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Branden Albert Wants To Stay With The Chiefs

Kanas City Chiefs fans hoping that LT Branden Albert will re-sign with the team rather than leave in free agency got some good news today when Albert declared he wanted to stay in Kansas City.

Albert appeared on The Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports today and wax asked if he wanted to stay.

“Of course,” Albert said. “I’ve been here five years, I was drafted by the Chiefs. My home is there, been living there, and Chiefs fans for the most part have been kind to me. I want to be a Chief.”

Albert also scoffed when he was asked about potentially moving to guard.

“I’ve worked hard to be a left tackle in this league, said Alert. “I’ve worked hard on my craft. from where I started to where I’m at now is a hell of a jump. I’m not a guard. Point blank.”

You can’t blame Albert for being irritated. He is a very solid NFL LT and every single offseason there is talk from experts about the Chiefs drafting a tackle and moving him to guard. Yet every offseason, regardless of who is doing the drafting, the Chiefs have not selected a tackle in the first round of the draft and Albert has stayed put at LT.

What will happen this year, however, is a bit of a mystery. The Chiefs have a new GM in John Dorsey and a new coach in Andy Reid. Albert’s contract is up so it will be up to the new regime to decide whether or not to pay up and re-sign Albert or to let him walk.

I think it would be absolutely brainless for the Chiefs to forego paying Albert, only to turn around and draft a tackle #1 overall. Albert may not end up in the Hall of Fame but he is certainly a starting LT in the NFL. Throw a decent QB behind him and he might just become a Pro Bowler.

I am a firm believer that it is foolish to throw away a sure thing to bet on an unknown. The Chiefs need to re-sign Albert (and Dwayne Bowe, for that matter) and use their #1 pick on a QB. Because unlike tackle, there isn’t an NFL QB on the Chiefs’ roster.

Not a starter, anyway.

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  • draftaqbnomatterwhat

    agree. we have a lt who allowed 1 sack, who wants to return to KC
    I think the chiefs are planning to at the least, franchise tag him.
    bowe is likely the one gone. look at wr’s and their drop off, bowe isnt far from it, and yet his best year was an inflated season against weak defenses w/ matty ice

    • JLKC355

      Matty Ice? And why do Chiefs fans continue to under-value the best WR the franchise has had since Otis Taylor?!?!?! His numbers are comparable to many of the top WR in the league without a decent QB ever! WR can be productive well into their 30′s a couple even 40′s. The Chiefs do need a reliable LT so let’s hope they can get a deal.

      • Michael Shaw

        Probably his dropped balls and his attitude about wanting to play in Miami before the year even started last year?!!!

      • Travis Forsyth

        bowe the best wr since otis taylor? what about eddie kennison? bowe has been here since ’07 and his one good year came in 2010 i say dump him and sign mike wallace.

        • JLKC355

          Kennison was pretty good but still why not pay him Mike Wallace is no saint and has metal lapses as well Bowe showed up football in shape for the season and played in spite of our QB play… there are a lot of people down on him because he wasn’t in camp*( would you show up and work for free? didn’t think so) he was ready week 1. I’d say pair him with G.Jennings for the right price and find a QB let’s go win!

        • nyarrowhd

          Has Bowe ever said he wanted to leave? No just the opposite. He keeps his mouth shut and comes to work. No he isn’t perfect and drops balls but if you have a QB that throws all over the place you won’t catch everything that comes your way. We also have the disrespected and productive Steve Breaston on the team.

          • Daniel Mayfield

            Bowe actually said he wanted to stay. Been a while but he did

      • no333

        yes, making fun of cassel, and the season people seem to want to give bowe so much credit for, yet give cassel none for…remember, they are “bad” teams that cassel played well against. this works BOTH WAYS HERE
        but they arent. his numbers are mediocre. he has 2 mediocre seasons in his past 4. borderline piss poor for a number 1

        steve smith of the giants got 1000 yards, want to start him as our number 1?

        recievers drop off at 30, bowe is close to 30, no thanks

        he can barely hit 1k yards, and still leads the league in drops. only reason he didnt last year was a lack of yardage and chance to drop

    • chiefin’ainteasy

      I think they should also tag Albert. If he is healthy from the back injury after next season and has played as well as he has in the past, then lock him up. As much as I personally would like to see Joeckel, the Chiefs can already have an LT and if he is hurt Stephenson has proven he can AT LEAST hold the fort down. Competent coaching alone will make everyone on the line play better anyway.

  • JLKC355

    Hopefully his agent and the Chiefs can come to an agreement he is a good asset but LT’s make a lot of money in the NFL so the question is how much does Albert want?

