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2013 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Taking QB Geno Smith

The latest NFL Mocks 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out and they have the Kansas City Chiefs selecting QB Geno Smith with the #1 overall pick.

From Mocks:

1. Kansas City Chiefs — Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
The Chiefs could easily go with Luke Joeckel here, or maybe they have a trick up their sleeve. The fact is, Geno Smith is the best QB in this draft, and when a new regime comes in, they want ‘their guy’ at quarterback. I think this pick will become more obvious when free agency gets started, and the Chiefs pick up either Alex Smith, Mike Vick, or neither. If they come away from free agency without a QB, you can bet this pick will be spent on one.

I have to agree. I think the writeup here is also spot on. We may well know heading into the draft exactly what the Chiefs are going to do. Or we could have a pretty good idea.

Check out the entire mock at NFL Mocks.

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  • Michael Shaw

    I don’t see this pick happening if we get Alex. I think round 2 is where we pick up a QB when we sign Alex Smith to a 2-3 year deal.

    • Ron White

      I would agree with your but…then we would both be wrong….

    • shayaan

      alex smith just got benched for a second round QB, who was not as highly rated as a prospect as geno smith is now. i’ll take our own guy and his higher ceiling over a washed up retread, thanks.

    • superman_25_58

      Were not signing Alex Smith, he is not going to go somewhere and fill in for a few years. Alex Smith after taking SF to playoffs last year and helping pave the way this year, he is going to want a starting contract like 5 years and around 60 million with like 30 mil guaranteed, not a 2-3 yr deal. Smith will end up in Ariz or J-Ville, IMHO. J-Ville I believe, bc they are in need of help at the Qb position bad, since Gabbert isn’t panning out. Also their Defense is struggling and is in need of some good Defensive picks to help out that struggling D. Arizona isn’t really in that bad of shape and with their Qb’s stinking it up Smith being in the playoffs the last two years will be hard for Ariz to not pick up. Again IMO.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Good point on the contract that Alex Smith will want. He still has leverage because he took the 49ers to the NFC Championship last year and then lost his job, this year, due to injury. However, I think he won’t be as good without Harbaugh. I may be wrong. It does take some QBs a little longer to develop. Just look at Trent Green. Or does my Trent Green example move toward proving the point of Alex Smith not being good without Harbaugh? Trent finally found the right offense and coach for his talents with Dick Vermeil in St.Louis and then K.C. It took Alex Smith 7 years for Jim Harbaugh to come along with the right scheme and the right coaching philosophy to make him a decent QB.

        • superman_25_58

          Ya I agree, I don’t believe he will be either.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    well with that extra 3rd round pick if we get alex smith then we could get a 3rd rd qb like ej manuel or landry jones

    • GDL40

      I have to disagree….. I would rather have ONE good QB, Geno, instead of two “ok” qb’s…..of course I would be happy if they drafted Geno, and already have picked up another qb through free agency at a reasonable price

      • Justin R Groth

        I have to agree. We had two sub par qbs this season I would like to take a chance on a kid who could be the best Qb since Trent green to play in red and gold. Alex is better than Matt(Cassel, Moore, Flynn) however not by much. Geno would improve the Qb position right away and have the position set for years to come. and if not with the new cba its not too bad in a financial stand point.

      • Jonathan Aldridge

        id rather have geno, too i was just making a point

  • Justin R Groth

    I think the closer the draft gets the more Geno we will see to KC especially if he does good at the combine and his pro day. This is the best thing to improve our team. Next best option would be milliner and hope that we get a decent Qb next year and suffer through another year of mediocre play. Joeckle doesnt improve our team AT ALL.

  • Troy Utt

    This is not the year of the QB for the Chiefs! Geno’s play on the field fell off year end as quickly as he came on the scene, not to mention his sideline antic’s, & tantrum’s…We need a leader! If need be Alex Smith to bridge, fill our other holes, & see what we can work out for Aaron Murry next year in draft!

    • Alan Chamberlain

      Troy that sounds great, but the problem with that theory is that with A Smith and all of the improvements in this years draft, we will probably go 7-9 or 8-8. That’s not getting us Murray, Bridgewater, Manziel or Boyd next year. We would have like the 16th-20th pick. Pull the trigger on Geno and lets get a franchise QB NOW! I’m tired of passing on potential QB’s to watch them flourish with other teams while we writhe in mediocrity.

