End The Drought, Draft Geno Smith Now! PART I of III

End The Drought, Draft Geno Smith Now!  PART I

PART II will post Thursday at noon eastern 11 central, PART III, Friday, 10 eastern 9 central.


As time goes by, one thing has become perfectly apparent: there is not a clear cut number one pick in the 2013 NFL draft. However, this too, is also clear: the Kansas City Chiefs have not drafted a first round quarterback since they took Todd Blackledge with the 7th pick in the 1983 NFL draft. So, what’s the answer?

End the drought, draft Geno Smith now.

Sound irrational? Not really. Not at all.

In the Kansas City Chiefs space-time continuum there are several truths that have taken hold of the organization and one of those is: the Chiefs are one of the scant few (2) teams, who have not selected a QB of any kind (franchise or otherwise) in the first round of the draft for more than three decades.

The Drought Sequence

The chart below shows all of the QBs taken in the first round by their respective teams with the year they were taken posted in red.

68 QBs have been taken in the first round since the beginning of the 1983 NFL draft. The only team with a longer first round QB drought than the Chiefs? The New Orleans Saints. The Saints haven’t taken a QB in the round one since they choose Dave Wilson with the last pick in the first round of the 1981 draft (back when the supplemental draft came at the end of round one). However, I don’t believe the Saints are interested in a QB any time soon.

The modern day Chiefs haven’t employed a 1st round franchise caliber QB since Joe cool fashioned a Chiefs uni for 25 regular season games in the early 90’s. Yes, Trent Green was good but, not a franchise keeper who was around long enough to impact the organization for a decade or more like many top flight QBs.

This is also the reason that everyone, and I mean everyone, who talks Chiefs lore, mentions Len Dawson and only Len Dawson, when it comes to home grown QB cooking in Kansas City since the birth of the franchise in 1960 (I hope I’m not bursting any bubbles here but, the Chiefs didn’t draft Lenny, that would be the Steelers). So very many franchises have a long lineage of QBs to bring to the parade. The Chiefs have Len Dawson and a leftover bag of nuts.

The Fandalsim

This is not about Andy Reid. This is about Kansas City and the identity of our beloved mid-western values which we associate so closely with the team. Especially the mid-west value: not losing a sense of what is genuinely important. I hope Mr. Reid understands that the Hunt family owned tradition, which also bears the monogram of this fair city’s name, is dearly and genuinely important to us.

This is not about John Dorsey. It’s about about the history of this franchise and the immediate future of the team. The only way to resolve this conflict between the ghosts of GMs past and the ghosts of GMs future, is for the GM of the present to take the Best QB Available (BQBA). That would be Geno Smith.

Many fans are happy about the Andy Reid hire. However, if he can’t produce a new and formidable QB forthwith… he might as well be named Herman Edwards or Todd Haley.

John Dorsey might be in this for the long haul, the marathon, as he put it at his first Monday presser, but, unless Chiefs fans see a potential franchise QB in place, by August 1st, 2013, then the team might as well call in another 2-14 record for next season too because the KC Chiefs faithful have already seen, and heard, it all before. Consequently, the disappointment and discontent will carry over from previous years and previous GMs into next year and onto this GM. I hope John Dorsey gets that.

K.C. fans are not only enervated (the opposite of energized) by the national sports media’s endless droning on and on about this organization’s not taking a QB in the first round for three eternal decades but, the hyped up hopeless hoopla of having one abysmal QB after another trotted out onto the Arrowhead turf for yet another immortal drubbing. This paradigm (model, pattern) has worn perilously thin for a growing number of Chiefs fans who are considering giving up on the team. For the first time in my years of following and covering the Chiefs, I am hearing fans say, “I’m out… if they keep this up.”