  • Travis Forsyth

    I’m one of the few that is pro Geno Smith…..but after looking at some film, the only late-round QB I’m for is Denard Robinson out of Michigan. the guy can play QB & WR AND HAS THE SPEED OF JAMAAL CHARLES CHECK THIS GUY OUT!!!!

    • Travis Forsyth

      also, andy is looking for the next Len Dawson….this guy wears #16….hmmm

      • Danny W

        Robinson will make an excellent slot receiver in the NFL. He lost his starting job at Michigan this year because he was woefully inaccurate. I agree that G. Smith should be the guy number one.

        • zmad

          Actually he lost it because of an elbow injury and he couldnt grip a football. His accuracy definately isn’t great, but Michigan was his team this year, and the only reason they moved him because of injury.

          • Danny W

            Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know why he lost the spot but the two games I watched of the guy he was absolutely awful at throwing the football. Great athlete, but horrible passer.

  • Ron White

    He is a top tier LT….Pay the man…..

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Keep Albert and Bowe. Get a good QB that has accuracy, Geno, and is smart, also Geno. Wallace has speed, not power and not very big. We’ve got 2 speedy guys. Bowe is great, say what you want. He’s had 3 seasons over 1,000 yards and look at the QBs and coaches he’s been with! Put him down all you want but that’s pretty good. Re-Sign both, get a good QB and then you’ll have a better team.

  • chiefridgy

    Here here! Pay the man and pay Duane Bowe you’re right

  • KCMikeG

    Pay Bowe. Tag Albert. Draft Geno. The rest is history.

    • Brody Hall

      No… Pay Albert. Tag Bowe again ( just to spite him for being a jackass last season) and Draft Geno :)

      • KCMikeG

        I don’t disagree but Albert’s back concerns me when writing a long term $$ contract. Bowe will be better with Geno and will earn his $$ and the tag gives us another year to see which way Albert’s back goes and how Stephenson develops.

  • Jamie Denton

    Sign both Albert and Bowe and Colquitt. Always take care of your own player 1st if you want the best production from them! franchising Bowe would only make it a worse case than last year for him! Then fill some wholes in free agency and if there’s a solid QB available take him to run the offense for a year or two either until our QB draft pick this year gets up to speed or there is a better quality QB available via the draft to groom. Then use the GM’s plan with the draft and pick the best players available! Just my opinion!

  • Jim Harper

    I’m in complete agreement on signing Bowe, Albert, and Colquitt. The reasons are obvious. We could also resign Hillis cheaply on another one year deal and I would not oppose it unless a good bruiser falls to us in later rounds in the draft. Geno is a must have with the first pick.

  • Chiefswatch

    Its kind of depressing that this is such a small deal to most fans. The comments on this post alone point to that fact. All this talk about drafting that kid and moving Albert to guard insane. If I were to list out the things least needed among the Chiefs it would be 1: linebackers and 2: Left tackle. Albert deserves what ever money he wants. Letting him go would be a colossal mistake and exactly the kind of action that has kept this team a joke for almost 10 years now. I am so sick of watching this team make mistake after mistake. Everyone thinks I am kidding but honestly had us fans been running the organization we would have been much better off. Case in point: I have ever hated Cassel as our QB. At no point has he even given me any hope that he could be other than a piece of shit needing to be carried by the team. There is no indication that he was ever any good. And if one person says 27-10 I will find out where you live come over to your house and bitch slap you. I would not have let now Super Bowl bound Bernard Pollard go. I would have started JC way back when LJ was sucking it up. Haley chose Savage over JC mind you. I would have drafted Russel Wilson last draft. I would have made any pick other than Tyson Jackson. I would have resigned Orton versus keeping Cassel. I would have kept every offensive coordinator in the Haley Regime other than BILL OLD MAN AND TERRIBLE MUIR. What new man GM Dorsey needs to do is listen to the fucking fan base and DRAFT GENO SMITH. Listen here you unproven GM this is what you need to do to sell tickets: SIGN ALBERT, SIGN BOWE, DRAFT GENO. Nothing else. Pioli was a personnel man moving to GM and look where he is now. Unable to EVER get another GM job. Don’t get fancy. Don’t think you know better Dorsey. We will run you right of town like we did that fucking joke Scott Pioli. Let that be a lesson to you. We may have been a shitty team but we us as fans won’t put up with shit (this ain’t cleveland.) At this point we know this team better than you do. You dont think that’s true Dorsey? Email me at [email protected] and I will tell you exactly what these Chiefs need. Go against that and say goodbye to the one and only GM job you will ever have

    • KCMikeG

      Accuracy is important in being a GM so Cassel 27TD/7Int not 10 Int’s in 2010 and 21TD/11 Int in 2008. Hindsight is pretty accurate but just some facts you skipped over. Pollard is a cancer and is not the reason that the Ravens are going to the SB. If he was so great then why didn’t the Texans keep him? Orton didn’t want to compete for a starting QB spot anywhere. He was interviewed in Dallas and said he had lost his competitive spirit and that competing for the starting job hadn’t worked out for him. Weiss had one good year in 2010 and has struggled everywhere else he has been except under Belichick’s wing.

