November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) against the New Orleans Saints prior to a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The 49ers defeated the Saints 31-21. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Show Early Interest In 49ers QB Alex Smith, According To Report

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have shown early interest in San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith, according to Ian Rapoport of


It wasn’t clear to me the other day whether Rapoport was just speculating on which teams could be interested in Smith or if he was actually reporting that they were.

Tonight, began pushing the story a bit harder and they appear to be reporting the interest as the real deal.

Next came this report, yesterday:

So what teams are interested in Alex Smith?

So far: The Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. The New York Jets have not shown interest yet. (Of course, any official contact would be against league rules at this stage.)

Tonight, dropped another article. This time they quote analyst and former NFL QB Trent Dilfer. According to Dilfer, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was interested in Smith previously. The Dilfer quotes come from the San Francisco Chronicle.


“There was a courtship last year, to a certain degree,” Dilfer said.

Dilfer is a fantastic source on Smith news because the two men are close friends from their days together as teammates. Perhaps Reid at one point considered trading for Smith or the Eagles thought about signing Smith as a free agent last year.

“I don’t know a whole lot. I just know there was a courtship. It was not even an inside source, you know what I mean? It was just kind of the scuttle in the offseason,” Dilfer said.

Smith does fit the profile of a potential Reid quarterback.

“I think Andy wants to change a little bit offensively,” Dilfer said. “Alex is a guy with a huge capacity (to learn). You can give him a lot and he can handle it. Andy has always been able to get the most out of guys that don’t have extreme talent.”

What do you think, Addicts? Will Alex Smith be a Chief?

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  • Ehud

    I would be okay with Alex Smith provided a QB is chosen in this draft to groom for next year.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    Alex Smith is coming off of his best season and a half of his career. That being said he’s probably going to want to go somewhere that he’ll have a starting job, and I don’t think that’ll be in Kansas City. Either way I’m hoping we draft a QB instead

  • chiefridgy


  • Michael Shaw

    I will believe it when I see it

  • Spencer

    no because when (hoping to God the Chiefs do) the chiefs Draft a QB with the 1st overall pick all he will cause is trouble and controversy over who should be the starting qb…let the rookie start….he is leaving San Fran because he believes he should be the starter…and doesn’t want to re-negotiate his contract (for obvious reasons)…so why do this???

    If we sign him and tell him beforehand that he is coming in as the backup (unlikely we would ever hear of such a deal or such a deal being said) then sure i wouldn’t mind him…but that is highly un-realistic…

    so basically no…no I do not want Alex Smith, i want our own 1st rnd draft pick that didn’t fail to start on another NFL team

  • betteretter

    He’s better than Cassel and quin not a bad idea if the price is right. He could start until geno is ready.

    • KCMikeG

      What would make Geno “not ready”? Look at all the rookies that started this year.

  • hillbillyMO13

    I think its a smart move an also go aggressive in FA an set our selves up in the draft then next year we go after the goergia it smart an build the team in a couple years…this is not the year to draft a QB…build the team up an make the move next year

    • ArrowFan

      I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the build a team line. We have a team one with 6 pro bowlers. The hole chicken before the QB has been tried for to many years. Regardless of who we may or may not get at QB in FA we still need to draft the best QB with the first pick. If we need to, we can get another one next year as well, and then the year after that until we get a good one.

      • hillbillyMO13

        So your saying do what Detroit did just keep drafting QB’s until we get it right. WoW sounds like alot of wasted picks when you could used half of them on rebuilding a team on positions that we need versus the hope an dream picks.

  • sidibeke

    I hope we have 2 Smiths on the roster at QB next year.

    And I look forward to a time when we no longer have to say, “well, he’s better than Cassel, Quinn, Palko, Thigpen, Bono (or insert your favorite crappy KC QB here).”