The Coach’s Reproach

Past coaches and GMs were plenty aware of this too… and please notice, none of them are still around. On Thursday, January 17th, ex-Chiefs coach Herman Edwards had the following conversation in a WHB 810 interview,

“Edwards: I love Matt Ryan, I really do. We were maybe one pick away from (making) him a Chief… but, anyway, it’s another story. Interviewer: That was a coin toss year (08) wasn’t it? Edwards: (chuckles) Yea, yea, yea, boy.  Don’t even go there.”

It almost sounds as if Edwards thinks he’d still be coaching in KC… if that had happened.

Dick Vermeil was so aware of the Chiefs first-round-franchise-QB-abstinence that he traded away 1st, 2nd and 5th round picks in 2001 to get 31 year old QB Trent Green (I would like to take this moment for a public service announcement: Geno Smith is 22). Now, Green was a very good QB. His 5 ½ year career with the Chiefs was solid but… was it worth all the picks used to get him? He didn’t lead the Chiefs to even one playoff win. Chiefs fans haven’t seen a playoff win now for nearly 20 years.

Andy Reid and John Dorsey may like… even love… Kansas City and the legacy of this franchise. However, one must question whether or not they can ever fully comprehend the pain and suffering that devoted Chiefs admirers have endured for lo, these many years. For Chiefs-partial patrons every autumn Sunday has become a nightmarish Groundhog Day all over again replete with the evils of no first round QB and… and if not for the hope that a king would come in the first round on draft day… all would appear to be lost. Losing + losing ≠ winning.

We can only hope new leadership doesn’t expect fans to pledge their Chiefs allegiance without a King for the Kingdom. We are not pawns to be deployed upon the season ticket holder game board of life (however, here’s your Season Ticket Holder Signing Bonus). Don’t you hope that during this off season that the Chiefs will do something that has a bit more grandeur with the roster than offering micro-monetary incentives to increase fan attendance at Arrowhead?

The greatest incentive of all, of course, would be to end this drought by drafting top rated Geno Smith. It begs the question: why wouldn’t the Chiefs want to make the most influential decision they could make in the past thirty years when they have the opportunity to do just that? You would hope Dorsey and Reid would grasp the historical significance to this organization. If not, their stay here may be shorter than Mr. Pioli’s.

The Pioneers

In 2004, many analysts had Robert Gallery going before Eli Manning in the pre-draft days. There was tons of speculation about who the number one pick would be in 2005 when Alex Smith went first and Aaron Rodgers fell to #24. Everyone was shocked, including moi, when Super-Mario went ahead of Reggie-snake-in-the-Bush. Neither Cam Newton nor Sam Bradford was a lock to go number one at this same stage in the game so let’s not get our panties in a bunch just because of a few misguided analysts who haven’t seen the light about Geno yet.

Keep in mind that Andrew Luck was not the consensus best QB in last year’s draft. There were plenty of RGIII dissenters, including yours truly. Yes, Andrew and Robert were the obvious standouts among the 2012 class prospects and that’s the appropriate reason they should have gone where they went: 1 and 2.

In PART II tomorrow, you’ll find the 3 important factors in this movement to get GS drafted #1 by the Chiefs including an evaluation of Luke Joeckel, Jarvis Jones, and Star Lotulelei with the reason why Geno is a better choice than any of those prospects. See you then.


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  • Scott Mahurin

    Another good read. Can’t wait for the second installment. I am aboard the Geno bandwagon (although, Tyler Wilson intrigues me). I completely agreed with your analysis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

    Good piece. I’ve been on team Geno since the Baylor game. I will be very upset if we don’t get him.

    • ladner morse

      Yes… at first I thought… I will be upset but now… I will be surprised if the Chiefs don’t take him.

  • mattU

    I’d be OK with either Geno or Tyler Wilson…I think both of them are potential franchise QB talents. I’m not really impressed with any other QBs in the draft beyond backup duty, which the Chiefs need as well. I’m hoping for QB in the 1st and again in the 3rd or 4th, like Washington did last year.