      Pioli got rid of LJ by October of his 1st year in KC. In case you had forgotten he inherited LJ and his megadeal. On August 21, 2007 Johnson and the Chiefs agreed to a five-year contract extension that locked Johnson up with the Chiefs through the 2012 season.[7] As a result of the extension, Johnson was the highest-paid running back in the NFL based on average salary per year. His new contract covered six years and was to pay him $45 million, with $19 million in guaranteed money – the biggest contract in Chiefs history. So you are telling me as a brand new GM you would have benched the starting RB with the biggest contract in the history of our team in favor of JC, a 3rd round pick sitting in the 3 RB spot who had a fumbling problem in college and was not expected to be anywhere near what he has become. Point is being a GM is not as easy as you try to make it sound.

      I do agree with you that Geno Smith is the right choice at #1 and NOT LT. There are plenty of good LT’s available later in the draft – a few of them looked promising in the Senior Bowl. The move Albert to G talk is ridiculous and needs to end. I think it makes more sense to pay Bowe (although I wouldn’t go more than 3 years) and franchise Albert ONLY because I would be sick if we paid him big $$$ on a long term contract and then his back problems got worse. Franchising him gives us another year to make sure he is good for the long run.

      Get ready to rant and rage because I will bet you that Cassel is on our roster next year. Here is why I believe your hate will be fueled for another year. He still has 2 years left on his contract and even if Reid isn’t interested in fixing him long term he has been a master at coaching up average QB’s in Philly and getting 2nd round picks for them – Feely, Kolb & an aging/done for McNabb plus the Eagles will get something for the rehab he did with Vick.

      • Chiefswatch

        Hindsight for you my friend, for me I have ever known the shit that Cassel was. HAHA @ you for bringing up 27-10 again. You are such a joke man, really. Nice to see you around though….I remember your bitch ass disappearing when your boy Cassel proved he was the shit start after start after start…

        Pollard was a decent safety and since you dont remember because you suck, we replaced him with the biggest piece of shit safety ever in mike brown. He actually had a good year for the Texans, and why did they release him? IDK why did they let Winston go? But yea you are right Pollard is trash that is why the Pats and Broncos handled that secondary so well……

        Charles was a phenom at Texas. Just because you do not pay attention to anything, does not excuse Pioli who almost cut him, or Haley who did everything he could to avoid playing him. Even it was obvious that LJ was a joke that could only run behind a pro bowl line.

        Remember this Bro everything I have ever said about this team has proven right. Unlike you I have never had to disappear from this site with my tail between my legs. Suck it, and stop trolling my old posts.

        • KCMikeG

          Nice response but exactly what I expected from an immature, ego maniac like you. I have never “disappeared” from AA but believe whatever you want about the power you imagine that your vulgar, childlike name calling achieves.
          You can’t even face it that Cassel had TWO great years in 2008 & 2010 and for the umpteenth time it was 27TD and SEVEN Ints’s not 10 Int’s in 2010. I would think the always right and all knowing could at least get some stats right.
          I never said Pollard was trash. So Pollard is why the Ravens are going to the SB? Not. Why don’t you address why we weren’t the only team to show him the door? Because he misses a lot of tackles and is a cancer in the locker room.
          If Charles was a “phenom” then why was he still there in the 3rd round? You harp on Pioli “almost cutting him” even though he didn’t and you ignore the fact that LJ had the biggest contract in Chiefs history. No one is disputing that LJ was a train wreck but as the new guy running the show he had to try to get something for Clark’s dollars spent. He cut him midseason and gave JC his shot.
          You are an embarrassment to yourself, to the Chiefs organization and to all Chiefs fans.

          • Chiefswatch

            oh did I hurt your troll feelings?? Maybe I should just challenge you to a fight and then you can start stuttering and some piss can go rolling down your leg again. You do not deserve respect troll.

          • KCMikeG

            More immature big talk over the internet. Didn’t even notice the points I agreed with you on. Here’s another one – Brown was one of the worst safeties we have ever had. But instead of answering any of the questions I asked you just come back with more weak shit. As I said before – You are an embarrassment to yourself, to the Chiefs organization and to all Chiefs fans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

    Make it work, GM Dorsey!