    • KCMikeG


  • Nico Marquez

    Could this be like the joe Montana move? I mean yes smith is nowhere near the type of talent Montana was but still. This guy knows how to win and since this draft has no standout QB I see this as the only way to go.

    • Danny W

      Well I wouldn’t compare it to Joe just yet. I mean it hasn’t happened and is only rumored. If the Chiefs get A. Smith I hope he’s as good as Joe but he’s no where near that type of talent like you said. So would we be really happy with it? I’m not sure I would. I think the standout quarterback we’re missing is Geno Smith.

  • Jim Harper

    Alex would be my choice. He is the absolute perfect fit for Andy. He had a rough time going through numerous head coaches and OC’s in such a short period of time. Finally got some consistancy with Harbaugh and turned the corner. He will turn 29 in May so he is in his prime We will likely have an extra 3rd round pick and an extra 7th. If San Francisco would take that. Chief’s should get an extension on him cuz we otherwise only have him for 2013. No doubt he is the best option out there. Sounds like the 49ers want to trade him and not release him. That would give us a full year to evaluate him. Then we can use our draft picks to shore up other areas. I want Geno too, but it is starting to look more and more like they are not going to take him. We could even franchise him to get another year out of him and then go after Johnny football.

    • Chief Hokie

      “Finally got some consistancy with Harbaugh and turned the corner.”
      Harbaugh was a new head coach who introduced new schemes and a new playbook and Alex Smith immediately started playing better. If he struggles from a lack of consistency he sure didn’t show it the year Harbaugh took over. So I ask you, do you think his success is more attributable to consistency or to Harbaugh’s ability to create a system that could hide his shortcomings and highlight his strengths? To me, Alex Smith is an average to slightly above average QB who can play really well given the right system. However, he’s a system QB who, like Cassel, struggles to carry the team on his back when things don’t go as planned – when things start to fall apart. Maybe he could succeed with Andy Reid, but the risk that he busts is very similar to the risk that Cassel would bust under a new system, which we all know he did.

  • Jerod

    I’d be happy with Alex. He’s coming off the best two seasons of his career, has had an incredibly high completion percentage on a run first team. I have more confidence in him than in any of the available picks in this years draft. He’s still better than any of our current options, and if he turns out to not be good enough, there are a ton of good quarterbacks we could draft over the next few years

    • Chief Hokie

      “There are a ton of good quarterbacks we could draft over the next few years.” We say that every year! It’s about time we draft our own QBOTF instead of relying other teams’ leftovers.

  • Joe Myers

    fu#@k no Alex smith is not the way to go harbaugh had a great system for Alex before that he was garbage draft develop the best QB geno smith

  • Darkwolf1414

    I love this quote “Andy has always been able to get the most out of guys that don’t have extreme talent.” First, if I was Alex Smith I would say, “Thanks, Trent! Dick!” Secondly, since Reid can get the most out of guys that don’t have extreme talent; why don’t they draft a guy (Geno) who DOES have a lot of talent and coach him up to greatness. Everyone’s got a ceiling and if you’re starting at a higher level then often times your ceiling is higher, too.

  • jimfromkcj

    Probably too good to be true. What makes me think it might be true is the mature way he has handled being demoted after having a great start this year. His stats were off the charts and he never sulked or went to the media to express his displeasure. That is in contrast to Geno throwing tantrums on the side lines over getting beat. Alec would be a fine QB to get us to where we could pick up a QB in the draft that has true franchise qualities and the mental make up to boot.

  • Eric

    Deja Vu again (Deberg) again (Bono) again (Montana) again (Grbac) and again (Smith). The Chief’s road map to mediocrity goes through San Francisco back-ups. We’ve sucked for so long because there hasn’t been a San Francisco back-up worth trading for or signing for the last 12 years.

  • Jeff Suther

    Flynn not smith

  • ArrowFan

    So if I go ahead and just get a new Chiefs Jersey with Smith on it I should be ok?

    • Danny W

      Should be just fine. Don’t get a specific number though.