    • ladner morse

      I was high on Tyler Wilson at the end of last year. I still like him but not as much as Geno Smith. Someone said that they think Also has more upside than Smith but I don’t see it that way at all.

      • mattU

        I think Geno and Wilson have about the same ceiling/upside, but I’d prefer to have Geno in a system like Reid’s offense…He has better ball placement and accuracy than Wilson, and is a little more mobile from what I’ve seen. I think they have about the same arm strength, but Geno seems to have a little quicker delivery.

        The one thing I like about Wilson more than Geno is his attitude…Granted, this is only based off a few interviews and seeing Geno pout a bit on the sidelines some games, so that is a somewhat shaky observation.

    • ladner morse

      Yes, I think the top two QBs are Geno and Tyler too. Every time I watch Matt Barkley he reminds me of Drew Brees without the effectiveness.

      He seems to throw in the direction of the receiver instead of being accurate in hitting his targets. Many times the game seems to fast for him… or he hurries himself to much and makes bad throws and bad decisions.

      • mattU

        Barkley reminds me more of a Chad Pennington or Andy Dalton. I see Barkley and Landry Jones in about the same light. If either are there in the 3rd round I’d like to see the Chiefs take them. I think both can be solid backup QBs that will be able to fill in and not mean an automatic loss (like Cousins is for Washington).

  • tyler sims

    Okay has anyone heard a Geno Smith interview ??? He sounds like a thug …. When’s the last time a Thug took a team to the suoerbowl ? With that said a statistics backing me up … That’s why they will not Draft Geno thug daddy Smith? Period dot… He is extremely athletic I’m not saying he’s not I will give him that

    • toperspective

      He sounds ok to me

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Can you please explain to me what a “thug” sounds like? Some specific examples of what Geno has said to make him sound like a “thug” would be helpful.

      Now if we are talking about the actual definition of the word “thug” we get this:

      “Thug, a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire”

      Now I have not listened to every Geno Smith interview but in the ones I have heard, I never heard him threaten anyone. Nor has he said anything like ” I will kill for money” or “I will rob a bank next week.”

      • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

        I think in this interview he threatened to continue improving at football.

        • Calchiefsfan

          Nice interview. That’s the first time I’ve seen him. I guess because of the thug comments I wasn’t expecting much but he seemed like a good kid, smart, attentive and polite.

      • Daniel Mayfield

        I think tyler was meaning the “tone of his voice” cause there’s nothing different then how other players have talked. Geno has a little bit of a deeper sound. lol

        I have no idea. I think Geno would be a great pick, 1st pick. Rather he’s a “thug” or not. He can go “beat down” some teams. Then I guess he would be an NFL thug, but there’s been a lot players you can call thugs. All the fumbles, ints, punt/kick returns that caused a loss to the team that got robbed. lol

    • Scott Mahurin

      Geno is a stand up guy. He’s obviously intelligent. He speaks clearly, fluently, and to the point. I think your hearing may be influenced by your bigotry/ignorance. Here he is taking responsibility for the pin stripe bowl loss. No excuses. Plain english and not even a hint of street talk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Qr2SEwOxk

    • http://twitter.com/Bill_Manion Bill Manion

      Smith was classified as gifted and taught an advanced curriculum
      emphasizing creativity and the arts, including writing stories and
      poetry. Smith acted as well, performing in his school’s production of “The Nutcracker”. In fifth grade, Smith won an oratorical contest reciting work by the poet Langston Hughes. Smith even competed in chess tournaments, however, he enjoyed sketching cartoon characters the most. Definitly sounds “Thug” like.

      • Brody Hall


      • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

        He’s into the arts and writing? That must mean I’m a thug too. “Thug life!”

      • KCMikeG

        Thanks for the reality. Geno is a gifted person and athlete. Football nerd who throws 70% and has a 7 to 1 TD/Int ratio. Some people just amaze me – and not in a good way.

    • VenTorPraisE

      Your an idiot. I know your lying, you probably just seen the color of his skin and judged him.