      • shayaan

        exactly. the grass is always greener on the other side.

    • superman_25_58

      I didn’t see tantrum’s, I seen sum1 who hates to lose and that’s who I would love to have. Geno’s Play on the field fell off? No1 is perfect not Manning, Brady, none of them. All these Qb’s have bad games every once in awhile. I just can’t see how Geno’s play fell off. Quit listening to the talking heads and do your own research and if you have go watch game film again.

    • Justin R Groth

      I disagree with the “tantrum” however that one is up to interpretation. Getting an Alex Smith or Matt Flynn will lead to another mediocre season that wastes another year for DJ, Hali, Flowers, Bowe (if we resign him), and Charles. Geno has tje tools the smarts and the willingness to put in extra time to study film. We can’t judge his “leadership” skills only his teammates and coaches can help us there. However he did lead his offense to do amazing things. It was his D that let him down. Kind of how are O let down the D this season for our Chiefs

  • Justin R Groth

    Sorry I double posted please forgive me.

  • Justin R Groth

    Bruger at NFLDRAFTSCOUT.COM going #1 to KC here is his reasoning:

    ” Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia: Shortly after Andy Reid was hired in Philadelphia in 1999, he drafted a quarterback second overall (Donovan McNabb) and although he received criticism for the pick, it turned out to be the correct choice. Selecting Geno Smith No. 1 would bring some of the same criticism by some, but it would give the Chiefs a talented quarterback to build around.”. With the draft cpming closer I believe this pick will grow much more popular.

  • Justin R Groth

    Rob Rang mock was updated on the 28th and has KC going QB with the #1:

    ” Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia: Throughout their respective NFL careers, head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey have preferred taking the best player available approach on draft day. To do so in 2013, the Chiefs would be picking an offensive or defensive lineman here, none of whom is likely to significantly add to the team’s win total unless complemented with better play at quarterback. As such, unless Reid is confident he can resurrect Matt Cassel’s career or the team is able to land another veteran passer via trade or free agency, the team could ultimately be forced to draft a quarterback here. Smith is far from the “sure thing” that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were a year ago but possesses all of the physical traits to become an NFL star. Reid’s success developing quarterbacks in Philadelphia, as well as Dorsey’s ability to draft them in Green Bay, made them attractive hires in Kansas City. Make no mistake, selecting Smith would be both a gamble and a reach but to take a better player at a position of lesser importance would only guarantee more mediocrity.”

    I have to agree with his past statement. If the Chiefs want to significantly improve they need to roll the dice on a talented QB in the first round. Geno is my PREFERRED choice (especially after some less than stellar performances at the senior bowl) however OT or OLB don’t improve the team next year in any way besides depth and you don’t go depth in 1st round.

  • Danny W

    Geno makes the most sense.

  • Chris Tarrants

    What would be awesome would be Geno in the first and Tavin Austin in the second, these two already have chemistry together and he would add the explosive counter part to d-Bowe which we haven’t had yet

    • Chris Tarrants


  • Outback Chief

    Well we wouldn’t have much to lose by drafting Geno although I’m not convinced he’s the answer and I’m not convinced Alex Smith would be the perfect stop gap until we find the answer but he’d be Elvis Grbac’isk . But if I was going to run the Pistol Offense I would have to get Chase Daniel in here for a look since he ran the Pistol as good or anyone has although he hasn’t played much in the Pro’s he backs up the very best in Drew Brees so I think he’s worth a look.

  • kcrobert10

    Man please not g (oh no) smith. Doesn’t anyone else worry about the fact he is a product of the big 12/ big east. Not exactly a lot of great defenses in either of those conferences. Now let’s just judge previous 1st round big 12/ big east qbs in the last 10 yrs. Bradford, gabbert, weedon, do I need to go on many high number highly touted guys just like smith none are top 10 qbs in the NFL. Please do something smart get a qb from the sec where NFL players play college football. That being said Tyler Wilson will be a much better qb in the NFL than smith so if u must take a qb at 1 take him.

  • ArrowFan

    One will never hit a home run unless one swings for it.