th: Dion Sims TE
    6th E.J Manuel QB
    7th: Nigel Malone CB

    • Michael Tavis

      I would be amazed if Manuel dropped to the 6th round. He is currently projected mid to late 4th and with mobile QB’s being the new fad I dont see him slipping much past that.

    • Danny W

      I doubt Manuel goes to the sixth too but I like your mock.

    • Greg

      I doubt the Chiefs will take a linebacker that high. There is a bigger need at WR. E.J Manuel is to good to drop to the 6th round and the Chiefs will probably take a CB in the 3rd round because they don’t need a RB.

    • tm1946

      You added no speed at WR and still suffer from Geno admiration but at least you tired. Two QB?, not sure there is enough talent on roster to double tap QB, that was more a pioli idea and never worked.

  • Jason Ray Brawn

    Ok before i do my picks id like to say that i believe we get Alex Smith this year in FA and i believe we go with Alex Tanney and Matt Cassel as our backups. I also think we re sign Albert and Bowe and grab Wallace for WR depth. All before the draft. Now with that bein said heres how i would do the draft.

    Round #1 Dee Milliner CB Alabama
    I truely believe that the secondary is the biggest need we have behind the obvious QB. Milliner is a big, fast, shutdown CB who will dominate WRs in the nfl and will be amazing beside Flowers.

    Round #2 Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU

    This guy just went crazy at the senior bowl and is a freakish athelete with great speed and strength. I honestly dont think he will be there in round 2 because hes to good. So if hes not here id like to see us grab Barrett Jones from Bama he is a guy who could play all three interior line positions.

    Round #3 Sean Porter WILB Texas A&M

    There are a ton of ways to go with this pick ( Short DT Purdue,Cyprien SS, or Bailey WR from WV.) But there a big need at ILB that this guy could fill quickly.

    Round #4 Bacarri Rambo SS Georgia

    Again this gets competion at the SS position and hopefully a upgraded starter over Lewis.

    Round #5 Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech

    This is a depth move only but this kid is a big WR ( 6 foot 4 and 228 pds) could be a future replacement for Baldwin.

    Round #6 Le Veon Bell Rb Michigan St

    This guy is a big powerful back who when teaming up with Charles will be a great change of pace one two punch in the backfield.

    Round #7 Collin Klein QB Kansas St

    Ok im probably gonna get alot of heckeling cause this is the first QB in my mock draft but i believe that under Andy Reid he could be developed into a great QB. Ive heard that he just another Tebow but more accurate well call me crazy but isnt Russell Wilson a mobile more accurate Tebow. I think this is a long term project 3-4 years and he could be a good H back or tight end if he doesent work out as a QB.

    • Greg

      The Chiefs are definetly going to draft a QB higher. Most likely Geno Smith or Mike Glennon. The Chiefs need a DE, but there are bigger needs at WR and QB. I like the Milliner pick, but I believe it is almost guaranteed the Chiefs will take Smith.

    • Drewfish

      There’s no way Kc will have the cap room to sign, Smith, Albert, Bowe, and Wallace… Wallace will garner about as much as Bowe and either Albert or Bowe is gonna get franchised so that’s a huge cut against the cap….But that being sad I would love both Wallace and/or Bowe we wouldn’t have a problem passing then…..but honestly Tanney and Cassel as backups….no way Tanney will probably never make past being a practice squad guy, and Smith is not the answer at QB…But you never know….But cap room is a concern…

      • Jason Ray Brawn

        I definatly agree cap room is a concern also. I think if we sign Bowe and Wallace to long term deals( Bowe 5yrs, Wallace 4yrs) then we franchise Albert so we can see how his back is and we only sign Alex Smith to a 2yr deal as a stop gap for which ever QB we get either this year or next then wed be pushing it on cap space but i think wed make it work. Oh gotta resign Colquitt too. And i say Cassel as a back up for 2 reasons 1 because we cant take the hit for releasing him with one year left. and 2 because Andy seems to bring another level outta QBs so lets give him a shot and see what he can do with Cassel. Same goes with Tanney cause the kid put some sick numbers in colege granted D3 but still theres some ability there lets see where it goes.

        • Thomas Blosser

          Are QB SUCK!! Andy’s not a miracle worker! We need a QB are biggest need!

    • Thomas Blosser

      Just say NO to mock drafts. You are WAY out there! One of the worst I’ve read!

  • Jim Harper

    Okay these are my picks in a perfect world.First off my picks are predicated on our getting Bowe, Albert, and Colquitt resigned. Take Ezekiel Ansah.This guy is going to be the next Jason Pierre-Paul. QB in the second and corner in the 3rd WR in 4th and ILB in the 5th

    • Danny W

      I guess Hali would be traded? Does Ansah play with his hand on the ground?

  • sidibeke

    I will trust the KC brass on this, but I am giddy at the prospect of getting Geno. And I couldn’t agree with you more: if he’s top 10, he’s worth a #1.

  • Joe Myers

    Geno smith that’s all I give a umff about the man can throw deep with accuracy

  • Calchiefsfan

    First, sign Alberts, Bowe and Colquitt.

    Rd 1 Geno Smith-who else? Get Alex Smith too while we’re at it.

    Rd 2 Barret Jones G/C Alabama. We need interior depth badly. What are the odds of injury next year to either of our guards and our center Hudson. Pretty high I would say. Our o line was okay last year but we need to keep getting better. We need to be able to be successful on those third and inches plays. Also,there are rumors that Hudson wont be ready to play to start the season.

    Rd 3 Andrew Jackson, ILB, a real thumper.

    Rd 4 Bacarri Rambo, Safety, we need 3 top safeties because they get injured a lot. He’s had some issues but then again so did Justin Houston and look how that worked out. Besides I want a guy named Rambo playing defense for the Chiefs.

    Rd 5 Tyron Mathieu, CB, a steal in the 5th round. Another guy that made a couple bad choices but appears to have turned the corner.

    Rd 6 Joe Kruger, DE, I want a guy named Kruger on our D line.

    Rd 7 I have to get the dart board out for this pick

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think Dorsey will ever pick Geno with the first pick.