    • Brody Hall

      Your to most ignorant and prolly raceist person i have ever came across. You wouldn’t draft him because of the tone of his speech? Slang is so common now a days that the words are making it into Webster’s. Do us all a favor and keep your remarks to yourself, this is a football site. And if this is a reason u dont draft Geno you dont know jack about the game.

      Now just to point out your lack of knowing even more. By your defiition of “thug”… T.O. and the eagles went to the superbowl a few years back. Randy Moss was with NE and went to the superbowl. And im sure there are plenty of ravens and 49ers who talk just like Geno does

      • tyler sims

        That’s good Shit

      • tyler sims

        Yah told yah

    • Joe Myers

      wow your ignorance is disgusting please try not to post if your statements are going to be filled with nonsense

    • Ron White

      Wow you are way off base there….were you drunk?

    • superman_25_58


      • ladner morse

        Scott, I almost always love your posts. Please give the caps a rest… hard to read it…. besides… I’m an old guy so give an oldie but goodie a break. :)

        • superman_25_58

          Lol some times I don’t realize it’s on all caps bc my 2 yr old son messes with it and by the time I actually look it’s all in caps and I am too lazy to erase it and re-type it all sorry lol

    • Stacy D. Smith

      “Thug” is a codeword. #asyouwere

    • ArrowFan

      Are you really a Faiders fan who is upset that Geno will be in red instead of black?

      • Michael Shaw

        LOL!! That wouldn’t surprise me!!

    • Danny W

      (n) Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,3extraneous, or off-topic messages in an
      online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent
      of provoking readers into an emotional response4
      or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

      Ya I’d say this fits you perfect Tyler Sims.

    • ladner morse

      Thank you for your input… I guess every post needs a THUG of its own.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

      Thug? lol he’s a spiritual man! Its on his twitter and he has said it in this video-

  • tyler sims

    They will not draft him that’s a fact

    • Justin R Groth

      It was also a “fact” that Reid wouldn’t come to kc… A fact is something that can be proven your opinion, right or wrong, is not a fact no matter the odds of sonetging happening.

    • Scott Mahurin

      Just like they didn’t re-elect Barack Obama…that’s a fact!

    • superman_25_58

      Geno Smith is the top ranked Qb and just so happens fits Andy Reids style of offense the best by a long shot outta all the Qb’s in the draft. Geno will be pick #1 bc that’s Reid’s new and improved version of McNabb, but I hope we follow that up with our 3rd pick being Ej Manuels

    • ladner morse

      After the Pinstripe Bowl I thought the same way. After a few weeks and some research of John and Andy… I think Geno has the highest possibility of being drafted first of any prospect. Please stick around for parts two and three… I want to see if you still think this same way when all is said an done.

      Thanks for your input.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keegan.dawkins Keegan Dawkins

    gino smith is definetly the right pick look at the rookie qb”s who showed brillance this year draft gino please and pick a good secondary just incase he sucks.

  • ArrowFan

    Right now I say Geno all the way, until something can prove that wrong, because I have not seen any evidence to the contrary yet.

  • toperspective

    That is just a crazy statistic. Particularly since the Chiefs didn’t have a franchise qb during that time frame.

    • ladner morse

      Actually, the Chiefs never have drafted a franchise QB of their own.

      At least Lenny Dawson was around so long that everyone associates him with our city.

  • Jason Ensley

    I have seen a lot of people mess this up lol. just wanted to clarify this, His name is “Geno” not Gino.

  • superman_25_58

    Ya would love to get Geno #1 , and Manuels #3

    • Chief Hokie

      If you’re talking about ej Manuel then yes, I agree, he’s the guy I want in the third if he’s still available.

      • superman_25_58

        Yup that’s the one

      • ladner morse

        Yes. Yes. Yes.

