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Beyonce Super Bowl Fan Club: Count Chiefs’ Eric Berry In

International recording artist and all-around superstar Beyonce will perform at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show this Sunday. She is a hot topic among football and music fans alike and apparently, among NF players as well.

Specifically, Kansas City Chiefs safety, Eric Berry.

A group of NFL players got together to praise the pop diva and their thoughts and singing voices have been captured and placed on Youtube Berry was one of the players involved. He goes so far as to call Beyonce “the female Michael Jackson.” He also was careful to not offend Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z with his admiration.

“She makes good music. She’s beautiful. Jay-Z, no offense to that,” Berry added.

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  • chiefridgy

    Hope she doesn’t lip sync

  • Kyle ferguson

    I hate the half time show it’s just used now to get non football fans to watch the game, it better not be like last years our I might not make it to the second half

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

    its just gonna be another failed subliminal message, just like madonna’s last year

  • yeah33

    this is why I actually prefer to watch the scouting combine over the super bowl, and consider the season OVER after championship weekened.
    beyond the stupid 2 weeks of press, we get the stupid commercials that havent been good since the budweiser frog, we have halftime show that lasts far too long. its not about the game, and that is kind of ridiculous considering its the darn championship game for the SPORT. instead its all about justin timberlake, and all that garbage. why the heck do I care what justin timberlake has to say about the super bowl? its just too much. focus on the darn game.

  • Jack Thomas

    Hope her boob falls out!