    • Danny W

      Andrew Jackson was also president of the United States a long time ago. Pretty neat that he will be a linebacker in the NFL too. I like the Barret Jones in the second round and I hope your wrong about Dorsey.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I thought the name thing was pretty funny too. On Dorsey, everything he’s been saying has pretty much been consistent, best player available, and that’s not Geno Smith at #1. So unless he’s throwing up a smoke screen, which I don’t know why he would, it’s not Geno. It’s not like anyone can jump ahead of the first pick and steal your guy. Whatever he does he has to address the QB problem effectively or get run out of town his first year with pitchfork carrying, crazed Chiefs fans in hot pursuit. I guess we’ll see on draft day.

        • Danny W

          If Cassel is still the starter in 13 it will be hard for me to watch this football club. I will, always will but probably just on Tevo when I have nothing else to do. Quarterback is the need of the century right now.

        • Darkwolf1414

          I thought the same thing about smoke screening when you have the #1 pick but teams do it.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Andrew Jackson was a DICK!

        • Danny W

          I heard he set your field on fire. He told me it was an accident bro. You should forgive him it’s been so long ago.

    • Michael Shaw

      I am with you on the Dorsey comment. I am betting we go CB with our #1. We gave up too many long pass plays last year without Carr.

  • Justin

    They will trade down to the 4th pick with the eagles or the 6th pick with the cardinals. One od those teams will be dumb enough to trade up for geno. We will get a extra 1st rd pick for 2014 and a 2nd rd pick for 2013. They will trade off tamba hali and get a extra 1st for 2013. That being said heres my mock. Round 1 pick 4 – luke joeckel lt texas a&m. Round 1 pick 12- mingo olb lsu ( pick for trading hali) round 2 pick 33- alec ogletree ilb georgia. Round 2 pick 44- tyler bray qb tennessee (pick for trading down) round 3 pick 65- david amerson cb north carolina state. Round 3- william gholston de michigan state ( comp pick for carr) round 4- leveon bell rb michigan state. Round 5- cooper taylor ss richmond. Round 6- nick kasa te colorado

    • Justin R Groth

      First no trades second whaaaaa?????

    • John

      What are you smoking!? There’s no way we trade Tamba Hali! What sense does it make to trade our best players in their primes?

    • Michael Shaw

      Yeah apparently you didn’t read the rules. And NO WAY we trade Tamba. But I never thought we would trade Jared or Tony, so who knows………….

      • Justin R Groth

        The difference is both WANTED to leave. Tony so he could win something before he retired and jared because him and the king got in an argument about contracts.

  • Sean Paulsen

    Round 1: Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

    Dorsey said he will take the best player available. Here is a chance to back it up. Reid likes to build through O and D line, and Clark Hunt has said that barring trade downs no one on his staff will come to him and tell him there is a QB worth drafting this year. Sign Alex Smith and keep Cassel as a backup.

    Round 2: Datone Jones DE UCLA

    Not only Again does this pick make sense with Dorsey’s pattern of Best player available and Reid’s love of building through the line. Jones is a 3-4 DE and will fit playing in a 3-4 system. That is the kind of logic past Chiefs regimes have failed at. For the pick this is a real steal and a gem with him still being here the Chiefs have to act because he won’t be there in the third round.

    Round 3: Tyler Bray QB Tennessee

    Bray is raw but has potential to be groomed for a year or two possibly (good arm, just needs to learn to control it) He’s the best player available at this pick if the numbers fall right. So at the 90th something pick the Chiefs a position appropriate QB following Dorsey’s BPA mantra again. This is the QB pick of the future fills a need but Bray won’t play right away. Geno (Philly at 4 with no trades allowed), Barkley (at 7 goes to AZ), Bills could select either Wilson or Glennon at 8 and then at pick 32 Jax takes the one available from wilson or glennon that buffalo didn’t select. and that’s 4 QBs gone in the first 33 picks. Making Bray the fifth maybe sixth QB to be drafted this year.

    Round 4: Stedman Bailey WR WVU

    I’d be a bit shocked to see him here but draft boards have him ranked in the hundreds and considering the chiefs will need a Bowe replacement it makes sense if he’s here. He falls because D line and Oline positions are deep and the more highly ranked WRs get drafted ahead of him so in part he falls victim to the numbers game here for the pick, its another steal.

    Round 5: DJ Swearinger FS South Carolina

    Why not draft the BPA here that could replace the oft injured Lewis position of need kinda but it is the BPA at this position of a hundred and twenty something If you think about how little time Lewis actually sees on the field and where Lewis and McKenzie were drafted the last two years (I believe each were about fifth rounders as well) Chiefs follow team pattern drafting a FS at 5

    Round 6: Kyle Juszczyk FB Harvard

    BPA because FBs are rarely used, however the SB teams of 2013 are using them still. So FB is still a vital position allowing for the two TE and one FB looks that the pistol (read Option) often uses…Ravens use their FB leach for Short yardage gains and to plow open holes so will the chiefs until they (if they) switch to the read option next year say by being in position to draft Johnny Manziel perhaps in the 2014 draft…..Juszczyk is a solid value here…

    Round 7: Jasper Collins WR Mount Union

    Collins is rated a bit higher then pick # 191 so chiefs can’t resist picking him here via BPA. BPA says basically get talented players and find a place for them.


    We’ll see a lot about Dorsey and Reid early on in their Regime. We will know if Dorsey follows best player available (BPA) blindly as he should and as the GB packers have done to build their perennial winner again or if he reaches for a QB and shows all of KC that 1) he drafts on need regardless of what he says in the media 2) He’s a liar and also so is Clark Hunt 3) Reid is really calling the shots which again could also falll under Dorsey, and Hunt lying to the fans…if that is the case how will KC fans handle being lied to by the Chiefs organization if they win they will take it if not they will revolt so its all or nothing for the team this year as far as “sticking to their guns and morals” are concerned…..

    • Danny W

      What Qb would you take in free agency or are you content with Cassel?

      • Michael Shaw

        He said clearly that he wants them to sign Alex Smith…….

        • Sean Paulsen

          I said they would sign alex smith more like I told them to haha. I wouldn’t like it per se since he and Cassel are the same guy basically. Smith, Smith or Cassel they are going to have the same result so use this draft to prepare for the franchise qb you get in 2014 by not having a qb again next season and having a top 3 pick again. So for one more year stink it up with Cassel if it means you can draft Manziel or Murray or even Boyd next year.