  • Ron White

    Great Stuff again Ladner….Here is my take on the New Regime vs. the Old…

    My old Chiefs drafted 4 QB’s since 2000 with all but one in the later rounds. The Packers have drafted 11 QB’s during that same stretch. Now you would think that with Brett and Aaron vs. the Chiefs QB’s those numbers would be reversed. When you look at GB’s strategy it looks to me to be about throwing Mud against the wall to see what sticks…Rogers… Especially when you look at Brohm in round 3 and Rogers in round 7 in the same draft. They also were able to have more mud stick with some of other QB’s they traded for picks. Now when you look at my Chiefs it appears they did not like to get muddy….at all….Don’t know how this will play for us in the future but you can sure see a big difference in the past…. I am hoping for 2 QB’s in year one with Geno and ??? ….

    • Ron White

      Should have said Brohm and Flynn in Rd 7

    • ladner morse

      I’m hoping for 2 QBs in this draft too.

      Great post… Good points all around. Ever think about writing for AA?

      • Ron White

        No …I just like to throw some things out once in a while but thanks for the kind words….

  • Joe Myers

    you know what I was one who said I was out if they dont draft Geno for one reason . read the 13th paragraph this is our chance to change the tide no longer being one of thos teams that are rebuilding every three or four years to B a team that is consistent and that could challenge for the playoffs every year . draft Geno smith and build around this guy remember he did light up the Baylor bears for over 630 yrds

    • Michael Shaw

      And lost to K-State (a lesser team IMO than Baylor) and his bowl game. Again, who needs a younger version of Tony Romo?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.patterson.505 Shawn Patterson

    Forget Geno! JaMarcus Russell wants back in!!!!!

    • Guest

      Wait… What about Jeff George? I understand he’s not yet 50.

    • ladner morse

      Wait… Jeff George is avaiable and I hear he’s not 50 yet. That’s a plus.

  • Danny W

    Applause Sir. I don’t know if you should write a part two it might damage what you’ve already done to this masterpiece, then again, it may make it even better. Carry on Sir.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Great article Ladner! Enervated? This article was worth it just to get that word into it. Can’t wait to use it in a sentence with my kids.
    Herm’s bemoaning that he missed out on Ryan. Hey Herm Flacco was still available. Vermeil trading our first second and fifth round picks for Greene and passing on Brees in the second round. We would still be enjoying Brees today.
    I’m hoping that Dorsey, Reid and Pederson can recognize a franchise QB when they see one. How about Geno in the first and Landry Jones in the third, like Washington did with RG3 and Cousins.

    • ladner morse

      Just you wait and see what kind of lexicon ill-ixer I am mixing up for part two.

  • http://www.facebook.com/truman.yeary Truman Yeary

    Tyler Wilson! More upside and potential than Geno Smith. Tyler Wilson is more of a franchise QB and the chiefs scouts seem to really like him at the Senior Bowl.

    • ladner morse

      I like Tyler Wilson. However, I have seen nothing or no report in the past six months that says he will be a better WB than Mr. Smith.

      • http://www.facebook.com/truman.yeary Truman Yeary

        How do you know Geno Smith will be better than Tyler Wilson?

        Tyler has better footwork and goes through progressions. Geno stares down receivers and doesn’t have good footwork.

  • http://www.facebook.com/truman.yeary Truman Yeary

    According to BJ Kissel from ArrowheadPride, Tyler Wilson wants to be a Chief! Plus Tyler is the best QB at the Senior Bowl. Geno Smith chose not to go because he doesn’t want to hurt his draft stock.

    • ladner morse

      I remember when a player named was hurt in one of these post season all star games… it changed a lot of agents advice to their prospects. If you’re ranked number one… You only have one direction to go. So… it the right move for Geno.

  • http://www.facebook.com/genemyuk Gene Yuknis

    very nice article, but,can anyone go a little deeper on this. how many of those teams went to the superbowl that year with that qb pick? or even the year after with the same qb? just wondering…..