  • Danny W

    I like the idea of a one year rental. I would love to see us pull a Seattle SeaChicken and get a guy in free agency, “for one year” then grab Geno Smith “supposed prospect by many” and have him come in and beat out Alex for the job. Or if he doesn’t we don’t look like well, the worst team ever with a half way decent quarterback.

    • Chief Hokie

      I think the demand for Alex Smith is too high for him to want to go to a team who only plans to use him as a stop gap. There has to be a team out there that thinks Alex Smith is worth investing in as their QBOTF. Hopefully that team is not the Chiefs.

  • Doc

    This owuld make sense for the Chiefs to pick up Alex Smith for one year – AND – draft G-spot #1 (to satisfy all the Geno lovers out there). This gives G-spot a year (or less if he can beat out Alex this year) one year to acclimate to the NFL and be tutored. Alex was benched with a concusion when Colin took over. He remained on the bench because Colin was performing in SF. If Colin had not been preforming, Alex would ahve been put back in the game. You are thinking to much of how KC does it – remember Grbac and Gannon? LJ and Charles? Cassel and Orton? The KC way it to put back int he starter no matter that the repalcement is producing ont he field because after all, they are paying them a lot of money and don’t want them sitting on the bench. With G-spot tutoring for one year we could be setting ourselves up for a very long run at being great again (ala Rogers behind Favre). Howeer, without receivers or an effective o-line to block, the QB will be relegated to handing off to Charles all the time like we have seen too much of (run, run, run, punt). Lets build our Chiefs dynasty and not be a one shot wonder (like Cam).

  • Doc

    Sorry for the typos, but iPad screen makes it difficult. :-0

  • Chief Hokie

    If we end up signing Alex Smith, to me that’s a sure sign that we are not taking a QB in the first. Doesn’t mean we won’t take a project QB in the second round or later, but it will likely mean that Alex Smith will be more than just a stop gap. In other words, this town is not big enough for both Smiths. My reasoning is that with the demand for QB out there, I just don’t see Alex Smith (the hottest QB candidate) signing with a team that’s about to draft a QB #1 overall, who will inevitably replace him as the starter. He wants to be the guaranteed starter wherever he goes, and if he has the opportunity to avoid another Kaepernick dilemma, he will surely take it. And since he’s probably the most legit free agent QB out there right now, its pretty likely that the demand for him will be high and he’ll get to pick and choose where he goes.

    The same is true for the Cardinals, Bills, Eagles, and Jets. If any of these teams are planning to take a QB at the top of the draft with the intention of starting him sometime this season, you can bet that Alex Smith will pass and find a team who wants HIM as their QBOTF.

  • mg2098

    Not a huge fan of A. Smith. I went back and looked at his completion percentage and was very underwhelmed realizing exactly why I don’t care for him much. Its like trading one Cassel for another. I understand that he’s a little more athletic that Matt Cassel, but the overall football placement each has is too similar. I actually would prefer Cassel in the west coast offense because I believe him to be a little more accurate then A. Smith on the short to intermediate passes. Neither player commands a huddle, and thats just something this offense doesn’t need. Why waste a 4 or 5 rd pick on A. Smith when you have a very comparable player with Cassel. The Chiefs might as well start Cassel for one more year while using the 1st overall pick as the Chiefs QB of the future. Give Cassel an opportunity to increase his value for the 2014 season. Who knows maybe he goes 27/10 like he did in 2010. Either G. Smith, Wilson or Barkley will develop into a franchise QB Reid just needs to make sure he evaluates and picks the right one of the three. I’d put my money on Geno Smith. Smith reminds me a lot of Randell Cunningham. I know he’s not as fast, but the way he plays the pocket and delivers the ball is very similar. I would have loved a Cunningham in a Chiefs jersey back in the 80′s

  • unclejesse40

    I would love to see the Chiefs trade for Nick Foles!