          • Darkwolf1414

            I don’t see Chiefs fans sticking around for the current status quo of stinking so they can get a QB next year. That’s just my opinion. Where did you see that Clark Hunt said, barring trade downs no one on his staff will come to him and tell him there is a QB worth drafting this year. That is just an absurd statement to me. There is NO QB in the whole draft that is worth ANY pick? Hunt isn’t a scout and the Combine might change a lot of minds when it comes to the rookie talent at the QB position. That’s if they aren’t just smoke screening and really DO have their eye on a QB at #1.

          • Sean Paulsen

            I don’t think they are smoke screening at all honestly no need to at #1 and honestly at first overall its probably best not to because saying who you are going to draft can stir up trade calls. Now that aside Clark Hunt said that shortly after he hired Dorsey on KC sports radio 810whb when lead by host Kevin Kietzman. The quote Robert is a paraphrase I grant you but it was a perfect lead by Kietzman you might be able to pull that podcast from the 810whb website or find it somewhere but what was roughly said was:

            KK: Clark, wouldn’t it be great if Dorsey or coach Reid or one of your scouts at draft time came running up to you saying that we’ve made a mistake and we need to absolutely draft this QB first overall *chuckles*

            CH: *chuckles back* I don’t see that happening Kevin.

            Then it KK went on to talk about signing free agents both their own and other teams and how that effects the draft and clark mentioned this (again paraphrased)

            CH: and don’t forget Kevin that first overall pick can be used as currency for trading down….

            So that is where I got the quotes and paraphrasing that was what was said….at least the meat of the conversation/interview at least…

          • Darkwolf1414

            I see what you’re saying. I take that statement as meaning something completely different. I take it as meaning that a scout isn’t going to all of the sudden switch his perception. I think the Chiefs’ scouts may already think highly of a couple of QB’s, therefore, the scenario is silly. I’ll have to see if I can find the podcast and hear the tone. Thanks for letting me know where you heard it. I, too, think it’s silly to smoke screen when you have the first overall pick, however, teams do it. I said on an earlier article that I thought it was silly to smoke screen with the 1st overall but someone came up with some good points as the why you still would. You will get more trade inquiries if people DO NOT know who you are going to pick. I’m just throwing these names out here regardless of team need. Say Philly wants DT – Star Lotulelei (Oakland Needs a DT), Detroit wants CB – Dee Millner (Both Jacksonville and Oakland need a CB) and the Bills want QB – Geno Smith (Jacksonville also might take Geno). By NOT saying who you’re high on then you may get trade offers from all of them. Jacksonville won’t trade up one spot and I doubt we help the Raiders out. Those are just 3 examples. If another team is willing to give you a lot then you entertain the trade. I personally wouldn’t entertain ANY trades. I would take Geno. If Reid and Dorsey think another QB fits better at #1 then they take him. Maybe they like Alex Smith, like you said. From his history, I’m not high on Alex Smith. I don’t know for sure. I just have my opinion based off scouting but it’s not my job and I don’t have the time in that the coaches and scouts do. I know, without a new QB, we’ll be in the cellar again this year.

        • Danny W

          Didn’t see that Michael.

          • Michael Shaw

            LOL! Figured that Danny. Just busting balls! Have a great weekend.

          • Danny W

            You too man.

        • Thomas Blosser

          Report said SF will not trade Smith.

    • Thomas Blosser

      A OL we don’t need in the first, a DE in the second over looking more pressing need, and than a CRAPPY QB. BAD DRAFT

  • Sean Paulsen

    Crap just comprehended the rules, I don’t think my draft qualifies I was using cbs sports player rankings haha not draft tek…so my pick for bray is I may have gone up 12 spots…oh well the rules are kind of stupid and really really limiting…and Draft Teks rankings are horrid after Joeckel….but meh whatever its nice to have another mock out there to be ridiculed by other “know it all” soothsayers who think they are soooo much smarter then me oh well have at it trolls nom nom nom munch munch bones to dust and all that now…..

  • Darkwolf1414

    Rd1 – Geno Smith – QB – West Virginia

    Best QB at the most important position on the field. Not to mention, the Chiefs’ biggest need! Come on!

    Rd2 – Justin Hunter – WR – Tennessee
    2012 Stats – 63 rec, 1083 yds, 9 TDs & 14.8 yds/catch
    Tall, fast receiver, who catches well with his hands.
    Although, he is said to have lost some of his elite, top end speed after a 2011
    ACL injury, he still looks plenty fast on tape. Good route runner with the
    quickness to get open and shows great COD and “wiggle” after the catch to elude
    defenders. Frequently, spins away from defenders after making the catch in
    order to gain RAC yards. Some may say that he doesn’t fit the smaller mold of
    WR that Andy Reid prefers, however, beyond their starters the Eagles’ have some pretty big receivers that they’ve acquired lately (see Riley Cooper and Marvin McNutt).
    Thought about taking a CB here but the limited film I’ve seen on Desmond Trufant (Washington) shows tight hips, an inability to reroute receivers in press coverage and FAR too many missed tackles. Trufant is 6’0” 185lbs but plays smaller at the point of attack. Jordan Poyer (Oregon State) lacks the willingness to play the run. He’s always AROUND the pile but rarely IN it. Watching him play the run is like playing past iterations of Madden, where the defender is somehow sucked into the blocker by a tractor beam. He’s more than happy to be blocked by the WR so he doesn’t have to tackle the RB. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by B. Flowers, who incidentally is smaller than both the guys I mentioned.

    Rd3 – David Amerson – CB – NC State
    My dilemma was: Do I pull a Redskins and take Mike Glennon – QB – NC State here or his 6’2” CB teammate, David Amerson? My 2012 film study of Amerson, while incomplete, showed a willingness to stick his nose into the running game and good ball skills. He also set the ACC single-season interception record in 2011 with 13. Since I’m not sure Glennon will actually be here with this pick and I wanted a good cover corner in Rd2, who is also willing to play the run; I’ll go with Amerson. His size allows him to lock it up with larger receivers and I think he’ll be in a great situation to learn from Al Harris and Emmitt Thomas. Not to mention one of the premier and underrated CBs in the game, Brandon Flowers.

    Rd4 – Ryan Nassib – QB – Syracuse
    Have a little 2012 Pinstripe Bowl reunion here in Arrowhead between Geno and
    Nassib. Nassib may have won that game but Geno is the man here. Geno gives the ability for the Chiefs to WIN NOW and Nassib gives the quality backup in case, heaven forbid, Geno can’t start a game or 2 in the next few years.