    • ladner morse

      Not that I’m going to do this research but… It might be more interesting to see what the won lost percentage was for all those first rounders.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647645645 Jordan Clark

    Im hoping this rant gets better as the finishing touches are put on parts 2 and 3. I completely agree with taking a QB first but Geno? Please God no. Just….no.

    • ladner morse

      As we sort through all the possibilities and options… you may come to the same conclusion I come to. Well see.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647645645 Jordan Clark

        After reading part two, I still like Tyler Wilson over Geno. Im keeping an open mind but this is convincing me of nothing except for the fact that in a time of great need, people will always flow with the hype rather than with intuition and lodgic. Im scared for our team’s future if they take Geno.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I can’t wait for part 2. I had no idea it’s been that long. If they wanna make the team happy and better the will draft Geno.

    • ladner morse

      I didn’t even think about that when writing this piece but, you’re absolutely right… the other players on the team would probably vote Geno in if they had the chance to do that. They’ll be the happiest people of all. Great point.

  • GregAbdul

    First off…

    ever heard of a guy named BILL KENNY?!?!?

    Second, do you have an ear problem? Dorsey is going to draft the best player available. He is NOT NOT NOT going to draft just to fill a position.

    Third….where you around when we drafted (TOTAL BUST) Todd Blackledge????

    We reached for a guy with the seventh pick and missed Dan Marino.

    So you need to hold your fire. Every time I watched Geno this year, he totally sucked.. He was a no-brainer until he started playing against good teams.

    I like Chance Warmack. He’s a sure fire pro bowl player and that’s what you want with the top pick in the draft.

    • ladner morse

      I used to think much like you are thinking now. After digging a little deeper I found information that tells me otherwise.

      You’re thinking of Bill Kenny who was drafted by the Dolphins in 1978, 333rd overall. The 12th round. With a QB rating of 77.0. That Bill Kenny?

      I love Chance Warmack. He’s a Guard. He’s so good he might make the HOF some day. Do you know how many Guards have made the HOF? 4. Do you know how many Guards have been MVP of the league or the Super Bowl? And how many Guards have led their team to a come from behind victory of any game?

      That best player available has always depended upon the value we place on those players.

      Here’s a better example… can you tell me why Steve Tasker… perhaps the best special teams player in history, is not in the Hall of Fame? The answer has something to do with, “relative value.”

      That’s why the Chiefs aren’t looking to make a long snapper their number one draft pick this year… although I hear there’s a good one to be had.

  • Michael Shaw

    Nice right up, but I still need to see Geno’s combine and WVU’s pro day to be convinced we can’t get better value at #1 than Geno. I understand the need to get a QB, I REALLY do, but I don’t want another Todd Blackledge pick. We think he will be our franchise QB and then all of a sudden we need Alex Smith or someone else as our back up to ensure the guy doesn’t go Mike Vick or Vince Young on us. If the guy play’s like Colin in SF at the combine, then I say take him! If he flat line’s at the combine, then I think may give us our answer as to whether he is worth the #1. Those two workouts will be bang or bust for this kid IMO.

  • Michael Shaw

    On your stats in the box. They tell me that several teams should have picked someone else rather than a QB because they ended up doing it again a few years later, with exception to 12 yr split Detroit had. I agree with…..whomever posted it……I want to see stats on those QB’s. That might tell you why some of these teams chose so many QB’s in the first round.

  • Joe P

    This III part article is absolutely riveting. I am convinced completely that Geno Smith is the right pick for KC at number 1 this year. Would love to see KC finally take a chance on talent than simply absorbing second hand QBs. GO FOR IT!!

  • antony555

    We Don t need just a QB. We need a dual threat signal caller even Luck ran this past year when nothing else even though he set the rookie passing record.
    Geno may not be Cam are Robert G but he is Mobil and accurate and can read defense. Personally I don’t see how we can,t take the chance right now because if we Don,t it going to comeback and bite us in the ass.

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