    Rd5 – Michael Mauti – MLB – Penn State
    Ability to play both the Weak and Strong side MLB positions. Shows the speed
    and ball tracking ability to get down field to cover and down punts. Also, shows
    that he’s not a complete liability when asked to drop back and cover.

    Rd6 – Hugh Thornton – OG – Illinois
    Big kid, at 6’5” 310lbs, has the ability to play both Guard and Tackle. Started at
    RT as a freshman, moved to G for his Sophomore and Junior seasons before
    finishing his college career at LT, as a Senior.

    Rd7 – Vince Williams – MLB – Florida State
    The only film I can find of this kid is highlight reels and we all know how skewed
    those can be. However, he looks to have a nose for the ball and displays enough
    speed to run down running backs from the backside. He also shows the ability
    to cover TEs and even receivers downfield (moves well in open space). The thing I like most about this kid is his skill to break down, sink his hips and explode through the tackle. I know I drafted another MLB in Rd5 but based purely off the highlight reel I like this kid better. He’s ranked 373 on the big board so I felt weird
    taking him in the 5th. Also it’s 4 AM and I need to get to bed.

    • Danny W

      Like your mock, wouldn’t be disappointed in that at all.

    • Jason Seibel

      I like your Amerson pick. I went the same way.

  • Jason Seibel

    Round One: Pick #1 Geno Smith, QB West Virginia

    My reasoning for this pick is the same as everyone else’s. The current stable of QB’s the Chiefs hold on their roster isn’t getting the job done. While many say taking Smith at #1 overall is a reach, I see it as the best opportunity to fill the void that has been present at the QB position for so long.

    Round Two: Pick #34 Manti Te’o, ILB Notre Dame

    Despite the “fake, dead, girlfriend” story and the dismal play in the bowl game, I believe if Te’o falls this far, the Chiefs should jump on him. Everyone can agree that D.J. is a dominant force on the Chief’s D (as shown in the Pro Bowl when he was the only bright spot in an otherwise dismal AFC showing) but as the Chiefs will continue to run the 3-4 Defense, he needs a solid partner to hold down the middle of the field. I believe Te’o can get it done.

    Round Three: Pick #63 David Amerson, CB North Carolina St.

    A 6’3” CB who broke an ACC record for interceptions last season is good in my book. With the big receivers most teams are fielding now, have a CB that look them in the eye isn’t a bad thing. That, and he can obviously use his size to get after the ball as well. I think he could be the answer to the question: what do we do opposite of Brandon Flowers?

    Round Four: Pick #96 Joseph Fauria, TE UCLA

    I’m a Tony Moeaki fan, and I liked what Kevin Boss was doing before his injury as well. But besides their position, both of those guys have something in common. Injury. I hold no hopes that we’re going to run the Patriot Tight End offense, and I don’t want to. However, have a 6’7” receiving TE who has shown, at the college level, he can catch the ball and score touchdowns isn’t a bad thing at all. I think this is a good pick with great value here.

    Round Five: Pick #127 Spencer Nealy, DE Texas A & M

    I like big, solid D Linemen who can knock down passes and obstruct the opposing QB’s vision downfield, a la J.J. Watt. I think we’re all pretty certain that Glen Dorsey has played his last game as a Chief. I think we’re also certain that players picked in the fifth round of the NFL draft aren’t necessarily opening day starters. However, I think this kid has potential and could shore up that side of our D line quite nicely in the years to come.

    Round Six: Pick #160 Brian Winters, OT Kent State

    At this point in the draft, you’re looking at practice squad caliber players, and future projects. I don’t expect Brian to be our starting LT this year or anytime soon, but taking a chance on the guy in the sixth round isn’t a bad thing. I like this pick here.

    Round Seven: Pick # 191 John Boyett, FS Oregon

    I agree that Kendrick Lewis is a great Free Safety, however, I think competition is good. I’m not sure how much competition a seventh round pick can give him, but looking at the BPA approach, I like Boyett as our last pick of the draft.


    You may have noticed a glaring lack of a couple of positions of need in this draft. I didn’t go for a speedy wide receiver because I’m hoping the team fills that need in FA instead of the draft. I would love to pick up a Mike Wallace or a Greg Jennings to line up across from Bowe. I also didn’t pick high on a LT with the expectation that the Chiefs will resign Albert, or resign Bowe and franchise him. Either way, I don’t see LT, or any offensive lineman, an immediate need. The other position I hope we go after in FA is D line. We will need a solid replacement for Dorsey going forward. That’s my draft, Addicts. What do you think?

    • Danny W

      Solid mock. I think it’s possible Teo makes it down to the second. If not him then Milner.

      • Michael Shaw

        Milliner is the top CB in this draft. He won’t be anywhere near the second round. He is a solid top 10 pick in this draft.

        • Danny W

          I meant to put Kevin Minter ILB from LSU. I think he’s better than Teo. I know Milner is going to go high.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Great picks. Good reasoning for why each guy was picked where. I didn’t see the bowl game debacle that everyone talks about with T’eo so I can’t say I do or don’t like the kid based off that game. As far as the dead girlfriend thing goes. . .he’s still a kid and we all make mistakes. It’s not like he shot someone. He just told a small lie so he didn’t sound like loser who was trolling the internet for a girlfriend. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with finding love on the internet. More and more people are doing it now. Also, along the lines of an otherwise great MLB getting schooled in a game; think back a few years to when Will Shields just absolutely obliterated Ray Lewis ALL. . .GAME. . .LONG. They kept cutting to Lewis on the sidelines and he was saying, “Man, they’re double and triple teaming me EVERY play!” Nah, man. That was just one Will Shields OWNING you for 60 minutes.

    • Greg

      T’eo won’t go that low. I like the David Emerson pick in the third round.

      • Michael Shaw

        I would almost bet that he falls farther than that. Teams are worried about his “mental stability” after the hoax came out. Plus there are some who still think he had a hand in it so that he could get sympathy for his Heisman voting. LET ME BE CLEAR THAT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

  • Chief Hokie

    1. Geno Smith, QB
    2. Desmond Trufant, CB
    3. Andrew Jackson, iLB
    4. Bacarri Rambo, S
    5. Marcus Lattimore, RB
    6. Nick Kasa, TE
    7. Marcus Davis, WR

    When we get our second 3rd round comp. pick, we use that on EJ Manuel

    • KCMikeG

      Glad to see someone else picking up on Andrew Jackson at SILB. I have seen him in the 4th or 5th round and in the Draftec he is a UDRFA! That would allow us to get Stedman Bailey at #3 WR for Geno since high school. Really like EJ with our supplemental #3. Lattimore would be a steal if he can get/stay healthy. Rambo would push Lewis for the starting job. Trufant and Flowers would one of the strongest CB combos around. Don’t know Marcus Davis so will have to research.

  • Michael Shaw

    I am so gonna get blasted for this one. I am using the assumptions that Dorsey, D-Bowe and Albert are resigned and Tyson re-structures his contract a second time. We get Alex Smith in Free Agency and I am also using the assumption that Geno doesn’t look as good up close to the team at the combine and his pro day.

    1. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    Comes from quite possibly the best pro system in college and shores up our CB’s for a SB run. Plus the kid is a baller and I truly do not believe Geno or any QB are valued high enough at this position.

    34. Mike Glennon, QB, North Carolina St.
    I doubt Geno lasts to here, or I would pick him in this position, so I would go with Glennon as I think Barkley is too injury prone and another Matt Cassel.

    63. Travis Frederick, OC, Wisconsin
    This year proved we need depth at this position.

    96. Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame
    Yes I believe he will last this long. I am sorry to say this, but I think his draft status has been sorely hurt by this scandal. I still believe that he is the best LB in this class.

    127. Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State
    Unfortunately Moeaki and Boss are getting injured too often and Sims should be pretty good in our new offense.

    160. Le’Von Bell, RB, Michigan State
    Beefy back that should be able to spell Jamaal better than Droughn and Gray.

    191. Xavier Nixon, OL, Florida
    We need an OL that can play anywhere on the line and I believe that Nixon is that guy.

    Go ahead guys and roast me on this one!!

    • Jason Seibel

      No roasting here. Based on your assumptions I think this legit. The only pick I didn’t agree with is Te’o. Even with the scandal I don’t see him falling that far.

      • Michael Shaw

        I don’t know. I have seen them talking on NFL network that his stock has fallen pretty far. Teams are not doubting the kids physical skills, but they are definitely worried about his mental make-up after this dumbshit scandal. Tiosoupo guy needs his ass kicked!! Or maybe just a straight jacket. Either way something should be done to him for this.

        • jimfromkcj

          Michael, I read somewhere that Dee is slow for a CB. I can’t remember what his 40 time was but it seems that 4.6 or 70 was what they listed him as. CB’s need to have a 4.4 or 5 to have a chance to be a true shut down corner.

          • Michael Shaw

            Not if they have great closing speed which is different than flat out speed for a CB. I think milliner is the best CB prospect in this draft and to come out in the last couple of years. Don’t forget he was in Alabama and they play a pro style Def and Off which makes it easier for their guys to catch up their first year IMO.

    • Jason Ray Brawn

      Not a bad round at all man i have 2 things that im not too sure about in it though #1 i dont think Teo lasts to the 4th round but if he somehow does thats the steal of this draft, And #2 i think if we lose Dorsey i think they take ( if available) Margus Hunt at #34 and try to go QB in next years draft. But i totally agree with the rest of it good draft IMO.

      • Danny W

        Margus is a stud, but I think he may be there in the third.

        • Jason Ray Brawn

          if hes there in the third then i better jump and throw a party lo.

    • Danny W

      Wow Teo, all the way down to four! Have you been reading about this or seen someone somewhere say this? I mean I would love to use a fourth round pick on the 2nd best linebacker in the draft but if he falls to us in the second I think you got to take him. Fourth round would be amazing but I haven’t seen him going any where close to that on any site.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I like like the assumptions you started out with. Overall, not a bad mock. We definitely need another CB and Milliner is the top prospect.

  • Michael Shaw

    I am reading some of these mocks and I have one question I would like to ask everyone. Why does everyone keep saying that our O-line needs upgrading. When Albert went out last year, Donaldson stepped right up and did a great job IMO. Allen came in to play for Lilja when he went to Center to cover for the Hudson injury and, again, did a great job. Were they perfect or as good as the guys they were replacing? No, but they got much better as they went along. I personally only see one position on the OL that is in need of depth in this draft and that is the Center.

    • KCMikeG

      Agreed. Charles was the #4 RB in yards with no passing attack at all and the injuries/position changes. Our OL is fine and a late round depth/development pick makes good sense.

    • Danny W

      I think it’s debatable about Don Steve just yet. He had games where he looked good and others he got absolutely dominated in. I’m not saying the guys a bust or anything but LOT could always switch over and play guard. You can never have enough of those guys on the team. If Albert goes and we don’t get a big name free agent it will be a liability at the position while Stephenson develops.

    • Darkwolf1414

      Yeah, I didn’t go OL until the 6th when I picked a G/T out of Illinois. Even if Hudson gets hurt again, which I don’t think he will, I believe I heard somewhere that Jeff Allen or Asamoah have some experience at C. They’re both pretty big for a C but in a pinch whichever one has experience could do it. I think our line is pretty solid for years to come (if we keep Albert) but I never see harm in drafting a multi-positional talent on the OL in the later rounds.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Stephenson did well early and struggled as the season wore on.
      I tend to agree though. The O-Line doesn’t need much help.

  • KCMikeG

    Start with signing Bowe and if I’m allowed to dream Mike Wallace too! If not see my draft options below. Can you even imagine any QB not slobbering over Bowe, Wallace, Breaston (back at #3 where he belongs & has been most productive) plus Wylie, Baldwin (don’t give up on this guy yet) and lots of options to develop like Hemingway, Bellamy, Newsome with Copper going bye-bye because as good as he has been on ST he has never contributed at WR.

    Franchise tag Albert to give us another year to determine if his back problems will improve or persist before we pay him big $$ on a long term deal. This also allows us to watch Stephenson’s development.

    Trade or let Dorsey go and restructure Jackson’s contact. With a DE rotation of Jackson, Bailey, Pitoitua and a FA like Avril or Starks or an UDRFA we would be in good shape. Resign Colquitt and Hillis keeping the best four out of Hillis, Draughn, Gray, Eachus and DiMarco. Our RB/FB position would be deep and strong with Charles and McCluster as the starters.

    #1 – Geno Smith – BPA, most important position on the team and the biggest need on our team. I fear Cassel with be retained unless Alex Smith is picked up and I hope Stanzi and Tanney actually get a serious look as Haley and RAC ignored them. If for some ridiculous, off the wall reason we don’t pick Geno then CB’s Dee Milliner or Xavier Rhodes would be my #1 pick. This would be somewhat bearable if we could trade back to get them and pick up an additional #2.

    #2 – TE Zach Ertz – the importance of the TE in the passing game continues to grow (see the NE pair) but I would only take a TE this high if we know Moeaki and Boss won’t be healthy. Otherwise I would go CB Desmond Trufant or OC Barret Jones or OLB/DE Ezekiel Ansah.

    #3 – CB David Amenson if we don’t take Trufant. Amenson is taller and bigger a round later. If we have already taken Trufant then SS Johnathan Cyprien or CB Robert Alford. Other options if we want to wait a round for a safety or if we end up with a compensatory pick #3 for Carr would be WR Stedman Bailey (Geno’s favorite WR since high school) or WR Dobson/Patton unless we got Wallace in FA. QB Mike Glennon would be an option like the Skins did last year if we don’t get A. Smith or have ruled out Stanzi or Tanney as options.

    #4 – SS Bacarri Rambo unless we get Cyprien. I would really like Senior Bowl stand outs at OL depth/development like OT Quessenberry/ OC Schwenke. Wr’s Wheaton/Stills would add value if we haven’t gotten a WR yet and RB Lattimore would be a huge upside risk reward at this spot.

    #5 – DE/OLB Lavar Edwards, David Bass or Stansly Maponga. There are SILB’s like Kiko Alonso and Michael Mauti still around at this pick but I would take my favorite thumper Andrew Jackson who is listed as an UDRFA in this exercise. So getting a talented vocal leader w/o using a pick is my preference. Still available if we haven’t land one already are TE Dion Sims (Huge and hands), CB B.W. Webb

    #6 – CB – Johnny Adams or Micah Hyde. RB Stefphon Jefferson, FS Josh Evans or OLB Zavier Gooden would be good depth picks.

    #7 – OT Xavier Nixon or TE Zach Sudfeld or SS/OLB DeVonte Holliman.

    UDRFA – These are some really strong, Under rated players who could easily become 6th or 7th round picks – OT Garret Gilkey, OC Graham Pocic, SILB A.J. Klein, OLB/WILB Sio Moore, CB Tyrann Mathieu, TE/FB Kyle Juszczyk who is listed at #225 & #235??

    • Michael Shaw

      I have to say I forgot about the RB situation we have. If I had my choice between Droughn, Gray, Eachus, Hillis and DiMarco, I would let Hillis go as much as I like him. I think Eachus showed us some things last year, especially in preseason. I think he could be the bruiser if we don’t get one in the draft. I would also let DiMarco go and draft a beast like Le’Von Bell. He could hurt some DL’s in this league!!

  • superman_25_58

    1) Geno Smith QB, WV

    2) Desmond Trufant CB, Wash/Jordan Poyer CB, Oregon St

    3) Ej Manuels

    I believe somone said we get two in round three so just in case and I know what you said but have too lol

    3B) Quinton Patton WR, L Tech

    4) Kiko Alonso ILB, Oregon

    5) Brandon Williams DT, MSSU (Looking like a sleeper pick)

    6) Don Sims TE, Michigan St

    7) Rex Burkhead, RB Nebraska

    • Desiree

      Brandon Williams is a good pick, but he will be gone by the time we pick in the fourth rd.

      • superman_25_58

        Ya that’s where I kinda got stuck, but you never know. Just bc he did a good job in senior bowl he is still from a small school, (kindea like Alex Tanney who holds a lot of NCAA records for passing in Div 3). So I guess I’m hoping he drops to fifth round due to the fact he didn’t play DIV 1 football. One can hope and dream right? Lol

        • Desiree

          the point is taken, Scott. Similar to your argument regarding EJ Manuel, B. Williams will be a second or third round pick, depending on how he does at the combine, so he is likely to be gone by the fourth round. But one can dream, like you said…. The consensus appears to be “Here is another Kaepernick… (Overlooked player by all the DI schools) Williams would be awesome paired with Poe.

          • superman_25_58

            I agree, but I didn’t mean to put DIV 1 on Brandon Williams lol.

    • Greg

      I like the mock, but the Chiefs will take a better QB in the third round (If they take a QB there) than Manuels.

      • superman_25_58

        He will be the best one if he even makes it to the 3rd round. He played well and won every bowl game he played in and beat out every Qb in Senior Bowl, as well as looked the best. So I would have to disagree, if he is there still in the 3rd it will be a steal (IMHO).

        • superman_25_58

          forgot the . after bowl game lol

        • KCMikeG

          EJ definitely was the best looking QB in the Senior Bowl.

    • KCMikeG

      Looks pretty good. Word is we will get a 3rd round pick for Carr and maybe some other #6-#7 round picks for Orton and McClain. You’re right about going QB then CB. Our two biggest needs.

      • superman_25_58

        Ya that’s what they are saying wich will be sweet! Just another case to make sure they draft Geno #1 bc they will still have 9 Picks left to fill the rest of the needs. I would really love to put Trufant on the other side of Flowers. We can put (Mckenzie,Elam) as depth behind safety for Berry and Lewis bc everyone knows lewis will be knocked out with a shoulder injury sometime during the season lol. With that other 6 and 7 picks I wouldn’t mind taking Vince Williams SILB Florida St with 6B pick and let him and Kiko battle it out bc I think both have the ability to play inside or outside. Move one to OLB behind Tamba Hali “Vince IMO” and let him learn. Vince looks pretty fast in his highlight video and could cover one on one as well as zone. He is 6’1 250lbs but has the speed to be an outside rush threat like Houston (IMO) . 7B pick I would pick up Zeke Motta ND, Big, Strong, Quick safety if he can Pan out Motta and Berry could be dangerous.

        • Darkwolf1414

          Vince Williams is SICK!

  • Greg

    Round 1: Geno Smith QB West Virginia
    It is obvious the Chiefs will go QB in the first round. That is their biggest need.
    Round 2: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia
    It is unlikely the Chiefs will resign Dwayne Bowe, so I have no doubt they will go wide receiver in the second round. who better than Geno Smith’s top target Tavon Austin?
    Round 3: Robert Alford CB SE Louisiana
    Javier Arenas hasn’t looked to me very unefficient across the field from Brandon Flowers. The Chiefs will need a cornerback. Robert Alford is willing to go up and get the ball and is excellent at looking where the quarterback is looking. He is great at keeping up with the receiver. He would be a great fit for Kansas City. Here’s some tape:
    Round 4: Mike Glennon QB NC State University
    I believe that Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi aren’t even legitimate backups, so I say get rid of them. Drafting Glennon here would be a steal this low, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was available down here. You look at my vision of the depth chart at quarterback, you have: Geno Smith, Mike Glennon, and Alex Tanney. That’s pretty darn good.
    Round 5: Stedman Bailey WRS West Virginia
    Another guy from West Virginia. Well the Chiefs now, assuming they don’t resign Bowe, have Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin at Slot receiver. Breaston sucks and Baldwin was voted 5th biggest bust of the 2011 draft. So getting Bailey down here would give Geno Smith his two receivers from college. So Smith would feel comfortable playing while learning from Andy Reid, who created Donovan McNabb.
    Round 6: Christian Robinson SILB Georgia
    Robinson will make a great replacement for Jovan Belcher. He looks pretty good at ILB and will improve with Andy Reid.
    Round 7: Tyler Hoover DE Michigan State
    The Chiefs could use anybody at either DE position, so he could help.

  • jimfromkcj

    I base my mock on the Chiefs getting either Matt Moore or Alec Smith in FA. My mock is:
    1st Rd #1 joeckel LT
    2nd RD #34 Jones OC
    3rd Rd #63 Glennon QB
    4th Rd #96 Fauria TE
    5th Rd #127 Swope WR
    6th Rd #160 Hamilton WR
    7th Rd #191 Malone CB
    The mock is weighted heavy on the offence side of the ball, as I think that is where we need the most help. Anyone who thinks that the inability to score points is the entire fault of the QB is whistling Dixie past the graveyard.With some help in FA we should be a better team and stand a chance of contending for a div title after Peyton turns it all in.

    • Michael Shaw

      Good mock. Thought I was the only one that didn’t think Smith would come to us at #1? LOL! I know we need depth on the offense, but i am not sure we need that many WR’s. I think if we sign Bowe back on the team, then get another FA WR, we will be set at that position as I think Baldwin will have a big year either opposite Bowe or as the third WR in our new offense. I am a big believer that Baldwin has a Jerry Rice type of skills, but has not been able to develop them yet due to our QB play the last two years. I would wager that we need at least 1 ILB in this draft to replace Jovan and I really don’t see any in FA that I would want on the team.

      • jimfromkcj

        I have serious doubts about Baldwin’s coachability. If I am right we may have seen his best already. I also have serious doubts if Bowe will settle for any less than top WR money. I don’t think he is that good. Being the best of a group of mediocre players does not make for greatness. I see nothing the Chiefs can do to compete for a division title until Peyton leaves Denver. Denver has an even younger team than the chiefs and they are better than the Chiefs at most positions. So that is where I am coming from. We need to look at least 3 or 4 years down the road before we can make a move. Pioli put the screws to the Chiefs and it ain’t going to be fixed very fast.

        • Michael Shaw

          Sorry Jimbo, I must completely disagree with you on this one. Our team sent 6, count them SIX, guys to the pro bowl this year. The Chargers sent none and the Raiders only had one. I think the Bronco’s had the same amount as us, so I don’t really think we are that far from the Donkeys. Once we get a good or great QB, whomever that is, this team will likely be splitting with Denver, sweeping San Diego and the Raiders and contending for the division title. Manning is good, but I think we have a lot more players on our team that are just as good or better than what Manning is playing with. Our offense killed us in the games against Denver. If we had a decent QB, then I think we would have split with them last year.

          • jimfromkcj

            Don’t be sorry, I could be wrong, but I have to remind you that the Broncos won the division the year before with Tebow at QB. That is what we have to look at. Now with Peyton, they have perhaps the best QB to have ever played the game. A LT who is a true franchise player. An offensive line that has been pretty much together for 4 or 5 years and the 2 best sack artists in the NFL, They have 2 6’3″ Wideouts that are superior to any thing we have and are very good at TE. Champ is still one of the best CB’s in the NFL and he has a guy on the other side that is putting up numbers that are pushing Champ. They have 2 RB’s that compare favorably with ours, Jamal is more explosive, but the two on the Denver side are solid and reliable. So I just don’t see anyone in the AFC West challenging the Broncos as long as Peyton is even playing up to 50% of his best.

          • Michael Shaw

            I saw a lot of chinks in Peyton’s armor this year. He seems to be miscueing more than usual. Grant it that could be the years worth of rust that he gathered, but I am thinking he may start to slide this coming year. Do the Donkey’s have tons of talent? Yes. But I am convinced that if we had a QB with even Alex Smith skills, we would have been right behind them and they would have at least split with us. They lost a few games they should have won…….divisional round game notwithstanding!!!

  • Peter Alden

    1. Jarvis Jones
    2. Tyler Wilson
    3. Mike Glennon
    4. Baccari Rambo
    5. Joseph Randle
    6. Terrence Brown
    7. Sanders Commings

    • Michael Shaw

      So are you assuming that we won’t get Alex with this one? I like both Wilson and Glennon, but I am sure Wilson will be gone in the 1st round.

  • Michael Shaw

    Since I am hearing that we are likely to get a compensatory 3rd round pick for Carr, I am modifying my draft a bit.

    I am still using the assumptions that Dorsey, D-Bowe, Colquitt and Albert are resigned and Tyson re-structures his contract a second time. We get Alex Smith in Free Agency and I am also using the assumption that Geno doesn’t look as good up close to the team at the combine and his pro day.

    1. Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    Comes from quite possibly the best pro system in college and shores up our CB’s for a SB run. Plus the kid is a baller and I truly do not believe Geno or any QB are valued high enough at this position.

    34. Mike Glennon, QB, North Carolina St.
    I doubt Geno lasts to here, or I would pick him in this position, so I would go with Glennon as I think Barkley is too injury prone and another Matt Cassel.

    63. Travis Frederick, OC, Wisconsin
    This year proved we need depth at this position.

    Round 3B Pick. Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame
    Yes I believe he will last this long. I am sorry to say this, but I think his draft status has been sorely hurt by this scandal. I still believe that he is the best LB in
    this class. I would take him before Frederick, but I don’t think he will last until this pick.

    96. Margus Hunt, DE, SMU
    Since we get the extra third to use on Manti, I think Margus lasts to us and would be a great young addition to this DL.

    127. Dion Sims, TE, Michigan State
    Unfortunately Moeaki and Boss are getting injured too often and Sims should be pretty good in our new offense.

    160. Le’Von Bell, RB, Michigan State
    Beefy back that should be able to spell Jamaal better than Droughn and Gray.

    191. Xavier Nixon, OL, Florida
    We need an OL that can play anywhere on the line and I believe that Nixon is that guy.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my original post. Thought for sure I would get blasted for not taking Geno #1.

  • tm1946

    Without reviewing others comments, just not in love with Geno but if it is Reid choice, why not?

    Definite lack of WR help in this mock, guess the designer figured WR help would come from free agency. Unless they thought Baldwin would turn on the switch and actually be a #2 or #3, of course that would toss their mock draft in the trash since they would have never seen Baldwin on game day.

  • Lyle Haynes

    Must sign Albert and Bowe and Alex Smith then draft:
    Geno Smith, QB, UWV
    Justin Hunter, WR, Tenn
    Kawann Short, DT, Purdue
    Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA
    Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon
    Le’Veon Bell, RB, Michigan State
    Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
    What a concept, draft a QB in the first round and develop them – let Geno sit and learn behind Alex Smith and then I think he could be a beast. I guarantee you that each one of these guys will have solid to good to great careers in the NFL. Every one.

  • Jim Harper

    Not bad Merlin,al but I noticed on the Draft Tek big board that they have Ezekiel Ansah at #38. If he is there with our #2 pick comes up I really think we need to take him to replace Dorsey. Strongly compared to Jason Pierre-Paul

  • Outback Chief

    1st Geno Smith QB
    2nd #34 Sharrif Floyd DT
    3rd #63 Justin Pugh OT
    3rd Compensatory pick #95 Leon McFadden CB
    4th #96 Mike Gllislee RB
    5th #127 Marquise Goodwin WR
    6th # 160 Micah Hyde CB
    7th #191 Eric Martin OLB
    7th Compesatory # 225 Collin Klein QB Married to Gary Spani’s Daughter c’mon
    and yes I’m only guessing where the compensatory picks might be , if it’s further down I’d take AJ Klein ILB

    • john woodley

      Nice draft

    • Michael Shaw

      My only question is why Eric Martin? We need an ILB not another OLB. He will never see the field with Houston and Hali on the edges.

      • Outback Chief

        My reason was that Eric Martin although not an immediate positional need , most people at this point in the draft are special team players or practice squad players. You have to be damn lucky to get a full time player in the 7th, but he is a player that could be utilized and at some point and he’s got a lot more on the up side to give. If you can get him in the #191 it’s a bargain I think he’ll grade out higher, but Jordan Matthews WR would be a good snag here or Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu CB maybe J.C. Tretter OG as well. I did list AJ Klein as ILB but a starter will come from FA or someone already on the roster.

  • mattU

    Pre-draft dealings. Cut Matt Cassel and Tyson Jackson. That clears the cap space required to resign Bowe and Albert.

    1. Geno Smith QB West Virginia
    Elite accuracy, good arm, and known to put the time in the film-room. I really like Wilson as well, but right now, Geno Smith is the top QB available, and yes he’s worth #1 overall.

    2. Desmond Trufant CB Washington
    If Trufant is available and barring a major slip from Te’o, this seems like pretty much a easy pick to make. Trufant apparently showed well against the talent at the Senior Bowl, and hopefully he’ll be there at the top of round 2. My second choice would be Barrett Jones from Alabama. The interior OL needs depth, and needs it badly, but corner is a much bigger need.

    3a. Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech
    Patton showed well at the senior bowl and had a good year at LaTech. He doesn’t have blazing speed, but I think he’s fast and athletic enough to be a downfield threat.

    3b. Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford
    Taylor is a workhorse back that can stay in to block on 3rd down and be an asset in the short passing game…I think he’d be good value here.

    4. A.J. Klein ILB Iowa State
    Klein had a great year at Iowa State, and could be a great special teams guy with potential to start next to DJ.

    5. Tyrann Mathieu CB/FS LSU
    If available, Mathieu is a lot of talent to pass up at the top of the 5th round. It’s no secret the Chiefs need to field an elite secondary to go up against Peyton Manning twice a year. He could compete to start at CB, but I see him more as a play-making free safety. He’s been pretty much a disaster off the field, but I think he’d be worth the risk.

    6. Ray Ray Armstrong SS Miami
    Has the physical tools to be a great safety, but got caught in the Miami football firestorm and banned from college football. The Chiefs secondary desperately needs more depth, and I think Armstrong would be an upgrade from Abram Elam.

    7. Blaize Foltz G TCU
    A good argument can be made that interior OL is the deepest part of this draft. That’s good, because the Chiefs had little interior OL depth in 2012. Foltz played well at TCU and is extremely strong. He could be a solid backup, and might not be a massive liability if forced to start.

  • Arrowhead Greg

    1st: Geno Smith QB WV. 2nd: J Hunter WR TN. 3rd: Logan Ryan CB RUT. 4th: Ryan Nassib QB CUSE. 5th: Marcus Davis WR VA TECH. 6th: Joe Krueger DE UTAH. 7th: M. Riviera TE TN. That’s my mock. Id go after CBs in free agency!

  • Travis Pinnick

    What is all this talk that we need speed at WR. They are already on the roster, Devon, and Dexter. Both are speedy slot guys and what about Breston only reason he didn’t play last year was the horrible front office. We don’t need to waist draft picks on WR. Example Baldwin stack the D, get a QB!

  • Jason Seibel

    Although I don’t have time to type out explanations for every pick, I did this mock with the assumption that we sign Alex Smith in FA and we retain Brandon Albert. Hopefully that helps these picks make sense.

    Round One: Pick #1 Dee Milner CB Alabama Round Two: Pick #34 Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas Round Three: Pick #63 Aaron Dobson WR Marshall Round Four: Pick #96 Bacarri Rambo FS Geogia Round Five: Pick #127 Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon Round Six: Pick #160 Joe Kruger DE Utah Round Seven: Pick #191 Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada